Popular VS Nerd STUDENT FOR 24 HOURS || How To Become Popular At School!

Popular VS Nerd STUDENT FOR 24 HOURS || How To Become Popular At School!

Ava, do you want to go out on a date with me? I have some sweets for you here you go and i i made a reservation for a really nice restaurant. Oh friends, you didn't have to oh ava, let's go to the foam party today. Okay, so let's do everything in order! Ava! Look at your tick tock! You have almost a million followers. Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! Eva wake! up! Don'T you need to get out of bed, we have to go to school. Now i had such a good dream. Well, get ready, i'm going to school!

I don't want to be late because of you. It would be so perfect if i were actually the most popular girl in school wait. Why am i in bed? I have to wash myself ouch, always hey check it out. I downloaded a brand new video game yesterday. What is it Yeah look they're, so boring. They only know how to talk about games hey. I would love to eat something tasty who said something tasty, hello, friends, we've already seen each other guys. Won'T you say hi to me, hey here you go anya. I have some candy that you can have. I would love to try them hey. I want some too me too. Oh no, how am i gon na live without them? Michael? What did you do that for hey? How is this my fault, she's, the one that needs to watch where she's going hey? You didn't give us that candy. Yet ava are you? Okay, i'm fine, anya!

This isn't new, i'm used to always being teased. You two should be ashamed. What do i have to do with this? I can't talk to you anymore, . Why did you come here better, go back and laugh with them. Ava come on. Are you crying? Please stop it well. What else can i do just enjoy and laugh that no one wants to talk to me come on. You can change things seriously. How do you remember our plan? Well, i remember, and it is time to act right now. Do you think we can do it? Of course everything will be fine, pretty girl, let's go. What are we going to start with? First of all, we have to change your clothes. I'M not sure i have the clothes you're looking for you're going to have it . I think it'll look great if you combine this shirt with those pants. Sorry, i don't like this shirt at all. I'M sure this will fit. You very well. Are you sure that'll look classy in this? Of course it will by the way we can add something else to your new look.

Add what now i'll show you well we'll definitely need glue, hair, dryer and some cutlery. Let'S see we take out two plastic knives. We turn on the hair, dryer and heat them. We fold it and do the same with the second and we glue them and voila. Oh, my yes, i already wrote it down and why were you worried about the broken glasses? Oh, my god, all the boys are gon na fall in love with me. We'Ll see about that. I had such an amazing time at the amusement park with anya. Then when did it happen? Sometime yesterday after school, she told me that she went to the store with her mother crap, Oh man, i forgot that she actually told me not to tell you anything. Ah, don't worry about that i'll. Just go to the movies with her tomorrow She told me that we were going to go to the movies with violetta wait a minute so anya's lying to both me and you. It sure seems that way.

Well, we have to do something about it and we have to make sure we fix it to where anya will only go out with me. I disagree with that. Well, i'm gon na just go. What am i gon na? Do i've already done everything that i could even do to try and please anya, oh and after that he just slipped and fell michael. You are so funny. I'Ve already heard that story for the fifth time and, unlike you, violetta, actually enjoys listening to all my stories. Oh, no, the trend says that this year, vets will go out of fashion. I have to take it off right now. What do you mean? Your vest looks great

Why are you talking like that? What difference does it make if it's fashionable or not, You know what violetta take it. You need it more than i do thanks bud here. Just take it you're, my friend thanks anya. I really like that. You did that exactly. I. Finally, got rid of that ugly fest, hey friends, you will not believe this are classes, Canceled, uh, something worse. I mean it's something better just come see it for yourself. Oh just tell us: what did you see ava come on in ava? Is that really you, of course it's me, Do you like my new look, and how did you do i mean how i don't know you know what i mean i decided to dress up, i'm glad you liked it well done friend high five

Thank you for inviting me to the cafe you're welcome. Would you like a cookie? Yes, i would i want one too by the way, what plans did you guys have for the weekend? I got nothing planned. I haven't planned anything either and i have a lot of things to do. First, oh no, i got dirty again i'll, be back soon. Friends, , ava, say something to the camera. Oh believe me, this video will have at least a million views, or even more did you call yourselves my friend i already uploaded it. Oh come on.

