TOP Crypto AltCoins to WATCH! 6 AltCoins READY to 10X! ALTCOINS 2021

TOP Crypto AltCoins to WATCH! 6 AltCoins READY to 10X! ALTCOINS 2021

So last month, if you remember, i put out a video why you may not want to buy all coins in july and that advice turned out to be valid, as the majority of all coins were up and down in an overall descending fashion. But as we move along through this market cycle and the month turns to august, i want to look at some altcoin projects that i think could be in line for a nice run up in the coming weeks and months, not here to waste any time. If you find this video helpful, i do always appreciate a thumbs up and now, let's get into it all right all right, let's get right into it, guys not here to waste any time we're gon na look at six altcoins that, i think, are a little bit Undervalued right now, i'm not saying these are gon na pop tomorrow.

I'M not saying they're gon na pop next week, but they all have real use case behind them. There'S utility behind these projects, they're usable they're, being used right now and i think, where the price is sitting is just a little bit undervalued. So, of course, i'm not your financial advisor. Let this be one step in your own research that you do before you. Invest your own hard earned money guys so first project i want to look at is verge. It goes under the ticker, Xvg and verge is a privacy cryptocurrency, and i think you know those have seen their their heyday and i think they're going to come back right. I think this privacy in cryptocurrency is going to have a very valid use case. Aims to offer decentralized payment network That is an upgrade to the native bitcoin blockchain right. So we talked about this before bitcoin is awesome. Right, like the bitcoin network, is amazing, there's some things that it doesn't do well right. It'S not super fast. It doesn't have the ability to scale

So when you add in things like verge xvg, these take it to another level, so they have their own wallet all these things, but one of the things that's really exciting about verge xpg right now is they're having a having that's coming up. So they have. You know we've talked about this before with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The mining reward that you get is a specific amount of cryptocurrency per block that is mined and generally, when you talk about proof of work, this mining reward is reduced over time. So we're going to have another halving for xvg coming up at the end of august. So, generally speaking, when that happens, there is less cryptocurrency of that specific cryptocurrency being released into the you know into the public, so the value of each one becomes more valuable. So, after reaching a low of of you know just under two cents on july 20th and creating a double bottom pattern, xvg managed to break out from the descending resistance line.

If we look over here guys, this is what they're talking about boom here. It'S had this very strong resistance hit off over here here here, all these times going back down, but has now popped above it. Of course, we would like to see it come up here and break through this. You know previous level setting a new uh higher high, but look. This could be a time right now, prehaving, where you've seen a break in the resistance, and a nice run up here, at least to this level. So xvg guys take a look at it currently trading right now. If we bring it up, you know just over two cents. So when i you know propped through the resistance line at about you know just about two cents and now has run up a little bit guys. So look definitely something to look at xvg verge.

Put it on your radar, That'S number one number, two, Second one! I want to look at guys. This is not a stranger right. I think you've heard of ethereum before ether, maybe so ethereum launched way back in 2015, but look a lot is going on right now with the ethereum network. So back on april 15th we had the berlin berlin hard fork. Um, the london hard fork will go, live on august 4th, So a little bit delayed right. We expected it mid to late july.

I think even there were some estimations of early july based on what ethereum was putting out, but it is set to go live now on the main net august 4th, and this is going to implement a lot of good things right, so decrease in gas fees. Delaying of the difficulty uh time bomb to the release of ethereum 2.0, and it says ethereum trading in inside a ascending parallel channel. It is making an attempt to move above the resistance line of this pattern successfully doing so would pave the way up towards 2850 for ethereum and a couple of good things with ethereum. So if we look here, this is the ascending triangle we're talking about here and then a breakthrough could pave the way to this level. Here you know that is another area of resistance. We would have to break through that as well, but when you look at each right, more than five percent of ethereum is now locked up in ethereum 2.0 contract, and that is really big news on a lot of levels.

One right because, if you're moving from proof of work to proof of stake, so there's always a little hesitation right like are the miners going to switch over and become validators? What we're seeing here is: yes, they are. We have hundreds of over 100 000 validators, already staked and ready to become a validator on 2.0, and you know five percent you're like that's not so much. You cannot get this money back.

If you stake on eth 2.0 withdrawals are not available, yet they won't be available until later on this year, so that that ethereum basically comes out of circulation. So that's big there and if you look at the price of eth right now. Currently, as i record this on august 1 august 1st trading at 25.50, guys it's up a little bit, obviously in the past 24 hours, but look as we've seen. I just pointed out on this ascending pad uh ascending channel that it's in you know breaking through. There would see a nice run-up of about 300, possibly to the next level of resistance, so definitely something to look on as we move forward and get closer to eat. 2.0, but also this london hard fork guys. I think that's going to be very interesting for ethereum network in general, but also for the price of ethereum and also some of these d-apps that run on ethereum that have been a little bit.

You know hampered by the high gas fees of the ethereum network, so positive news there, that's number two, let's move it along here. Third up on the list is solve care and the solve token - and i've talked about this company before this. This is not a project guys, a lot of these cryptocurrencies that we talk about these are projects, but softcare is an actual company and they are a blockchain company and they are beyond d5 guys, like d5, i think, is the fir. I'Ve talked about this before right. D5, finance, i think, is the first step in this blockchain decentralized revolution, but they're taking it to another level by decentralizing healthcare, so they have just launched, what's called a telehealth network which allow, i call it the uber of healthcare. Basically, it allows doctors and patients to come together in this sharing economy. So if you're a doctor in taiwan and a patient in sweden - and you have a specific need - and this doctor can help you this doctor - can help you and you can be connected via the blockchain network. It'S a very cool thing.

