La Blockchain et La Crypto-Monnaie Expliquée à la Jeunesse Africaine - Binance Masterclass

La Blockchain et La Crypto-Monnaie Expliquée à la Jeunesse Africaine - Binance Masterclass

Hello: everyone, hello everyone. We are still waiting a few minutes before we start this first master class for African youth on the belote chain and the crypto currency and perfect. Then we have more than 257 participants for the moment. I hope I see that there are participants from abidjan from ouaga, from burkina from benin from yaound. Welcome everyone welcome everyone. We will start in five minutes: togo, senegal, abidjan, someone from new york, the ivory coast. C. Africa is really there which, since bafoussam, represented mali abidjan montreal she gave me a line b. The rdc dakar, benin, niger, niger, libreville senegal mafias, yaound hockey from france. Also still a few minutes. We will start you are live. We are also live on youtube for a few more minutes. I can see burkina still arriving casablanca from morocco. Germany welcome gabon, france, a burkinab in france, so we have with us two large-scale interlocutors, cdric action. Who is therefore, the operations manager of the block young association of cameroon and then babacar? Look is the founder of a lada cable chain, so i will start with babacar. Can you give us a little introduction? Please hello, everyone. I was bar carlo experts, a software engineer and i am the founder of senegal babacar its cut your connection. Unfortunately haye le bridge is for me and I did that cut his cut to his cut. Yes, your connection cut to find it. So, in the meantime, we will go to cdric while waiting for you to know in front of a certain connection. Cdric, you can do The phrase that we are from the United States or the world initially planned for French-speaking Africa is not a small introduction that please Africa for itself. I am so c ontent from me that if all the Africans in the whole world who are connected me, it is cdric muchacho. I am direct and operations or the account of the block association of cameroon. Already at the base. I am to have a passionate of technologies, therefore, with a course designed by designed on information systems and computer networks, I found myself in 2018 on the block, especially with the hip community and the people for whom I am the guarantor in cameroon. He later I started, I continued with the gum, a block, the association which is of the international station to block the aim is: how is it made known? The technology blocked what it can bring to loot them a frequent, and how is that? A little reabsorbed from governance or security issues of transparency that we will have then the African countries as patrice all for this master class, and I hope that way we will be able to share all our knowledge, which has ura many oral questions. Thank you, but if cdric for this introduction baba cas, I hope your connection is better. I saw a comment made earlier. Ok then we can expect yes there. It is much better and reach for his introduction. Bata laura you know. Well, yes, we get along very well good, we hear! Well, we hear you well babacar, you can go there. Voila here, babacar us since dakar, good I am based on resin, is possible, a passion and for crypto money. I spend a lot of time on it. I am the founder dakar, the toxin is to say, if I am all the time in the training, in the sharing of knowledge in the sight and the actions of these technologies does not have to Senegal and in Dakar, particularly. I hope that we will have a good time will be fine for everyone, Messi Barca. So me, I am calm, said that we say the person in charge of francophone Africa. I am Cameroonian I am in Yaound at the moment when i resides - and I am very very happy in fact, to represent Sunday for all this very first master class at the belote chain and the crypto currency. We hear a lot about in the news on the infos everywhere and we also hear a lot of negative. So there are a lot of things that those who are said and who are not strong and frankly correct hopping to have fun in French-speaking Africa African youth to spend a little time to explain what the belote chain is to explain what crypto is money. So with this first master class, which will be there very first, we will do one every month with different speakers each time I really have an introductory class, so maybe for those who have a lot of experience in whiteness and in the future currency. Maybe there is a lot that you know you already know, but the goal for its very first home for the novice person who does know nothing about the belote chain to crypto currency, to learn the basics. We really want the person to learn the basics. We have two great speakers who can really explain to you: the whiteness and the crypto currency in very simple terms, very involved and also understand the environment. The goal today, I do not hear about it everywhere. There are baffles left to right and it is that the person who will decide today to buy his first bitcoins the first crypto - does not fall victim of these scans. So I'm going. We have a big agenda today. We have 90 minutes, so you will have the presentation available note the good, which is it which are at the top right. You will have the presentation which will be available to you. You can download and watch it after planting today. We are going to talk a little about the context beyond the context how the big known and hidden there block chain so babacar and cdric. Will you outline a little in detail what bitcoin, what block chains and the context in which it was born in the context in which the technology was born, then many of you come because you want to know how I've done to buy bitcoin, how I am going To buy other colleagues or other tokens, so we will show them how to face there as well and for a little more advance a little more advanced level. We will show us how we can deal with the crypto on the exchange. Traded call this spot for new solution. It may seem complicated with a lot of exercises with a lot of listening, especially a lot of information. Readings you will be able to arrive, would not lend at my place after several days, and the da is the penultimate point that we are going to address in how we can is that when you buy crypto games, it is very important that you are not the Victim of a scam that you will not be a victim of the role of these games that we hear the news such and such a person recently heard of South African strawberries who left with the money they had been deposited on their exchanges bella. Precisely having shown commented for what I know crypto and for people who are very new, we will give you some important themes that you need to know for the top kryta when we enter the world of fifa, it's for us another world, a new world, it's as, If we learns to speak another language, so really that you take the time to listen, ask your questions and I bought interactive. Then we are starting from abaca to you, then, according to you, but it was good. Yes, we would have you that good here. Thank you. Karim beautiful days, everyone good just why me it is for you, a small question is what gives its value to money just an answer. The value of money is based exclusively on trust in the military, we'll, let you s have all. We trusted the monetary system, central banks, we trust the government. Also. We accepted that it is good banking and currencies. We use represents a value we have their assets or that you have that value on the basis of trust. First of all, we know you: all transactions have always been there with you, alain jamet. We managed the two companies without transaction. First of all, at the beginning, we had bats ratio transactions systems for teachers example the senses and of products. Then we had a taste of corry subsequently to the opinion that you said I was going to go through the use of their namesakes and where finally arrived at the use of fiat money, we know today banknotes and coins, as we commonly use in life have not Always been something very important, that is what defines our societies a little bit. So money is the real question surrounds and money in reality is just a transport vehicle value. Is a storage system of value to realize, or you are using containers to store to transport goods or warehouses to store these goods coming we use money in the same way or store value is transferred from fair value. A tool allows us to man, utd and value to make transactions of values so understand from there that any object can be used. As of the money of the moment that we believe in savannah. As you all know, the centralized nature of the financial system of the son theo system in general has caused