How To Get Rich Day Trading Altcoins Instead of Bitcoin in 2021 ($30k Week)

How To Get Rich Day Trading Altcoins Instead of Bitcoin in 2021 ($30k Week)

You want to get rich in crypto in 2021, but you're, looking at bitcoin sitting at 33 000 in ethereum at 1100 and you're like that's way too expensive. So there's an alternative to still get rich in crypto without having to buy these expensive coins and they're called altcoins. In fact, i made a video last week about four altcoins about to explode turns out. I was right on all four of them and in fact i made 30 000 in just under a week on all four of those coins, in addition to a few new ones that i want to talk about today. So that's. What we're going to talk about today is how do we get rich in 2021 without having to buy the expensive ones and getting the ones that still have yet to run and get first on the ride, the crypto train from making millions of dollars as a day Trader for 15 years and now mentoring, students who are making 18 000 in a day to making millions running an online course and coaching business and now mentoring, students who are making 70 000 per month. I know how to make money online, but it's time to give back, so i'm gon na give away over ten thousand dollars worth of my online day trading and entrepreneur courses for absolutely free. All you have to do is hit that subscribe button and i'll be running a small budget of advertisements, retargeting people who subscribe to this channel subscribe now and be on the lookout for that secret advertisement. That will give you access to all my programs for free, , all right so guys just taking a look at bitcoin in ethereum. Now, i'm a short-term day trader now before you make any stupid, comments about investing in this long term shut the up. I don't care, leave your down in the comments below we're talking about short-term opportunities to take advantage of in one day to one week to potentially two weeks time frame. Okay, so that's what this video is about and that's what i look for in altcoins for most of my trades when we look at bitcoin for this thing to double yeah, i did it pretty quickly, but we can also look at other altcoins that could potentially double In triple in just one to two days, such as xcg, which i alerted right here at point, zero, four, seven and then went as high as point zero one, four, what that's almost a two to four x. I don't even know i'm bad at math. A lot of people think i'm a numbers guy, because i've been day trading for 16 years. This has nothing to do with math. It has all to do with pattern, recognition and understanding human psychology, but the fact is trading altcoins. Instead of trading bitcoin and ethereum, you can find movers that are potentially going to run 50 to 100 to 200 in just a day or two, rather than waiting for bitcoin ethereum to make a 100 to 200 move that might take six months to a year. To two years to happen right, so that's why all coins are such a speculative place to put your money, and you can make a lot more money, much quicker than trying to play with the big boys like bitcoin and ethereum. I'Ve never even really held bitcoin. Ever i've only been trading altcoins and i do have some ethereum at about 600

