The Top 6 Highest Paid Jobs In Australia (without a degree)

The Top 6 Highest Paid Jobs In Australia (without a degree)

Hey guys, so a lot of yous enjoyed one of the last years I did, which was this one, which focus on the highest paying jobs in Australia purely by numbers and by solely looking at just how much money a job can give you most them turn out To require degrees and long term study, so it made me wonder what would the highest paying job in Australia be if you didn't need a degree, so that further ado here are the top six highest paying jobs in Australia without a degree hey guys before we go Into the list, I've noticed that 62 % of you guys that watch our videos are actually not subscribed. So, if you're enjoying these type of videos - and you do want to see more - please consider hitting that button. It'S free and it helps us out a lot Cheers and number 6. This one actually surprised me, and it is Fitness manager. Now, as a fitness manager, you would be responsible for coordinating the operations of your health club. Where you would work, you would ensure the center operates correctly, and this could include anything from hiring trainers to scheduling fitness programs and even ensuring the safety of your club.

Now, before you can get promoted to a fitness manager, you'd have to start off as a fitness, instructor or personal trainer, but regardless neither one actually requires a degree and you'll be making an average annual salary of 86 thousand dollars at number 5. We have a sales manager now sales managers lead and guide a team of salespeople and are responsible for ensuring the company achieves its respective sales targets.

On top of the salary, you can usually earn Commission's based on performance, which makes this role especially stimulating if you're looking for an easy job that pays well now, of course, you get a marketing degree or a business degree to help you get to sales manager, but All you need is experience and natural ability to get promoted to that stage, and should you get that promotion you'll be making upwards of eighty eight thousand dollars a year? Now then, before we have a hey char manager? Yes, yes, I know there's a lot of managerial positions on this list and I wish I could say was the last. But regardless, if you enjoy people management, a Korean HR may be ideal for you, as an HR manager. You'Ll be responsible for creating and coordinating strategies that ensure the sustainability of the organization's star. There'S an increasing demand for HR professionals in Australia, and you don't need a degree now. The good thing about HR is that it's very, very scalable and you can move into more senior roles as you go on, but the one catches that you will need a diploma of human resources management in order to keep scaling up and be promoted into a more Senior roles, which in turn would give you more money, but if we strictly looking at just a HR manager, they make upwards of $ 90,000 a year.

From my experience, I found that HR managers don't actually have too much work to do so. If you are looking for high pay in minimal effort, hey Charles the way to go now number three, we have an interesting one, and that is real estate. Agent selling and rented property can be a difficult job, but if done correctly, can be a very rewarding and lead to a very satisfying annual income to get there, you will need to enjoy networking with people being an excellent salesperson and hard worker. If you want to become a real estate agent, you may start as an agents representative and learn from more experienced agents and work.

Your way up now real estate agents make an average salary of ninety seven thousand dollars. What I'm not sure about this one is if they're calculating the Commission within the salary or, if that's separate, because if they are getting paid, ninety seven thousand plus Commission they could be making a lot of money. You see every time a real estate agent sells a house or you know, rent it out.

They get a percentage of that cut, So if they were to sell a house on average, it's normally 2 %. So what I like about this role is that it's kind of like entrepreneurship, where, if you put more hours into it, you get more back out of it now number two. We have a job that I didn't even know it existed, and that is ethical hacker, also known as white hat hackers say that three times fast, the job involves hacking software developed by a company to ensure there are no security flaws. Now to become an ethical hacker. You must pass the certified ethical hacker or ceh for short exam and have a minimum of two years of information. Security related work experience now a great starting point. If you want to develop your programming skills, is to look into the database and security library. Now ethical hackers are getting an average salary of a hundred and thirty two thousand dollars a year solely through work experience and passing one exam.