How to Get Subscribers on YouTube FAST [Increase Channel Subs!]

How to Get Subscribers on YouTube FAST [Increase Channel Subs!]

What'S going on another quick video for you, so today we're going to cover a few super easy things you can do right on your youtube channel. That will help you increase your subscriber count, and the best part is these are what i call set it and forget it type tips. That is, you only have to do these one time and then they will be in place for as long as you leave them. There and will help you to grow your channel, while you can focus on providing your content, and so what we will be talking about today is giving viewers to your channel and to your videos every opportunity possible to hit that subscribe. Button and i'll show you what i mean in a second. So let's get started and don't forget if you want quick and effective methods for growing on youtube and generating online income, and you don't like wasting your time watching long drawn out, videos be sure to hit that subscribe button. So you don't miss out because the faster you learn, the faster you earn. So here we are we're on one of my videos. I'M gon na go and hit the play button and in a few seconds we're gon na watch right down here in the bottom corner and you're gon na see something happen there.

It is, and what this is is a customizable button. You can put right on top of your video and people can click on it and actually subscribe to your channel and, as you can see, mine's custom, it's a little g on a youtube type logo. If you want me to show you how to do something like that or do a customized button like that, let me know in the comments below i'll do that in another video. But if you look at any big youtuber, they have a button set up like this. To display on their videos - and all you got to do - is go into your settings and do this and i'll show you that in a second - and this is another quick example, this is a joe rogan channel and you can see his logo there spinning and he Also has a subscribe button that pops up over here to the right as well, so not only are they cool, they are effective at getting people to subscribe to your channel.

So, to do this i got to do is go to your channel click on manage videos, Then, over to the left, go to customization and then finally go to branding and down towards the bottom. Here we have video watermark, and this is where you're gon na do this, and all you have to do. Obviously mine's already in place is add one. So if i wanted to, i could actually remove this and then upload a new one. I'M gon na leave mine there, but when you get here, there's gon na be an option to input one or upload one and then there's a couple options for you.

You can put it on at the end of the video. I don't recommend doing that you can have it run the entire video. So as soon as your video starts to play, it's already there, i like to have mine kind of pop up, maybe it'll catch someone's attention, and so i have it set to five seconds after the video starts and once you do, this you're gon na see the Little button appear just as i mentioned now:

Of course, you can do all sorts of other things to add attention to that button, even though it's rather small, you could put a little video element in there like an arrow bouncing pointing down towards it, maybe mention the button as you're prompting someone to subscribe, but Again, it's just another opportunity to get somebody to hit that subscribe button. For you. The next thing we're going to look at is right on your channel right over your channel banner over here to the right you can see. I have a little link set up. This is right to a subscribe page. I'Ll, show you how to add this here in a second, but it's customizable mine says subscribe to gallagher you can just have it say, subscribe i'll! Show you how to do that in a second

But what happens when we click on it and what we get is this nice prompt for people to subscribe to the channel? It'S got my channel itself, actually blacked out or darkened out and then here right in the center. Is this box prompting people to hit that subscribe button now to do that? We were already in here in the branding if we move one over to basic info and click on that and scroll down a bit right here, it says, links, add links to sites. You want to share with your viewers, and basically this is where, where i put my subscribe button on the banner so and right, here's where i customized it to say, subscribe to gallagher and then here's the link i used. But my link has a little special text at the end, so here's a little bonus tip for you at the end of your link, the link to your channel you're gon na add this text right here.

It'S a question mark sub, underscore confirmation equals one and when you add that special text to the end of your channel link as you can see, it is right up here. That is what creates this subscriber prompt on your page now, what's great about this, is you can use this link then and share it on other social platforms, and that way, when people come to check out your content, they're immediately prompted to subscribe before they can even Access it, and so, as an example, i've shared before is to simply go over to facebook search for youtube groups, and then you can join as many of these groups as you want. Many of them have hundreds of thousands of members even more than that. Some have over a million members and they will allow you to go in there and share your content, and that is what you could do. You could take that link that prompts people to subscribe come over here share a video thumbnail of something you just did. Ask people to check it out and then provide that link so when they click on it, they have to subscribe before they can access any of your content.

Now, before we get into the last couple tips at this sort of information excites you or interests you and you just want all my personal methods and tools for growing channels, quickly becoming a youtube partner, earn that adsense revenue and even monetizing your channels for additional automated Income, like i do check out the link in the description to a video series i put together, where you can actually watch over my shoulder copy me and set this up for yourself and as always, if you click that link and come over here and check out This course page and you scroll down a bit you're gon na see where youtubers that are enrolled are following the steps i laid out for them and they're sharing the results. These steps are getting them right here and i recently added a new section to the course where i show you how to get a channel from zero to being monetized in about two weeks and the method is actually so effective.

I have students reporting they're, getting their channels monetized from zero to full-on partnership in as little as 11 days. So no matter what niche, what level experience you can use this method to get a channel monetized. So again, that link is in the description all right. So i've shown you how to add that subscribe button that pops up on your videos themselves, how to add a subscribe button to your channel banner on your channel. Now, let's talk about end of your video, so at the end of the video i'm going to show you how to add a subscribe button right here. We can actually change this around a bit, but this is actually another subscribe button. So if people are at the end of the video when you're prompting them to subscribe again, they can click right on that button and to do that, all you have to do is when you're uploading, the video we'll actually go into the video editor from here.

But when you're uploading, the video you can do this or you can add it right now to any video if you wanted, so you just go into the editor and then right down here to the right click on end screen, and this is what mine looks like. I put these end screens on all of my videos, and so once you're in here i have to do, is pick the layout