So, just taking a look at my account now, currently the balance is 59 000 there's an open profit of 15 000, and these are currently the coins that i'm already in right now, so i sold xrp earlier last month at 48.5 cents. I made 30 000, but i also gave back twenty five thousand dollars in profit in about a day or two after the sec news came out, so i needed to make back up that twenty five thousand dollars and in fact i made about thirty thousand dollars. Maybe even more than that now just in the last week, so i've already made up that loss, not by trading bitcoin, not by trading ethereum but by trading altcoins. So let's take a look at exactly what those positions were and exactly how i did that now. Just want to take a moment to give you guys some big news: i've actually been working on a crypto course. It should be released in the next one to two weeks. It'S essentially gon na be all about finding brand new altcoins that have yet to break out and yet to make moves and show you how to be first in line before the crowd jumps in and actually pushes those alt coins up. So you can make 50 to 100 gains on these alt coins in just one day to two days, potentially a few weeks time, rather than waiting on bitcoin to double over a year, you can make a double on an altcoin in just a day or two, as I'M going to show you in this video, but if you want access to get 50 off the launch of my new crypto course, all you got to do is hit the link below head to sign up for the free discord, chat room and you will be Eligible to get 50 off the launch of the crypto course, i might call it kryptonic kryptonics. You know because iconic kryptonic it rhymes okay, so that's gon na be coming out soon. Next, one to two weeks but anyways guys back to the current situation. 59K balance. 14K. Open profit sets 60 70 75k balance, and then i also opened an account with exodus recently and had to transfer over money, because i bought 000 coins of vet that ripped 25 after we bought it because it was a beautiful chart that you're gon na learn all About in the course, and i'm up about three thousand dollars on that and two the surprise of all you crypto fuckboy fanboys, i did buy back into xrp, but just a few coins. So looking at the portfolio here, i only bought back 20 000 shares. But there's about 17 six in here. So what is that, like? I said, i'm terrible at that so 60. 70. 75. 85 about 93 000. In my account - and i just started with 20 000 - not too long ago - i couldn't have you know tripled. My account by trading bitcoin in this amount of time, but i could do it by trading in altcoins and i did it in about a week. That is why all coins are so amazing because they can make massive moves. If we want to look at my current positions that i have right now, i did buy into eth ethereum at 614, i'm up 86 on this trade, but that took a while for that to happen, also dot, i'm up 87. I already sold half of this to make bank on ada we're in cardano 1400 profit for 25 gain and i've already closed out dot. Half position for a 3 400 gain. I closed out algo for 2100 gain i'll go again for a 1600 game. This is actually kraken that we're looking at right here and it's a little bit different, because kraken only shows your p l if you use leverage on it right. So, if you just add these coins to your wallet without leverage, it doesn't show you your p l. Unless somebody can inform you where to find those stats, but it doesn't show where exactly to get it right, so i actually traded xdg i traded sc, i traded nano. I traded uniswap as well all other altcoins, but being the fact that i paid cash for them and they're. Just in my wallet, it's not showing me how much my p, l or profit on those were, but i did make a lot and that's also why i switched over to exodus. So i could buy v-e-t v-chain right. I bought in ten thousand dollars and now that ten thousand dollars is worth twelve thousand eight hundred dollars. So i made about three thousand dollars on that trade. So, overall, in total, in the last week, i'm up over thirty thousand dollars in profits simply by trading these alt coins, not from you know, buying and holding something like bitcoin. Even though that's not a bad idea, bitcoin is a major store of value. The difference is for bitcoin to go from 30 to 60 thousand dollars. It'S probably gon na take a lot longer than to find an altcoin, that's on the verge of making a massive move and can make a 50 to 100 move in a day. Bitcoin is not going to go to 60 000 in a day, but an altcoin could easily double to have a 50 move in a day, which is why i think all coins are the best way to make fast money in 2021. So let's take a look at the charts and look at the ones that i had talked about in that previous video, which was posted five days ago. So i literally made about 30 grand in five days and thanks to everyone who supported about 70 000 people have watched this video so far, uh four best altcoins to buy now, instead of xrp uh. Because if we look at xrp, yes, it is actually making a move right now, 10, but xrp has been totally stagnant, while ethereum and bitcoin have been making massive moves. While all these altcoins have been exploding, if you've been stuck in xrp still holding on to this bag, you've missed out on so much opportunity. When i told everybody to sell at 48 and a half - and i locked in at 30, 000 profit as xrp has just been absolutely tumbling for the last month, look at what ethereum has done, ripping ripping it up. Look what bitcoin has done ripping it up, so it's important to not get emotionally attached to somebody these things, especially if the sec comes out and says we're you over right, not necessarily a good idea to go to war with the sec. I'M gon na make another video about xrp, but i am back in like i said, i bought 20 000 tokens of xrp just a small position. I do still think there's potential for xrp going forward of which i'm going to talk about in another video. But let's take a look at some of the other altcoins that i bought. Xdg was the biggest one that made the mass most massive rip. Essentially, what i'm looking for a lot of times in these breakouts is all coins that are in the potential to break out all-time highs, because there's no previous resistance and a lot of this trading. This reminds me of 2005 when i started trading the stock market and i was making you know, 30 to 50 to 100 percent gains in stocks back in 2005.

And now retail trading in the stock market 20 15 years later, is so much more saturated. But in 2005 it wasn't as saturated and we were able to see these kind of massive gains, and that was when i just got started and retail trading in stocks was just getting started and we're now just in 2019 to 2020 to 2021. Really right. At the beginning of retail trading, coming heavy into altcoins and bitcoin and ethereum right, so that's why i think this is such a massive opportunity to be trading these, because it's not so saturated, like the stock market is trading. Small caps right now in the stock market is much more difficult than it was in 2005 to 2007, when i first got started, and now i'm seeing similar behavior same exact patterns that i teach in my training program in crypto, which is why i've transferred all my Money over to trading crypto, because i see such a massive opportunity here, such as xdg, where i literally alerted this in my chat room right here at 0.47, and this thing went all the way up to 0.45. If we want to look at my iconic fx crypto analysis channel again, remember all you got to do to get 50 off. The upcoming course is: join iconic fx discord, not a big deal, absolutely free. So just for example, i alerted xdg on one one january, 1st 21

