How To Us Reddit To Promote Business & Increase Sales (ONLYFANS) Tips NO ONE Is Saying

How To Us Reddit To Promote Business & Increase Sales (ONLYFANS) Tips NO ONE Is Saying

Normally just leave those really explicit ones up for like 24 hours and then take them down hi. How are you so in today's video i'm gon na be talking about reddit, because i know um, i touched on it a little bit in my first video, but since that first video that's been the most requested. Everyone wants a video on how to use it, because i even wanted a video on how to use it when i first started because it is it's hard, it's very ancient is the word. I'M looking for quick little disclaimer also. I know everybody uses reddit differently. Everybody has different opinions on it. There are people out there who don't like girls like myself. So if you are like me and you use reddit purely to advertise any like sex working account, there's a lot of people out there that don't like that, because it seems spammy. But at the end of the day i just want to advertise my own fans, just like i'm sure you guys do.

That'S obviously why you're here to watch this video, but i must say that you might encounter some people just like i might encounter some people in the comments um telling me that my ideas are wrong, but i just want to put that out there that these are My ideas - and this is this - is what works for me, and this is what i do so. I figured i'd share with you guys, also, i kind of said how reddit is similar to twitter and that you can post anything you want out. There just know that anything on reddit is essentially like google and it is out there forever. I mean anything on the internet is out there forever, but um any photos that i've found that have been leaked of me.

Personally, They came from reddick again it kind of goes with what i said in my first video, it's just a matter of time before your stuff gets leaked, like i just personally feel like if you're gon na be in this industry, you can't think that you're gon Na Be special and then your stuff will never get leaked. So, for the sake of time, i'm going to assume you guys know how to at least sign up for reddit. I mean it's pretty the website that part of it is like pretty self-explanatory. As far as like picking your username, creating a bio, i will say make sure you do fill out all the different fields that it asks for.

So if it asks for a link, put your only fans link or your link tree link, your username try to use the same username that you're, using for your only fans that way the boys can like keep up with us and follow. You know what i mean. Also, i am no professional, so i understand that this video is going to seem very chit chatty, but it's because i am not some like professional youtube person, i'm going to try to get all the information, that's in my brain and give it to you. So after you have set up your account, you're going to have zero karma and probably no followers, but you should be able to post to your own wall and i'll include like a little screen. Recording right here. There'S like a little plus sign or a little pencil.

Looking thing to compose a post, basically and you're, going to want to create your own post, this is what i've done. Create a post include your link to your only fans or link tree in it and put like a little caption, like, i think, mine, says: um, link to all my explicit content, something short and sweet like that with the link, so that it's right there and once You post it you're going to want to pin it to your profile so that when people visit your page, it's right there at the top

Also, if you have not created a reddit account yet and you're already doing only fans frisk, avn stars whatever or if you're thinking about starting only fans and all that stuff. I would create a reddit now, while you're on the fence about it, because one it doesn't hurt to just create it, and i mean reddit is pretty innocent until it's not because you're gon na need to build karma. That was like the most frustrating part and i'm sure, if you've already signed up. You know that it is very frustrating when you go to a group that you're like hey, i want to post in here, but you can't, because you don't have enough karma. So definitely start today get a reddit account. Please hurry, okay! I know that this isn't specifically reddit related, but i can't remember if i said this in a video or not, but i definitely think that it's important when you're choosing your username, you obviously can use your own name. I don't think that you should use your own name for safety reasons, because you never know when someone's a weirdo but anyways if you're going to use a fake name.

I like for me, I went on google and searched honeyjadexx, because if someone hears that you have an onlyfans account or they find your name somewhere, your username they're, going to more than likely go to. Google and google honey jadex, only fans. And if there are more than one honey, jade x, more than likely the honey jade x that has been around longer or is more popular or like well-known famous their stuff's, going to be the top, and so chances are they're either going to think that. Oh that's! The honey jade that i was looking for, or this is better anyways, so definitely something to consider when you are picking your fake name to post you're gon na need karma and in order to get karma, you're gon na want to find some subreddits to start posting. It uh, there's subreddits for literally everything. I'M gon na include a list i'll just put it here. If you guys want to pause and take a screenshot, these are the subreddits that i specifically use that don't require too much you're going to want to decide whether you care what people think about you or not, because you can go into whichever ones match you

For example, like milf or like thick mom or big booty or blonde or athletic like there's literally so many things me personally, i only post in them. If i relate to them now, every subreddit has rules. When you go to one of these that i had put up there when you go to them, there's a little about section, and that is where they're going to list the rules for that group and a lot of the rules are normally like either. You have to be verified, you have to have high karma um. No advertising don't be rude, don't beg for up votes like those are like some of the rules that i see most the time or there will be rules that say don't post in here.

