Hi guys welcome back to my channel. My name is christian. If it's your first time seeing me then go ahead and like this video, because i know you're gon na, like it already subscribe and turn on those post notifications, so you never miss another upload, so guys hi welcome back! If you already are subscribed. Welcome back sorry, guys, i'm excited because we just hit 8 000 subscribers hi everybody hi new subbies hi, guys hope you guys are feeling absolutely amazing.

I am um, So yes, today we're going to be talking about how to heal i've been wanting to bring this video to you guys for a little bit, so we're going to go ahead and get into it and we're going to be talking about how to heal We'Re going to Be talking about some healing methods, but i just have to tell you guys thank you for sharing the videos sending the videos to friends. Um rocky will be on social media rocking with me on my other platforms, participating in the content, always leaving me beautiful comments and liking the videos, and i really appreciate you guys so. Yes, thank you guys so much for 8. 000 subscribers. I can't believe how quickly like we've grown and also, of course, y'all know me.

I am planning something really really big for 10 000 subscribers. Whenever i hit 10 000. I really want to do a really really big um giveaway, so um yeah. Whenever i hit 10 000, i want to do a really big giveaway for you guys. I might do three winners, or maybe i'll do two, i'm not sure, but i want to do a giveaway for you guys.

So yes, um, i'm really really excited to um, Just continue to grow with you guys and continue to learn and shift and all that good stuff. If you guys are new here, then you're probably familiar with my content already um. You know you kind of know the vibe. I talk a lot about um things that beginners need to know when they're getting into spirituality. Everybody is a spiritual being we're all spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, so everyone is already spiritual, you know, but it's just a matter of you know, are we awakened? Have we learned these things? Have we researched these things? Have we learned? You know just certain things. Some of us, you know, are literally just more. You know like physically educated on these things, but we all have these abilities. We all have these gifts and we all have this information. We just have to tap into it. So that's what i try to do here.

I try to encourage you guys to tap into you, know: um your power tap to your abilities, tap into you, know your god-given rights to control your life um and also your god-given life. To just have the life that you want to have have the life that god, that the universe that source has for you, so yes thank you guys for being here. Thank you guys for 8 000 subscribers, i'm so excited. But yes, let's talk about how to heal. Let'S talk about some healing methods, i've had a lot of people. Um comment on a lot of my different videos, saying like okay, this is cool, but how do i heal this? How do i move forward in this? So that's what we're going to be talking about. So if you have anything that you're dealing with or anything your friends are dealing with we're going to be talking about healing methods, different ways to heal, different things. So if y'all need um, you know like a reference. Video

I guess about something where you can come back and see different ways to heal a bunch of different things, and i guess this will be the video for you, we're going to talk about some different healing methods and um yeah. I hope this blesses you. I hope it benefits you guys on your journey and, yes, if you want to keep seeing the tea keep on watching so guys,

First things: first healing methods: um we can heal ourselves. Let'S just let that be known. We can heal ourselves, Y'All, don't need need to heal, y'all y'all, don't need to get a reading to be healed. Y'All don't need anything to be healed. All of the power all of the energy comes from within You so know that all of these things you can do by yourself. You don't need anybody or anything to do these things. So a healing method that i think is really really good for everybody. To kind of start off with um and to kind of get in the the feel of just kind of physically experiencing your energy being cleansed physically experience, your energy being purified, and you know experiencing Like physically seeing you know energies kind of literally get washed off of You um, i would say a spiritual bath is the first type of healing method.

I will kind of you know pass on to y'all. Spiritual baths are really really beautiful. I know i know i know i know i have to make a video for you guys about how to do a spiritual bath. I'M going to make that video very very soon. I just have to order like a tray, and i also have some spiritual, bad stuff - That'S coming in the mail, so that video could be up for you guys by the end of next week. I am going out of town um for a couple of days and then coming up, So i'm definitely gon na have to already have some videos like scheduled and stuff like that, for you guys um but yeah, so i'll try to order it. So i can have the video up for this full moon on october 1st, because i really want you guys to be able to tap into the energy in october, because we have a full moon on october 1st and again on october 31st.

So i really want to be able for you. I really want to be able to show y'all how to do a spiritual bath. I also want to make a video about full moon intentions before i um do that and how to set intentions and stuff with the full moon and a new moon as well. So those are some videos that are going to be coming up but, like i said spiritual bats, are a really good way to kind of introduce yourself into healing and healing practices um. You basically can kind of create like a gumball in this spiritual bath. You put whatever instance, um not put the incense in there, but you burn whatever instance in there that you want to smell you put whatever essential oils that you want to in the water um you put whatever herbs that you want in the water.

