ONLYFANS$$ How to market your onlyfans.

ONLYFANS$$ How to market your onlyfans.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel welcome back to another episode of Keeping Up with cocoa. If you are new to my channel, please make sure you hit that subscribe button. If you have watched my videos before and just never gotten to the point to hit the subscribe button, please make sure you hit that subscribe button before you continue watching this video. Once I get to 10,000 subscribers, I am giving away $ 200. All you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on instagram at keeping up with Koko on this core. That'S k, UW co-ceo underscore today. I am coming to answer all your questions from my previous video

If you haven't seen that video, please make sure you go check it out on how I made thousands of dollars trying out only fans. It was my first time ever doing it and I documented it for you guys and surprisingly it got a lot. A lot of attention - and you guys had a lot of questions so today I came with some answers. Okay, questions that I got like I want to say. Almost everybody asks me. This question was how to market your only fans and how you can you know, potentially make a lot of money on only fans.

So I'm basically just going to give you guys my little tips, how I did it and yeah so I'll answer a few questions. I'M just gon na go on the video and I am going to read off some of the questions and I'm going to answer it, and hopefully this is going to help you guys and you guys can potentially make billions. You know everybody wants to make money. So if somebody asked the only fans doesn't have to be for anything sexual, you can just be yourself and just be pretty. That'S! Alright! Okay! Well, I'm going to answer that question. Okay, only fans is like make any other platform. Okay, like Instagram Twitter, it's like any other platform, even YouTube. You can literally post whatever you want to post on your own, the fans and you can put a subscription fee on you, like

I said it's all about marketing. Most people like to say: oh you're, only going to make a lot of money if you post sexual content. Yes, the girls that do me over, I want to say, 10 to 15 thousand dollars a month. Most likely are posting sexual content, But, like I said you know, it all depends on what your definition of sexual content is. Some people literally post themselves in a nice 2-piece set from agent provocateur and they go and they read a book on they're, only fans and they post it and people subscribe. Ok, people subscribe. You will not believe some of the girls who are in the top, 2 % of only fans literally have not posted any sexual content and somehow they managed to make over five six thousand dollars on only fetch.

So, yes, you can literally post whatever you want on only fans and you can still make money like you know. You can still make money. You just have to market yourself if you're into art, painting and stuff, maybe paint with the bikini on, like I'm sorry like. If you can walk outside in a two-piece song bikini, you can post that on only fiends and get money for it, like I'm so confused. Why some people want to sit over here and act on goody two-shoes like if you don't walk outside and two piece thumb bikini set when you're on vacation? Because I know I do it? Okay, I was just in the Bahamas with a couple of thongs on. What'S wrong a post another only pins! If you want to make money, yeah post, that a lot of you guys post that sort of content on Instagram already anyways might as well just maybe clean up your Instagram a little bit and then post that stuff.

On your only fans and try to make as much money as you can so someone says figuring out, the taxes is my biggest worry. It'S always confusing, and the last thing I need is the IRS coming after my ass, because I got it wrong. Okay, this is something a lot of people do not know. All these fans is legal, it's legal as okay. You are practically working for yourself. It'S considered self-employment like when you do Obert eats door, post mates, yeah almost like self-employed jobs. That'S what only fans kind of falls under, but so when you do create an only fans account they are going to have. You fill out a w-9 tax form so that the end of the air? They send you a w-2, and you know you can file taxes and I always tries to tell people. I told a lot of people under the comments at the end of the year, you're not going to be getting any money from the IRS, especially if you only did only fans. Let'S say you work a 9 to 5 job, so they weren't taking any money from you.

You are going to have to pay the IRS, so I will suggest that you keep a little money on the side so that end of the year are able to buy faxes and you're able to pay off your taxes, because you saved money now a cool thing About this is that you can save your receipts and a lot of the stuff that you like. Let'S say you purchase some stuff on Amazon and you decided to use it on your only fans, video

You can literally save the receipt and put that under expenses, So you can take it out of this access so if you're using anything, any objects whatever it is that you are using if you're going to post that on only fans safe, there is feet and make Sure that, at the end of the year you calculate all Of that stuff and you're gon na deduct it out of your taxes, because that's considered expenses when it comes to sex. It'S all I can say, is it's legal, don't worry about it!

Fill out that w-9 tax form like you would be filling it out for a regular nine-to-five job any job. If you have a child say you have a child. If you don't have a child, say you don't have a child. Don'T lie because it's gon na come back and bite you in the ass, because it's real, ok, it's considered a real form of employment. Someone said Wow, even your family, seeing myself out, that's not a question, but it was. I just saw that coming it's so funny, because if you do your last videos, I don't can't be my mother, my brother and my sister get the cot seriously.

