Don'T watch me you're going to make me laugh and it's going to take longer. You want me to go. I don't have to go anywhere, just don't stare at me. Okay, hi everybody. My name is devin um. This is my first video like this on my channel because i'm new to it, but i made an only fans recently and i don't have a big following so i felt like the points that i had would help everyone else in a similar situation. I am more than happy and made more than i thought that i would by doing the things that i'm gon na, tell you to do in this video. I don't do crazy. Promoting on any of my social media accounts at all.

So you don't even i know a lot of people are uncomfortable with promoting on their social media accounts because of people they know or their family or family friends whatever it may be, and i have not done that basically at all and that's another reason why i Wanted to point out these ways to promote it, because i also didn't want to promote it on my like instagram, for example, that has a lot of like family and like close relative friends and stuff like that. So especially, if you want to do it low-key, these ways are really really good to get you more subscribers than you expect. Okay, my instagram has only like 2 000, something followers on it. I don't have a lot of instagram followers.

Like i said, my twitter has 300 followers um snapchat. I have maybe like 300 people on snapchat, but i am not and will not promote my only fans on snapchat, because i heard your snapchat account can get deleted for doing that. So don't do that um! I made a decent amount of money already, and i've only had it open for five days four days. Maybe something like that, so i wrote down some points that i wanted to talk about. The first thing that i wanted to say, too, is that you can post whatever you want, whatever you're comfortable with whatever you do or don't want to share it's all up to you and it doesn't really matter. It'S anything that you want nothing's required, like people can't like subscribe to your channel and then like take it back. They cannot renew it, but they don't. They can't take it back once they already subscribe. So that's really nice and it really is easy for you to be comfortable with um. What you share. Um

That being said, you can do a little bit more in private messages. If you want to, then you post on your feed, but it's again all up to you and you can even charge more for stuff and messages um. They call it like paper, pay-per-view paper message, whatever um, okay, ways to promote your only fans when you have a big following things. So the first thing i did was link my only fans to my twitter. I don't use twitter that often i only have like 300 followers um and i don't really tweet, but i added it there just because you know when you do tweet stuff or if you tweet, like cute selfies and um

I don't know just random people can find your um twitter and then they'll see it in your bio, whatever you'd be surprised how many people come across random tweets um, so i did that okay, so tinder for tinder. I made an account. I put up some cute pictures of me and like bikinis and stuff um, and i put my instagram in my tinder bio and my only fans link in my tinder bio and honestly. I went on there and i swiped yes on, like basically everybody just to like. I don't know give some attention to it, make sure you show up on like the discovery, if you like, i don't know if you don't use tinder and you try to promote stuff and it's not gon na work, because no one sees your page if you're not Like swiping um and i was traveling through two different states, so that's why i thought it was a good idea to get more exposure on there. So i did that um also on tinder

There is a feature under tinder gold where you can set your location to anywhere. It'S not passport. You can turn on global for free, basically, but this is called. I think it is maybe called passport, but you can set your location, your current, to location, to where you want it to be anywhere. So, for example, you could do a whole bunch of different cities all over the u.s and try to get more exposure with your instagram, and only fans in your bio on tinder by that, and the nice thing about it is, is that it's 4.99 a month so, Depending on how much you charge for your only fans, 4.99 a month could be like one subscriber a month or maybe half of one of your subscribers a month. Point

Is it's really really cheap? I also put my instagram in there because, obviously a lot of people on tinder, even if they don't subscribe to your only fans, they're going to follow your instagram and then, when you post, instagram stuff, maybe it'll make them more interested and you can have the link In your bio on instagram and it'll translate that way basically and about instagram too, i didn't put my only fans directly in my instagram bio

I have a link tree and i put the only fans in my link, trees. You have to open the wing tree first to see that i even have an only fans, because i do have some people that, like my family, that i know that might look at my page. So it's not like right in their face when they go to see it, but yeah add it to the link tree on there and then between twin tinder and instagram. Those things can um get you some more subscribers on there um reddit. So i don't know how many people use reddit that are watching this already. I didn't use reddit, actually um, my this guy, that i know told me that he was the one who told me to download reddit not for only fan specifically. This was before, but he told me to download reddit because there's a lot of communities there, where you can post content and like get exposure on there. Originally it was just help me grow. My instagram feed um

