Quit Smoking | Stop Smoking | How To Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking | Stop Smoking | How To Quit Smoking

So you want to quit smoking, congratulations, youfound, the right, video and also congratulations on getting here, because this is going to be the bestdecision you can make for your own health and for other people's health too. So in today's video i'mgoing to do my best to help you quit, i'm going to teach you how to quit, i'm going to teach youabout all the different self-help tips, i'm going to teach you about all the benefits of quittingso. What we're waiting for! Let'S do this! Okay, now before we begin, let's look at some science as youknow. I always first like to talk about science, and then we talk about treatments and tips and allof that now, if you already know all the science, i'm gon na leave a time stamp up here or here anddown there, in the description as to when we start talking About how to stop smoking and the tips andall of that sort of stuff, But if you don't know it keep on watching, because this sort of stuffis really useful to know and it's going to help everything click into place.

When we talk abouttreatments and all the other stuff, so to begin with, why is smoking so addictive and why is it sohard to quit? Now, if you've been watching my videos for a while, you will know that on this channel ilike, to give you the facts and i'm going to give you a fact right now, average cigarette contains600 chemicals and if that's not high enough once it's lit it amounts to About 7 000 chemicals7 000 of those bad boys, can you believe it and of those chemicals? Nicotine is the one that makes itso addictive. What does it do? Well, it stimulates your nerves, the nerves then release dopamineand. The dopamine makes us feel good, which is one of the reasons why it's so addictive and it'sas simple as that. Now, if you're interested in finding out just how strong your smoking addictionis there's a really useful link, it's like a quiz, i'm going to leave it in the description, belowfeel free to check it out, and it will give you a rating of how strong your addiction actuallyis

Okay, so that's the science done. Oh, let's fix this much better science done now. Let'S move on tothe best part of the video. How do we actually stop? How do we quit smoking? Well, you've got two optionsoption one go to cold turkey cold. Turkey is a little difficult or you can double your chancesof quitting by using nicotine replacement therapy products, which we call nrt for sure. Now i knowwhat you're thinking you're, probably thinking okay, abraham. What are these products tell me? Moreabout them don't worry abraham. The pharmacist. I'Ve always got your back

Let'S move on to thenext scene nrt products help to keep your cravings under control as you withdraw from smokingcigarettes. So let's have a look at your options, but please remember there are various differentbrands of nrts available. So wherever you are in the world, you might have different brands, thatare available that you can buy from the pharmacies. So what i've tried to do is i've covered thebrands to the best of my ability just to show you the different products that are available solet's. Do this option number one patches pop these sticky square, patches onto your skin for 16 or 24hours? The nicotine will be absorbed through your skin to help reduce that background. Craving for acigarette option, two gum, sugar-free gums come in fresh mint or fruit flavors to get the most out. Ofyour gum chew a piece until you taste the flavor park it between your gum and cheek for thenicotine to be absorbed. Gum is great for impulsive Cravings option.

Number three lozenges or coughsweets: these are small sugar-free sweets, ideal for undergo impulsive cravings. You simply suck onone lozenge and move it around your mouth until it disappears option number four micro, tabsif, chewing gum or sucking on a cough. Suite aren't your thing! Then these tiny tablets arefor you they dissolve under your tongue and are equally great for impulsive cravings option. Numberfive inhalator with cartridges, this small plastic tube holds a refillable pure nicotine. Cartridgeand has no vapor release, so you don't have to go outside to use.

It inhale This just like youwould a cigarette, but without the 6099 chemicals, if it's hard to kick the hand to mouth actionof smoking, then this one's for you, it's great for strong impulsive, cravings option, numbersix mouth spray, strong, impulsive, cravings, then spray once or twice into the Side of Your cheekfor, a quick nicotine hit to curb your cravings. You can read more about all of these nrt productsat, the link in the description box below okay, guys. I'Ve got some good news for you so earlier isaid that using nrts can double your chances of quitting, which is great news. Now the nhs alsoprovide stop smoking advisors who are fantastic by the way and can also provide you with nrts whichis. Another really useful reason to speak to them, but by using a stock, smoking advisor and usingnrts, you can actually triple your chances of quick. I know great news right. Another useful thingthat, i would highly recommend you all to do - is get your phone, which is in my pocketdownload the stocktober app it's an nhs app and it's like having a stop smoking advisor, inyour pocket.

You can refer to it, you can It can give you useful tips, It can do loads of differentthings, so i'd highly recommend you download it. It'S free as well, so there's no harm in usingit. There is also prescription only medication which is available to help you quit smokingnow. Your stop. Smoking advisor is the person who's responsible for speaking to your health careprofessional and, seeing, if that's appropriate, for you or not so remember, there's nrt, which aren'tprescription only so you can buy them from a chemist or wherever and there's also prescriptionearly medication that can help you quit Smoking once again, these are one of the very reasons whyyou should get a stop smoking advisor involved in your treatment, because they're going to work, outthe best treatment option for you now. Please also remember: there are quite a few myths out there.

