Boom shakalaka today's video i'm going to take a look at the top 10 altcoins for august 2021. If you want to know which all coins to pick up now, particularly at a discount, because the market's been going somewhat sideways and down for the altcoins. This is definitely the episode. You'Ll want to watch stay tuned. What'S up everyone randall here from crypto love, today's video we're going to take a look at the top 10 altcoins that you definitely want to buy for august 2021 for insane gains now. Are we just picking these at random, no we're actually using machine learning, artificial intelligence and proprietary quant modeling technology to pick out the best altcoins out there? You don't see this on a lot of channels. This is literally the best way to pick the best possible all coins for games. It takes a look at the code. It takes a look at the project. It takes a look at technical analysis. It takes a look at over 80 different indicators which help pick out the best altcoins out of the 10 000 plus all coins out there and how we're doing that is with token metrics.

If you haven't checked out tokenmetrics, there is a discounted link down in the description and the pinned comment now before we get into this guys make sure to like subscribe click. The notification bell: let's try and get 5 000 likes on this video. I mean heck. It'S going to be up all of august. Let'S get 5 000 likes just push the button. Now, as you guys know, or maybe you don't know, it's not really all season right now, as a matter of fact right now, it's bitcoin season. Now, how do we define alt season? All season is when 75 percent of the top 50 coins performed better than bitcoin over the last 90 days, and if we take a look at the top all coins, only a handful of them have actually outperformed bitcoin

But you know don't lose heart because when it is bitcoin season, it's a great time to stock up on all coins at a discount and then sell them when they pop in altcoin season. And, as you can see, it just goes back and forth between all coin season and bitcoin season. So how are we going to pick out the top all coins for august? Here'S what we do we go to token metrics: okay, we click on data indices and then we go to trader monthly for this i'm going to do low cap off. But if you stay tuned till the end, i'm going to share with you the top 10 low cap all coins, because these are ones that could potentially go up a lot more than the non low cap points and then we'll do on all exchanges. So, let's get into it, what are the top 10 coins pray? Tell first, one is alluvium, i mean i just got ta say their website's freaking awesome, but this is basically a crypto gaming nft fighting for ethereum anybody can play it.

Anybody can invest steak, All of that fun stuff, and this one has been getting a lot of good press recently. I mean you can just see the website's freaking awesome now on token metrics. We take a look overall grade: Excellent 91.67 right now. Elluvium trading at 247 market cap is 157 million dollars, and if we take a look at the visual trends index, it is bullish right now, so being how it is in a bullish trend. It is likely to continue in a bullish trend, So elluvium right now looks like number one. That'S the first altcoin for august next, one strong block easily create blockchain nodes, earn rewards.

This actually rewards people for maintaining their blockchain nodes, not just having a node but actually keeping it up to date, and this is one of the best things you can do from a security standpoint standpoint for all of these nodes, well with strong block right now. Overall, 85.46 percent good price 212 dollars total market cap 334 million dollars, and if we take a look on the visual trends index, bullish very good next, one defy money, dfi, dot, money deposit to earn a d5 farming aggregator. That automatically puts your crypto assets to work. For high yield profits earn now, if we take a look at this one overall grade good with eighty six percent right now, the price three thousand eight hundred thirty nine dollars, total markup 152 million dollars 249th on coin market cap,

And if we take a look at the visual trends index bullish, look at this. It'S picking out a whole bunch of bullish coins that you want to get behind because guess what the trend can be your friend and if it rhymes it's got to be true. Now the next one revlon r-e-v-o-m-o-n alpha public asset access, opens on august 1st, another gaming nft type of project. And if we take a look at this one overall grade good eighty percent, 55 cents right now - market cap, 12 million dollars market cap 850. First, and if we take a look bullish, okay, this is another one. It seems like right now. The gaming and the nft projects seem to be all the rage. Now the next one punk basic a single vault token, which is backed one to one by any crypto punks nft, because this vault allows any crypto punk to be deposited as collateral.

It acts as a floor price tracker for ethereum's original digital collectibles, and if we take a look at this one right now, overall grade good 88.88 reminds me back to the future price. 89 668 market cap 2.3 million market cap rank 1543. And if we take a look here this one as well bullish now the next one is leo token, a token designed to empower the bitfinex community. And if we take a look at this one overall, great good. Eighty seven percent right now trading at three dollars and eight cents market cap, 2.9 billion dollars, market cap rank 42. And if we take a look at this one, this one as well bullish

Look at this How easy it is to find good projects with token metrics. It tells you everything about the project right here in the top left corner and then tells you if it's doing good, if it's doing bad overall next one is bow finance, steak, sushi swap and you swap lp tokens to earn bow. If we take a look at this one overall grade good right now, trading at three zeros 0.308 market cap 59 million market cap rank 424, and this one as well is starting to took to look bullish. As a matter of fact has come down quite a bit and now it's starting to tick back up, so that one looks pretty darn interesting. The next one lattice exchange is a crossroad of decentralized finance and trading. It'S an amm-based dex that supports seamless, cross-chain swaps and a multitude of d5 applications by utilizing constellations, hypergraph a near zero feet and horizontally scalable decentralized network.

If we take a look at lattice token overall grade good 87 percent price right now, a dollar 33 market cap rank 493, and if we take a look at this one, this one is bullish as well. The next one another gaming, nft token axi infinity. Now this one here overall grade: okay, 72 percent price right now: 40 dollars and 62 cents market cap rank 51 with a 55 excuse me 2.2 billion dollar market cap. And if we take a look here, this one is bullish as well, and that brings us to the last coin for august of 2021, which would be tomo chain an efficient blockchain powered by proof-of-stake voting consensus, scalable pos voting blockchain in mainnet with product lines focusing on Real-World usage, i actually took a look at this project in vietnam. A few years ago. You could search for a video. I did on this one to check it out now this one here overall grade good 86 percent right now: trading at 2.71 cents, market cap, 226 million dollars market cap rank 189, and if we take a look, this one as well is bullish.

So we have a bunch of really interesting projects there and if you want to take a look, what token metrics will do for you is actually plot out how much of each in this monthly allocation you should have. So you can see anywhere between 8 and 16 percent depending upon the different projects from tomochain to alluvium. Now that is the coins for august, but some of you want to find some hidden gems, and that is where we go to the low caps. So when you select low cap here on token metrics, less than 30 million dollar market cap, you get some really awesome projects. Now there is the potential for huge gains, there's also the potential for huge losses. But you know, if you want to win big, you got ta play big

I guess you go big or go home now the coins for the low cap for the month of august. You can see it right here and also it just shows you down here easier to read. We have revlon, we have punk basic, we have surf finance, we have sentiment network keeper, yelled finance, stabilize bitto, aduskinin and ethic hub, so those would be the top 10 low cap all coins under 30 million dollar market cap to take a look for in august. So guys that is all for today's video. I encourage you all to check out tokenmetrics. It is an awesome platform that does all the work for you and has helped me personally make a lot of money, and i think it can do the same thing for you. There is a discounted link down in the description and also in the pinned comment. They just added this tm grade within the past two weeks and it's pretty darn awesome so guys. Thank you so much for watching if you did enjoy it, make sure to like subscribe.