They just launched they're, currently adding doctors a lot of doctors in different specialties all over. So if you're a doctor, you can come and create your own decentralized health care network and the soft care token is their whole payment platform. So if we look at softcare right now, currently trading at about just under five cents guys and look as they launch this network and more doctors sign on come on this network, it becomes more usable. Patients are now able to seek affordable health care, no matter where they are in the world. It'S breaking down barriers and that's what i really like about it like. We can talk about all the finance and trading and lending and all this stuff, but this is a real world issue.

Right, like healthcare in this world is an issue and self-care there's other companies as well, but softcare i've been able to talk with their ceo. I'Ve got to learn about their company a lot over the past few months. It'S something that i'm You know. I would say it's more than just something on my radar right like i like to make money in cryptocurrencies, but this is something i'm more a little bit Passionate about just. How can this technology help people in a very profound way, and i think softcare is definitely attempting that mission, so they're number three on the list, guys number four

I want to take a look at ave and we've talked about this before mark cuban. I'Ve talked about he's a backer of ave and look. Sometimes you just got ta go and get behind the people that have done it before and made a lot of money doing so. Avi is a decentralized protocol for borrowing and lending allows participants to become either depositors or borrowers. They are a dow guys, a decentralized autonomous organization. We'Ve talked about this before banks are useless. There is no need for a bank. Why would i go and give somebody my money when they're gon na go make a ton off of my money and pay me shekels, for it there's no reason right: you can come to a a dow do this in a decentralized and autonomous way, and everybody wins Right, except for the bank right who cares so ave, is their their ceo is going to be speaking at the smart contract summit, which is coming up here in august, beginning of august, ceo and founder stanley, kuchalov - probably butchered that really badly guys but obvious

Currently, trying to break out from the 310 resistance that has been sitting at the same area has been intermittently acting as support and resistance since the beginning of february, so reclaiming this could trigger a sharp upward movement. If we look here guys, this is what we're talking about going back here. It'S been, it was resistance flip to support support, support, support came back down. Now is resistance on the way up and we've hit it now a couple of times, but look breaking back through here. There'S not a lot here like if we do break through this level. We could see a nice sharp run up here guys. You also have a bit of a little bit of an ascending triangle, possibly forming here guys so ave currently trading at the time of this recording 315 guys, but look something to look at as these. You know next couple of weeks, first couple of weeks of august play out: how do these things move out? Definitely, look at ave put that one on your radar and, let's, let's go over here guys. I want to look at voyager next vgx and a couple of reasons i want to look at voyager and, if you're unfamiliar with voyager, they are a cr cryptocurrency exchange.

A centralized cryptocurrency exchange currently available about 60 crypto assets, So you can go there with even available in the united states at this current period of time, where you can go there with your credit, your debit card exchange or fiat currencies and get cryptocurrencies. So that is cool, so voyager right now. What i like about them is: they are about to start their own token, swap so the vgx token swap will act as a decentralized exchange similar to what binance is doing and look. I think voyagers might be hitting this at the right time with a lot of this so-called bad news: bad publicity, bad press, bad regulations, whatever you want to call it coming out against binance. There may be a leg for voyager to come in and become that new

Centralized and decentralized exchange like binance has been with binance and binance smart chains. So look voyager is in the process of creating a triple bottom inside this low support level, and there are no bullish reversal signs. If we look at it right here, i'll pull it up for you guys look. This is one where the charts aren't saying. We should buy this right now. Look, it doesn't look great, it's just bouncing off support and, like i've said before, there's only so many times you can bounce on support chances. Are that hole? That'S you know, you bounce your bouncy bounce, the hole gets, bigger chances are you're gon na drop right through there guys, but look when you have something with the big news, like this token swap coming out in the next couple weeks.

That'S something that could really propel the token. So if we look at vgx right now, currently trading at 231, possibly a steel guys, because we saw what happened with the cake token, we saw what happened with some of these other swap tokens. Could we see that now, with vgx also has the centralized exchange, so they are making money in a combination of ways which is good and could be good for the value of their token, all right, all right last one. I want to look at here guys, pokedex and we've seen what's happened with polkadot over the past couple of days has gone up about 60 to 70. Pokedex is going to be a decentralized exchange running on the polka dot network. So it's a peer-to-peer trading platform. It aims to merge benefits of both decentralized and centralized exchanges, similar to what i've talked about with orion guys. Look, i think, we're we're going to have more of these dexes we're gon na have more of these sexes centralized exchanges, but the ability to combine all of the dexes. The centralized exchanges across networks into one area is going to be

I think that's a value right like i don't want to go to 17 different websites just to trade, one one cryptocurrency right. It would be nice to have everything rolled into one, so this is built on substrate and they have a numerous events will take place in august, such as a trading block deployment, emergency shutdown, demo and dynamic staking so they're, just ramping up ramping up ramping up for You know, as kasama is launching we're seeing para chains now launch on kasama network. These will transition over to polka dot network, as we get into the end of summer into september, guys so pdex reached a low of 5 25 on july 20th and has been moving upwards since, while it is broken from a descending resistance line, it has yet to Reclaim an important resistance of around 11. So if we look at here, it did break through this resistance, but really only by trading sideways guys. This is really the level that we're looking to get at that 11 level and currently, at the time, this recording has bounced a little bit up about 738 guys and it was

It was a rough day. It was up a little bit higher than that. But look look at this one as we get to this 11 level. Look, if you think you know it could run up to this 11 level, face resistance there, but breaking through there guys could be very, very positive for pedex and polkadex. So let me know what you guys think those are my six take a look at them. I always love to know what coins you guys are looking at what tokens you guys are looking at, don't forget to leave a comment if you did like this video