How to promote Onlyfans Anonymously | How to Promote Only Fans Secretly | Roula-Mindbodylife

How to promote Onlyfans Anonymously | How to Promote Only Fans Secretly | Roula-Mindbodylife

Hello, my beautiful queens, what's going on it is rule of mind body life. Welcome to my youtube channel, only fans rule of mind body life. So this is an extension of my original youtube channel, which is just rula, slash or dash rula dash. I think it is uh mind body life and this channel is dedicated just to only fans, because there's a lot of information and girl we're trying to make some money right. So today i actually want to go over something that i keep on getting questions about, dms on tick tock on instagram, and that is how to promote only fans anonymously. Right, like you, don't want to use your personal social media accounts. You don't want your family to know that you're on only fans and you're, trying to obviously be as discreet as possible right. So the first thing i i want to say - and it is just being completely honest - is that it's going to take a lot of work to to promote yourself anonymously.

If you don't want to use your regular social media accounts now that doesn't mean that it's impossible. It doesn't mean that you can't start getting subs on only fans without having to you know, show your face or let people know who you are or let your family know your friends, anyone you could still do this totally anonymous. I just want to let you know, because i i'm always , honest and i speak the truth and you know i have fallen into the trap of like girl, you're gon na make like thousands of dollars in like their first day and then all of A sudden there's , crickets and you're, like no

No, no, i'm not like you got to work for you got to hustle for it, but listen. This is this is supposed to be a side hustle which people have made millions off of If you put in the work. So if you're ready to put in the work i've been trying to put in the work, you know, if you follow me on instagram, rula mindbodylife or you are on my other youtube channel, rouladesh mindbodylife you'll see I have a lot of stuff going on. So i can't put all my focus and energy just into only fans, but if this is the only thing that you're looking into you know as like a side hustle, you are going to be able to put in that Energy and the time that you need to To really make it on only fans and you can make crazy money on it. You know what i'm saying and without having to sell your soul without having to do porn without having to you know, even even be fully nude. There'S i'm not fully nude on my only fans now,

Do i get pretty damn close to it? Yes, but there's no pornographic content on my only fans either. It is just stuff that people want to see more of my thick beautiful body, big titties and ass and and they're there, and i also have fun on my only fans. You know i am talkative. I post stories. I answer all my my like my dms and everything, so i am on there all the time and my thing is super proactive, so you could do all that again without having to to sell your soul without having to do the porn without having To do the Nudity, if you're a hundred percent comfortable with that, let me tell you, you probably might even make more money, because that's what they're looking for you know only fans is taking a different direction now that it's really becoming mainstream, but that doesn't that doesn't Mean that. That'S not kind of you know where it started and what people are looking for, but again it doesn't mean that you can't make money off of it. Anyways

So, let's get into it! The first thing subscribe below hit the like helps the channel, So i can reach more beautiful women like you and also if you haven't started your only fans. Yet i'm gon na put my referral link down in the description below. If you can use my referral link, that is totally appreciated and it's no extra cost to you. So if you know about only fans, you know it's 80, you 20 them. If not i'm gon na put in the card above, i think it should be on this side um a video of my full, What only fans takes out and their setup and everything else, because that's not this video, but i have another video if you're curious about, Like the 80 20 that i just said, but my referral link takes no money away from you. It'S just gives me a percentage of only fans help us out. You know all those women need to stick together, help each other out and that's why i'm here, you know making these videos to help you out as well, because these are just things that i've learned along the way.

So the number one thing that i'm going to tell you for promoting only fans anonymously because you don't want to use your personal social media accounts is making private other social media accounts. Now i know some people are like okay, but that's still kind of putting me out there on social media for my family to find me - and i completely understand that, but a lot of girls, what they're doing is they're setting. You know they're just setting their accounts up privately but you're, using the correct hashtags to where you know your page can be found, but you don't have to obviously be showing anything on your social media accounts like for instagram

You can do it privately and still be able to use hashtags to where people would be able to find your page, and your excuse me, and your profile picture doesn't have to be anything crazy to wear like if a family friend did stumble on it. Okay, but let me tell you something: a lot of the times: they're not going to the internet is like i mean a bottomless pit and it is so hard you know for myself like. I have worked so hard to get my instagram followers on my main page, but i just started a second um instagram page just for my only fans, because i i wanted to kind of decipher the two or separate the two, and you know i did it like.