No, like I really had to throw that in there, and even with that I almost said gold digger, like I don't care, I don't care. If I have a gold ingot, that's fine. Have you seen me under the Sun? Do you know how I glow, like first of all, I'm even glowing right now below? Okay, I go listen. So yes, I do dig for gold, okay, I'm made of gold because I go digging for it and if you have a problem with it, see yourself out. It'S just not the place for you, because on this channel we like to get money. Okay, do you like to get money? I live in my best life because I dig for gold. Now we are going to get into the most important question that was being asked, which was how we'll market you're only fans and the best platform to market your own leap. And we are going to talk about this, because this is very important. Ice notice.

A lot of you guys do market in on Instagram. I feel like that's fine. You can market yourself an Instagram, but Instagram is a lot. Lot lot lot harder, and so I would suggest if you don't have a Twitter account cut the with Instagram. Just cut it up and head over to Twitter is where it's at, and I'm gon na explain to I to you why it's much easier to not only grow your followers on Twitter, but also get subscribers to your only fans on Twitter see on Twitter. You can post whatever sort of content you want to post now.

A lot of people don't know this, but there is a sex work, Twitter, okay, a lot of people don't know this because they have a regular Twitter, regular Twitter. It'S you know, people talking about this people post, like regular shape. You know walking down the beach another than sipping line. That'S that's Regular, Twitter, okay, nothing! Sexual is going on over there. Next word, twitter is where you can post duper sexy pictures if you are into fandom, if you are into lonely fans, if you are into sugar, baby sugar, daddy, whatever okay twitter is the place to be, and what you want to do is tap into that sex Work Twitter now, I'm gon na show you guys how you can do this right, so just create a Twitter

Now a lot of people are like, I want to I'm gon na make a tutor or I'm gon na make you come, but I don't want to be seen. Okay, so create a persona. A lot of you guys were reaching out to me skimming from my Twitter. You ain't get in it, okay, because it's in a different persona, because at the end of the day, what I do on here and what I do on my Instagram are completely two different things than what I do on my Twitter. That'S from me and me only if you are a guy and I subscribe to my own offense, you have to reach out to me on my Instagram and slide in IDM, and I will give it to you.

But for us you would, ladies, that, want to look at my content, then we're not doing that so ya create a fake persona. If you don't want your mom, your brother, your sister, everybody, as a matter of fact, I'm just gon na throw it over here. I blocked everybody. Okay, I literally blocked my mom, my brother, my sister, I've locked a whole world, even people that my sister knows. I blocked people. My brother knows that I don't know I loved okay people down my system. I'M up, I blocked. Okay, if I feel like you might know them and might come across my , I'm walking you it's just how this word. This is just how it's going down like I'm blocking you. If it ever comes under your recommendation, people, you might know you're, never gon na pop up unto anybody, because you don't block everyone and their friends and everything a lot of people are gon na say, extract an error.

I just want to do only fans. Well, I hate to break it to you, but if you're going to be on only fans, even if you're going to be taking sexy pictures in your bikini or if you're going to be painting in your bikini or cooking in your beginning and you're selling, that that's Still sex work, I hate to break it to you and a lot of you guys are. You know hopping into my DMS , not knowing that that's what you're getting yourself into it is still considered sex work, and so please, if, if, if you don't like being told that I can't help you you know, I can't just can help and only Help people who are less with themselves, but you have to be truthful with yourself

Okay, you can't be one of those girls. Oh I'm gon na I'm gon na I'm gon na doing only fans, but that is a ho like. Please make it make sense, so create your fake persona. Then what you want to do is get into these pictures see. I have floor-to-ceiling windows, so I had perfect lighting. I never need lighting and I don't even really need lighting for this video right now. So my pictures come out begging. You know what I'm saying. So you want to take advantage of light in, and what you want to do is make sure that your surrounding is really pretty

You cannot post pictures of you in a dirty bathroom, a dirty kitchen or dirty living room. You have underwears on the floor, like you need a post, clean, cute content. That'S gon na make someone want to see more you've taken your pictures, you're gon na head over to Twitter you're gon na post. Those pictures on your Twitter account you're gon na post, a nice clean sexy picture as a profile and pin tweet. Maybe post like two cute sexy pictures and like say, hey guys, I knew bubble blots only fans, please retweet for a retweet blah blah and that what you want to do is follow a lot of girls that do the same thing. So what I did was basically just go type on Twitter, only fans totally, I just not only fans and then a bunch of girls just start popping up, and so what I'll do is click on one girl just start following a lot of the people that she's Following and then click on the girls just follow a lot of the girls that she's following and those girls are gon na. Follow you back now.