many many problems. Sarkozy, readers serious in the world and in the economy in general, the financial crisis of 2008 and the actress of Pau was a crisis of confidence in reaction to this crisis, an individual or the gives m of satoshi nakamoto publishes a docum ent, describing an alternative to The monetary system for the infosport forum, the iphone or an advocacy community, libertarian privacy or y privacy, and not being able to selectively, reveal itself to the world and that privacy in an open society requires transactions at the un from the birth of the roman crypt. A new type of currency, a new generation, is born the crypto currency we are talking about the crypt money is a fully digital currency and without physical form, which is secured by the computer, cryptography and economics. She uses computing for efficiency, cryptography for security and economics. For the alignment of inspirations and a form of currency, an indestructible disk that cannot be duplicated, it operates through a peer-to-peer network even and stick to it. He has no borders and we and overall the goal. Where is the first time there? We can spend their chance and the first photo ma rie was born with this publication there. It is a whole. You speak of butten. One can simply say that it is a set of technologies of technical processes which lays the bases of an eco system of digital currency or of a new iteration, and that the table, the object is the data structure behind of purpose and an advertisement of storage. Of the data without requiring the trust the booty was born in 2009, with the publication of the egg white paper acted as follows: to the crisis to dominate and a eight-page document divided into Serbian mouth explains the general human idea and its technical specificities. Then, in the name of the question also, how does bitcoin work the beatles and the first currency is centralized? Let'S go to nmes one ia means it is everywhere in the world, in an internet collection offered against the operation. Problems of 2 of this process is the same or to the sending domains, for example, and you just need only blue to have the victorian address n of the person labrecque of a person. It is just a sequence of alphanumeric characters that after phillies ators address and identify and allows him to send and receive newsletters past the front door of the goals. Early m la front door of the areas of the world raised his arms to the September electronic portrait wallet. There are hot walis and words the story. He has me the most secure gold, roofs and and hardware wallet in the form of a key usb, mostly or in paper form and wallet puppies without voices, mobile web apps or water offices. Most decryptors year we unveiled official where and where two thirds went community approved, dewael and works as a safe. You can't afford to keep the key to his grave in the wrong hands. Not deprive them be secure. What allows you to control your role is to own your funds to send is to control your mobile, etc. If you choose your broom, because there are several, there are several walle proposals all on the network. Once you want, you will let go. All you have to do is to transfigure configure your or leave. It will allow you to generate a recovery phase. It allows you to pay your relay in case of loss, for example in case of problem. You have problems with the recovery sentence which allows you to free your suitcase and so not to make your vise play definitively. I think that we can pass on this game on the star explained what the blocking is in reality. They are as much in writing. Yes, thank you very much. Baca, for this introduction on bitcoin is the birth of the new currency, the coin kryta, as well as the creation of the white paper. So we can see. I see a lot of comments in fact is indeed for a moment. You could see that the connection was not very good on the baraka side, but in fact it is the reality. A robbery is in senegal. Sometimes we have the agreement and the connection, which is not very good me. On my side. The moon is downright been fixed in cameroon return. Currency all is well now. Cdric will give you the presentation on the blog shane cdric to you, cdric tele, j in ut him. Yes, sorry, yes, already many questions, many comments on what babacar said regarding the thoronet tripe, you have to understand that there are many aspects under the crypt currencies which are until today, still unrecognized and and why I say it, I say it we simply because most of The time for the experiences of that I have that I brought to the cost of 10 a lot of people today. When I speak of the table hold it sees, it has much more the last crypto currency in itself. They do not have so much. Why? Because there, the crypto currency in it -even there he ac re two currencies. A breeder is in fact the base from which it left to block it. Why? Because the crypt currencies which rebel wayne its bag behind mechanisms of transparency and security, this way now that it now denies blocking the next one has increased again see day. I will give you fairly simplistic definition of the thing everyone here has had to work. Money for the world has succeeded in making people in money exchanges. It is all about in blocks, end and secure transactions between two people who do not trust each other at all. Let us take, for example, the case of saying the bank have transferred money from a slope and x1 banks and y. It is necessary, first and m there to put a certain number of trades at mark and x that are going to be processed between the bank and x and y for a certain time of the day or be now dealing with a high level of the bank And y it takes a lot of time and all because'you have to check the gongs. You have to make sure that such and such a user belonged to del conde. It would be necessary that the traceability of the money - it is necessary to verify the source of the funds and beware there. The credibility is the one who sends where he is the one who receives funds and it gets a bit rough or two. Sometimes in the mechanisms, so that's why the blonde is nothing. If you of course, look at the place on the stage and thuram in black tech shop get. It is a big book of tales, transformed into distribute and accessible only by appendix thanks to the variety of consensus mechanisms. Three months ago, the interior, how I retain the ledger of transparent accounts, ie that the world has a to everyone - has had a copy of the book in question. It means that if you have made transcend and attack the 200, it is a platform get it. Everyone will have a copy of this book now the consensus mechanisms have had said to see in the block. There are no more organizations of sarnia bld central organization, for example the bank or send money on Thursday. For those who read you gave me, you have to go through the orange silk 20th. I do not know which operators are used in other African countries at sea in blocking tic is quite astonishing is magic. That is what you can send money from a tier 1 gb without necessarily having to go through an intermediary, and all that is done by what is called a consensus mechanism consensus. What consensus is and people it is. A group of people are algorithms that come together to judge the reliability of a transaction, regardless of its bones and at the end of this transaction verification of acceptance of refusal, a creation for you not to be backed by the block. So I think we will move forward on the following years on the next scene, which concerns exactly the proof that'they made. Therefore, Switzerland is a platform on these survey slides one. As you can see, it is several blocks which are in a way yesterday. What is called the in this blog in the jargon block 1, that is to say the start of all the operations in which we believe, because to speak of blocking in French, we say chen, two blocks: why what we say block leader we distinguish blocks or the Simple and pure reason that each block, which is newly added r, the hague, the pressure how this Thursday has in fact the version that the security module l insecurity. By way of the previous block. I take simple stuff to send money to b, and that is sent on an increase, at least in the next platform. We will see it tonight, therefore explained each block in a way that is managed on the platform contains the cryptographic hash, which is a bit like the unspecified label, africa of the cryptographic time. For me, it is that of the block, incid ent and now has the time for the transation and to help him with the transation. Now is to make sure that you have to make sure that you have to ensure a minimum of security giving his rounds by the possible and that no one in this lab gets it.