You can put crystals in the water. You can line the tub with whatever crystals you want to use um if you want to use florida water. If you want to use sage, if you want to use palo santo, if you want to use herba santa whatever you want to use, you know you basically create this bath and you basically look up what herbs do different things i'm going to use lavender because i've Been feeling stressed, i want to cut myself down a little bit. I want to bring in some money, so i'll put a little lemongrass in there. You know what i'm saying like whatever you're trying to bring in. If you want to do self-love, i'm going to put a little bit of rose petal in there. You know what i'm saying: it's basically like whatever you want to use um in your spiritual back, you can use it any essential oils. You want to use.

If you're, having like aches and pains in your body, you could do eucalyptus, you could do tea tree. I also use eucalyptus and tea tree. If i have a lot on my mind - and i kind of just want something - that's a little antibacterial to kind of cleanse. My mental space out I do that as well and also cleanse my energy

So again, spiritual baths are a really really good way to kind of self heal and just kind of get in the practice of if you've had a long day. If you've had a long week, um a lot of times, we do spiritual baths. We don't even realize that you know coming home from a long week wanting to put in you know like a bath bomb. You know what i'm saying setting our intention, without even realizing it that this bath is gon na make us feel better. It'S gon na brighten our day. It'S gon na give us some energy. You know we set the intent for these things without even realizing it so again, spiritual bats are really really good idea to kind of get into the healing tea, so i would definitely suggest spiritual baths.

I would also suggest um any type of releasing ritual if you're Looking to heal anything. Releasing rituals are something that i very very seriously recommend releasing ritual is kind of like a mild or cord cutting a releasing ritual is essentially you know. I have a whole video about releasing rituals that you can check out. A releasing ritual is essentially um you releasing the energies of stress, releasing the energies of depression, releasing the energies of a person, i'm a situation, a job, a space, an air like anything, releasing those energies from your energy. So if somebody keeps popping up in your head and every time you think about them, they destroy your mood. Heal yourself from that releasing ritual period write a letter about it. You know what i'm saying um. I have a full video about releasing rituals again, like i said that you guys can check out i'll leave the link to that down below, but um, but yeah releasing rituals are really good for healing as well, but i would definitely suggest doing a spiritual bath. First.

Just so, you can get in the practice of cleansing your energy purifying your energy, you know so whenever you are ready to do a release of ritual or something like that, you know you're able, you've already cleansed your energy, so you've already kind of built up that Resistance, any type of work that you do is going to take energy from you, because it's work that you're doing it's energy work like a releasing ritual is energy work. You'Re, not just saying it and stuff has happened, happening it's energy work,

You know so you're going to have to make sure that you're kind of building up your energy before you're trying to do any healing. That'S why shadow work is so important when we're trying to do rituals and bring in money and bring in love and bring in all of these things, because we have to heal our shadow self and we have to make peace with our shadow self, because anything that We come in contact with don't even know how to handle it until we completely deal and handle our shadow work first, but you can start off doing simple cleansing work. Doing simple manifestation work. You know to bring in light to bring in love to bring in positivity before you know, you get into your shadow work just to build up that momentum.

Um again, i feel like shadow work is a really good healing tool as well healing your shadow self is one of the most important um things that you'll do on this journey. Like i said as far as healing goes, shadow work is very, very important um and we heal our shadows up again. I have a whole video about this. We heal our shadow cells by you know looking at the parts of ourselves that we don't like. Looking those parts of ourselves in the face, looking them face to face and figuring out. Why don't i like this? Why do i feel this way about me because really it's just parts of you, so why do i feel this way about me? How can i love me more? How can i take better care of me and nurture me a little bit better? You know, so that's something that we have to think about as well. As far as healing goes doing, the shadow work um also for healing um, you could practice cleansing your space using sage, like i said, using palo santo, even buying a regular pack of incense, creating the intention and setting the intention that the incidents are going to heal.