Must they follow you back a nickel on your profile and they see that you have a pin and pendant tweet, basically stating that you are new and you're looking for exposure, a lot of them are going to retweet that tweet for you and once they do that It is literally a chain reaction. Okay, they are going to follow you and retweet you, and once they retweet you and follow you

Other people are going to retweet you and follow you, because their followers get to see what they like in what they retweet, and this is why I felt like Instagram doesn't work because on Instagram, you literally, unless you care care, you have to go fix, see what The people that you follow are like in okay on Twitter. They don't give you that option. Okay, it literally just pops up on your feet as soon as you go on Twitter. If someone that you follow from Chicago likes a person's picture from California, that person's picture is going to pop up on your feet and now you're looking at this girl from California, that you don't follow, but you might be like damn. Her pictures are cute.

Let me follow her, so that's why Twitter is a great great place for you to market your only fans, because once those girls start retweeting you their fans or the guys that follow them or the guys that are subscribed to them, get to see you as well And a lot of them, not trust me they're, not only going to subscribe to one girl, okay, they're gon na subscribe to you too and, like I said, give your pictures are banging they're going to follow. You now.

Another thing, I would say is when you post pictures on Twitter: do your caption whatever it is that you're doing make sure that you also link your only fans link below. I do this for every tweet every picture. I don't I'm linking my only fence underneath because guess what some guys don't want to click on your profile, to see that you have a only fans under your bio. Ok, they might look at your picture. Moonlight level themes, she's, cute and just follow you, but not actually read your bio to see that you haven't only fans, but if they see that you have your only fans linked write a buck. The cute picture that they'd you saw that they really really like they're gon na, be like oh . Let me see what else she has boom click on it and they subscribe. Yes and that's how you make money, you have to be consistent. Consistency is the key to everything: wake up every day and post the picture, wake up every day and post the video and every day let them know that you have and only fiends, and they need to subscribe.

You want to post a picture on Spectre and you want to post a picture on you only fans too, because you don't want them to the unsubscribe to you. Ok, the biggest thing is to keep these guys as we subscribe. You know some people will subscribe. One time and if you're not consistent and if you're not dropping the content that they want to see, they're not going to you know, keep subscribing to you. They'Ll cancel cancel their subscription, so you want to make sure that you're very consistent and you're always dropping content and just taking really bending pictures. That'S really all I can tell you literally just get the most perfect lighting that you can find in your apartment right and take some banging fire pictures, and you can literally do this. Maybe once a week take many many many many pictures and try different things. You know so that you just have them, so you can just post throughout the week so that that way, instead of like having to get up every day and put up makeup, you don't have to do that.

Just the one time that you put on makeup, you take banging pictures like 10 different banging pictures, maybe like three or four different promo on making sure that you are following other girls supporting all the girls retweeting other girls, something I just found out. There is a way you can friend request other girls, so you can add other girls as fries and when you do that, they're going to add you back and if they add you back whoever follows them or it like will be able to see that you know You guys are friends and they might want to subscribe to you as well.

So if you have girlfriends or if you know like some girls on Twitter, add them, you know get their links at them As a friend your subscribers can see that you guys are friends and, like you know, look around I'm like well. Maybe I should try it around. Let me subscribe to her if they're friends and her content is not good. Let me see she might have some really good content too. That'S another way to get people to see your stuff, get that money, six get some money and don't be shy, don't be shy!

I had a couple of the girls say: they're shy, they're scared, there's nothing to be scared, like you, . If you know you're a banging, someone else is gon na think you're banging like I'm trying to fend umm like okay, like they're girls, I'll get that literally, like guys, are sending them money because they're calling them losers. Like I'm sorry like I'm trying that out. If you guys want to see how that turns out, make sure you subscribe to my channel, because I am gon na actually report that as well for my channel for you, girls like if you're into that stuff and basically, if you're, into like dating older men. But not really like dating dating older men, and you use like want to be pretty and actually like be little man and all that send'em is for you if you are really really really really good at it.

So you literally have to be very good at dominating a man to be good at fandom, so I'm gon na try it out, because I've been told that I could be daddy. You know was helpful. That'S the only way that I know that you can market your. Only fans to make the most money out of it go ahead on to Twitter and on Twitter. They don't discriminate. You'Re. Welcome everyone likes you. If you see my Twitter account mind your business go about your day, don't hop on my dance I'll buy some. I watched it. I watched a video of how cool go about your nieces. You know what I'm saying just retweet me and I would retweet you back. That'S just how I do it, so the girls who were reaching out to me about you know how to date. Sugar daddies and how to date, establishment and meet rich men and blah blah all that great stuff. I have a booklet come in in a couple of weeks.