Can change now he can now change their body and, if fernand, each of and blocks independently of each other. Now, really that the scheme, which is the coast - and there are three types of life - there are a little 3-3 more euros of the title of black blocks. 1 distributed, in fact, if a jersey is not there, the system always contains impressed same thing for the blottire decentralize. What we heard you speak of titi almost go down to finances a bit. The world is today one of the his glasses plug in technology, which is no longer used by banks today, for I remember, my memory is good and jpmorgan uses the same system and you have the blocks very centralized and block yours to centralize the most of the Time these are blocks. Nice works. How do I tell myself that they think they have unblocked? The private in some way is blocked in private. These are blocks are blocks with us, where there are administrators and behind it's a bit like information systems that we have for companies today, but that's a joke about transparency and security. That'S a bit like that. She went up in arms in the past. We have some questions in mind, so there are people who have taken their hands off. So I'm going to ask you a few questions. Babacan also does not hesitate to intervene so there we have some questions, then gains which asks us how he can get the white paper, the white paper bitcoin. So I throw the question to you and I will not leave you available on Monday of its discs. Sony is available in french. You just have to go to google yahoo to go directly to the forum and iphone koussa has been forgotten. It is available on the site. I had an org point. You can fear their there over there, then for those who have not heard those available on google also on bitcoin point org and wanted to type. The white paper of bitcoin made a package of eight pages which will explain to you a little the initial idea. Then there is another question asks how the crypto currency different from the money, the art. I will answer their many questions, how the question b is different from the money, the alms crypt. It obeys no philo-, Gallic financial law that we know why not in economics we say we do not fear the currency ex nihilo. That means we do not fear the currency of nothing in the digital currency was created by algorithms. In somehow that our country has no law, it is necessary because it is necessary to know that to make the cross-border transaction, it is necessary to obey the rules of finance and of the nations. It is necessary to bio rules of the international economy, pare nts. You cannot withdraw money from cameroon for the ivory coast without strawberries and laws which are based behind, because the traditional subscriber is digital currency. I take my phone. I send you some money from the internet point it's over. It stops. Okay, then, for all those who ask if there would be a replay? Yes, in fact it's right now like on the dinos youtube channel. So when the masterclass seminar we have finished could return to the youtube page of binoche, the official page and the presentation will be available where all they ask. Ok, so what other question I have at the level of the agglomeration chain? We ask that this replanting up burkina here, you can take again. In fact these two you can take again. These are the questions that I had. If you have, any questions, do not hesitate to go in the cube and used the expression chet of the application. Ok, okay, we have, I think we have subscribed rd yes, so the specialty of blood is something that has always fascinated me. You know that in good we are a frequent country today and that we often have problems of falsification of transactions. In this case, mine of some people that a treatment of problems today, it should be understood that it is not often said that it is difficult to verify why, when you go to the bank wise answers directly to the question of the cash denial, when you go To the bank or makes complaints, there are doors, because today we must bring together the council to block it from the African context. It is necessary to know that the blonde comes to solve the problem of time and energy that we do not have in africa. We have a real problem in africa is that we lack time and a future much more. It is what still makes us spend a lot in energy and in human resources and in material resources of which a specific type is blocking it.

Ial registers, that is to say you can in the world, can check the give, but not everyone can modify savage and me. That means that there are platforms. Madam x, there are platforms, are blocked. It gives you the possibility to explore. Somehow i will make a link available for everyone, so you can kinda understand how it goes so there are links and blilie links to moving blood that allow you to sort of check out what is the type of block? Who is someone that his study of white transiting the networks? They are written, cryptography, which is last cd key randomized in whatever? If i can speak like that, with numbers and letters mix c'is something that counts to sing the history, it means what does it mean that even if you disconnect at the hbh come back gets along after purchase, it is always to see the same key, which is There, which has not changed it, is a bit like that. Now the management is now done peer to peer. He blocked a use of gaulle pitou who knew how to pull from person to person by the piano block j. There is no less what the organizations by June 2, depending on the consensus that is established. You have the possibility of dealing directly with them your interlocutor, but that said - and I repeat again, behind a trust mechanism and the algorithms of these rates were well established once that is data are recorded. You cannot modify them. You cannot delete them. In fact, they are unalterable. That means that each action in the blog team constitutes a blank. If you want to add one of the proud humblot esthete that you shout if you want to modify given, it is a block you shout if you want to delete the same, given a new block, you have created that allows to make what is called transparency at All of the ceilings ds to the cd that we have a rather important question here, how you think that the technology of the simple blood contribute to the emergence of africa? Yes, to this question is a very good question of the emergence of africa. Today, africa has problems. Africa has problems with these magi. As for me, i see the handles of africa much more on logistics. They have the supply chain, the management of its currency in somehow, because this is one of the shortest topics and currently, since the beginning, since the end of 2020, the blu that we can solve the problem, the major problems of africa, in the sense that it brings The blue bucket and the full probabilities in terms of digital transformation, taking, for example, a situation like the goby before the govic. Many of our companies think every day that it had to use a certain number of digital tools and the zouk and microsoft team. This is the center of the site and, of course, but together with the poor, there are several people who have returned who have now reviewed the leaps in technology and who have understood that technology could play the chain joke so belote china could solve two problems. Two major issues in the field of the clearest in Africa and transparency and security and started there is reliability, is nothing and reliability of data. Why today, but we are learning in a sector like customs, which is a fairly explicit sector, the customs today, for example, I take the deal in Cameroon. I hope I do not go. I hope that excited center. We do not go a little and we will not go into details, but the blonde in Cameroon, where I concluded that we sometimes get it over our heads. He comes back, detached father to watch and makes him go through there, because we are forced to pay double the price of the equipment that'we bought. So sometimes what do we? Let know we expect someone carretero country, we try to him and give him a certain number of things on time, it's more than whatever the one that is, okay, because the belote positive, the whiteness of the major security problems of the major problems of m, a tiller And landry and abobo of which has a lot to say a lot of stuff. There is a lot of money laundering to something it is of that which must be regulated today. Therefore, of the Czech block technology, the competence to order is reinforced because the blocked technology is not only used to transit money to also transit. Letters of credit is called this