They have pages specifically for promoting only fans. I don't know how successful those have been for me, but i think what really gets me more things is. Subscribers is posting in regular communities like there's ones about like pretty eyes or pretty smiles or face or freckles like there's a community for everything on there. And i've noticed that when you post in regular communities like that, like not necessarily only fans promotions, because those are super saturated with things already. So if you go on the places that are, for you know just admiring people and seeing things like that, people are more likely to go to your reddit page, where you can have your only fans linked on there and you can have posts. Saying hey. I made it only fans like you can subscribe to it here, because those people are going to check out your page when they see you posting in, like uh eyes group, and they, like your selfie they're gon na click.

Your page and they're gon na see that stuff, so i definitely got some followers from reddit or subscribers. I guess, and another thing is a lot of people will message you on reddit when they see your posts and they will see message you asking like. Oh, do you sell stuff um? I want to see more like all this there's guys like that everywhere. You know what i mean so well, people not just guys everywhere, um, so yeah. If people message you and they ask if they can see more of you and all this stuff, you can send them the link to your only fans and see if they subscribe to you there. I'Ve noticed that some people will be like. Oh, i don't do only fans like i wanted to do cash app. I just don't answer. That'S not like you know, you're trying to get people and only fans. So i didn't answer that um. The next thing.

Okay, this is the biggest thing for me and it's really important. Okay, it's periscope! So i don't know how many of you have heard of periscope before, but my sister introduced me to it like two years ago: um and it's a live streaming app. So you just make an account: you can go, live anywhere. People can view your stuff from all over the world like that. I have a lot of followers on periscope, but that's just because i like have been going live a lot over the past year, but that doesn't matter that they show people's lives and like on like discover explore whatever it's called no matter.

How many followers you have? I have friends who i've also introduced to periscope, who literally have like just made new accounts and already have like hundreds of followers on their accounts just by going live. If you go live like once a day, you're guaranteed to get followers, you just need to like put the effort in. I guess, and people also are able to watch your live streams after you're done streaming it. So, for example, if i end my live - and i have say like 800 viewers on it, after the fact, it can go up to like 2 000 viewers, because people can view it as many times as they want and new people as many times as they want.

After it's already done and periscope is really really worldwide like there are tons of, even though not that many people know about it, there are tons of people on periscope and tons of people who, like are into only fans and like doing like yeah. So it's the best thing for me and i've heard no one on all the youtube videos that i've talked to or watched. I'Ve heard no one talk about periscope and i think it's really really the best way to do it.

Like i went on periscope when i first made my only fans account and i went live for probably like five minutes, and i think i got at least 10 subscribers just from that, and that was in the beginning and every time i go on periscope, i always Get more subscribers so like make a periscope, even if only like five people are watching your lives while you're live at a time like it will grow, just keep doing it, but you can make so much from periscope, but i just wanted to make this video because I'Ve seen a lot of people posting videos like this on youtube or like asking questions on like social media, because they're only getting like two subscribers or something like that, like periscope, is the best way to get subscribers. In my opinion - and i really think that if you try it out and do as long as your only fans is in your bio, like you're gon na get some subscribers from it. So i think that really is like a super secret, but super effective trick to having it only fans, um

What else after more time goes by that i've been doing only fans like maybe like a full week or two weeks i'll, make another video and let you guys know how it's going then um, i'm gon na put a link down below um. That'S just like a referral link for only fans like you can sign up through the link to get started if you want to if you haven't yet, i'm also going to add, like my social media accounts, if you want to follow me on there - and i can Also do shout outs on my only fans. If you want me to promote you on mine, i can do that um. We can like cross, promote each other. Whatever you want to do. I don't know, but my referral link to sign up for your own. Only fans account and then my social media accounts will be below, and you can ask me any other questions. You may want to ask me, and i can try to answer them either in another youtube, video or just on my social media accounts, and you message me: , but yeah