How to Learn to Code Quickly

How to Learn to Code Quickly

Whenever i'm talking to someone - and they mention that they're trying to be a self-taught software developer, one of the things that comes up is using your time effectively like trying to do this as quickly as possible. Because for a lot of you guys, maybe you've been doing this for a few months. Some of you have even maybe been doing it for a year or longer, and you want to know like. Is there any way to speed this process up? Because it's hard, especially if you have a nine-to-five job, you've got other stuff going on in your life to continually do this over and over and study and build projects over a long period of time.

It'S just hard, So if you can get in that career quicker, you should absolutely do it, but the point i'm bringing this up is because in this video, what i'm going to share with you is the i'd say the most important concept that, if you get down, Will help reduce The amount of time that you waste and will hopefully get you closer to your goal of being a software developer, so we'll definitely dive into that by the way, If you're new, here and you're wondering who am i i'm andy cirquitz, i'm a self-taught Software developer,

I'Ve dedicated this channel to help people to do the same so to get into a career as quickly as possible. So i definitely recommend to hit the subscribe button below also make sure to hit the bell icon. So you get notifications any time i put out a new video, so with all of that being said, i think it's really important to discuss what the big problem is for a lot of you guys. Most of you guys have this problem of what i would call

I don't know distance from what you're doing to what you will be doing as a software developer. So many of you guys jump in you're super excited for weeks and months. You spend a lot of time consuming information right. You don't know how to program. So it's probably a good start to start consuming information. What is a programming language? How does a programming language work? What is the syntax of a programming language? How do you build some applications in a programming language right like these are important things. You definitely have to know them.

You can't jump in blind, but i find that a lot of you guys. You enjoy the learning process, so you stay there. You read a lot of books. You watch a lot of tutorials. You watch a lot of videos. You consume, consume, consume thinking that one day you'll have consumed enough information that somebody's gon na give you a batch to go off to a job interview with and they're just gon na be like wow

You have consumed so much information you're like an encyclopedia, you're hired. You don't get hired for what you know, at least not as a software developer right. It'S not what you know, it's what you can do, and so what you actually do as a software developer, is so far away from learning all these concepts and all of these different things that you learn when you're learning right they're. So far apart, that most companies are just not going to hire you because yeah, you may have read a lot, but can you actually do the work that they're going to ask you if they've got a bug in their application and they say hey, can you fix It are you going to be like well, there's, there's no manual for that.

I need a tutorial right. Well, that's not going to fly or if they ask you to build, maybe a small web application for them and you're going to sit there and say well. I never learned that when i was learning no, that you have to be able to do that. So the point is that the distance between what you're doing right now, all this learning stuff and what you need to do, which is actually implementing the knowledge right and taking this and and using it. It'S so far. For so many of you guys and you're. So scared usually to get started right. That'S the thing i hear it's like. Oh, i don't really know what to do. The thing is this: the earlier you can throw yourself into the fire, as i say like the earlier, you can get yourself just building something small

The better because what you'll realize when you do start building applications and i'm talking small, simple, easy applications, if you guys need any ideas, i have a video that i posted recently about five beginner javascript applications start there. Anyhow, if you just start there, what you're going to realize is that you waited way longer than you should have to start building stuff a lot of people. I work with my mentoring, clients, people with no backgrounds, no computer science degrees. We get them building projects as quickly as possible, because we want to show you that hey this is possible and, yes, you can do it instead of waiting six months after you started learning this start doing it now, stop hesitating stop trying to think of all the Reasons why you don't need to build projects? Ultimately, what you're trying to do is get closer to what software development actually is, which is building stuff, which is tracking bugs down, which is fixing issues.

It'S getting stuck guess what that work, It'S not fun. Most of the time many times you're going to be sitting there going. I have no idea what i'm doing, i'm not sure how to work through this, but that's the process of learning to become a better problem. Solver problem solving Is this nebulous thing that we i hear so often when it comes to software development right? How do you be a better problem? Solver and people ask me all the time. How can i be the best problem solver? How can maybe better than that? Well guess what the only way you do it is just by going to problem after problem after problem after problem after problem i mean, if, if you think about over the course of a software developer's careers, they solve tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of problems of Issues of things that are going on over and over again, they get stuck on one thing and they figure it out and that's what makes a good software developer right all the concepts that you're learning all the better ways to program those will come.

You can focus on those once you have the core skills and even as you're learning the core skills, but ultimately you have to do the work of a software developer. So if you've watched my channel, you should know that what i'm going to tell you to do is to build projects, start small, build something. That'S not that complex, very, very simple: it could be the easiest application in the world and when you're done with that, add a little complexity to it and keep going and going and aim for projects that you see maybe youtubers doing right.

If there's some youtuber who's doing like some sort of clone like i know, people do like what is spotify clones netflix clones, amazon, clones, facebook, clones, yes, layer down the line, shoot for that, but shoot for small stuff in the interim and shoot for intermediate applications. After that, you could look on youtube for that. You can google all that information, so ultimately here's the thing if you want to do this quicker, get closer to the work of actual software developers right like don't hide from getting into the actual meat and potatoes of what software developers do, which is to code applications. Don'T run away from it like try to do as much as you can. If you get stuck good, it means it's a sign that you are doing the work of a software developer and figuring out how to get unstuck and figuring how to go through