Why You Shouldn’t Learn Python In 2021

Why You Shouldn’t Learn Python In 2021

Why should you not learn python in 2021, so this thing keeps happening to me where i find somebody who's interested in learning to code and they say to me mark i'm thinking about learning python, and then i say: why do you want to learn python and then They say well it's because it's the world's most popular programming language, it's the most used and right now it is the number one most popular programming language, but there's a big. But here that does not mean that you should use it just because it is widely being used right now does not mean that something that you should learn: Okay and there's reasons for this first off When the people come to me, asking me this thing:

They say i don't know why i'm going to learn, i'm just going to learn it, because it's the most popular thing well. Is that going to get you a job? Let'S talk about jobs for a second, the biggest jobs out there for python are in data science. So if you do want to become a data scientist, then python might be a good choice for you, the other big one is django and python. It'S a web framework allows you to build back and uh services like apis and things, but guess what, if you're a new programmer, no one's going to hire a junior developer to build back ends they just don't no one does. That is not the path you want to go down just to learn the framework django there's also so many different apis and technologies that you can build out there. So you've got two little options here and then the reason why it's most popular is because it's just spread on so many things.

When you go to look at the jobs on upwork - okay, for instance, we're gon na look at contract projects. They'Re all gon na tell you about how they need php, they need python, they need django and they list like 20 different things. Every single one of those jobs lists 20 different things. They want you to know so yeah. Is it being used everywhere Sure? Is it a versatile language that you could just put in any application sure it is, but as a new person as a new developer, trying to get into this industry trying to get a job? This should not be the first thing that you learn because you're not gon na you're, not gon na make money with it.

You'Re not gon na get a job with it, and i say this: i tell people this all the time and they come to me and they say well, i think, you're wrong mark, because it's a good starter language for people to learn. You know it's a segue. Isn'T that languages no don't learn something just to fiddle around with. If you want to fiddle with it, then fine ignore this video and go fiddle with python. If you want a job, if you want to do contract work or actually get a full-time job, then don't learn it, and why? Because there are so many other better starting paths for you, and the key word here is path. Okay, you may say i want to learn python, because it's the most popular language, but what's the path. Where is that going to take you and you probably can't figure one out? It doesn't lead to a job unless data science, for instance, or python django, but again django no one's going to hire you as a junior django developer.

It just doesn't happen. Uh and those jobs are very low. Go search for django d-j-a-n-g-o, go search for that online and see how many jobs are there's, not very many jobs, and so what tends to happen is why it's so popular is because people will use it with the other programming languages. So, let's go back to the idea about a path. Here is a really great path for you. If you're brand new to development, learning, swift and ios, you only have to learn one programming language and it comes right with the ios framework. So you can start building iphone apps same thing with kotlin and android you're, going to learn one thing and you get to build apps with it.

So it's a direct path to actually doing something, And if you go on to upwork or look for full-time jobs, you can find jobs just for swift and just for kotlin and android. Okay, just those two things: that's all you got ta know, whereas if you go on to upwork and look for a project in python, they want you to know 10 or 20 different things. Also, javascript is something you should absolutely consider and again just like python. Don'T just learn javascript itself. That would be a complete waste of time just to learn. Javascript, you need to have a path. The good news about javascript is there are so many uses for it, uh that the paths are very easy, they're very easy to find, and if you go into upwork, you can actually find projects that are javascript only

You know i need someone to code me this little thing, real, quick and you find less of those for python, and so one great path for javascript is a front-end web developer, you're going to learn, html css javascript and react most likely. If you learn those things, you can get contract projects just a couple months after starting to learn to code and you can get a full-time job, maybe six eight ten months after learning, if you get really really good. So it's a very straightforward path. Okay and remember, though you're not learning javascript, i didn't say, forget python, go, learn javascript, i said, learn, html, css, javascript and react. You got to know those things, but it's a great path in order to get a job. It'S there's no easy jobs for python. You can't, i don't know anybody who just learned to code on their own and they got their very first job using only python. I actually don't know one developer, who got their first job only using python. It typically goes like this. Hey mark,

I got this job and i'm like okay, what do you do? Well, i'm using javascript, i'm using html, css, oh and i'm using python, there's always the and and i'm using it. Okay, it's never just by itself unless in a lot of cases, data science. So if you want to do data science, you can go down that path. These are some really important things you consider, because javascript is just as easy to learn as python. Python is a great language. It'S it's very easy to learn, but don't learn unless you have a path, i'm a big advocate of not spending any time learning something unless it's on a path. I meet people like this all the time they're in college someone the other day was on one of my live streams and they're. Like should i learn c and i'm like no don't learn c he's like, but they're teaching that to me in college.