Aswell such as acupuncture and hypnosis can help you stop smoking, but there's no evidence suggestingthat. It can do that. So please remember that too there's a lot of movement in this video right. Nowlet'S move on to five self-help tips. The first one grab yourself a pen and paper and write downa list of all the reasons why you want to quit. If you don't want to grab a pen and paperuse one of these we've all got one nowadays and we always keep it with us on that list.

Youcan write stuff like, for example, you want to spend more time with your loved ones. You want to watchthem grow older. That'S one of the reasons why you want to quit smoking now this list, we're goingto, keep coming back to it. So whether you write on a piece of paper, keep it with your old timeswhether, You write on your phone, Keep it with your old times and if you ever get the craving thatyou want to smoke. That cigarette look at the list and remember all the reasons why you wantto quit.

This is going to be really helpful now. Another reason that you may want to quit are thehealth benefits and there's loads of them, such as, for example, reducing your risk of lung cancer, andreducing your risk of many different cancers. Now i am going to talk about all the health benefits alittle later on in the video okay. So moving on to tip number two, you need to stay active if you'rethe type of person who has cravings and impulses to have a cigarette, then exercise such as forexample. Just going for a walk is a really good option for you. It'S going to release chemicalswhich are going to help reduce your cravings and also you're going to release those endorphinswhich are those feel good hormones which make us feel great tip number three

You need to get rid ofthose smoking accessories, so it's not just about getting rid of your cigarettes. That'S a given butthe smoking accessories as well. So, for example, your lighter your ashtray, any kind of smokingaccessories get rid of them, replace the ashtray with a nice coaster, with a nice coffee mug on topof it you can have your tea or your coffee in it great or the lighters, replace it with a stick. Ofgum similar kind of shape and size, and it takes your mind off it, so it's all about reducing thetemptation to smoke. Moving on to tip number four write down those triggers and write an actionplan to help, stop you from smoking, so, for example, if being around people, that smoke is going totrigger you to smoke as well have an action plan so, for example, make sure that you're not Hangingaround with them sort of people for the time being until you quit smoking fully so have an actionplan for various different scenarios, and this is really going to help. You now tip numberfive tell people that you're wanting to quit. These guys are gon na, be a support network.

Tellyour friends tell your family. Tell your loved ones, tell everyone they're all out there to supportyou and to help you in this process. You can also join forums and groups that are also quittingpeople, who are in a similar place, as yourself you're all out there to support each other. You cangive each other tips, there's loads of different forums out there that you can join. I mean evenin. This video, for example, if you're someone who's wanting to quit and if you've got some tipsof, your own leave a comment below and i'm sure people will scroll down, read it and get some greatadvice from it.

So if you've got to this point in the video you're awesome because you're prettyserious about quitting, which is fantastic news, now, let's go back to those steps, because i kindof like that shot that we did there and we'll talk about the health benefits of quitting i'llsee you There, okay, so the benefits of quitting smoking. Where should i begin because there areso many benefits, but let's start from the basics? Let'S start from the beginning, let's say you'vehad your last cigarette and you've now quit just 20 minutes after your last cigarette yourheart rate is going to start slowing down, which is a good thing within 48 hours, well, after48 hours, all of that toxic carbon monoxide,

That'S in your blood is going to get flushedout. This means you're going to feel less tired. This means you're going to breathe better on topof that you're going to sleep. Better food is going to taste better and you're, going to have moreenergy and on top of that, you're going to have whiter teeth, you're going to have better breathand you're going to have clearer skin you're, also going to reduce your risk of lung mouth and throatcancer. Next up is your immune system. It'S going to get a massive boost when you quit smoking, you'regonna heal, faster and you're gon na be less likely to get ill in the first place. By the way this listwill go on forever, so i will leave a full list in the description below for you, but last butnot least think about the money. You'Re gon na save think about how much money you will saveokay so for any coffee lovers out there, like myself, here's a top tip for you.

Allnicotine reduces the effectiveness of caffeine, So once you quit, you don't need to drink such strongcoffee, because there's gon na be no nicotine in your body so that caffeine, the effectiveness isgonna increase. So you don't have to drink such strong coffee. You can just drink normal amountsof. Coffee and it's gon na be just as effective Okay. One final note before we get to the end. Welllet me first put this down here. Please remember: i understand it's difficult to quit and i'm sureyou understand that as well. You know the science behind it. You know how to quit now so best of luckwith everything that you're doing. I really hope that all the information i've given you in thisvideo helps you, but it's difficult to quit as well, and you might relapse okay. This is normal. Butyou now know what to do and you're awesome and you will get there. I really hope you findthis information helpful. Please leave a comment below to let us know how you're getting gone andleave some comments below for other people too, for any tips that you may have like wementioned earlier you're