Popular vs Nerd Student / How To Become Popular in College

Popular vs Nerd Student / How To Become Popular in College

: everyone wants to be at the center of attention, but only cool guys can make it happen. If you want to be cool, you can't just dream about it. You have to take action and sometimes even do crazy things welcome to a cool new world. If anyone could be called the king of the nerds, then nick would win the crown, and this bully is mike. The leader of the eagle gang losers like nick, don't stand a chance of joining them, and this is jimmy. Jimmy has a huge crush on kylie. The most popular girl in school, but his younger brother, interrupts his daydreams. They were about to go home, but then the cobras showed up. That'S the other gang at troomtroom high

If the eagles are all athletes, then the cobras are all troublemakers and bad boys Anyway, being a nerd at trim. True high is pretty tough. Obviously not a lot of them have finished school in one piece. Maybe everything would have stayed the same forever for jim and nick, if not for the sudden arrival of fred, their cousin. All kinds of stories go around about fred, but one thing's for sure fred is cool Super cool, but the brothers didn't know about that. So their mom had to fill them in fred is the brother's last hope? Maybe he can teach them how to be cool, but what does fred get out of it? You ask it's obvious he's dealing with two nerds, which means straight a's, for the semester are in the bag. Let'S go the first rule of being cool. Is you have to look cool fred is about to teach jim all about it. Look at these rags, it looks and smells nerdy Did your dad wear this stuff. It looks pathetic. Where'S, your sense of style bro, but fred is here to help that's more like it.

Jim looks good check out. His chain looks like he borrowed it from an attack dog. He has potential. What about the other brother fred is taking a more creative approach to nick any cool guy tends to be covered in bruises and black eyes tend to come with a kind of messy look cool guys, don't have time to groom themselves. well duh, and we need some of this too nick needs his own chain. A wild animal has to be restrained. Now you have to look wild and move like a beast. Come on loosen up, your movements have to be relaxed but tense. At the same time, because cool guys lead tense lives, , it's okay, nobody gets it on the first try, the most important part of being cool is practice. Yeah, like that nick is a fast learner and for the grand finale, a crazy stare nick needs to learn how to shoot daggers with his eyes. Once he's learned that he'll be ready to be the king of the school but nick's not doing so well, maybe he just needs more practice. Shooting daggers with your eyes is hard and every cool guy. Does it differently?

You need a reason to flash crazy eyes like that and since nick is still letting his mom baby him there's no way he'll be able to find his own motivation. But, on the other hand, that's impressive. Fred'S classes deserve a teaching award or just a delicious lunch. Well, well, well, would you look at this cool guy from nerd to predator will kylie notice? His transformation looks like she wasn't. The only one all eyes are on the new and improved jimmy who knew that all it took was changing his clothes for him to get attention. Kylie assumed he was a new student and jim is really happy. If jim is a handsome tiger, then nick is a crazy weasel. You wouldn't want to meet this guy in a dark alley. At night he looks so wild that the eagles gang seems interested and they even accepted him into their club.

They can't even believe it right up until nick shows them his crazy eyes. No further questions nick is in now he's an eagle. Fred did a great job with the guys, but it's not enough for them. The results of their transformations were so amazing that they want more if they want it, they got it since the brothers like being cool. Let'S kick this up a notch. Looking cool is half the battle. Coolness has to come from within, but you can't be cool in a weak body to get cooler. You need to get stronger, , but the guys are so impatient. Hey, don't rush. You'Ll do a bad job. The guys need to get ready if they want better results sooner or later, they'll understand that working out isn't all fun and games. It'S a serious commitment, jim, is exhausted, but he's using the lightest weights there are fred is working out on his own. If jim wants arms of steel like bread, he should stop feeling sorry for himself. Fred is about to show him how he could look to give him some motivation.

Now jim is ready to work, especially after what kylie said. The brothers are getting really popular, More people are talking to them even kylie. Sometimes jim gets super tense. Whenever that happens, he can't let her see even for a second that he's not as cool as he seems so Every time kylie is nearby. Jim is doing the absolute most, so he doesn't embarrass himself in front of his crush as the guys get cooler and cooler fred gives them more classes and in exchange the brothers give him junk food to pay him. Jim and nick want to be even cooler and fred has plenty of ideas. For example, jim should get a cool phone. Your tech has to show your status too. As for nick that's a more complicated case, but fred has an idea for him too. A cool guy should be cool all the time, including when he cracks jokes. Whenever nick gets the hang of wisecracking you'll get way cooler right away, , oh kylie, jim, is ready to make a move on her

So he starts by showing off his cool phone, but kylie just noticed something that's out of this world cool, so cool that jim will probably never be able to get on that level. All the girls in school are obsessed with lil pump, he's so tough and cool, but what's so great about him, jim needs to find out so kylie will be obsessed with him. Not some random celebrity, even though he's getting cooler every day nick still goes to all his classes, but does he study for them, probably not based on the way he's dodging questions nick clearly didn't come prepared today, but the teacher chose him to answer questions up at The board all nick has in his backpack is a joke book that fred gave them, so he just decides to read some of those to everyone's surprise.

The teacher likes his jokes and so does the rest of the class. It'S true having a good sense of humor can save even the worst situation. Nick didn't get an f today. Look, who is that over there, oh kylie and jim are chatting - and it looks like marvin - has something weird going on Jim is determined to make kylie love him back. So he has to look like her celebrity crush jim needs a face tattoo asap, so he asks fred for help.

He drew lil pump himself. Nick also wants a tattoo. Jim can't be the only cool brother, but fred thinks nick needs something different, no nick, not a piercing. Let'S just make your clothes edgier. Everyone should see from a mile away how cool you are. Thanks to your sharp spikes, This is the moment of truth. Jim is about to ask kylie out, because his face shows how cool he is and he's ready. Unfortunately, it's not a real tattoo, and as soon as it touches water, the truth will come out. Kylie doesn't like liars, but luckily for jim someone else in the class thought, the whole thing was funny: violet wants to help him out wow. They have chemistry and jim forgot all about kylie nick's life changed so much now he's a local celebrity and the guys who used to bully him are his friends. Ooh