signature. Today we expect magic, not if our governments we do not act on the identity of the social networks of the blood of June francs, for the tax for the future of africa, with the fence helped to resolve these problems there by providing solutions. More more s. No longer the part deals with more concrete discussions in the management of security transparency. Well, it's simple that ok cdric. I would say that it will solve a lot of fundamental problems we have in africa and it proves that it can corruption, for example, bad governance, because, as you all know, there are strategic sectors such as identity, for example, identity management and the hen phase where everyday. In all activities, in all sectors of the economy, we are asked all the time to prove their identity. This identity, the civil status, the management of taxes, for example by the governances. It rewarms a lot of problems of bugs confidence and reliability in the government, even in the governance of things that that either in the administration, all that or in the business, there are a lot of possibilities offered by the blocks. It opens up really interesting perspectives. It is to sit in s the economy or in business administration. Okay, we have a lot of questions and we have about 50 minutes left. We had planned a seminar of 1h30, so we are going. We will. I will ask. I will first leave the four years before putting a package aside this case, because we still have a lot of content to cover. I think I have, and I have established one thing that blocks I bought everything that has you: have there directly a serious, a serious which is in a way a block of France disputing a few stanzas, how the block chains work during the blood chain works like Every network and to add it should be noted between point 3 and point 4. It is necessary to understand that the transactions are grouped together in a blog which are then sent to a chain of guys who are then validated by the mets of the cable network. Of the network has not spoken of your transaction, it cannot be added season, it cannot be purchased in the chain. Do not blocks, that's why we are now talking about consensus. In fact there it is in another. It is in another, much more technical formation. A lot of strength and not less cryptography, do not make a security division behind dub kehua here, mailhac aude, thomas and mechanisms that are put in the back office to be able to secure this. So if we have to pass this another, it is another village. The approach slide, you will see that the blog ecosystem that is leaking from us. This is not only the currency because, since we started, I believe a lot of people asked by the many more crypto currency, the cudgel tomonori of the Senegal aspect, because you have to know one thing: the single stream crypto comes to solve. The problem of decentralization finance is a bit like that. The hen e the knot, the crypt today now the crypt, where we are today a man brought his these are the water brought, are his own limits and for the yi ncite. Therefore, we must understand judged that the snuggle is not limited only to salhab the author. He can occupy the financial transactions in an in africa resumes 2,3. I take aspects there quickly and the investments there are investments. There is the big data. There is confidence, somehow investments today, why, from central african countries, by a post from west africa to southern africa, do not reach fund durations at the same height of those of other countries, for example during the case for Cameroon, because there are simply no mechanisms that allow To check how the money will be used, whether you are the money in what sense s'is a little done, good, it's the skirts or without it we it's along. These two reduced organs tend to its soft, is on systems, get it or be able to take. Some sounds as it can make the investments more reliable and common. What can no longer manage it in a concrete way even more to give today in africa we complain a lot about the deal and no machenaud publicity no are sent everywhere. It means in time we can be able to what you give us a few months before being able to take advantage of giving me. It is at this moment that the block on a theme well in the mechanisms of trust we will not make you dream a little or disappointed because ba baca said everything by correction: how to be sure that the rescue and the data will not be processed so That we in common, what will not have a certain number of years on the knowledge that I am on the actions that you carry out in zus company, which really wants to be regal good. It is a bit like that of other mining sectors in which there have been inserted, diamond mines and and more so. I think that we will step by step aware that they are the types of the blur chain caps, but the types of unlocking lanka that this and we will manage on the the difference between the real difference between the big wheel and the blueberry field are therefore The types of chain blocks it should be understood that there are several. There are several old buildings which had blocked the blocks. A public called blogs and chain blocks public, as used every day like bitcoin committee men. They are blocks chain public. There are blocks private chains like like projects like team and already like projects like and condat to be candidate like projects like consensus. Not these are blocks chain private. It means on the blocks, china, which are managed by administrators. Behind there are things called the mechanisms of this blow? Could what you cannot do on these platforms? The pass and a little that now unblock hybrid now, like cargo hold, in fact, where you have the possibility to act at the same time or where everyone n is, can manage to work without having for Cement need to know the other, why it will be the Difference and who, between the blocks private chain is the blonde hybrid, is that it is that the belote chain of hybrid and the consortium in purple the public mode of operation in the world and operation had said. That means that, apparently from problems in public, you may not recognize effect of one- off operations in the world, not just private. You need so called security certificates for you to do, for you authenticate, with whatever platform with my username or password and so on. Liked security risks now finished blocks taken from a consortium where you have the option to deal anonymously with anyone, one that is known. One had to take advantage of dealing with everything was going any moment, no mso caught behind the mechanisms that are applied for each of these, where each of these types of projects, q u'one of these blocks, is, however, different at the level of the consensus and the Algorithms for securing your transactions that it is at this level that to the can, which lack of agreement then there I have a question of the scene which ask: can the crypto currency continue to exist without the currency which is jules it? It means what happened? Is the future ottawa will end up making the transaction to sit down with the poems or other type ceremonies, etc? It'S inevitable remember we started with cowries talking the readers evolved with borsa and you came. We ended up with adobe and a new system, which is fiat money with banknotes. The two coins c' is a revolution that will continue. It will not stop there in the process of humanity. Is that we speak or evolved with humanity and the currency will not be an exception. The revolution of having continued to market end up turning your back on fiat currencies s and not for tomorrow, it's not for today, but it will happen, guts money, it's the future. It'S the next step in monetary development. That'S how there are a lot of questions that we cannot answer all the questions but january. I encourage everyone to join the telegram group, the telegram group of binos africa. The interlocutors are members of the group and you can ask all your questions also in the group. The community, the binoche angels, will also go answer you because there are really really many questions. Unfortunately, I cannot take all the questions, but do not hesitate to come in the group. We will put the link in the babac chat because I will let you take the bitcoin. The difference is, there are people who have not yet fully understood the difference between bitcoin and the cheng. Ba baca block will give you a quick little summary here. If you remember a while ago, I will tell you. He says that small towns were a set of technologies and technical projects. He lays the foundations of a monetary eco system. They have that. The