I wanted to do that. Man, , anya anya. They made fun of me again. I know half the school has already seen the video of you. I don't want to be popular, don't worry, we can fix it and how will we do that? The thing is that you have little concentration, try to be more attentive. Well, i understand you. Thank you. Oh my gosh. I ripped a hole. Well, i can make a cute top out of that michael catch, this huh oh come on saba. You can't even throw a notebook, did you go crazy or what you're in big trouble? ? Well you're? Lucky for now? Oh hey, ava, you're back and without any heals enough with the teasing don't be offended. It was just a joke yeah. We just do it with love, really yeah, of course, you're one of our friends. Well, this time i forgive you guys sava. Are you just relaxing come on catch it oops? What should i do with that? So what it looks like a good hairstyle, hey, stop that or else you might be offended again. No, no, we won't be able to go home.

Mom is gon na yell at me. Don'T worry, we'll just make a trendy hairstyle out of it. , Another broken blade, another called off date. We never seem to get it right. Another heart attack words that we can't take back. We are the reason yeah, even i like it michael tomorrow, you should go on a walk with anya by yourself looks like i might have some other new plans now. Oh i'm so tired. Today, yeah me too not to mention. We have training this afternoon sava i've been wanting to ask you something yeah! What'S up, why did you change how you feel about anya? Well, the truth is i learned that she was cheating on me and i don't like people like that? Oh well now i have doubts.

We have nothing to talk about once when we were at our house together. What do you think that we do something together well go to the kitchen and bring me some tea with chocolate? Why don't we go together? Michael, I don't have time. Well then, why did you invite me to your house? No one invited you, you came of your own free will, oh, i understand, i'm leaving go, go and you won't even say goodbye to me: hey go the way you came. You have a good afternoon too. Don'T forget about the chocolate and then you can go and that's our history gosh. It didn't go so well with me either. Oh, don't worry about that. I already found another girl, don't even think about it. I saw her first maybe, but i run faster , hey, do you know where sava and michael are you won't believe me, but they're planning on how to ask ava out on a date? I don't understand.

I am also shocked that they could like ava sure i wanted to help her, but not for her to take away my popularity, you're right. This problem needs to be solved. Don'T worry, i already have a plan and what is it? You'Ll see soon girls. Some very strange things just happened to me: here's ava, i brought my white t-shirt to school, but it turned white and pink and it also smells like food color seriously. You have dyed it in a very interesting way. The thing is, i didn't dye. It

That'S fine. Now you have a new piece to wear. Now. That'S fashionable right on you, yeah yeah. Of course yeah. Do you know who could have done it? I have no idea. Okay, i'm gon na go. Ask the boys ask them. It may have been them. Never seen an uglier shirt in my life, It'S good that you didn't laugh! That'S what happens when you take my boyfriends from me. That'S how things go whoa. Did you change your clothes again that shirt's cute I like it and which one of you did it, but we didn't do anything sure, yeah yeah sure i don't understand who could have done it? What are you gon na drink? I want a cappuccino. Yeah, Maybe i'll have one more cup too. I love cappuccinos, Wait A minute. I thought that you said you hated it well, that was before now everything's different. You know: hey

Are you making fun of me again? What do you mean? Of course we aren't yeah. We just like everything that you like. Yes, of course i know you well and there comes the mockery, and now, let's make some beautiful arrangements for ourselves You'Re reading. My thoughts it's finally time to fix this torn shirt of mine. If you like what you see yeah, that's how i like it. It is not expensive and also is in fashion, so the boys will come back to me.

Okay: let's go: let's go here you are ava. Thanks, looks like you didn't eat. Anything here have a cookie. I made them myself sava only girls make cookies. Michael, don't be so mean sava. Thank you very much, they're, very good, hey ava! Do you want me to get you a cappuccino? I can grab one from the cafeteria what's going on here,

Why have you bring glue to ava all day, don't listen to them? Yeah they're, just jealous of your beauty, come on guys. Stop it look at this. Who does she think she is? Why weren't you expecting it? I thought we were friends ava. Oh, did you think that you would always be the most popular girl, and that would be no one? Girls, hey silence. I'M talking right now, oh wow. What, if maybe we're all so offended that michael and sava, don't notice us anymore. We also made some new t-shirts by the way

Do you like it honestly, i really like ava's pink shirt, a lot more me too. I'M really sorry, you see turns out. I wasted a coloring to spoil the t-shirt. What did you do that it wasn't me It was violetta thanks a lot friend enough. I don't want to see you it's a mutual wish, i'm leaving too at last they're gone well. Who wanted to walk with me? Oh, i do hey. I invited her first well, I have to think i'll buy ice cream for you, ava i'd like a strawberry one and i'm gon na buy you a new backpack. I have an idea: let's go together this way, i will have the ice cream and the backpack , hey ava. Are you okay yeah? Do you feel all right? Don'T worry guys. There are things that apparently will never change.