Places to promote Onlyfans

Places to promote Onlyfans

, hey guys and girls - welcome back to my channel. Thank you so much for joining me. As per usual, we are going to be doing another. Only fans topic so uh yeah. Also i changed my hair color again. I wasn't feeling the blue in the last video, so i dyed it purple. There is still some blue coming through it, but whatever okay, so 10 places uh 10 places to the right, but it's not actually 10 places. There'S a few more that i did end up. Adding on here before, i writ my notes down i've written everything down on the computer, so that i didn't forget what i wanted to tell you guys.

So, let's get into it, So there are a ton of places that you can promote, and this is everywhere pretty much that i promote um minus like a few of them and i have tried them and they have worked. It'S just that. I just don't put a lot into them these places, So let's get started number one date. Insights day. Insights for me have been a godsend. This is how i gained a large amount of subscribers um when i started

This is how i built my fan base. This, for me, is where the majority of my money came from, especially at the start um because i didn't have a fan base. So it's really really important that you are talking to other guys, and you know just trying to build up your fan base and uh day. Insights is a great way to do that, so there are multiple different dating sites. If you just go onto your app store put in date, insights a whole bunch will come up. I suggest doing as many as you possibly can, because you never know where they're gon na come from tinder plenty of fish have been the most popular ones. For me that i have gained on um, i do still use them to this day and i have gone into this video before uh about tinder

I am going to do another tinder video on how i actually use tinder now um, because it has changed slightly so um yeah tinder plenty of fish bumble, there's a whole bunch of dating websites out there to get on them, just be careful with promoting on them, Because they don't actually allow you to promote your direct link, you have to be very, very sneaky about it, um and uh, i'm probably gon na do after this video, a tinder and a basic dating site, and how to do so that you guys, you know, don't Get confused and i don't want to go into too much in this video read it

Reddit is a gold mine If you know how to use it correctly, it's one of those websites that will work for some but won't work for others. I find that we've read it personally. The most peop, the most popular people, tend to be like cosplayers and petite girls that gain quite a lot from there. Once you get a post that goes viral as such in terms of um a whole bunch of upvotes, and i'm talking like 2k up votes. You basically cracked it, because eventually, what will happen is your post will be straight at the top. Everyone will see it on that subreddit, so it will be the first thing that people see so basically you've, cracked it and you really don't really need to promote from that anymore and because people are just gon na always see that post. It'S always gon na

Be there everyone's gon na keep liking it, so you basically cracked it, but it is very, very hard to crack credit um. It'S basically just continuously continuously throughout the day, promoting yourself and make sure you read the rules on reddit. I have got reddit videos as well. So if you don't know how to use reddit go and check those out, because hopefully they can help - you go into depth about how to use it, how to promote all of that good stuff. So but it can work um, you just kind of have to figure out where you belong on there. Facebook facebook is a tricky one um so with facebook. I personally don't use facebook anymore since they started updating their terms and conditions. They made it really really hard for us to be able to promote as such, so um. If you are going to be doing uh facebook, i highly suggest you do it in the way that you promote, through your account and what i mean by that is getting people to add you on your facebook instead of going into groups and then promoting yourself

This is how you can get one the group shutdown, but also two. You can get yourself banned really really quickly, because it opens you up to being reported by multiple users. Also, sometimes, facebook will just figure out that you are advertising and will take you down anyway, and so i do highly suggest that you do it through your actual facebook page instead of through groups. So you know if you post, something like um, just a regular selfie of yourself in a group and you'll probably get ads from that from guys or whoever and just filter out who you want to add and then from there on your own facebook profile.

You can kind of do your thing. Talk to guys upload your stuff, don't upload any nudity, though it will get you banned like instantly. So don't upload, nudity, twitter, uh twitter is a good one. I actually use twitter a lot more now than i used to um. I find, though, that twitter is very hit and miss. I find that the more nudity i post on there, the more engagement i get and if i post like a selfie, it doesn't get as much. You know thingy as if i was to post something fully nude. So i do find that uh. If i post something for you, then it will get a lot, a lot of retweets, which means more exposure for me.

But if i do just like a a selfie or like a covered up pick um, it doesn't get as many retweets. So if you are somebody who is happy to post a few pictures of yourself nude, you can always recycle them as well. You can continuously upload them so that they go out to over and over again and then yeah twitter is really good for that um don't use hashtags, though they will get you shadow banned, um, so yeah, i think that's it for twitter. I personally don't really like using the retweet engagement group things i just find that they didn't ever work. For me, the whole only fans drop your pictures and people will subscribe to you that you see as well, and then you have to retweet it. Those never worked for me either. They just tend to be very, very flooded with other females and other content creators. So, in my opinion, it's pointless and it's just better to build your own fan base through twitter and just keep on posting

Your pictures be active comment in other people's pictures and just be active on them. You will start to gain other people. You can always follow other content creators as well. They can follow you back same way as you would do with instagram. So twitter is really good. Um but it does take a while for you to gain a fan base on that instagram

So insta, i don't really like insta, i'm not gon na lie, i'm not a massive fan of it. Um they put in a whole bunch of new rules, which means that it's really really hard, basically to post and posts, get taken down very very quickly on there. Um and it's just it's just a nightmare, To be honest with you, a lot of people's accounts got randomly deleted because i'm new to things like that um, i i don't know i mean i would if you're going to post from them, make sure you don't post Anything nude even like your bum, because they Are very, very harsh on there. Um also do not put your only fans link in your bio that will get you banned if you are able to do a link tree or all my links.