You they're going to cleanse your space they're going to heal your space they're going to purify your energy, and you know healing, is isn't just about us. It'S not about you healing your physical body or even just you healing your energy. It'S about you healing your environment! You have to make sure you listen to different music. You have to make sure that you eat different things. You have to make sure that you're around different people, you have to make sure that you're taking on different information and different, you know like energies healing. Is you know completely changing your environment? You know change your environment, change, your vibration, very, very simple. So i definitely feel like you know, in in in the spirit of healing

We also need to make sure that we have friends around us who are supporting us on our journey with that we have an environment around us. That is happy that is safe. That makes us feel good. You know what i'm saying that invigorates us every day because think about doing the work on yourself all day and being surrounded by drama being surrounded by darkness being surrounded by issues and problems. You know what i'm saying it's kind of like beating a dead horse.

Essentially, so we have to make sure that we're healing our environment as well, so a big part of healing as well um is making sure that you're listening to good music you're doing your healing you're spending time in sun you're spending your time getting some vitamin d You'Re taking care of your physical body you're eating things that make you feel good you're experiencing. You know, love that makes you feel good, so um yeah. Basically those are just some healing tips that i wanted to bring to you guys. So yeah healing your environment is also very important as you're working on healing yourself as well. Um writing is really good for healing meditative space is really good for healing

I think that we think that healing is just you know like we fixing these problems and we done with them, but that's not what healing is y'all healing is really just learning to live with your you know. I still have every problem i've ever had. I still deal with every issue i've ever had. I just know how to deal with it now i know how to heal myself. I know how to move myself through those things and then healing yourself. Through these things you deal with them less and less they scare. You less and less they bother you less and less and you're able to deal with them and confront them easier and easier, better and better, more and more, and that is basically the energy that i'm trying to share with you guys and instilling you guys that you Know healing, isn't like you're gon na take a magic peel and be done like i had somebody ask me before, and i think i've talked to you guys about this

I had somebody ask me once when are you done healing? When are you heels and you're never done you're, always healing you're, always growing and you're always expanding um, So you know remember that and also be kind to yourselves. I always tell you how to be nice to yourself so be nice. You know what i'm saying, give yourself room to make a mistake: give yourself room to fall off, you know be nice and just understand that healing is a process you're always going to be healing. You'Re always going to be working on yourself.

I would say a really quick game plan for anybody who is wanting to start their healing um. First, i would say make sure that you're doing meditation and journaling every single day get a new journal for yourself and do meditation and journaling every day, whether you do it in the morning right before bed, whatever meditate think about the day. Think about the energies that are surrounding you sit in that sacred space. If you want to do a guided meditation, i have a lot of them on my instagram pageantqueenpixie. You can look in the igtv section and i have a series literally called god meditation, where i have all of my guided meditations so doing a guided meditation and then some journaling right after kind of emptying your mind out filling the paper, with all the thoughts that You'Ve been having um getting in the habit of doing that is gon na, be really really helpful for your healing, because every day we're getting bothered by different things every day, different things stick on our energy and it's so hard to pinpoint those things, because we let The thoughts pass, but when we sit and we focus on them and we jot them down we're able to kind of track our mood and track our energies and kind of basically, you know see on paper how we've been feeling and how we've been evolving.

So yes, meditation and journaling is going to be really really helpful, for you guys also, i would say, do spiritual baths once a week um. You can start your week with the spiritual bath or injury week or do both do it in the middle whenever but a spiritual bath once a week, i'm getting in the habit of you preparing something for you. You know the healing work that you guys do with me is going to be powerful, but because i'm i'm good at what i do, but also the healing that really really makes the difference and the healing that you really really stick to and cling to. Is the healing that you give yourself so you preparing a spiritual bad for you is going to be more powerful than someone else doing it for you,

So there's a lot of healing in preparing a spiritual bath for yourself, You know creating this mix of herbs and oils. You know what i'm saying that basically will uplift you and cleanse your energy, so spiritual baths are going to be really really helpful as well, and then i would say you know um doing a releasing ritual if you feel called to do so in your meditation and Your journaling, if you feel like something, is attached to your energy, but possibly do a releasing ritual. You know what i'm saying getting get in touch with you and i feel like a lot of times. We do spirit, we do shadow work and we do all of this work without even thinking about it. So do the work commit to the work start off with meditating and journaling, like i always say, and just understand that healing is a journey healing is something you're.

Always going to be doing and know that and get comfortable with that um, but yeah, that's basically it. I kind of just wanted to give you guys a little spiel about healing and just some things that you guys could do as beginners who are trying to heal. Um that don't want to do too much or don't want to kind of overwhelm yourself