New trade on the table, xgg higher risk place also smaller position, but a beautiful breakout chart reaching all-time highs and blue skies ahead boom right at the current price was 0.491. My target was about 0.65 or about a 36 gain. Guess where it went. This thing went all the way up to 0.41. This made a massive massive rip and if we look at my actual trade here inside of my kraken, so you can see on xdg, i got out way: early. You know i didn't know that it was gon na absolutely explode. You know i was looking for a 30 to 50 gain in a very short amount of time. You can see. My buy entry was about 0.49325, i sold half at 0.65 and i sold half at .0076 and then it doubled again 100 above my exit price there. So xdg was a huge massive altcoin trade you're not going to see bitcoin or ethereum make a move like this, but you will see altcoins continually make move moves like this, and the great thing is that there's going to be an endless supply of new altcoins coming Out every year, because there's always going to be new technology coming out and a new coin coming out, that's going to be building off of the technology, that's already out to try to make it better right. So, just like in the small cap stock world, there's always a new stock that comes out a new company with a new idea. That'S new fresh chart, a new something for people to pour their money into right and that's basically what's happening in the altcoin market. Is there's all these new altcoins coming out with a new shiny golden toy that everybody wants to touch and exactly like you see here and all we're simply trying to do is get in here? First, before the herd pushes price action up for us so that we can make profit, that's exactly what i'm gon na teach you in the course is. How do you identify these patterns first before they're, making the moves, because then that's all you're trying to do all that ever happens in the stock market in small caps? Is people wake up in day trade and they look for today's opportunity and they take advantage of that opportunity get in get out and then they have their cash left over and their profit. And then they look for the next opportunity. So it's just money pools that are continually going from one opportunity to the other. The only question is: how do we get there first and how do we identify those first so that we're first in line so that we're not buying up here or here or here, we're buying down here and then selling as price action push pushes up as the Herd pushes that price up for us so that we can lock in those gains, because all trading is, is this psychoanalysis herds, moving price supply and demand, here's another one that i recently traded, sc usd i bought in here at about .036, i sold half at .052 That was what a 30 to 50 gain on sec in a very short amount of time, and this still has potential to keep going. You know it's re-testing. Those all-time highs came back. I still have a half position open on sc, the other one that i traded recently was nano usd. This is a 55 in the last 24 hours. I find these opportunities first before the crowd comes in and pushes price again. All these opportunities are. Is people buy into these opportunities, they sell the opportunity, make the profit and they have cash left over, and then they look for the next opportunity all extremely short term. This is all happening within one to two days, not holding onto bitcoin for two years, hoping that it goes up right, which is probably a good idea. I do think bitcoin's value is going to increase, but if you can understand how to identify these patterns and get in and get out, you can make a lot of money in just a day or two, just like i made over 30 000 in the last week. So nano purchase price 116 exit price 166

That'S about a 50 40 to 50 gain. I still think nano has a potential upside, i'm still holding part of my position. Another one that i bought into was uni usd of which i really like the chart on uni usd. You can see. Here'S my purchase prices at 352, 370, 383 and 416.. I actually sold about 10 000 worth at 541 and this still has a lot of potential to keep going. I think this is an absolutely beautiful chart. There'S no previous resistance to tell us that we cannot be continually priced up. You know. The only thing that worries me is that bitcoin and or ethereum are probably going to have some sort of pullback at some point and which is definitely going to have an influence on pullbacks of these all coins. But that's just the cycle of trading and why we want to take advantage of this massive bull run in 2020 and 2021, because there's gon na be so many setups, just like this in the altcoin space that we can take advantage of and literally trade them in Just under seven days and make fifty to a hundred percent gains, not a hundred percent gain certain something that we hold over a year. Take a fifty to hundred percent gain in just a day or two lock in that profit and then look for the next opportunity to go place that money and then exponentially grow your account right. So that's all i'm simply trying to do in these altcoins dot was another one that i recommended in the video another beautiful chart. I still have half my position on dot usd as you can see bye. I actually stopped out here and then i rebought again at 5 34

We bought again at 5.50, i sold half my position at 879 and we're now up 10. 22., so essentially i'm up almost 100 on dot in just the last week, and i still think this has potential dot was created by the co-founder of ethereum and former cto of ethereum. I think ethereum has massive potential going forward. You know. Obviously, bitcoin is kind of like the grand king of everything, but there's no adaptation of bitcoin right ethereum. There are people constantly evolving, ethereum ethereum could potentially be bigger than bitcoin, because there's going to be a continual evolution of the tech behind ethereum and its ability to expand, and also in d5, which is also basically what uniswap is a decentralized exchange, is all based off Of ethereum smart contracts, so, if d5 really explodes going forward into 2021 and beyond you know, uni could be a massive opportunity, which is why it's my current largest position. I currently have about 4 700 shares or coins of uni usd, and i just sold about ten thousand dollars worth so anyways guys made over 30 thousand dollars in last week on all coins, and this is just first week of january - it's january 4th, which is also Crazy because crypto is open on the weekends, so a lot of this money was made on the weekend. While i was hungover from years eve, but i think we have a lot more altcoin potential opportunities coming up in 2021, there's gon na be continual supply of new ones. Coming out with new tech coming out, new coins coming out with new chart patterns, getting ready to break all-time highs. I think 2020 and 2021 are probably going to be the two biggest years for crypto. This is gon na be the best year to be part of this to double triple quadruple your account, because, as more and more people come in the more saturated it's gon na get and the more difficult it's gon na get that's why i'm trying to get this Crypto course out asap in the next week or so to get as many people in on this massive run in this massive opportunity, all you got, ta do is hit that button below join the discord, chat, which is absolutely free and then in the next week Or two you'll have access to get 50 off the launch price of my crypto course cryptonics. I think it's gon na be called we'll see. Maybe somebody already has that trademarked. I don't know i'll have to look it up, but anyways guys what a week, what a week and it's just the first week of 2021. So i'm really looking forward to seeing where this year goes. Sorry, this video is a little bit long. There'S just a lot of stuff going on and we're just getting started. Have a good one i'll see you in the next one, maybe i'll make a video about xrp and buying back in soon peace. That makes sense. I don't know: let's get down: , , , you