If you don't know what it is, it's just basically a website host that um allows you to put in multiple links and it kind of connects them all together in one website and you can click and then they can see all your links. It'S the only way that you can really bypass not getting blocked because of having only fans in your bio um, so yeah instagram you can promote on there. You just have to be very, very careful fat life um. This is great for people that do fetishes. So you know all your standard, normal fetishes. Basically i personally don't use it. I have signed up on there um, but to be honest, the website confused me - and i just i didn't put any effort onto there to be honest with you and yeah, but it is a huge community there and so you, if you are into fetishes or anything Like that then definitely go and check that out: uh etsy. A lot of people don't realize this, but you can sell used underwear on etsy

So the reason why i'm saying this is because from there you can also in your your thingy, your post, um post, Your all my links, don't know if you can post your only fans, i wouldn't i would play it safe and just post all my links and But yeah you can actually sell used panties on uh etsy. They do take out fees, but it's you know a great way to sell on there and everything's secure as well so um another great way to promote without having to really promote uh again panty websites. There'S a whole bunch most of them, You have to pay to either sign up or join like a members, club or whatever, but again that you can from there post your links and all of that snapchat, which is my favorite favorite favorite thing ever um. I do a lot more snapchat premium as of right now than only fans, but um snapchat is a great way to be able to get guys to go over to your fans.

You do need to make sure that you use all my links or link tree again. You cannot post your direct link and they will clock on and will ban you uh. Your account will either be temporarily banned or permanently banned. So if you are somebody who wants to do snapchat, even if it's snapchat premium, make sure that you are using an account that you don't have like a whole bunch of memories on, because there is a chance that you will lose your account like a very high Chance i've had probably about 50 snapchat accounts now um this one that i've got now. I'Ve actually had it for a year, so i don't know what's going on there, because it was being deleted like every three months and so snapchat is a great way, and it also means that you can get from your dating sites.

You can send your guys over to your snapchat and then you can even talk about snapchat premium or only fans, uh, tick, tock to dark um tigs great, it's great, but there is a lot of kids on there. First of all, and second of all, it can be hard to get noticed on that so um yeah, i haven't, really played. I have kind of played around a tick tock, but nothing went viral.

I didn't really put any effort into it To be quite honest with you um, if you are someone who already has a tick tock follower - and that is great. Please use that to your advantage, um You can put like in all my links in your bio, but you can't put an oni fans link in your bio um, so yeah just be careful. I mean there is kids on there. Obviously, no nudity um so yeah. It is actually a great way that i've seen a lot of success stories saying that they have gained like a whole bunch of followers in the day from tick tock, especially if your video goes viral or you get like a whole bunch of views on it. Then you basically correct it clapper, so clapper is basically an adult version of tick tock and it's brand new out. It'S only for iphone, i believe at the moment, but it is it's literally exactly the same as tick tock pretty much um

It'S just an adult version. You can't do nudity on there, but i'm pretty sure you can do like bathing suits and just sexy things you can swear. You can do all of that. So it's just an adult version of tick. Tock, basically shout out for shout out one of the most common ways to promote yourself. Basically is shout out for shout out, and this is when you promote yourself through another girls account and they promote, and then you promote them through your account so you're, both coming together, two content, creators and - and you will usually exchange pictures exchange, your captions exchange, your Links and then you'll post each other on each other's profiles, make sure that when you do this personally, in my opinion i know there are other people that disagree with this um. I like to first of all make sure that the person looks like me, so if they are a bbw, if they are um mainly just bbw, to be quite honest with us, that tends to be the only like thing that i actually go for physical, wise, um.

But also makes personally for me, i like to do it around like fan count or percentage-wise, so make sure that they kind of end up being sort of the same percentage or fan count as you. Personally, i don't really like to promote smaller accounts say they have 15 subscribers, but then i have like 100 100 800 and whatever i'm not gon na gain anything from them. 99 chance, i'm not gon na gain, but they're more than likely going to gain from me.

So it has to be fair, and this is what people some people don't understand is that you know this is a job. This is business. This is making money. We both have to profit from this. We both have to make money from it. So, if i'm, if you're making money from my subscribers, but i'm not making money from you, it hasn't benefited me in any way. So to me, it just doesn't make sense to be able to work with smaller content creators and that's no disrespect either. It'S just that. I have been doing this for two years now over two years. Actually - and you know, i've worked hard to get my fan base and i've paid a lot of money for my fan base. So i don't really see the point in giving it to somebody that i'm not gon na benefit from either like this is my job. This is this: is money baby