How to regain my motivation back?? | Sadhguru Speech

How to regain my motivation back?? | Sadhguru Speech

. My question is: I have lost my spark okay and I'm not a very much like you know, continuously consistently motivated person. I have lost my motivation: how to regain that to live my life and lead it in a you know, like a joyful B, to B regain your inner peace. Thank you, sir see ya. The nature of life is such if you, if you go outside in the garden and try to catch an end. The bhu aunt who is born here, I was grown up here and probably he'll die here. That'D be a chew, and if you try to catch him, he'll say: okay to help with my life. Okay crush me: if you want, is it so he'll do everything to protect himself? He values his life. Isn'T it very mature, no tiny, little creature that we may not even notice we may step on him without even seeing him, unfortunately, but he values his life immensely. Does he know he's got spark, but you a human being, at least on this planet you're. The peak of evolution physiologically at least yes, if other behavioral aspects, if we may have questions but physiologically at least the most evolved creature on the planet,

What the most evolved creature on the planet means is, it has the most complex neurological system and it has the highest level of cerebral capability. That means you can think you can remember. You have memory, you have a very vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of imagination. An ant doesn't have such a vivid sense of memory, nor does he have any great imagination. Here'S some, but he has a presence of mind about the life that he is living, because the education systems that you're going through right from kindergarten level is such that it is about everything except you.

It'S about everything else. Somebody is PhD in tourism. Somebody is PhD in biotechnology somebody's PhD in something nothing about this. How does this function? There is no attention at all a human being functions. You know you have a car libido a temple here. What this means is a human being exists in three times. He lives because of the richness of his memory. How rich is your memory determines what you will do and what you will not do right now? Isn'T it so so memory is important.

The present experience is important and how withered is your imagination for tomorrow is very important right now. The problem is these: things have all gotten mixed up, because discipline of faculty has simply not come has been taught to our children. That there needs to be discipline, means people, think English kind of discipline walking like this, like idiots discipline of faculty, is not there because of this. Your own mind turns against you. What happened ten years ago, you still suffer hello. What may happen day after tomorrow, you already suffer because there's no discipline of faculty, you don't know how to use your memory. You don't know how to use your imagination. Um memory makes you suffer. Your imagine makes imagination makes you suffer and you think you are suffering your life

You are not suffering your life, you are only suffering the two greatest faculties of being human vivid sense of memory and a fantastic sense of him. Imagination! Isn'T it. So if you suffer the greatest faculties that you have, what can we do with you? If you suffer a ailment understandable, if you suffer a disability understandable, if you suffer your ability, hopeless case, yes or no, you are suffering your capabilities. If you are suffering your disability, it's alright.

You are suffering your capabilities. I must tell you this about four five months ago. I think you might have seen it on the news. I am lately 34 year old lady, who was a television anchor in Hyderabad, jumped off the 5th floor window, kill herself left a note. Nobody is responsible for my death. My brain is my enemy. How many million years it took to get this brain to this size, and now it becomes your enemy. She articulated this, but this is true with almost 90 % of the human beings, they are suffering their own intelligence. Isn'T it if you take away half their brain? If you take away half their brain, they will be peaceful, yes, and that is why a whole bunch of idiots are going about saying that the ultimate goal of life is peace of mind. Such people will only rest in peace. Now you young man, they kept you here for too long seven years they should have thrown you out in four years.

Then you would have done something university life. If somebody is not keying you up all the time, it could become too easy. You know, even I remember when I went to the university most of the time we were in the canteen, not in the garden. The easiest part of my life was university. I think I know nobody is going to like it and but I think this university time must be shortened unless somebody's producing something brilliant. They must be chucked out within three to four years time. Everybody, if they're doing something very focused and very intense they must take otherwise see. This is all I am telling all of you. Young people do whatever the hell you want in your life, but you must be intensely focused on something. If you are not investing in anything your life, it will just go waste because, as I told you in the very beginning, one basic ingredient of your life is time, and this is just going away already. You'Re two hours closer to your grave