How To Promote Your OnlyFans | Gain Followers Fast!

How To Promote Your OnlyFans | Gain Followers Fast!

Instantly get followers, i think it's pretty essential when you're starting an only fan highly suggest this app. It'S not going to be this easy forever, so you want to hop on it now, while it's lit that's where i got the most followers , hey guys! Welcome back to my channel, my name is kayla. Today, i'm going to be talking to you about how to promote your only fans if you're already on only fans, one of the biggest things that you can do is promote and i'm going to tell you how i'm going to walk you through it. So i'm going to be going through every social media platform that you can use, i'm not going to be talking about reddit today,

Reddit is something that you can use. However, i am not knowledgeable on that, so i'm only going to be talking to you about things that i have done and work best for me and i'm not gon na sit here and say like oh, i did this with. No social media, following obviously i do Have a following on social media. I think it's pretty essential when you're, starting and only fans to have some sort of following following you.

If you're trying to do it anonymously, i would get started on that now. I would create all new accounts on different social medias and build that up, because that is the only way you're going to be able to gain a lot of followers. So this video isn't just for how to like gain only trans followers. This is to build your social media up as well. So if you haven't started, and only fans yet and you've been thinking about it, now is your time to start your social media platforms to get you ready for your only fans,

The first thing, i'm going to say, is: if you already have a paid, only fan subscription. That means that it's behind the pay walls people pay per month to subscribe to you. If you already have that, then i suggest that you also make a free page on only fans. You can have two separate pages and you're, probably thinking kayla. Why would i want a free page when i have subscribers on my page, paying me yada yada, you want a free page to promote your other page. Only fans is a safe place to obviously promote your only fans because it is only fans. Other social media platforms like instagram stuff, like that, it's really hard to promote on there, because instagram tick tock that type of stuff like they will take your videos down. They will take your photos down and they could delete your account. So you want to create a free page on only fans to promote your paid, only fans. You can follow my free page. If you want ideas on how i do it like. I have a select portion of pictures that i use to promote.

Obviously, i'm not gon na, like put all of my pictures on the internet for free, obviously, but i have a select few pictures that i promote and i will put those on my free only fans and send those out and say, hey running this sale or doing This i will basically promote on my free page: hey go over to my vip page to talk to me for free now on my free page. I have it so nobody can message me unless they tip. I have it that way because, to be honest, like i get so many dms on my paid only fans, you know my subscribers pay to message me for free. So why would i respond to messages for free on my free, only fans when they can just come over to my paid, only fans and have a conversation or they can pay me on my free one? Now you do have to be active on your free. Only fans i've been slacking a little bit um. You have to be active because people who follow free only fans either one have no money and they want to get free stuff, which is that's the majority of people. Two

They are looking for girls to subscribe to their paid and they are just on there on a daily basis. They'Re probably subscribed to a lot a lot of girls, so you want to be active, always popping up on their feed like hey, i'm still here. You know that type of stuff. Now, if you are going to make a free only fan, i suggest you use my referral code um that doesn't take anything away from you. What it does is, i would get five percent of the 20 that only fans take instead of only fans taking 20 they'd be taking 15, and the other five goes to me now. What you would get by using my referral link is one i will be giving you a free shout out on my free page,

It'S almost a thousand followers, so you should get some sort of followers. If you do use my referral link, i will also be there supporting you messaging back and forth. You'Ll get a free trial to my only fans page now you do have to be making some sort of income on only fans. That shows, on my end, to do this, because i don't need people just wanting free trials from me. You will get a free trial to my page, see how i run things get some ideas get some inspiration and we can do like like for like on each other's pages. That sort of thing - and i will be here for whatever you want. So if you want to use my referral code for your free page or if you have a free page - and you want a vip page - definitely do that, i would definitely definitely recommend making a free page. I think it would get you a lot farther because anytime, i'm promoting on my free page. I instantly get followers and you're going to want to promote your free page, especially on twitter,

A lot of people are on twitter. Looking for free pages, say hey, I have a free, only fan, and this gets people to sign up for only fans. If somebody follows a free, only fans like they see a free, only fans, they're more likely to sign up for the website and when they're signed up for the website, and they already have their card on file. They'Re more likely to subscribe to you when you're advertising. Your only fans and someone doesn't have an only fans - account that's kind of like an excuse in their head like oh, i don't even have an only fans.