Two days ago, i only and i'm not promoting that page at all. I only have 40 followers, but none of my family, none of my friends, have found me not saying that they're. You know they might not find me within a week or two i mean i am not trying to remain anonymous. This is just what i'm trying to do as a marketing tool, but no one, no one that i know has found me yet so when you and i'm not even private. So when you are making separate private social media accounts, you're not going to you're not going to be found and then on top of it, if you are using different names, things like that. That'S something to look into now.

The second thing that i have heard so many other girls that are on only fans use that they're really making like crazy money is reddit. Now i know reddit is very big, but a lot of people are still not on reddit, like i didn't really go on to reddit until i ended up seeing another one of our only fans, girls talk about it because that's where she started making like a crazy Amount of her money on and she stayed completely anonymous like she does not show her face on reddit. She does post her like risque pictures and she'll, even put like her nude pictures up there. She, just kind of you know, covers the nipples and the butt to to keep that kind of

You know they want more, so they go on to her her only fans page, but she has made thousands on reddit and after watching her videos, like you know what i'm gon na do that again, i am not private on reddit everything you can find me across The board on all social media platforms, because everything that i have is rule of mind body life. And that is because i don't care to remain anonymous. And i want all of my followers and my readers and my subscribers to be able to find me on any platform. Tik tok. You know instagram snapchat reddit, only fans um, my actual website, which is, that's where the mindbodylife comes in from so and my other youtube channel.

So you get where i'm going with this, but on reddit you don't have to you, can make an anonymous reddit account and then just crop your pick. You know, like your face out of all of your pictures and only post the you know the pictures that you want anonymously and then in your description on your actual profile, can just be your only fans link. So that way, you know they're seeing the goods but they're, not seeing you, people can't see who you are and everything else and also i don't really know if you're familiar with reddit or not

I wasn't at at all like at all like i was trying to just google like what reddit really is about or what you know like. What. What can i do like? How am i going to be able to make money off of it right or just like? How do you join groups and everything else, and it's actually really simple so once you just sign up for reddit, you just start researching. You know, like you, put in a search, and i just started putting in like only fans and there's a bunch, a bunch of bunch of groups on only fans and literally all you do.

Is you you just join each group and after you join each group you can start posting onto those groups, so some of these groups have like a hundred thousand members on them. So when you start posting your pictures on reddit and again it can be completely anonymous. Crop out your face everything else you are now getting your pictures in front of a hundred thousand people. Does every picture get love? No, i mean there's times where i think i posted like the bomb-ass picture, and you know i only get like a few up votes or you know. Uh votes are like likes, i guess in a sense and - and you know like yeah, i'm like uh, you know it's it kind of like you know, okay, i wanted more up votes or likes, but you're still getting your stuff out there, and i know i've gotten Subscribers off of reddit now i am not 100 on reddit, i only post once in a while, but if you are not trying to post on social media and you are trying to promote only fans anonymously for me, i think reddit is the number one place that You really need to stick to and put all of your focus all of your energy on okay,

Now one thing, though, that with uh reddit, which was a not a little annoying, but if you're going to be super active, you can't also be like super spammy, Okay, especially in the beginning, because you have to earn what they call like karma points and karma points. Is i think, it's kind of more like when the more active you are, the more you post, the more interactive they give You like these karma points to where you could then be a little bit more free to use the platform like in the beginning. I would post, like you, know one picture on one of the groups, another picture another group and then i'm trying to like comment and lick. My only fans um url in the comments and then it's like whoa calm down you're doing too much now, because i've been on it longer.

