The SECRET To Completely HEAL Your BODY & MIND TODAY | Marisa Peer

The SECRET To Completely HEAL Your BODY & MIND TODAY | Marisa Peer

The words you speak have the most incredible power to heal your mind, to heal your body. Let me show you how to use the power of your own language to bring about incredible, healing and powerful health . So why do your words have so much power to affect your mental health? Your physical health, your emotional health? Well, your mind must listen to everything you say and your mind works out. What'S going on from the words you use, so if you say this commute is killing me, my boss is driving me insane. My colleague makes me want to die, i'm dying under the pressure of these papers. My client is a nightmare from hell. You your mind. Has one job and it's not to make you happy it's to keep you alive on the planet when you use very negative words very scary words, words about, i can't cope, i'm falling apart, i'm losing the plot, i'm losing my .

Your mind really believes that you are losing it and its job is to keep your life. So if you keep saying my job's killing me killing me killing me, my boss is torturing me these clients make me want to die. Your mind believes that, and then it's going to create something that will stop you going to that place. That is killing you, which is your job, if you say as a new parent, this baby is killing me. Oh my god, can you imagine having two? Oh, it would kill me i'd run away. I would die your mind, has got a clear message. You don't want a second baby, it would kill you to have one

So let me give you unexplained infertility. The way you feel about everything bar none is down to the pictures you make in your head and the words you say to yourself and the pictures matter less, because the words make a picture. Imagine you say this well, i went out yesterday with wet hair and i'm going to get the flu it's flu season. I always get sick at flu season. My niece was here the other day streaming with cold. I know i'm going to get it. Those words are making a picture of you getting sick and the strongest force in every human being, including you, including me, as we must act in a way that is consistent with a matches.

How we define ourselves, In fact our words, are a blueprint that we actually move towards. Every word you speak is a blueprint when you say if i look at a cake, i get fat just by looking at cake. Well that thought that belief makes cortisol stress hormone. That is more likely to make you put on weight and if you say my metabolic rate is so fast whatever i ate, i burn it off. That is very, very likely to happen. You see here's the thing about words, You have free will to say whatever you want, you can choose to be negative. You can choose to be positive. You know you can't choose what you do to your body when you say i know i'm going to get sick. This headache is killing me. I have a terrible immune system.

I'Ve got rubbish, digestion, i always get colds, I get headaches. I'Ve got a nervous disposition. Don'T do that. You have to decide to choose to use better words. If you change your words, it will change your reality. Your word shape your reality. Change your words. It changes your reality All the people i work, who are super successful billionaires millionaires at the top of their game, have something interesting. They don't use negative words, they don't go. This is a disaster. This is hell. This is a nightmare. They go well. This is an opportunity. This is a challenge. This is a situation. I have a family member right now has alzheimer's and he just calls it a a well a is here, but it's not really effective, I'M not giving in to a, and i love that, but you will not give it a name. I had cancer and i met someone. They went. Oh hey, i'm a cancer survivor. Just like i went hey. I know i'm not a cancer survivor because i don't have

I had it for a month, it was a blip, it arrived, it went away, it was a blip. I don't refer to it very much and i would never call myself a survivor of that because i don't have it, but when i did have it, i decided to tell my body: you are a wellness making machine. I am doing wellness only wellness, always wellness, and i commanded instructed directed my body to do wellness and i sang a little song every day, i'm feeling healthy and i'm healing, because i knew that that word. Those words were not just words. They were a powerful direction. To my subconscious, mind the words you speak are not words.

They are directions commands to your subconscious, mind if you say, if i get dumped again, it will kill me if one more person rips out my heart and stamps i'd rather die than be dumped again. You are telling your mind. I could not cope with the ending another relationship and, if you say well, there's a starter relationship didn't work out, but there was something in me: they laughed and that's still in me and the next one will be better. You will cope better. All of my therapists understand the power of words and if you want to know how to train in my methods to heal other people, using the power of words and so much more too click the link below and look at my five tips to become a world Class therapist, so how can you go from illness to healing from sadness to joy from being alone to being absolutely lovable change your words if you're, a negative person, look at the words you say and flip them over? My kid is stressing me out becomes my kid.

Is a challenge and i love the challenge it comes with the territory i get dumped all the time, i'm lovable, i'm attracting the perfect relationship. For me, i'm always sick. My body is a wellness creating machine. I have a phenomenal, dependable, reliable, incredible immune system. I was having lunch with a friend, her husband and my daughter. Some years ago we all ate the same thing. My friend me and my daughter got food poisoning. He didn't. I asked him. Why not? He went my body wouldn't dare to reject any food. I choose to put it, i thought what great belief i should have that belief. Look at people who you admire in your life and look at their beliefs. When you look at their beliefs, you think

Well, i can believe that belief. They don't own it. You can believe whatever you want to believe. I have phenomenal coping skills, i'm not aging, i'm saging, my body is ageless. My immune system is phenomenal. I'M metabolic rate is incredible. I work hard, but i rest and recharge like a battery. Imagine looking and going. Oh, my god. I look so old. I look terrible all saying i look dehydrated. I look tired and tomorrow i'm going to hydrate. I look great. You see don't use powerful words as a negative, only use powerful words that are positive. I'M amazing, i'm phenomenal. I have incredible coping skills, i'm lovable, i'm here for a reason.

I have a gift and i can monetize that gift those words will empower you. I don't know why. I'M here, i'm nothing Special me don't do that. I was in the back of a car. Some years ago i was filming a show, and i was a judge on a panel and when we got to the studio the security guard looked through and he said who are you and they said? Oh, this is marissa Payne. You said to the driver, who are you and i'm no one, and i said, don't ever say that you're, not no one you're someone do you have a wife? Yes, do you have kids? Yes, do you have friends, yes, you're someone to someone, don't ever go, I'M no one, i'm nothing! I'M insignificant! I don't matter, don't use those words ever ever ever.

You are someone to someone and you're someone to yourself. Allow your words to empower you remember you get to choose. You get to choose every day, whether to use negative words or powerful words healing words or hurtful words, but you know what you can't choose what you do to your body when you use hurtful words. This is making me sick. I can't cope. I'M going crazy, i'm losing my mind, i'm losing my . I'M stressed out i'm dying here under the pressure