Why would i join, But if you have a free, only fan they're gon na join, so definitely keep that in mind. Okay, the next platform i'm gon na talk about is instagram instagram. You have to be very, very careful with um i actually got banned from going live on, instagram, which i used to do all the time. Um, i'm able to go live now, but i got banned on instagram for going live for a little bit because i was posting bikini pictures literally bikini pictures. However, i was tagging like i was like only fans hashtag only fans, girls like stuff, like this - don't do that. Do not use those hashtags. You can put like hashtag hot girl summer like something like that, but i wouldn't even go that far. What i do on mine is, i will put a picture and just say swipe up with my milkshake there's, this app called milkshake i'll link it down below, like a lot of apps, are cracking down on link trees now so go to milkshake now, and it's honestly Way better, you can design it way. Cooler go to milkshake, create that and put it in your instagram because instagram, if they see, and only fans link like a straight up. Only fans link they're gon na literally like try to delete your account.

They don't play games, You got ta, be a little stinky. If you have 10k followers or more, you can do the swipe up, if not put it in your bio. That'S like the only thing i really do i'll, probably promote on there once or twice a week. Other than that, i don't really like to promote on instagram very much because they are not sex work friendly. Unfortunately, but i'm gon na talk about other platforms that i do like to use. Let'S keep going. Okay. Twitter, like i said you want to promote your free account on twitter, or even your vip account on twitter. I like twitter, you can kind of get away with being a little spammy, especially if you create a separate account for only fans. I did create a separate account for my only fans on twitter, just because it's easier to promote you know you have followers that want to see that stuff. On my regular twitter, it's more of like personal business and like shouting my videos out when they go, i would definitely recommend creating a different twitter account if your twitter is nothing like sex work friendly or anything like that.

So i would definitely create a not safer work. Twitter account if you could and then that way you can get away with being a little spammy. You can like other girls stuff get involved with the community. It is a little oversaturated, but on twitter you can also do like for, like you could do shout out for shout out stuff like that when you are promoting on twitter. I suggest you put a picture. Some text like hey, subscribe to. My only fans don't put the link in the first tweet because it won't get shared to a lot of people, because twitter wants to keep people on the app so they're not going to like promote your tweet

If you're linking something you can link the actual, Only fans link which is amazing about twitter, so you're going to want to link that on the next thread of that tweet. That'S how i promo on twitter and i've actually gotten quite a lot of followers from twitter, but is where i got the most followers from like people who didn't know me from youtube, so the next one is bumble now, if you don't know what bumble is it's A dating slash, find friends, slash business app. You can find friends on there. You can find people to date. You can find people to do business with

I use all three. Obviously i don't search for dates, because i do have a boyfriend. What i will do on there is. You do not want to link any website on bumble. I made a tinder account when i first started doing only fans and it instantly got deleted like it. I was instantly banned from tinder, so i mean it's fine. I wasn't using it for the sole purpose of dating so obviously you're gon na get banned. You wan na be a little sneaky with this one you're going to put some really cute pictures of you on bumble. Now they don't really like it When you put bikini pictures, so i would stay away from that. You'Re going to link your instagram account and all you're going to do is just swipe right on everybody so that they get matched with you. You can put in the description like hey. If i don't answer on here, we don't match, feel free to dm me on instagram or feel free to follow my instagram, something along those lines. Right now,

I don't reply to these people. Obviously that's not what i'm looking for, i'm looking for them to come over to my only fans when they follow me from bumble on instagram either one i gain a new instagram follower two. I gain a new instagram follower and they follow me on only fans. So that's kind of how that works. You kind of have to link your apps together. You do have to be really sneaky. You don't want your account to get banned. You don't want anyone to report you. Someone did report me at some point and it was basically like i didn't reply or something. So if you are going to use bumble, i would go on the friend one too and reply to the friends. If you don't want to reply to like um the people who you have on the dating one um, that's what i do i'll reply to the friend and business ones. That way. They think that i'm, like an active user on bumble. That'S how you use it. You just swipe right on everybody and it will just automatically happen. I think i've gotten uh quite a few followers off of bumble as well, so it's pretty good to use just be a little sneaky about it.