Right now, I said: well, it's a waste of time. It'S like well, the teacher says that it's going to build foundations for the future, no for other languages. No, it's not go. Learn javascript! That can be your foundation. You don't need a programming language to be the foundation of another programming language. Okay. So when people come to tell me well mark you should you should stop saying this because python's a good starter language just to learn to code, no, don't spend one minute. Let me say this again: don't spend one minute learning a programming language that isn't going to project you on a career path.

Okay, that's not going to help you in what you need now, if you are somebody who wants to build some type of application - and you know what you want and for some reason python is what you need to do - that fine go do that, but i don't See any applications that would really need that you wouldn't come up with an app idea: you'd probably build a website or an iphone app or android app. Why learn something that you're not going to necessarily do anything with? First is swift and ios. You can just build apps iphone, apps android, so kotlin android just go build android apps, javascript, html css! You can go build websites, you can build web apps.

You can build mobile apps with that with html, css javascript and react. You can do anything. You can create your own startups, your own companies, your own tools and systems, they're really awesome stuff. Now, let's put this in context, i'm not talking to you advanced programmers out there. Okay, if you're already our programmers should go, learn python, i'm talking to all the people who are absolutely brand new, trying to figure things out if you're somebody who's trying to figure it out figure out what you want to do, don't learn python, learn, swift or ios. Learn kotlin or android, or learn html css javascript and react now if you're like mark, i hate all those things. I don't want anything that has to do with user interface.

Well, you could consider doing back end development and you don't even have to learn javascript. For that, though, you can that's another reason to learn. Javascript i'll talk about that in a minute, but you could learn back in development. The problem is, there are so few jobs for junior backend developers. There are very, very few jobs, that's just the way it is most of the time front. End web developers eventually migrate into the back end, not in all cases, but in some times or most of the time i mean you want to be a back-end developer. You don't do anything with user interface. That'S fine! You can do that you're just going to have a harder path, you're going to have a harder path and in that case, learn whatever you want. If you want to learn the go programming, language or some other server-side language, you're welcome to do that, but pick your path. That'S the point pick your path: if you're just gun-ho about python, then learn python and django and build your back-end apis feel free to do that, it's just very hard to get projects and jobs for that

For those who are new, though i just laid out some amazing paths, of course, there's so many jobs that are out there. You know if you want to get into game development. This whole conversation is pointless because you're not going to learn javascript python. Any of that stuff go learn, c sharp and unity or c plus plus, but we're not talking about games, i'm just talking about for learners who want to get jobs. Okay, don't learn python, learn swift or learn kotlin or learn; javascript. Okay, that's the starting point, because that's how you get paid, that's how you get your first job and then guess what you can learn whatever you want. After that you can go master python. You can become a game developer. You can do whatever you want and you'll have the tools under your belt and you have gotten paid for it. I'M trying to help you if you're brand new, because so many new people, they learn a language and they learn another language and they know another language and they never do anything with it and they get confused and frustrated, whereas the students that we help all the Time on our social media and our company and our program, dev slips academy they're all having success, because we point them on a specific path.

When you have a path, you're able to have so much more success more quickly, because there's stepping stones versus just being thrown into the world of programming which language do i learn? Which frameworks do i need? What? If i want to build a desktop app, can i use python sure, but can you use it alone? No you're going to need some user interface frameworks, you're going to have to learn a bunch of things, you're going to be tossed in an ocean of python, hell, uh and so yeah. It'S the most used language out there. It'S because it's just scattered everywhere, but there's no path for it. Why should you not learn python in 2021? It'S because there's no path for it. If you're a new programmer, if you're a new programmer use one of the options that i talked about, ios swift, kotlin, android, javascript, html css react.