ONLYFANS PROMO SECRETS! how to get onlyfans subscribers FAST!!!

ONLYFANS PROMO SECRETS! how to get onlyfans subscribers FAST!!!

. I look really cute today and i just feel like i deserve a like or subscribe. Hey guys, it's bailey babe here and i'm back with another video right here is a video real, quick about how to promote your only fans. If you have no social media following or if you really do not want to post your your only fans on your main social, i'm going to give you guys all the tea on where i personally promote my only fans and where i've had the most success. Okay first thing i usually see when i look: google hide it from my only fans.

I usually see people say, reddit read it read it right already, okay, so personally, i do not like promoting on reddit a lot of times. People already just want to talk like they want to. You know, talk nasty and whatever. Oh, let me explain what reddit is. Reddit is just another social media site like um. Maybe you would say it's like close to tumblr or something like that where people can post pictures, but they also can post statuses. They can comment on your things. They can like your things. They can repost your stuff like it's the whole big thing. Reddit is one of the most complicated platforms, in my opinion, to get started using when you're, trying to start your own fans and promote it. It also is the most work and the least of my reward, in my opinion, so when promoting on reddit they have, they have things called subreddits and in these subreddits they have not safe for work categories and safer work categories.

Depending on what kind of content you want to post, you can go whichever way you want to like not say for word category or say for a category. For example, there's a subreddit called big booty judy okay, because they really be random names. You'Re really gon na have to search for subreddits that um are made for people who look like you, so they're subreddits for literally everything like i said, and so you want to advertise your post. If you do want to try reddit, because i'm not going to say that reddit is not a good place, i just personally haven't had much success with it you're going to want to take whatever pictures you want to post

Did you make some new content today and you want to go find subreddits with people who are people who are posting in them? Look, like you say, there's a subreddit for brown skin girls you're going to want to post. In that one say, if you're a little thick you're going to want to post in subreddit curvy or say you got you like to show your feet, you had a feet page, there's subreddit for that.

It'S your toes in there do whatever you need to do to get your um karma up on that site, because a lot of people don't really explain that part like you need karma to post in a lot of subreddits karma, basically comes from you, interacting with other People on like different subreddits people, replying to your comments, you replying to other people's comments and how much you're posting and how much people like what you post

So i didn't know that so a lot of subreddits i was getting in trouble for posting. It so just make sure you know all the rules, regulations of the stuff of the subreddits that you want to post in and read it in general, because it's a little bit complicated, okay. So next thing so we're going to talk about twitter. Now, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, but you can get twitter, is really like easy to form a community of people who do the same thing as you find people who are doing the same thing as you on twitter like and that's where i've come across people who Will help me do you know shout out, for shout out shout out for shadow is basically when you find another model, preferably somebody who looks like you and who would have a subscriber base similar to the subscriber base that you will be wanting to build.

Basically, you guys share your pictures, share your links and then you cross post on each other's own fans or any social media site. A lot of bare models do charge for a shout out on the top you're, only fans, you know banner or whatever it'll show you. Your friend count your subscriber count your likes and how many pictures you have and in the beginning it's going to be a little hard for you guys to get likes, because you don't have no subscribers so they're, not no one's gon na, like it.

So but you want to make your profile really enticing and no one's gon na try to gon na be trying to subscribe to somebody with no likes no pictures, no, not a lot of content creators do. Is they just link up and help each other out? And i found twitter being the best best place for that. As for promoting my only fans on twitter, with my separate, only fans twitter account i've ran into like a hole. I fell into kind of like the promotion hall where people are just like um doing retweet threads. Do not do those because they're not really going to do anything for you. The retweet threads, like um you'll, see someone tweet like retweet. Thus this thread and then retweet. Everyone who read two to thread and like all their stuff, the people who are gon na find are those dreads are just other sex workers. So they're not people looking to buy they're people looking to sell in those threads, so you're not going to get people who are looking to buy because there's a whole bunch of people looking to sell.

But at the end of the day, don't put too much of your time into doing that, because it's not gon na, like give you the return, you're thinking it's gon na give you okay, i personally find the most success with promoting my instagram. I personally promote my only fans on my instagram, because i don't post anything that i wouldn't you know like. I don't post anything that i would want to fight somebody over if it got out okay. So that's a big tip, don't post anything that you wouldn't want to get out to to the world because once you're on the internet, it's there forever. So if you're not comfortable and you're, not confident in what you're showing and you know, you're a little shy, you know you may not want your granddaddy to see you because your granddaddy looking you this might not be for you. You might have to consider like or you can just not you share your face. No identifying tags who, like who know me really do want to subscribe to my instagram, my only fans, and they don't know i have one so i just i just do it, but that's where i find the most success at you might start a twitter for your Only fans and you see major success there

Just don't don't just drop your twitter go to instagram because i'm telling you it's popping for subscribers like every time i promote my only fans on my instagram. I usually do get subscribers, but you just want to really get a feel of every single social media platform that you're interested in my most recent. Like promotion, endeavor is tic tac, i'm getting into making tick tock, so i'm getting into learning how to use stick talk because that's been hard. I don't like, but anyway, that's a little hard, but i'm starting to get into it and starting to be actually really fun. For me, because it's a little fun a lot of girls personally see a lot of success from to talk. So i've been trying that out.

So i would say if you have a tick tock, just post your link make a link tree. Okay: here's the life hack make a link tree because with tick they're, really like like they looking the streets is watching they they're watching to see what you're posting like. You can't really get to not safe for work on tick tock, but you can kind of twerk a little you can wear. Your little crop tops your little shorts and stuff. I see the girlie tree. Put that thing in your bio and then watch the surprise. It'S that girl, please. I guess that girl, i'm just saying maybe y'all, didn't know what if y'all know now, you know - and i can't speak too much on tick tock, because i just started one like yesterday literally 12 hours ago, i started the tic-tac and started posting

So i'm going to, let you guys i'll, do update a video on showing you guys how how that's going for me, maybe how promoting on tick tock has been, and if i've gotten some major success from on these sites, you really want to focus on getting your Engagement up and see me like a real person, a real girl who people like - and you just happen to have only fans, because that's the most fruitful way that you get people who really want to pay for this stuff. People actually gon na want to

Like you, you know, unless you just got a super hot body, how to tie it and you're doing that , you know you just really want to be authentic. You want to be confident, you want to be unique, something you want to bring something else to the table that somebody else might not have bought. You know you see all these girls with body modification surgery, xyz and you might feel like you don't fit in you fit in i'm telling you you fit in, but you just have to put some work into it. There'S always going to be somebody out there who wants to see you. They won't see that they want to spend their cash, so you just have to work to get to them. You know it's not going to be laid out for you. It'S not going to be like a straight shot like for a lot of people.

It'S not unless you have a big following like say, you're a youtuber, and you should drop that link in this live for you then. But for a lot of us, that's not necessarily work a little bit more, a little harder on my only fans and finding people who genuinely connect with me, but it's going to pay off. It'S going to be worth it, but this is like the ending of this video and if you haven't liked or subscribed, i really don't know what you're doing, because i look really cute. I just don't know, i haven't done it yet, and it's really hurting upsetting me and my homegirl. This is the end of the video and i hope you enjoyed the video and i'll see you guys.