blogger is one of these technologies, nas, etc. The data structure that is behind the big town, the mady, deep, bitcoin and imagined and designed only for monetary purposes, could be used as currency them. It is a digital currency is currently used a lot as a financial asset in quotes. Where one can trade to buy it and reselling, it is the largest this currency, the first it is Norman and the open sky kop is also something that is accessible, manipulable or if you go on, if you go on, ten of you will see being able to Consult our source of fear c' is something public and decentralized, and it is a currency, Wales, also in embarrassment, so you laundered it. It is a technology, unlike all the technologies, that i is the big three. The joke is one of the constituent technologies of bitcoin, and that is behind any other currencies launched today or later or in the past, where it is a mountain ash database of some sort of a first ten register and which, on which everyone is free to write. Something and but nobody can erase what is recorded under a cyanide hockey blocks lnh that answers a question that someone who has just arrived asks n'did not really understand the difference between fiat money and cryptocurrency. I think this owl will go to Pau, will really clarify things between cryptocurrency and the physical sister currency in the world of the photo of subscribers little sweetness on calls it the fiat of fiat. In fact, it is the ace monaco of back donkey to the euro. The franc has happened, what is called the si and in the world is indeed the currency, the soul. The fiat money is different from crypto mon. What makes the difference? The difference is that the mauny sia is centralized where all by central banks and governments and against those currencies which tend not to be scarce, there is often monetary inflation that occurs and the monetary supply is unlimited. Governments tend to swing, as it seems to me on the printing press and produce excessive quantities of bi within a throne or whoever it is, and in some powers on game, on its habitats or on the board money. While the cryptocurrencies are decentralized. There is no central bank that has control. There is no government that controls, or has a say in how the pneumonia of the peer networks work.

To-Peer open to anyone anywhere in the world with a connection, a computer where there is an internet connection. Finally, from these networks to be part of these reasons, mo u taker or a simple user, it offers exactly the limits. And if we take the example of the 21 million, it will not reach by 2050. So it is something rare. It is like gold, which is a time that delimits and on earth, is what makes the difference between fia currencies and currencies brought about like beach, boys and others. That is if we observed the transactions or in real life, the banking transactions, when you shop online, for example, and that either simple money transfers you want to send money to a relative. Who is on the other side where the bank is based where the world financial system is based on banking systems? If the boat decides to block this transfer there, you can do nothing or what you have to do is go make complaints to the bank, and it is up to the brand to see if they will listen to your complaints or not from the bank, which is In charge of carry out these transfers to the vault years or transfer the money to your bank, your internal bank, to the bank on your part, which will invade this part there and pushing them very high, you notice it. If you prepare the Reunion terns, the costs are very high and the execution is really also it takes about three days and that's the minimum delay at least his complaint one day. While if we look at the transactions beating the world decrypts the calf, for example - we see that there is and its strengths the sane is done directly. There is no intermediary between you who send money and your parent who see a benefit and almost instantaneous and years. She will not say hours at most, her 4 after 90 minutes less than an hour of uncertain time. These relationships and husbands spouses are insignificant instead of the 17 % you pay, the bank or other types of money, cancer in the crypto world in brooks thinkers or especially, big ben. It'S just a few minutes after 30 to 90 minutes the transfer is effective and the beneficiary receives a notice and the packs are so low. It is 0 05 %. So if this is the fundamental difference between these two types transfer there, so we finally deign we gain in efficiency or also - and it is more secure - is secure because there is no longer a bank intermediary, no more risk of fraud or misappropriation of these efforts, which Are transferred from start to finish end of agreement, then we will take a few minutes to answer several questions. Before moving on to how to buy bitcoin and other crypto currency, then we are asked why African policies are slow to popularize this monetary revolution, which can greatly help the african continent cdric babacar the ghouls course about african policies. It is not for us to decide the place of the policies for what we can do us c'is to push them to get them to take an interest in it, because the crowds have a force, a certain force, community adoption. It is up to us to do this work of popularization and v2 to push politicians to reflect on the opportunities opens up. It is exactly discovering this technology so that they are interested in it for really like political decisions. We all try in africa on political decisions. It still regulates things, but we can the strong. We can force the hand to the politicians, thus interesting to continue the popularization work and confrontations as many young people as possible on these technologies. There is exactly like a comeback to the tool. It is played at three levels, especially for the most public. Aid is a little. It is a not very disgusting. It is to know that fuji we have on one side: anglophone africa, nigeria, certain countries like benin, know a country like tanzania like kenyans, fillon, a considerable advance of the blues, t even ghana, but where in sub-saharan africa most of the time francophone africa. It is difficult because the politicians today first there is this - will there is first this will and this maturity in digital culture. Today, the culture of understanding what digital home and digital are, can improve the value of life in africa. But what allowed the ban of vienna a free? It is first necessary to identify the loading at these levels before now to bring now the policies leading to change the governance processes. It is the governance processes now, which is now up to the policies now to adopt laws that I will take the very simple example the minister of finance or Cameroonian, but paul motaz has ordered several notes excusing to stop shutting down the companies that make them lay And chants of the non- carbon criteria, the critics? Why? Because there is no of law and because the state also the people who have if the state do not understand exactly in the mask its force inside which somewhere, we have to fight said. We have to reach a consensus for politicians and actors of the technological sector. Today then 20 then sit down and decide by mutual agreement what we can adopt the laws of the snuggling, because it must be understood that everything starts first with the law regulation before now. Financial exchanges and other teams are exchanging, which will stop it's kind of what it takes is what needs to be done. I am first of all very proud and delighted to say it because we have started a process in this direction with several government authorities but above all to discover the mind and we hope in the next talks in the coming months, to give you another positive idea. On especially experience, but then there is more to nobody in fact who are looking to you join us outside of the seminar. So if you can share it would quickly make your your contacts. If you are on twitter linkedin, i wanted to share very quickly to 1 people who would like to contact you after the seminar or put it in the chat. Then i have a another very quick question. Tac tac tac is chosen. I'M sorry good listeners valves in play here. In fact, I have no other good. We will do you have other points. Add ba baca cdric before we go to how we can concretely buy beacon and other crypto currency for people who are interested in buying from an investor point of view. I think this is the part that interests people most and how to acquire. Bigots m is common to interact with, I think, that's it, but that's the part