Oh and for my job i did put that i was a social media influencer and for some reason on bumble. They like flagged that and they were like. Oh, you can't put this as your job and i was like what the . So now i put i'm an accountant at where accountants work so and it's been there for a while, so they haven't flagged that yet that kind of gives the impression like they know. I haven't only fans, they know what i'm doing so. They kind of just like. If they, if they're interested, they just go, follow them. Okay, the next one i'm going to talk about is tick tock, tick tock! You have to be a little sneaky as well. Now i will use, only fan sounds and what i mean by that is like people talking about only fans, i will use their sound and create a video with that.

I don't really like to post me in a bikini on tic tac. I did get a few videos taken down of me literally in a bikini for two seconds like it was literally like what the . I would just suggest you use the app as if you were a regular user. I wouldn't tag anything for only fans again. I would use that milkshake link put your only fans in that milkshake. You can put your instagram handle and you can just like do like sexy dance videos. You can literally do anything on there. Tik tok is so like saturated to the point where you will get followers. The most followers i have ever gotten ever at one time was probably either tick, tock or youtube, and i'm gon na talk about youtube in a second but tic tac.

Literally, anybody can do tick tock. I highly suggest this app. I highly highly suggest it and the thing is: is tick. Tock is not going to be so easy to gain traction forever. You'Re! Not it's not going to be this easy forever. So you want to hop on it now, while it's lit and while people are gaining followers and you can be gaining followers too, so it's a win-win tick. Tock is a must for this, and i have to get back on my game with tick-tock, because that's where i got the most followers last but not least, is youtube. So obviously not everybody wants to be a youtuber, not everybody likes youtube, but i will say if you've been thinking about youtube or you want to do youtube more likely like in my niche area, like i do a lot of trying hauls

If you want to do that type of content, i'm not saying to go, do it like? If you don't want to do youtube, you don't have to do it, but i will say with youtube. I do try on hauls, and that is where i get the most followers like anytime. I do any sort of try and haul. I instantly get followers to my only fans. Also i do want to mention. I was doing like try and hauls long before. Only fans was like even a thing in my mind, like i didn't even know about only fans when i was doing triangles. I don't do the try and hauls, because i'm only fans, i literally do it because i love it and i'm passionate about it. Don'T only do youtube because of only fans, i would just find something you're passionate about if you have been thinking about, doing youtube, start , and i also put my only fans on every single video like right here right here.

I'Ll, put i'll literally put it right now, so you can see so that, like even if it's not a try on haul or something they still know, i have an only fan, so you know that's kind of how i promote it. I kind of sneak it in there. You know like be really natural about it and don't be too spammy. I really enjoy making these only fans videos. I know i get um quite a bit of hate for these only fans, videos, but if you're a hater and you leave hate on my videos constantly just know that i will not see them anymore, because i blocked a ton of words. Out of my youtube channel so got rid of that so that i can start making videos that i love again like this one. I definitely recommend you have a free, only fans page just because like that is honestly a must, if you don't have one by now and you've, been on only fans for a while

You need a free, only fans page, i'm not telling you to give free content to people, because you can literally put everything behind a paywall. If you want and just link your only fans on each post honestly just go over to my free, only fans page and see what i do if you use my referral link and you haven't - got a shout out yet please dm me: please yummy on only fans. Just because i probably won't see your message on any other platform, because i do get a lot of dms. So if you want your shadow, um, definitely dm me. I think that concludes today's video. I really hope you enjoyed it. Don'T forget to leave a like and don't forget, to hit that subscribe button down below if you want to see more videos like this leave a comment, if you have any questions on only fans or want me to make any specific videos on only fans, i hope You enjoyed, and i will see you in my next video , bye, , here