Top 5 BEST Altcoins to Buy Right Now (2021)

Top 5 BEST Altcoins to Buy Right Now (2021)

Hey everyone welcome back to another video from crypt to busy. My name is tom and in today's video i'm going through the top five altcoins that are bullish right now, i'll also be going through the market and some bitcoin updates because, as we all know, bitcoin affects the rest of the market, including those five all coins. So with that all being said, let's jump straight into the video and we're jumping straight into this video. So when you subscribe to crypto busy, you get that competitive edge in the crypto market be sure to subscribe to the creativity channel today, we're 188 000 members strong and we are growing

So what do you call a bubble that doesn't pop? The answer is: is that it's, the next monetary system bank has been calling a bubble for four years and it just doesn't fly today. This is a tweet from willy woo we're big fans of him, and he gives a great insight what's happening in the markets. It'S very interesting to compare this to other sort of bubbles in the past.

This is different. This is completely different, because this is a new technology, a new asset class that is soon going to be adopted by many other countries as well. We'Ve had kazakhstan looking into banks buying and selling crypto buying and selling bitcoin effectively calling bitcoin um. You know an actual cryptocurrency, a currency that can be used from people's people, which is really important. So it's sort of you know a domino effect step by step, We'Ll get there. We'Ve had el salvador and panama getting interested in it. Now kazakhstan, i believe in parts of africa getting interested into bitcoin so step by step. Next, stop! I know about the next domino, we'll see sort of things happen here and it's really interesting to see the change of tone of the banks in the space of four years, which is also quite telling. What is also important to see is the market psychology. What we've been seeing right now are we, in the optimism, belief, thrill euphoria? I think what we're seeing here um with this whole ball cycle and again this is important.

This is a ball cycle. This is an overall long-term perspective when these come to these sort of things um. I think it's very reflective of what's happened in the 2013. The 2014 ball cycle, where we have a bit of a dip, and then we have the overall blow-off on the top, where bitcoin goes crazy at the end of the year getting into 2022. So we could be seeing bitcoin go to 100 000 this year, which is also quite important, but at the same time there will be corrections along the way. Let me stress that it's important to understand that this is going to be happening. There will be corrections. There will be dips and i'll go through that in much further detail with uh. You know the the technical analysis that i'll go through in today's video because again, like the five volt coins that i'm going to go through in today's video, all of them all of those five volt coins, every single old coin is affected by bitcoin, whether you like It or not, i don't like it, but you just have to accept it.

You have to see where bitcoin is going to be going. I think we are on sort of the hope and optimism stage at the moment. There'S another type of charts that shows, if it's a bear trap or with the end sort of the suckers rally type of idea. I think we're seeing a bit of a bear trap. But that's where i think we are comment down below where you think we are uh on this sort of cycle and whether we have where we are in a bear market. Now or not. I don't think that is the case, but we'll just have to look at. What'S happening with bitcoin's price, so bitcoin right now is trading range trading between forty thousand five hundred dollars and thirty nine thousand five hundred dollars, and it's just trying to find that support at forty thousand dollars.

So it's quite crucial at the moment. This could be rejected. This could be the case and it could be rejected and we could be seeing a retest of 30 000, which would be quite interesting. So we could see it go from here down to 35 000 and then maybe a retest after that as well. So we could be seeing uh bitcoin, retest, 35, 000 and then go and retest forty thousand dollars potentially break through and go to forty two thousand dollars, because that is the next important stage for bitcoin's price and that is to go to forty two thousand dollars. But right now it is struggling to go above forty, one thousand dollars, which is also quite crucial for bitcoin's price. In the immediate short term, we just have to see how these things go.

If we take again the longer term perspective, this is great. We'Ve had nearly eight days, i think one, two three four five, six, seven, eight nine days pretty eight or nine days of positive price action from bitcoin. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a bit of a correction and it's healthy to see that as we progress the next stage of this ball cycle. If you want to get a much clearer picture, what's happening in the market, be sure to join our qrik to busy vip coin course. It'S all on discord so make sure that you have discord.

We go through webinars every single month for the uh coin, Calls gold members: you get an extra webinar again going through the market in much for the detail, giving our thoughts and opinions in sort of a longer format of where things are going to be going uh For the crypto market, where bitcoin's going ethereum and many other Old coins, you also get fundamental and technical analysis on there and many other things we'll leave all the links down in the description below. So you can check it out yourselves in much further detail now the market's doing well so far, but again do expect corrections. I'M now going to go through the top five all coins that are bullish right now, and also that we hold as well um accurately busy

We like to hold quite a few old coins. We have been sort of changing around our bags recently on where things are going to be going. We had to sort of be competitive where things are going, we can't just be holding you know the the all of the old coins of the micro micro micro cap and just expect and hope for them to a thousand or maybe 2000 x. We also have to look into old coins that are doing really well that are well grounded. Have good teams white papers, um, you know, is it being adopted and does it have a future? This is important at the end of the day when it comes to looking into a cryptic project.