that interests the max of people. Okay, well, bah, it's actually for the plantation. So yes, that's what interests a lot of people, how to buy beacon and others creed to the modem. It was really important for us to show you in fact to make you understand the creation of bitcoin comics, why the beacon happened to create why the crypto currency of the game is really important, because when you are going to start buying at change your fiat currency, That we call fiat for crypto currency either for you for an investment region to earn money or other. You really have to understand the motivation to lecture there. So, in fact, as we explained, the bitcoin, in fact in valence, is the technology blocking the chain. In fact, all the applications in it, so it is similar that for belote shane there are some areas of application in crypts high since the creation of bitcoin since 2008. Now there are more of 2000 cryptocurrency which have different fields of application. So now I wanted to go and buy a cryptocurrency. You really have to take the time to doing your own. Research is what the team is behind. There is a team that is capable is what the product is going to be delivered. Otherwise, you are potentially going to lose all the money you put in. So it really is a point. I'M rushing on age, everyone. Most people have heard of bitcoin that age a few cents. Now it's gone up to 50 thousand dollars. Writing the 30 thousand dollars. People come for the greed, but when we invests for the greed as for his own research, this is the worst is the fastest way to lose all your money so really before investing knowing that today there are more than 2000 crypto. It is really important for you to do your own research now for the currency sign this in different areas of applications, as has been said for the belote in means of payment such as bitcoins, as at one point we heard p arler of the 8 pool is A pride there are signs, in fact, on the platforms, the africa game that deal with the intelligent controls of which loose a little more technical but join the group, and there we will know a little more. There are different crypto that allows in the logic, ultimately all the fields of application to which the cheng block applies in a very practical way. Once again, when we enter the world of crypto, we must expect we must expect to learn a lot of things. It'S okay, be as if you are learning a new language, then some practical tips from the first ages, the state to invest in crypto or those who are novices, who have not yet invested the first thing to acquire a wallet babacan mentioned. There is the roadstead where TV went except wallet. We also have the Loubine veil trush years. The second thing is we deposit fiat money. We deposit in the euro we buy with euro dollars. France is not. We find a way to actually buy crypto, where we can also make a crypto crypto deposit. The third thing we do our own research to avoid spam. Once we have done all the steps there, we can buy. The crypto account that we love and you have to think about securing it so in the medium and long term, you also have to think about establishing an investment strategy to see your risk horizon is what you are someone'one who wants to deal every day. I called day trading is what you are someone in the world of crisis. We call that the rod washing olonnes makes you laugh, that is to say, we invest at a low price. We keep the currency for a long time, hoping that the prices will go up and the adjustment will be able to transform into currency which say that it is what has a lot of money. Then, as I told you at the beginning of the representation, I write because indicates henri camerounaise, who is b ase in yaound, and i work for a cue ball. I represent francophone africa so sunday it is the largest beacon and crypto currency exchange platform in the world by volume. There is a wide range of financial products. We have been in existence since 2010 this year, leaders in the field since about I joined dinos a month ago. There is an effort being made to train African youth, so stop the first master class we are going to do, which is an introductory class image in hand to the blocks one to the belote chain and to the beacon and to the crypts to the currencies. Now the ecosystem of binoche is really very, very large, so there it will be very stupid that it can be complicated for people who are new but know that we can do. We can deal with crypto currency. We can use what is called the launchpad, which is a place where the news of crypto news, which often is on the belote shane dobbin increases, are launched. The belote balance sheet chain is called labine in six matches a donation there we can buy crypto at a fairly reasonable price. We can complain and hope to sell them a little later, so the ecosystem I wanted, but here we do not have time to cover it, because we have 20 minutes of presentation left join. The telegram group Sunday in two bodies would not kill from below Africa and there you have a community of people who must answer all your questions. You will know a lot more, then. The three simple steps we had a lot of questions have already asked how we do to buy crypto how we do to buy bitcoin the 1st step against recent against this villain or on another exchange, preferably dinan. What I can help you, the second step, we verify its account. What is called truth are taken into account in the wild side key process, so we put the identity chapel children of these l'info, we put that weighs identity, and so this is where we check. Without the third step, we choose his mode of purchase, so he currently has in French-speaking Africa. All the modes of purchase are not available. He the bank card for some countries and in fact we are working with the team to make something that is available is also in French-speaking Africa. I told the team that the payment by mobile, so everything who is orange money money they care about all of its mobile application payment providers. This is very important for us and that we have to work really well either. So it is the team, the team, looking into it, to to be able to offer that, in fact to the population of French-speaking Africa where we are currently, we can also buy with what is called trading, which says it all. No, a kit platform or worse, therefore, peer to peer where we can come and exchange. So that is to say that someone in a few groups of balls from a few cooking groups - I often see someone says I sell beacon. We realize in person for the exchanged, whereas there, in fact, with the platform that there is no need to meet a little alone. The person indicates. I have so much time for crypto available. This is the payment method. I would like transfer bank transfer orange money exeter and I was there and so on the person to buy well and Sunday, but we are still today'hui, as we say in French. I believe that without the food the money until the transaction is made then currently I have good news - is that the CFA franc of West Africa comes from `` arrive on the platform, then anything can happen yesterday or the day before. So if you have the France Fa of West Africa, you can go to the Traits of a Utopia platform to start selling. Your cries early. We will do communication from the week next and we are working actively and very very hard to ensure that the French, not from Central Africa, except to be legally in the line at all cooked. So I stop to look at his home to small questions quickly. So there I see where the French past interesting. Yes, it's boom, yes to hulu m2. Only yes! Indeed, these are the things that I forgot to specify when we do the verification on binoche to be able to access the launchpads so that the place where we can access the launch of the new crypto, which are here that binoche matches - and it is necessary to Have an intermediate verification immediately for some countries in africa the new oak of federica show intermedia. I do not pass it, so I made go up that to the team effectively to say that everyone does not have a page.It would be good to ask for the choice of the identity card, the choice of the father or of the project. So, as I have just arrived, give me a a little time to go over all the information a little but a really last job which is behind, which is made the bis team. No, I take francophone africa really seriously and improve so do not hesitate to give your feedback new feedback c'is. What does not work compared to credit cards, for example, and because at the moment we see a lot of bans all over the world. But here we are really working actively so join the telegram