If you don't fit the niche, so if it says that i personally won't, then because chances are you're going to go through the work of making a pose just for them to either instantly or eventually their moderators will take it down, because it doesn't belong in that Subreddit, however, i noticed that a lot of subreddits will literally say like a i'll post one right here. This is like what a lot of them are, that i see and so they're, not too picky and those ones i will like, even if it says like brunette, and i have like this wig on or i just have my natural blonde hair i'll still post in There, because i mean at that point i'll just like risk it because worst case they're, just gon na you'll, get that that you um you had you'd you would you could you do worst case you'll get banned from that subreddit

So, in addition to the list of subreddits that i posted there's also actual advertising subreddits, i personally don't use them because i feel like they're kind of the same way. I feel about twitter. It'S just like sex workers saturated and i just don't feel that, like the memory on reddit or someone that's shopping for a hot babe, i don't think that he's gon na go to like only fans. Promos like i just don't think he's gon na do that. We interrupt our program to bring you this important message, hey guys. So, as i am going through this and editing it, i forgot to mention that there are actually subreddits that are specifically meant for only fans reviews where the guys will actually leave reviews regarding people that they've subscribed to. So i have found that it's beneficial to go to only fans, reviews and read some of them and basically learn from some of the other girls mistakes like what are the guys complaining about, and then i just make sure i'm not doing that or what are they Saying that they like the most so then i will take ideas like oh wow. That'S a really good idea!

I should do that now back to our show, with the promos you're allowed to promote, so you can flat out say in the caption 7.99 to see all my explicit content. Uh x-rated photos girlfriend experience like everything and you can post your picture and then sometimes you can post your link right there or sometimes, like i said the rule area that i told you about the about will say to post your link in the comments below so Sometimes i will do that. I just feel like any time i do that one either

I won't get any upvotes which are likes on reddit, That'S what a upvote is or two it's full of. Just i'm sorry, but the longer i have been doing this i mean again. If you guys saw my first video you knew i was like. Oh, it's all rainbows and butterflies, part of the sex worker group. That'S over there they've all been like nothing but nice and welcoming nice and welcoming. But there are some nasty girls out there and i am learning that some girls are just jealous. I guess or insecure and and or you just piss them off - I don't freaking know so when it comes to posting on reddit. I typically like to pick five different ones. Honestly i'll pay attention to the ones in the past, so you can start to pay attention once you've been posting, you can pay attention to which ones performed best like which subreddits are giving you the most upvotes

Also, some subreddits are based off of what is being posted now versus what is the top post, so definitely post in the subreddits don't get discouraged if they don't have very many members, because it can actually work in your favor, because that means there are less people And less competition, and so you are more likely to be at the top for when people do go, to look at that. Subreddit five subreddits three times a day and i will post once in them.

You can do more than that. I know a lot of girls Do, but i just like to be on the less spammy side, and here is why this is i kind of touched on in the beginning, but like there is a like a lot of the guys that go on reddit they're. Looking for free - and they honestly cannot Stand us only fans, people because they'll just like the second, they come to your page, most of them anyways. Okay, let's say they see you on a subreddit

They go to your profile. They slide in your messages and they're like oh you're, so fine i tend to like hey yeah. Do you want to see more of me on my only fans like i'll say that in my little message, some most the time they're? Like sure - or they just won't respond, but sometimes they will be like oh you're, just an only fan so um yeah. So i just i keep that in mind that a lot of them are there for free, so the second they see that you're selling anything one you're gon na piss them off two. They could go down vote all your , because they're just petty men, sometimes also this is another little tip. I know again, this is kind of like all over the place, but this is another thing that came to mind that i do. I will go through and clean up. My feed so like after you've been posting for a while you're gon na, obviously not want to post, like if you're posting, all the stuff, you're posting on only fans and what's the point in posting on reddit they're, just going to be like what am i paying For so you're going to have like a handful of photos that you post only to reddit and you're, probably going to recycle through them pretty often, and because i don't want to seem spammy, i will go through and delete some of them like the it doesn't.