So, as you can see, right now, thought chain is the first pick for today Um, it's doing really well, it's up nearly 40, which is really important. So you can see here it's all-time high. The last 24 hours was around sort of 5.87. So nearly that as well, i think, an all-time high of around. Let'S have a look here of 20, Nearly 21, so you can see here 21.26 um, so it does have room for growth. In my opinion, it is in a very interesting sector for crypto um. It'S a decentralized liquidity pool that allows users to easily exchange cryptocurrency assets across a range of networks without losing full custody of their assets in the process. So it's a really cool project, that's something we have to look for when you look into a project you want to go into and you want to invest and that's also important there as well. So that's our first pick, and that is thor chain. What'S happened recently with thor chain is that it's shaken off uh recent attacks.

I'Ve had recent attacks on its uh blockchain, which is quite interesting on its network um. But what they have done in place of that um from the overwhelming support is that there's gon na be more audits and there's also going to be a bug. Bounty program, which is also really important, And then everyone's eyes are going to be on the code by by default on that, so to get the community involved in that sort of sense. That'S also really good to see that one there as well. So the first pick is thought: Shame the next one is terra, also known as luna. It'S up 18, nearly 19 today um all-time high in the last 24 hours of 11.75 cents and nearly 12 there, and also in the last year, 22 dollars so pretty much a 2x from where it is right. Now the all-time high um. I do think it can go there. I think you can go higher than that as well and another well-grounded project in my opinion, and it's doing really well recently, so you have to look into projects that are again what think of a real world problem and think about how crypto can solve that real World problem, when it comes to cryptocurrency because again we're entering the fourth industrial revolution, there's gon na be a range of technologies out there that we can all harness and take use of, and once we use that, i think we can solve a lot of issues that Are in the world at the moment, so that's also really important. There now

My next point i want to go through is ax infinity. We'Ve seen a lot of discussion about this recently gaming coins, and also another pick later on today, will be also another gaming coin or in the gaming space. The the e-gaming industry, whatever you like to call it um uh, is, is huge. It is big and it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and it is growing and to see crypto and blockchain implemented in gaming. That'S really cool to see, and i think it is a natural thing to see it's it's. What do you expect? It is what you expect:

Bitcoin is what you expect blockchain to do and to be used for, especially in the gaming industry. So certainly axi infinity is one up there that we think can do a lot of good stuff. So it's all time higher. It'S pretty recent um. You can see right now. I think it can go higher than that as well. It'S currently ranked 39 um, but it's interesting to see where things are going to be going again. There will be corrections along the way.

Please take that into account As well um, so you can see here again sort of in the nfc space, it's sort of like a battle, royale type thing um, you can join the discord. We also have a discord as well. You can see linked down in the description below, which also is really cool too. So it's cool to see um and it's really fun as well. So the next point i'm gon na go through is also engine coin again in the gaming industry in the gaming sector. Um, that's really cool to see that one there um again a big shout out to them do comment down below all your thoughts and opinions on the coins gon na go through in today's video. All comments are welcome again, whether you agree with me whether you disagree with me. Um i'll, be very interested to hear what you guys have to say and i'll also be responding to some of the comments down below as well so engine coin. It is in the gaming industry all-time high in the last 24 hours 1.50 in the last year, four dollars, which i think it was its all-time high um

So again, i think it can go back to its all-time high, like with all the picks i'm gon na Go through in today's video. I think it can go back to its all-time high, but it takes some time to get there and again. Bitcoin is a big factor of that, as we have to see also where bitcoin is going and you're, probably not surprised, but my final pick for today's video is xrp really interesting. The latest news - that's happened with xrp is the first live, on-demand liquidity offering in japan - and this is the expansion of ripple net's program that they have their network that they have going on, and it's also a momentum into this area into the continent. Interesting to note is that most of ripple nets or ripple labs business is outside of the united states. So, what's also interesting to note and important to note is that, with this sec lawsuit, whether they you know pass or fail most of their of their business is outside of the states.

So i'm actually not that phased by what happens with this sec lawsuit. Yes, it's important and it will affect everything else, but again, at the end of the day, if we talk specifically about xrp about ripple labs um, you know most of their business is outside of the states. So we have to also take that one into account as well, so there's my five picks xrp engine coin, axiomfinity terror and also thought chain comment down below whether you agree with me on my picks for today that are bullish that have shown signs of bullishness as Well, and also have the possibility and the potential to show even further british scientists is also important to see where things are going to be going. So those are my picks for today's video again do comment down below um and yeah. If you like, what we're doing at crypto busy make sure to leave a like, and if you're new to the critiques channel be sure to subscribe to the creative busy channel today again, as you can see behind us, we've got the new office with also the the Led lights, we've got going on so whether i'm feeling bullish i'll put some green