group and you will know more in fact other questions, so a level of emails. We will give you later. Ok, then there concretely to pass for a person who has never been this Sunday. This is how vachon counts. Once again, I repeat, the presentation is available. You are going to have the good which at the end, it says beiit and point they also go there in put it in the forum slash, it is a pop been years or master class. Francophone africa manage crises in the foru m. It'S available. You click on the link. It'S going to ask you! What'S going to you, ask yourself access and we will give you access, so you will have it by tomorrow. You have the presentation available, the concretely for his account. We are coming here. We who registers then we will receive an e-mail in his box that we have registered, for who will tell us that ok, here is the number. There is an activation code to open your account. You will return to be nantes. You will write this activation number. This activation code, if you have not received an email, go check your jack files from both spain. There are problems you can contact the light supporter chat and after once we have created when I prepare for the verification. So for the verification we need an identity document that would be a passport or ceni or a driving license. And once again, I repeat it: all identities are not accepted in all countries, so we are in the process of working on it. To extend the offer is therefore, in truth, his account on Sunday we come back, we click on this little red man and there we will go to his identification. That makes us enter the screen. You have all the slides available and we click check once that. We checked, we take our photo, we download chaffoteaux, we download this identity, this basic information and we were able to continue sending the sending lean to take good photos on white backgrounds. I freaked out sometimes bad, but really if you do not take a good photo on white backgrounds on the region of africa in particular francophone africa. We receive very bad photos and the verification does not pass so it's really a detail, but it is important to take good photos. Go to the cybercaf. If you have a bad phone and make a real effort, then everyone to know how to buy crypto game binoche. We will ask er a point where we write hash bought crypto at the moment. In francophone africa we can buy with credit cards debit cards from trading which very small and bank transfers. We can also buy asked to a friend who has, for example, already has crypto. You don't have any and you don't have a credit card, but no spinning top trading. You ask him to send you crypto. Simply you can repay it. He can do to you to send you a shipment de criquetot. Come back indicated. It'S like sending an email. You send him your crypto address and your deposit address and he will send you crypto. It'S also a way to start. So when we choose do it by card we come. We enter the amount of the purchase per case. The minimum is 15 dollars to buy by credit card. We choose the crypto that we want to buy. Then there is bitcoin to enlighten it man. There is a list of crypto in the drop-down list that will arrive. Then we link bank information and now we have confirmed we will have this screen. That will say this. Independence is once again, there is potential on the single currency. Is it is paper currency? It is okay with us say: ok, the java deposits inform us the currency that was that was deposited in this instance. In this example, the village high school spies and there we are told that the transaction was hunting must therefore succeeded, and it gives us the date. Is the means of payment, then a part which is very interesting for us African francophones in the trading pitou pee toupie, like babacan, announced a little earlier. It is of the foot. Everything is there. It is what is called peer to peer of person to no one. It is a single market place to come and buy this critot directly from other users. So we come, we choose type 2 or 3. It has two judges before for us, it was not interesting because they do not had pas. De franche is not, as I just announced, the French, not from west africa, whose xo -f has just arrived on the p to p platform for two days, so you can go, bend top and offer. If you already have crypto you offer with your with your own terms, you want in relation to the sale of your crypto and the person who will come. She will click xo. Is she will choose among the sellers, the amount he interests? The evacuees themselves buy the cemac and bnb, because people that it was bim bim she can choose, she can choose the currency she wants so above, for example, in btcc the bitcoin. If the person wants to buy and click there, I bought from the interior and quay will click on it. So there really is a choice in the east on the platform which, as a child, we will also do a really dedicated master class on the platform. Once we manage to put the French, not the central africa in the system, we are going, make a longer season to really explain, because it is amassed interesting and Sunday offers for sellers and for buyers. So we are often asked how we deposit crypto funds. It'S simple! How we deposit funds in classic banks, we, Usually we ask someone, send me your book. I want to make a deposit and the person in the ring with the crypto is different. We ask for the address you deposit in the crypto of choice, so be careful. I want to draw your attention on the fact that we have a deposit ladrech by type of crypto. So if we have bitcoin, we will have a deposit address for 10 bitcoin china daily terium. We will have a deposit address for summer reom if we have other transactions. You have to be very very careful because when you want someone to send us crypto, you have to give the right address. Otherwise the money does not reach its destination. So you have to really lend a Paying attention to different types of addresses sounds complicated, but once you start dragging crypto, it gets really really south here, so there it was just to give you an example. This is what it looks like at the bottom. From the page, what a crypto address looks like at these two so where the name crypto currency comes from is cryptography, and here is in fact, after that, your room is a unique lettering system, which is quite long, but that allows identity. Your wallet, therefore, and your unique account there. I leave you for those who will have the presentation later then the same thing, since we have only ten minutes left. Unfortunately, there is how to deposit you can order. Ask when you go on the platform, you will click on skins to find out where your address is. Once you create a deposit account, you choose on the left of the 10 that interests you and then you will click on deposits. That and you will click on deposits there. You will have your crypto deposit address and it is the spent grain that you send inca site. You send you money. Tell you send me your beacon deposit address. This is what you are going to send to the person. On the other hand, I will specify which something it is necessary to impose oneself, in fact to choose when making deposits the good network - and there I put you links - I will neither a link there. The complete guide on deposits, because that there are different regions, does not have time to go into details in the group came in the group telegram. We answer all questions with ardor and a lot of nice characters in it and is to really give you all the indications, because, depending on the crypto of choice, the regio we must choose, the different are loaded with bad reasons: the wrong region. We can lose these funds, so really be careful there. I will unfortunately pass how to trade and there I wanted to show a very simple way to buy crypto now, people who want to go a little further and they want to trade and on the mud. The spot exchange is called the stock market and spots. Then we go to the home screen of the finances are done market. Is there in front of us going? We are going to have all the pairs we want to buy, so I wanted to put in bigger there. We are on the spot market, so she a market where you can buy cash made with a knife or spot in 16 bits, then a different types of fiat markets, so the fiat money here is a pair. This is called a pair, so the pair so that th by the arranged a crypto currency, which is called of the summer reom. If I am forbidden to buy from the summer rome I come here, I say: ok, the land against the euro. So this is the currency of choice. Have cost me the land less than this moment on the content market, i.e.

