How To Turn 0 Robux Into 10,000 On Roblox!

How To Turn 0 Robux Into 10,000 On Roblox!

847. 000 robux. You guys watching this video are probably wondering maz. How have you got so much robux? Please teach me the ways i want to get to 800. 000 robux. Please teach me how to do it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, i'll be showing you exactly how to get free robux in today's video and what i will be doing right now is. I will be going from 847 000 robux to 900 947 000 roblox is going to be literally insane, but before we do anything, make sure you guys leave a like onto the video and also subscribe with post notifications turned on. So you don't ever miss an upload from me ever again and i'll be choosing three people coming down below their username in the comment section up to the video for 10k roblox each. So if you guys are new, everyone comment down below right now and let's get straight into the video so guys, as you can clearly see, i am wearing a dominus which is the dominus in furnace right and you're. Probably thinking like oh yo bro, that's that's worth a lot of robux yo! Listen up guys this right here! This dominus piece is worth exactly 640, not thousand robux, not 100 robux. It'S worth 614 million robux

That is insane bro. This is by far the best method out there right now that you guys can do to get free robux. Now, before i show you anything guys make sure you stay until the very end as you do not want to miss this out, and i've also got a promo code which you guys can redeem at the very end. So you definitely don't want to miss this out. Let'S get it now guys we're over here on roblox now, as you can clearly see, we are still on 847 000 robux. Now i'm gon na go ahead now and refresh the screen to see if it is legit or not three, two one, and we still have it so we do have basically 900k roblox right now. What you want to do guys for this method is quickly make sure you follow me on rawbook at roblox. My username is it's my roblox. We are literally 100 followers away from uh 10 000. I think it is not too sure but anyways, let's get into it. So what you want to do is go into a new, clear browser. You can do it on mobile

You can do an android, you can go on any devices and this will still work for you. So what you want to do is type in rb ux, So that's robux and then type in global. So that's going to be r or b: u x, g l, o b, a l and then dot com and right here guys. This method right is on this website and it's proven to work by poke flamingo. It'S funny. They actually use this website, but they haven't told anyone, because it's a massive secret, so, as you can see, we can claim roblox up to ten thousand now. This is a business per one time right, so i'm going gon na do a 10k one and see if it works, for you guys, uh. We pressed it and uh. Okay, so username, it's marty roblox, remember guys dude. They don't need passwords whatsoever. So don't worry about that! It'S a legit website. It'S all good, to go and uh. It should work now and go all green. Let'S see if it works. Okay, it's all green now get valid perfect. Let'S get it boys, okay, verification required.

This happens sometimes because listen I'Ve been doing non-stop now. It'S thing, it thinks i'm a robot. So what you guys do is just quickly do an offer. You can guys do any offer. You want and just verify that you're a human and you have to make sure guys that you've completed to the very end. Otherwise it will not work for you. So i'll back to you guys in literally 30 seconds.

Okay, guys we're over here on roblox. Now, as you can see, we are back at the main page right now, because guess what i have completed the survey. So, let's get it guys, we still have the 857k robux because we have not refreshed our screen. So guys do you think right now that we will get 10k robux? Do you really think that we get it because i think i will get it, but if you guys, don't think it then comment down below now and see if it is gon na work? Three. Two one moment of truth: let's get it yo, so it did work. We'Ve got 10k robux like that. That'S actually crazy! So, let's see if it has legit so yeah, you can see it eight five, seven five, two six. We still have the uh eight four, seven plus 10k on top, so that did work. That'S a successful, uh method to get robux. Now guys. I will have the website down below, pin in the comment section, so you guys can just press it if you're on mobile and android or whatever device you're on now.