How To Lock Facebook Profile | Facebook Profile Lock 2021 | Lock FB Profile

How To Lock Facebook Profile | Facebook Profile Lock 2021 | Lock FB Profile

Privacy matters: how to lock your facebook profile be aware of exposing yourself in social media secure your account today. This video will help you to lock your facebook profile from any part of the world. So if you are new to my youtube channel, please don't forget to subscribe, share and leave a small comment below this video i'll, be right back after this start, intro . So first of all go to your facebook and go to your profile. So give me a milan: is my facebook profile, so i go here and i will show you whether my account is already locked or not. So i click in view. As now you can see my account is not logged. Everyone can see my every post from my profile so now, how do you lock it now? If you see the lock profile, that's okay! You can go from there, but in many case this lock profile is not available, then how to enable it so to enable go to your browser.

I go to chrome browser and now enter their now here in facebook. You just have to go to three lines in this part now scroll down and now click in language. So here you have to be very serious search b: u r m e s e burmese is your language: Okay, just select this language, and now you will be switched to the facebook and again come to the chrome, and now you can change to the desktop site. Now, here you have to go to your profile:

Now you can change the language to english from the google translator. Okay, so now you can see. This is your profile. Now, in the right side, there is a three dot, so just click there. Now you can see close your profile or close profile, so click in close your profile or close profile, and this kind of interface will open now zoom out and now you can change into mobile view, now remove this translator and you can see close your profile. So just click in close your profile. Now you can see that your account has been locked now to make it sure you just have to refresh it. I will refresh, and now you can see there, you locked your profile is showing now we have locked our profile.

Now, how the viewers see your profile if we go to the view as and you can see, the viewers will not be able to see our post and our story unless they are our friend to know it, it is 100 secure. We will go to the next id and look up our main profile, so i just log out this id and log into another account. Now, if i source my account here now, i cannot see any post. My account has been 100 percent locked now. If i unfollow here what the people will see if they haven't follow me now, you can see the viewer will just see the follow button and if he follows they can message me, so it will be in the message request, but guys what? If, if you want this kind of logo in your facebook, so i will take you to the chrome browser you just have to use pc

If you want in mobile, i will bring next video, So in google you have to search multiple tools for facebook and just enter there. Now you can see here multiple tools for facebook download. You just have to download from now scroll down. Now you can see here free download click in free download and just cross It now here click in free download as well. Now you can see chrome web store page is opened. Now you can see l.o.c extension, you just have to click in add to chrome and you will be able to see loc extension now go to the dashboard of loc extension. Here you have to login your facebook and if it is already login, it will directly access. Just cross it and you just have to go to the tools and click in profile picture guard.