At p market price at the current market price, the criterium is good. It'S not, I think I had more captured and at 1656 euros. That does not mean that we have to spend 1656 euros. It'S something I must clarify. We can come and put 10 euros to buy from the inside, that is to say that we depend on god. We do not need to buy an interest in lying, in fact, and it is we realize that even 5 dollars invested in a crypto in a few years. If we forget it can even go up me. I have the example with bitcoin. I had forgotten that I even had this that I had let in that it was even a little you stay d' a transaction that I had done just two days two years later, and it was maybe go up to $ 5-10 when I had literally left a Few little crumbs of time, so really you didn't, need to come and buy a whole corner there, for example the good and at 275 euros you don't need ache, ter 275 euros. I told you dollars, you can tell me, oh there. I will issue you $ 5. You put $ 5 or 5 euros or 10 thousand CFA francs here it can. Then we click on spot market. We choose the fiat to buy according to the market. We we are going to look for something different. He halted the market. In fact, it is all the alcohols different from bitcoin and bnb that are going to be in it and then down there in this line have chosen the currency that interests us. So there we see some'euro, we see rige fan, we see others of 10. We see what we call balkans and that is to say, decorations, which are backed by a currency, have, for example, access to us $ and teenagers cgd. Finally, j'had crypto, but it is as soon as it does not fluctuate, so the variation does not rise. Like the other crickets, I move forward a bit to be able to take a few questions and we choose once we made our field. We understood that this trade is unfortunately when we kill it can scare a lot of people, but don't worry with a little time. I don't scare you, I don't scare you anymore, so we arrive on the market screen. We see sales purchases here on the left. We see on the right everything that the market is happening in real time at the bottom. Here we see this is the pair we have of current cries there. We can click to see the different graffiti. So there we have milk on one day. They are little or even the real price on the euro of the fathers of the different crypto is also there the buy and sell prices on the market, so it shows us the price of the different sellers who are currently on the market over time. You can learn that we will do a class on the traits of an advance before that savored learning to read lamela graphs in the immediate future. It is an introductory place, so we are not going to look here and there the place to buy this x at the bottom right at the bottom. So I'm on wants to buy a clique of amounts that we are going to buy. So, as I had said that we do not have to buy a dico note one because anyway, we are not there, we may not have thirty thousand euros us the radio. We can take a tiny part of bitcoins so buy and it's the same thing to sell in this case concludes created was that we buy and we would sell there. On the other hand, I will not go to so. These are the different types of market of offers, so we can buy from the market offer, but there, as we do not have time at all. There are four minutes left so there I will unfortunately cut. Maybe we could do a session the next time. There is more details on the different types of markets, the different types of orders, ouch ouch ouch. I will pass and maybe take some questions to questions. We have enough questions to know in which crypto currency remains. I advise you to join the group to have this info, how to choose profitable, crypto parent. He is doing his own research and internet searchers chicory. So, ok, ok, then, the last part of the seminar is actually how we secure our very important account. We configure the verification of the factories. There are three ways we want. We configure the verification of referrals. We configure the authentication with google or with mobile sms is also. There are other options where we can have extel keys or in africa. It is not very easy to have them, so there are other ways we can keep your money, which is an exchange, but sometimes it is not very recommended, but you can use the trust in the balance sheet, which is very recommended, on the other hand, so there For safety, we always go in this little guy down in the security and have chosen, and we configure according to the option we have chosen there. I will pass you the small details you will have available. It is once we open our account and to arrive for the novices for those new to a bit of crypto vocabulary. Then it's important, as I said when you enter the world of the condom, it's a whole new language that you call. Sometimes you will have the impression of not understanding anything in the forums. Do not hesitate to ask the question the fact that we have created a forum, guidance, francophone Africa. I am to show the interest of popularizing the uses of the crypto currency, of the blog shane to the African population. So no questions naybet come on the forum, ask the questions and you will improve yourself. You will learn a lot in a very short time. So here I stop. There are only a few minutes left for a few questions. Then I look a little at the comments. I put you at the same time, the link we swallow and master classes every month that will arrive. We finally think about finance which all who the different trading techniques, how to generate passive income with which we call lle, the speaking also the use of launch chicken from the launchpad of binoche here, is the link of the telegram group. I also put you at the top left the presentation which is available at the top right, not in the link of the plantation. So once again clicked on the link, the presentation is going, you are going, it will ask you to request access click requested hatley from tomorrow. You must be there, the presentation, so to go a lot of questions. I see that it is true that to share this information, therefore, to go in the chat. Our time is coming to the end. It took an hour and a half that it was really very interesting. Thank you, babha kama. If celine, I leave you a little one at the end for the first dinosaur clash match for francophone africa, bakhash cdric thank everyone for having participated to stay until the end. Thank you to everyone and yes for me. I think, for a first for a first, I did not expect to see so many people s, and i am surprised that it is all of africa today that they got up without showing how much change today is - and i think going through, but it is to Everyone really been very many. I tell myself that 90 minutes is very short, but in the end there are a lot of questions. So I encourage everyone to join the telegram group and I have any questions you can contact me at a group telegram. I interact quite easily elsewhere, so do not hesitate to join us and ask any questions. Even if it was a first for French-speaking Africa, they can contact us or this scorer. There is no problem.