Where To Promote Your Onlyfans

Where To Promote Your Onlyfans

Hey guys today, i'm going to be sharing some ways. You can promote your only fans, you know sharing some websites and apps that are out there um yeah. I just decided to do this because i get some dm, sometimes asking me like. Oh, what's a good way to promote and i can't really go into like full context, because it's just so long to type out if i were to explain the platforms um. So i thought i would make a video, so you could just have you know one place to go to and you could choose any of them from what i have explained to you. Anyways, don't mind my sweating, it's just the heat from the window. I don't know the sun is really hot up in here i mean i live in texas, so i don't know what what else can you expect? Okay, so let's just get right into this video guys um, the first app that i have for you is whisper and whisper is an app where you can share your secrets.

Anonymously, like everybody on there is anonymous and you can choose to share um who you really are, but it's just like anonymous, um anyways, i see anyways. I see a lot of people promoting their snapchat on there and oh, my gosh. I swear people. Do this all the time like they will be banging on doors and stuff? It'S just like the hood um. I do live in the hood or they call it the projects and everybody's, like always mad okay. So where was i um whisper? Yes, just remember to keep it pg, you know people don't post nudes on there or if they do, they usually get removed. Um, and you can just put your like link in the text or you can message people. This is what my friend does. She has like a whole other persona like she uses a different name like i don't think anybody knows her own name unless she tells them and she promotes on whisper. A lot and she'll have like a paragraph that she copies and pastes to like messages that she sends to people and it's usually like

Oh, do you like this this and this and this i off? I have this this and this and this, and if you want to see this, if you're into this, then go subscribe to my only fans and she has um gained a ton of subscribers from doing that. So i mean that definitely works, but you got to put in a lot of work like she puts in a lot of work like she has to message: people a lot.

She would just copy and paste the message to each person that she wants to send a message to um and that's basically what she does in the morning and then she'll take pictures for only fans and then post them throughout the day like just schedule them and She'S made um some good money, i would say you know she pays for her apartment with the only fans money because that's like her only job um. She doesn't like make like thousands of dollars, but she makes enough to like support herself um. I don't know how much she makes. To be honest. Maybe it's like, i would say up to 2 000, maybe um, i'm not really sure. Moving on um we have a reddit and reddit is like an online forum. You can be anonymous or you can create your own page, and even if you create your own page, you could still stay anonymous. You know you don't got to put your own name um. They have like different subreddits, which is like um. They have like an only fans, promo page, they have

They just have different pages, i'm not sure what else they have only fans advice on there, which i barely saw that today um and then what you can do on there. You can go to the only fans Promo, you can post yourself or you can like post on different subreddits, like maybe like 18 plus or whatever, or you can make your own page, and you could start posting on there to like create a name for yourself on There You know you can do it totally anonymous. You know you don't have to post your face, obviously anywhere on the internet Um. You can always use a fake name.

Um, i don't know i would say Reddit is really is, Is okay, if you make a name for yourself on reddit, i say you can make a lot more because i know people on there. I don't know where else they promote or whatever, but i know people on there. They get a lot of like thumbs up. I think it's like thumbs up or something like that, like upvotes um, so it just depends on how much work you want to put in sorry for the ranting guys so far we have whisper and reddit, and i forgot to tell you that you can post, basically, Whatever you want on reddit and then we have twitter and you can post whatever you want on there too um

I never knew like twitter, like accepted so many nudes, but they do, and you know just hashtag only fans and stuff um. I think it's better like if you try to build a page for yourself like post often - and i don't know - try to get into that. Only fans community, So next we have tumblr tumblr. I don't use tumblr, i feel like that's well. I guess a lot of people still use tumblr um but yeah. I would say: use tumblr like try to use up as many platforms as you can to promote like if you're really serious about it. Then i mean there's, you will use up all the platforms and then you'll find out which one's your favorite and you'll kind of like go towards that one more another place to promote would be on phet life. Um

One of my subscribers told me about this: It'S just like a website where you, i guess where people have like fetishes and kinks that they like, or that they're into, but don't put like the state you're in or um the city you're in, because people will want To meet up with you, because it's kind Of like a dating site kind of um or like to meet up with people who share the same fetish as you um, so yeah i haven't tried that out because i just i didn't want to make a profile because I have a boyfriend and i feel like That, would just be a little bit weird um yeah, but anyways another one that i saw was pornhub and this one it's just like.

I don't know i feel, like a lot of people, wouldn't want to put themselves on a porn site. So that's if you want to get like really bold or whatever. I wouldn't do it, because i feel like um. I don't know it's just like putting yourself out there more, but it could be like a really good way to get a lot of subscribers um. I think i was reading like a blog about it and it was like create like a little trailer and then put your link um in the description or, however, you do it on there, i'm not sure um so yeah. I think that would be like a bold move to do if you're, single and you're you're doing like nudes and stuff, i would say, like you go for it um, but anyways um was there any more? Oh, i mean there's also like bumble and tinder that you can promote on

I thought that was a good idea, but since i have a boyfriend, i'm like, why would i have like a dating app? You know so: um yeah, that's just not gon na work. For me personally, another way to promote guys is by doing paid promos like if you pay for someone to promote you on their only fans. I mean i recently started doing that um like charging people, since multiple people are asking me and what i would do i mean i personally i will do like a free highlight, but for the highlights you know it's just like a picture and then your only fans Link but it's not like clickable but it'll stay there, but you just can't like click on him, so my fans won't be able to like click on your only fans or whatever or i charge five dollars um through cash, app or venmo to you know promote your Only fans on my page and then i put like your link, so they can click on it and you can send me whatever pictures you want, like whatever pictures, and you know whatever videos you want.

So i can put that in the thread and they could see like kind of what your only fans is about and then they'll be able to like click on it from there and it'll stay there like for me, i'm just gon na i'll. Just keep it there for like ever also um there's this other girl named michaela, and i know she has a lot more followers and she charges 20 for her promos and it will stay there forever and you send her like whatever um pictures or i don't know Whatever you want her to post um, so that's also a good idea. I'Ll leave her instagram down below like if you want to do my promo or her promo um, our instagrams will be down below last but not least, would be youtube. Um.

If you want to get subscribers quickly, i would suggest posting, maybe like lingerie or micro bikini. It depends on who you want to attract like if you do feet, um stuff, on only fans, then post like shoe hauls or like pedicure days, or something like that like or painting my nails or something and even on youtube. You don't have to show your face in the videos which is i mean i didn't think of that, but you don't have to show your face. You know um, so i guess basically all of these all on all of these. You can be anonymous. You can create a whole other different name, um, even on bumble and tinder.

You can use a different name, but you know, since it's gon na, be like people in your area. People might know who you are um and i don't think you can like post pictures on there. Well, actually, you can because i've seen like people post pictures of like animals on there. I don't know so i guess you don't have to post your face on there Um but yeah. If you want to promote and be anonymous, just make like a whole different person. Okay and make accounts for that person and really work at it and um yeah guys.

It'S gon na take a lot of work um. I'M glad that i have youtube because i have tried promoting guys, like i've tried promoting before when i wasn't like really posting it on youtube, because i didn't want anybody to know um and it's really hard work. But then i was thinking to myself and i was like you know. I don't want to care what people think about me and you know it doesn't really matter what they think about me and i was like okay, i'm that type of person. But then why am i still hiding this? You know, so i just decided to put it out there. You know to kind of go all the way with not caring what people think about me. You know so it's kind of like giving me a lot more confidence and yeah it's great to be different. A little bit i mean, even if some people will hate me for it. So far i haven't gotten any personal hate, but i know people are like ill