IT Jobs in Australia - Practical ways to Find | International Students in Australia

IT Jobs in Australia - Practical ways to Find | International Students in Australia

Hi everyone welcome back to my channeltoday in this video. We are going to discuss aboutfive, practical ways in which you can get a job. These are basically tips to get anIT job here in Australia. Once you finish your educationso without any further do, let's get started before istart with this video, i would want you guys to know. Thati am not doing any full-time job. This is justmy personal choice. I haven't even appliedfor them and that's the reason i'm not employed in a full-time job. So please do understandthere are personal priorities for a person.

Sodo not keep commenting if I'm working in a full-time job or noi've collected these tips, because a lot of them around me do full-time jobs. Andi know how they've got and i've learned a lot from myteachers here. So that's the reason I'm accumulating theinformation and putting it in this video. There was this instance when myprofessor told me a known person of my professor

He was an uber driverand. He used to carry his resume in his carand whenever he used to take in people and he used to talk to themhe used to tell them. This is my experience and there wasone IT professional who's. A recruiter basicallyhe has asked him if he has got any resume Handyhe'S given the resume and that's how he got into a jobso. You don't know what kind of people you are interacting with make sureyou're, always professional and you're talking about yourself, createa sales pitch for yourself.

That way, you know you're talking to theright people in a right way. The second tip that i can give you guysis certifications are necessary now that i've finished my master's, ininformation and communication technology even now whenif i have to apply when i look at the job advertisements. I seethat they ask me for itil certification, which is i have to give an additionalexam in order to get this job or if i givethat additional exam. I i pass it. I get that certification. Andthat will help me to put forward or stand out in the crowd. Socertifications are really really important, so if you ask mesir any what kind of certifications do we have toget, then i would say probably go, go and seek or go on indeed, and whateverprofession.

You would want to get into, Let'S say: for example, software internettype in software internet go through the job, advertisementsand see what certifications, what are their requirements for thatparticular employee? If they are asking you for certain certifications, go aheadon, google check the certification, see how you can get them. Andyou have to give that test and get that certificationthe. Third tip that i can give. You is change your resume and change your coverletter as per the job. Do not use the sameresume do not use the same cover letter, for20 jobs and start crying that Why am i not getting any responseyou have to tailor your resume and cover letter according to the job requirementsbecause, a lot of transferable skills vary from job to joband.

Some of the job experience that you provide in your resume is not evennecessary for the current job that you are about to apply so make sure you'retailoring your resume and cover letter, accordinglythe. Fourth tip that i would love to give you guys is update your linkedinsocial media platforms everywhere, because these days, according to what ihave, uh understood and researched when i, when i speak to recruitingmanagers, that's what they say, they check social media. How are you projectingyourself on social media a lot of times when your facebook forexample a lot of times when you have your facebookum, some weird posts on your facebook thenpeople might think you are a shady person or you're notum that trustworthy. You know so you have to project yourself professionally, onsocial media, especially linkedin. That'S reallyimportant, last step that i would want to give youis if you are applying follow up when i personally applied to rmituniversity, i did get um, so i was

I was clearingstage two, but after that i was in clearingthen. I understood something was wrong and then i immediately called uprmit recruiting manager, um, recruiting manager for that particular departmentand. Then i asked her. Is that is there something wrong that you are notselecting? I wasn't sounding arrogant, but i wasi was sounding really curious about uh what was going wrong and how can iimprove and then she said that look this. These are some of the mistakes that wefound in your resume. Please correct it, but otherwise youreally could you're an ideal fit, but please get rid of thisand