I could post a picture comment post a picture comment post, a picture link. You know my only fans and i'm not getting those like whoa calm down. You know you need to wait. Another five minutes to post another picture because in the beginning, if you're not on reddit, that is what's gon na happen. So word of advice um, but from for me my advice to you. If you are trying to promote only fans anonymously - and you do not want your family to know, reddit is the number one place to start doing that and i've gotten i've gotten subs off of Reddit and again i'm not even on it all the time and i'm Not posting nude photos on reddit

I'M not even posting, like the pictures that i give my fans on reddit like i'm. Just you know putting you know, still sexy and risque pictures, but like the stuff that i'm going to put on reddit is not what i want to give my fans. I want to give my fans my exclusive content, but you know a lot of girls also when i'm doing this too

Just take a few sexy, You know pictures of yourself and what you want to do is you're just going to keep on reposting and recycling Those same pictures. You don't even have to go crazy in a sense like i have to give new content every day. No, that's what you're going to be trying to do on your only fans, because you want to give your paid subscribers. The juicy new content on reddit. What you're going to do is you're going to promote yourself but you're just going to use the same

Like few really, you know good pictures of like your ass or your cleavage or whatever It is your style that you're trying to do on only fans there's a lot of goth girls, tattooed girls. Like myself, you know busty girls, like myself, i also got a fat ass, so you know i'm in different groups and that's the thing on reddit. It'S not only like. Oh you're only going to look for groups for only fans. You know you're going to look at groups that, like curvy girls, if you're a curvy girl, skinny girl, asian girl, tattooed girl, blue hair girl, i mean goth girl, there's, there's redheads like there's so many groups on reddit that you can join and then just start promoting Yourself, one thing i do want to say, though, is that you have to be careful.

You have to read all the groups rules because i did get banned from one group and not because i was being spammy, but it was when i was first new to reddit. So i was trying to do all the advice that um the girl, the one only fans girl, um the advice that she gave to you know. Obviously, all the viewers and i ended up getting banned from one group because i didn't read all their rules and then i ended up looking spammy, but obviously i wasn't trying to like i'm not a spammer, like i have 30 000 followers on instagram. Like i'm, not you know, but so warning or you know just another little nugget of advice that i want to give you. Girls is watch out for that because you can get banned from groups even though there's so many other groups. I was like wow

I don't really care, but it's still, you know obviously now another streamer. You know a stream of revenue that i'm gon na get like cut off of in a sense like if i was able to get subscribers off of that page. So, just a little warning: read all the pages rules and everything else, because a lot of them do have different rules. Some of them don't want. You posting um anything besides, just your name in the description. Others don't want. You posting your direct link in the description. You have to put in the comments so definitely look out for that.

So those are my two biggest things: One is trying to make a just private, separate social media accounts and promoting on that people are also on twitter. You can look into that, But again, twitter is uh. It'S open. You know like there's, there's really. You can't really stay too anonymous with that instagram. You can make a private page. That'S why i was saying you know you can't try to make private social media accounts, But for me, if you are trying to stay anonymous and promote your only fans, reddit is definitely the way to go. Okay - and i just want to leave with one other thing, because i literally just stumbled onto this like two days ago - and there is another um website and it's called frisk - f r, i s k like first frisky, you know - and i i literally just signed up For it, it's another one of the only fans, girls that i follow and i completely freaking love her and she was saying how she might be leaving only fans and she's, possibly leaving only fans for this other webpage frisk, because she's saying that she kind of likes It a little bit better and i was like all right.

You know, i think i want to try to you, know, give it a shot, i'm still on only fans, i'm still going to be promoting only fans. This is my youtube channel for only fans, So you guys are still going to get a lot of content on. Only fans but the reason i'm bringing this up is because she said on the actual website. They do have a discover page now that doesn't mean that you're going to be discovered, and you don't have to do anything. You still have to promote on frisk, but they do have a discover page that if you know on your page, you write busty or gothic or, like you know like i was saying like whatever you are offering or whatever type of woman you are. They do have a discover page where people on their website can find you, and that is one thing that only fans does not have, because you have to promote yourself on only fans at all times like there is no search engine, there's no, nothing on frisk.

There is a search engine and well kind of like a search engine. It is a discover page. So this is why i'm bringing it up, because if you girls, don't want to be on social media like that or don't want to put yourself out there like that frisk might be another option for you to where you might not have to be able to do Anything - and there is a discover page on on it to where you can be found without having to put yourself out there on social media, to where your family might find you things like that.

Now i'm gon na put my referral link down below for frisk. Also, if you can, please use my referral link that would be dope. I would super super super, be a super super. I would be very appreciative and um yeah. So, for me those are my recommendations and again i do promote only fans. I i have a great time on only fans and i enjoy my subscribers everything else, but i understand that a lot of girls are worried about staying anonymous, but you do need to promote on only fans.