You won't lose karma by deleting posts by the way, but like the ones that get like the one up vote, that's from you basically or like six up votes or like nothing. I will go through and delete those ones but like if they got. You know 16 to, i think, like 99 is the most i've ever got. I will leave those up and also, i know, you'll, probably find that a lot of girls post like full nudity i did for a second, i posted full nudity on my reddit, but then i kind of went back and i was just like. I don't know like what are they paying for if they're gon na see me like all of me here, and it does work for some people, you'll notice, that the girls who have a ton of karma they post everything because again, the guys like the free, and in the end it might work out because exposure like it'll always put them with all their karma up at the top. But i'm just saying if you do choose to go down the route of posting full nudity.

This is my advice: Make sure that your nude posts are the ones that you're deleting after like 24 hours. That way, that's at least the reason for them to subscribe, because if they're subscribed, you're only fans, your new posts, are there 24 hours a day like whenever they want to log Back in and see you i'll normally just leave those really explicit ones up for, like 24 hours and then take them down, Um do be careful with deleting your posts in certain groups. You'Ll know when you read the little rules: it'll say something along the lines of don't delete posts, otherwise you'll get banned so like you'll know when you're not allowed to delete posts. Okay. So now, let's talk captions for what you're going to caption your posts, because you will notice when you post on reddit um, you most of time are going to click nsfw down at the bottom before you post, and that will blur your image. So they'll only see the caption, they won't see the image and you want to put something nasty to get them to click, to see what the hell that is so, like literally think of the dirtiest thing possible, like i'm gon na get some hate for this

But one that i like to use is, i bet i can better than your wife. You know just nasty because then they want to like click and be like hmm. Why does this girl think she can? Oh okay, you know so definitely get nasty with your captions and then also don't post only fans model or like come to my only fans. Don'T post anything only fans in your captions unless my husband just got home um most subreddits are not going to allow you to blatantly advertise your only fans unless you want to get banned from those subreddits

When you start posting, you might notice that reddit will flag You and be like you're doing too much of that, or something like that. So then, when that happens, especially when your car is low, it's gon na happen. I think i don't remember what it is, but they only allow you like so many posts every few hours, So just wait a few hours and then come back and see if you can post again now when you have low karma the groups. You'Re posting in that allow low karma most of them don't care about just posting an image you'll, just click image, and you post some of them, though, especially when your account or your karma starts to grow. Some subreddits are going to require that you post from an outside source. So what i use is anger. I'Ll put the little like icon right here and so you're going to want to create an imgur account. It'S again super easy and then you will go to create post you'll post to inger

Then, when you're in the subreddit that you're wanting to post in instead of posting an image, you will click post link and then you will click the link from your amger and that will automatically post your image. That'S safe. I don't know why they do that, but a lot of the more like high karma accounts you're required to do that, so it's basically trial and error, but the list that i provided that will give you a bunch to get started on at least um. Like i said post as much as you can, until the system like flags, you and then start posting again, because the only way you're gon na grow, your karma up is, if you get through that, like first bit um to grow your karma and basically the better Photos you're posting the more upvotes you're gon na get the more karma you're gon na get so definitely make sure that your posts are like high quality

I noticed that the guys over there prefer non-filtered images and, like not edited like very raw. I, like i've, said this a lot, but i am gon na say it again, because i feel like it's very important and it's very important in making sure that you don't get banned completely. Definitely read the abouts. If you go to a subreddit, read the about read the rules or you can go to the subreddit click, the plus sign down at the bottom, and then there will be the rules. Click through the rules before you actually post, because there's been like three or four times they all post. I missed something and it's like your post has been banned automatically because blah blah blah um and then it is what it is. But if you do that enough times you can get banned on reddit, which would be a pain in the butt, because, yes, you can go, create another reddit account and just start over, but you're gon na start over from all your carmen, you're gon na have to Gain all that back again, so i don't recommend it so definitely read the rules.

I know reddit has worked for a lot of people. I feel like it's the number one one that everyone talks about like create a reddit account um anytime, that i've done My like polls on my only fans like asking. How did you find me if you don't already do that? I recommend doing that. It'S just quick and easy. As long as it's a poll, i feel like it's just a quick they'll click, instagram, tick, tock, twitter or like wherever they found you so definitely do that. If you're, not but anytime, that i've done that um, i think in like 50, the 50 subscribers i currently Have there's like two that are from reddit so, and i think i don't know i this, like. I said i'm just telling you what i do with reddit and i personally feel like it's kind of hard with reddit in my opinion, because a lot of the guys are there for free and you will find when you're on there that there's a lot you can Get for free on there, so i just don't really see why a guy would come to see someone's only fans unless they're, like really into you and they're, wanting to see you yeah, i think that's it.