What'S up YouTube welcome back to my channel if you are new, please hit the subscribe button and subscribe to my channel. If you are returning, thank you for returning. So today, as you can see in the title, I'm not to title slash them no sites. I promote my cell phone for only fans. I have like a total of 20 so bear with me. They might be out of order, but I will tell you which ones work for me best, so stay tuned.

If you want to know which site alright guys, So I'm going to tell you all the sites I used, let's get straight into it when it's no time on everyone in Instagram. Yes, I use Instagram. I have a backup and a personal. So, on my personal, I will post on my story, but I will hire certain people, I'm kind of tired of doing that. So I don't know if I have a backup have a sex worker Instagram, so how post on there number 2 is Twitter. So I have a personal and then I have a sex worker. So my personal I mean you made me tweet one photo, but rarely laughs. You go to my Twitter right now. You might see one photo just because the photos I took today that slow mo came out real good, but I do have a sex worker Twitter and that's why I promote too so I'll leave all my links down below go check them out. Facebook,

I have a personal and have a sex worker page number, serene face book so I'll promote, maybe um farts face book on my facebook. I have a backup I'll from on an air. They are Facebook. There are excellent groups, you should join. There'S only fans black your, but I'm in there you should join it. There'S like a regular, only fans group, you can join too. You could just watch yourself on those Facebook number four is fan central, so fan central is like a site. We that like have like a premium snap, so I do have a premium snap, so I have people sign up to fan central. I don't know how this person found me. I think it was through through Twitter. I don't know, buy the premium snap I charged starting about a month, maybe like seven dollars. I don't know sweetheart in here who's like seven dollars.

Okay, would you pay more, So it's like, maybe not sure if I spy on them, but I will click so I want cliff in the website. You can sell your videos on shout out so homegirl cameo net, but yeah. You can sell your videos on there. I recently actually did sell the video I think I've sold it for 15, but I got a $ 9 right cool. What why are you taking so much talking about the raise my prices but yeah check out Idol clips through the second videos on their own fans? Of course, talking about really fans promote yourself on your own. Only fans don't forget about your page and when your own, promoting on the other sites dating sites, there's POF, Bumbo and tinder, that's like 79 could try to promote on there. I know you can't really spin links, maybe like a link tree or all my links. You could try that won't even get slide, but what I do, I'm actually like the hot back order today.

I don't like to talk too much because I'm there than guys like they just returned, oh how you doing where you from just like bro, I'm trying to get you to sign to my home chance. That'S it nothing! So what I do is for my histogram, my sex workers turn around in my bio and then what they do is follow me from the dating sites to my Instagram. You know to get some of my grade: okay, Oh dun, dun, dun, dun, tumbler,

I love tumbler. I bet on tumblr for like 10 years, like oh I'm, a time limit. My throat um time was like one of my favorites likes to promote when they're really heavy, and I see all my subscribers fans but um yeah. I suppose somewhere, like a long time ago, People would hit me up, cannot buy your video. Can i buy your video, I don't know why it kind of slowed down. I still put on some blur, I'm ready. I know you guys heard it already check that out. I haven't got no fans Orson

No, I haven't got no fans or subscribers from ready, but check it out, except the cops at night. Remember remember: all these links will be down below another one fast and just trying to hurt and his video over check the link down below um. That line. I have no luck with that. You look with that. There'S another one called pat pat Nolan says yeah, I don't know I haven't had a look on that. I love that down below so pretty much

I'M listening, I'm gon na tell you what worked for me best and I'm just listing sites. You know you could try. I maybe don't work for you comment down below. If you know any other site, let's just help each other out. I'Ve done my research. So hopefully somebody will hit it off with these sites. You know, oh there's one called a me and forgot that stands for I think videos are coming. I don't know talk to me that comments to be on that, but they changed a rose.

So I don't need one: oh you got to do a free chat or something in order to get paid. Just like what excuse me. No I'm not doing so. Yeah talk to me calm and the mini biz mini vids calm. I think yeah, I'm rushing honey water. Well, yeah, you could try mini vids self, it's on there. Chatter, BAE, I'm sure, we've all heard of travel bait. I don't really want to do webcam i Friday, before I don't like it. Um FB group Facebook groups, like I said, there's are only fares. One only fans, black there's one on minivans two on Facebook, like a Greek word, you can like chat, promote yourself and talks on the girls, get tips. You know um, oh there's texting once one call friendly, I would have peace. I think that's how you pronounce it. I found that in a Facebook group, so much about the Finnish signed up with that today.

I'Ve already signed up, I already been approved, but um I'd like to take my pictures or something it wasn't. Every sex panther there's one quad six-pack there. I guess we have a high following. You should check that out because I tried to upside there like upload your following: Have any trouble now, just like my father he's not good enough. Try it out um snapchat! This is my last one. I went through this list. Okay, last, what snapchat? Yes, pro snapchats! Try snap, I wouldn't say, do any links as far as directly remember try all my links or trance intro or um links free

So that way, it's a link where you won't get like interpret Whitaker's on snapchat. I lost my old snap because I think I did my only friends link when I first started only fans except I was like why don't we not go up for this, but you can have a premium snap and post with everyone? Oh snap, I never got trouble for that, but as far as links you can in trouble so watch out. So that is pretty much in this video is quick, easy thanks for watching be sure to LIKE comment subscribe. Like I said, all the links that you need to check out will be down below be sure to give this video a thumbs up and I'll