STOP searching for your passion and do this instead | Mel Robbins

STOP searching for your passion and do this instead | Mel Robbins

I think you should chase what energizes you. Everyone talks about passion, legacy, purpose, yeah yeah, the one word to pay attention to his energy. I love that. That'S it! Let'S simplify this okay, so whatever energizes you naturally expands you feels like possibility is exciting to do it. May be scary that doesn't matter it has to do with how it makes you feel right when you were in your 20s money made, you feel good, it expanded you, it energized, you chasing the money. That was the game. That was your passion. That was your perfect there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that, and I particularly want to say that to the women that are watching yeah, because it is socialized into women not to chase success like that, not to go after the money, and so if what energizes you is amassing wealth, go for it.

But what happened and and the reason why I say that is because people talk about the word, passion, yeah or purpose right and the truth is it's not a person place or a thing? It'S not. It is the feeling of being expanded and energized great. If you're pursuing your passion, it means that you wake up every day and are energized so instead of trying to think what's my purpose, what's my passion what's my purpose, what's my passion yeah instead of thinking like that, I want you instead to ask yourself: what's what Could I do today that would energize me what energizes me if it's making money figure out how to make money right if it is making a difference, figure out how to make a difference, it could be in any single shape or form, but if it energizes you, That'S what you need to follow and what happens is that passion also because it's energy it dissipates over time, because when you first start making money, it's , thrilling yeah. But what happens is once you learn how to do something once you can do it over and over again, and so it starts to become routine yeah, which means it's no longer energy right, which is why every entrepreneur out there goes through the mode of chasing the Money and then you hit the money that you need to make then you're like I'm, not fulfilled yeah

I went to that. Finally, you know I did that yes yeah and it's because you were energized by the money and now you're not yeah. Now you got to be energized by the next thing yeah and for you it's clearly service. It'S clearly making a difference. It'S empowering others, and so when I look back on my trajectory yeah the thing that energizes me is making people feel like they matter. It'S that simple. It is giving people hope in a situation where they don't have it. It is shining a light on the path forward when somebody feels stuck in darkness and now that I know that those moments are the things that make me get up out of bed and energize me.

I can trace back all the way to the moment of being a public defender in Manhattan, twenty-two years old, straight out of law, school yeah, defending a kid who - and I met him for the first time he had been arrested. I met him during Night Court in New York City. I was a brand-new young attorney. This kid had been arrested. He had been arrested for throwing a champagne bottle in the middle of Times Square on New Year's Eve and had come down on a woman and it sliced her face open. Oh, my god, and he had been ID'd and pointed at by her friends as allegedly the kid who had done it and he was a junior in high school high school kid on his way to go to junior college mom working hard, terrified, absolutely terrified, and I Met him because he had been arrested and you know the family couldn't afford a lawyer, and I was a legal aid.

Criminal defense attorney and I was assigned to represent him and I remember walking back into the cages behind the the judges bench Because if you look at it at a judge in a courtroom, there's two doors typically to the one to the right one to the left. One of those doors leads to the hallway, which is what all the court officers and administrative workers walk to. That'S behind the court system. The other one leads to cages that are behind the judge, which is where they hold the inmates, as they're waiting to come in and get arraigned or they're waiting. You know for the trial, and so I walk back there and I called out this kid's name, and I just remember him asking as my mom out there is my mom out there and I said: look I'm gon na

Tell you something I make you two promises. I'M gon na get you out of here tonight and I'm gon na do everything I can he was like. I didn't do it. I didn't do it, I didn't, do it sort of God, I didn't do it and I promised him. I said I'm gon na get you out of here tonight and I'm gon na do everything I possibly can to clear your name, and I remember the relief in his face and he said you believe me: