How to Make THOUSANDS on OnlyFans with NO FOLLOWING in your FIRST MONTH ★ DailyJune

How to Make THOUSANDS on OnlyFans with NO FOLLOWING in your FIRST MONTH ★ DailyJune

Hi, my name is not really Ava and I'm going to tell you how I made a successful, only fans with absolutely no following full disclosure, I'm not a youtuber, and there are lots of YouTube videos about making an only fan. The only thing is their advice. Wasn'T really suitable if you didn't have a platform on. I, on the other hand, didn't have a platform and did it well. I didn't want to use the one that I had. So what did I do? I did the basic you pick a name

You make your own with fans, you make your social media. What is important to have Twitter and Syrian reddit. We don't make sense if you have a following. Otherwise, I'm going to be honest, it doesn't make sense. It works for connecting with people, because the Twittersphere you're gon na turn it up in is an only fans bubble. It'S going to be a lot of only fans, content creators following you, you following them back, you might retweet each other's stuff. You might like each other's stuff, you might spot like 4 likes, which could be, could make your profile look better.

As you start posting things, and you don't really have any likes, you don't have any subs, it might be nice to do triumph through trial swaps and you like each other's stuff. Other than that, like I said, it's a bubble, you're not really going to be grabbing. The attention of buyers - that's just because it's insanely condensed the following: you bill is going to be creators, which means you can only assume the following length belt is also creators Instagram blocks a lot of hashtags, particularly the new page, so you might be able to stick. I got it and click it, but then, when you try to go to the most recently uploaded things they'll, let you know that page doesn't exist because so much is reported that they just lock that page totally. So again, if you don't have a following you're, not here because you're, not one of the top people, who've hashtag, titties or whatever it is, you want to write on your post, but read it. This is a site I had never been on before and in a month I made over 5,000 followers now I've almost 6,000

It'S pretty quick and easy growth because there are loads and loads of subreddits for everything. Subreddits are various categories. Anyone can join it, whoever made it people moderate it whatever you basically just want to post pictures and a bunch of sub reddits. I suggest, starting in, like our slash only fans 101 or one of those sort of only fans, sub reddits, which makes sense

I choose like five pictures of myself that I'm willing to share on this platform, and then I post the hell out of them anywhere. I can start with the only fans ones and then what I did is I found a girl who had even a single singularity to me. Maybe she's also ginger. Maybe she also has big boobs, maybe she's pale, maybe she's blue eyes. Maybe she wears glasses. Maybe she has an hourglass me was just thick thoughts. Maybe she has an ass. Maybe she has two feet literally anything. You click on her and see where she's posting every single spot that she posts that you could also get away with posting in post there. Every part of you is a niche or a fetish or a kink or an interest for someone and that's where you're trying to market. This is a point to note, because most subreddits they're not going to allow you to sell their advertise on that site.

So you're just gon na be posting a photo of yourself with a caption. This one would make sense for that rabbit. So go to my reddit. It'S you such ava is trying and it goes without saying to not post. All of your pictures, literally, like I said, choose a couple of photos post them everywhere. You absolutely can and when you feel like you've exhausted those pictures then pick another one. I integrate one new picture at a time on with posting the old photos back in and sort of have a slow-moving cycle that grows a bit but doesn't reveal ever too much.

Sometimes I purposely take photos for itself like if it's the SOB, where they specifically like, like underboob, I take a picture with underboob or something like that just for that sub. Otherwise I reuse as many pictures as I can, without adding new ones in reddit doesn't have any nude photos of me. I do miss out on a lot of separate it's by not getting naked Mitchell limits, my audience, but my justification is sort of that. If I, if I was someone looking to buy - and I saw that you post all these nude pictures of you already, because you do eventually have to add more photos, what it means is, if you're, showing nudity, eventually you're gon na, have a lot of different nudes On reddit people already are getting off to my scantily clad censored photos I'm not giving them naked photos to continue to use no shame or hate for people to do that. Obviously, because I'm very explicit on my only fans page - that's not worries me, I'm just saying you're gon na

If you go the route, I to you limit yourself from your audience and if you go the opposite way, you may be getting people to follow you on reddit, but not to subscribe to you, not all of my reddit followers subscribe to me, not only fans. It'S just not the case. I in a month made over 5,000 reddit followers. I have close to six now, but what is this success? I'Ve discussed on only fans, it's a very fair question and all the videos I watched. I did immediately, I wonder, like what have they made, what are they making? How many subs do they have? I have between a hundred and 150 subscribers. My only fans is $ 15 a month, so that can give you kind of an idea. But when I started out I did a 50 % off discount and a couple times since then I've done a smaller discount, but I haven't done them in a while and then of course you get money from tips.

Money from messages also custom content that people buy from you. It'S not like the things youtubers, of course, they're right, you're not going to get all of the money that they get if they have a huge following, but in a month not including now, just going from April 16th to May 16th, I made over $ 2,500. It'S not an insane amount of money not compared to people make 10 grand 20 grand 30 grand a hundred grand in a month. No, but from absolutely no following. I made two thousand five hundred dollars plus in one month, which is crazy: extra money.

I'M insanely grateful to people that support me. A hundred percent of what I make is going to my student loans, except for the pieces. I will pay taxes on so don't comment me for that. Also, yes, it made it to my bank account. Yes, it takes a week for the money. Someone pays you to make it to your current balance and then, when it hits your current balance, you transfer it to your bank and I can take up to three business days, but it will get there as long as you enter your bank details correctly.

So after your bank details correctly - and I will warn you if people want to pay off the phony fans - don't use venmo, then those made for family and friends. So if they request a refund, they get it straight back. No one contacts you that money's just gone. If you use PayPal, I suggest using a business PayPal, not hooking up a bank account or anything to it and as soon as they pay you train, which don't always do in advance, do not do business with someone who's like. I will pay you when it's ready get payment first, have they ever tried to buy anything off Amazon and pay when it gets there? No, you can't do that you pay before, and then I make what you want to see. So when they PayPal, you immediately transfer that money to your actual personal PayPal, which has your bank account linked up, don't link your bank account to your business PayPal.