hi everyone welcome back to my channel hi. Everyone welcome back to my channel today. I'M going to be talking about different ways to advertise. Your only fans, so a thing about joining only fans is that they don't do any kind of like in website advertising. Also, did you notice, i got a tan look how tan? I am the thing about only fans, they don't do any kind of like in website advertising, so they don't have any. Like featured girls featured models for guys to click on it's all. However, you manage to advertise yourself, which is kind of annoying. I wish they would change that because they do take 20 from us and then they don't even help us like advertise. Here are the ways that i personally like to get my only fans out there number one is doing shout out for shout outs on only fans. These are basically when you network with another model, and you guys, like exchange little captions, your link and you're at like at brandy, shagwell or at brandyshagwell fans for my free one.

You just exchange your caption, Your link, if you want, to like add a video or a photo, that's the best way to advertise your only fans, and why is this Because you don't have to convert them? They don't have to click on anything extra they're already on the website with twitter or instagram. They have to actually click away from the website if they don't have an account yet they're gon na have to make an account. You know it's another step that it's another barrier like it's just it's easier to convert to not have to convert them to, even being like an only fans person like they're already on only fans.

So i would say: that's the number one way to actually get followers on only fans, and i would say, if you're doing shout outs on only fans like find some other app like telegram. Like um, you know twitter or instagram to actually set up the the shout outs, because model messages get lost a lot in my inbox and i'm sure that happens to other girls as well like no offense, but the messaging on only fans is not the greatest. It'S really slow, it's just a lot more convenient if you actually just go to like instagram messages or twitter messages to exchange the content number one number two is instagram can be good, but i feel like there's a whole lot of just like freeloaders on instagram

So i mean i've gotten good guys out of instagram, but it's kind of hit and miss for me. It'S definitely not my favorite twitter. I feel like it's even worse, even more freeloaders, just because so many girls do uncensored content on twitter. Why would they pay for sensor? Why would they pay for uncensored content if you already have posted uncensored content, so i recommend, if you use twitter, use like an app to blur it. I heard video leap is good. I haven't tried it um, there's snow, which has like a little blur brush as well for pictures. I would recommend blurring it even with like a sticker or like something if you take it on snapchat. You know the next way, which is personally my second favorite way. Besides, shout outs is reddit, i've gotten some really really good spending, guys off of reddit a lot of girls when i tell them that they're like oh, i tried reddit, but i don't really understand like how do i do it? How do i do reddit? So you want to make your account first step.

One make your account step, two put all of your fans. I mean your fans put all of your links or your link tree or something in your profile. Put like something like, let's chat or like i do, custom content or whatever else you little blurb, you want to put in your profile, put a little profile picture so that when they click on your profile, because, basically you want them to click on your profile when They click on your profile, they'll, see where to find you after you do all that with your profile then find subreddits. So there are like only fan specific subreddits which are okay, but i feel like they're kind of over saturated and that's probably not where you're gon na find like really big spenders.

So there's, like only fans promo, i think only fans 101 might be one. I can't remember only fans petite only fans, i don't know, there's a bunch, a whole bunch of different ones. So just you can put a couple pictures in there and then look up subreddits that are relevant to your look or what you have to offer. So i look up subreddits that are like twerking fit girls, adorable girls or something like that.

Um, like girls next door, like i'm, just like off the top of my head. This is the kind of stuff that i might look up like bubble, butt or something look up things that are relevant to your look. Okay and then after you do that post pictures, just post pictures make sure you watermark them, because i feel like reddit is gon na like whoever's on reddit is for sure gon na steal, your photos watermark them in case they get stolen. Uh watermark your videos, whatever the thing that stops people from continuing to try reddit, is that a lot of subreddits will say: oh you're not verified you can't post there or, like

Oh, you don't have enough karma, Yet you can't post there just forget about it. Just don't even post in those subreddits just keep posting and like other reddits and other subreddits until keep posting and other ones that don't have verification link standards, because i just feel like it's a pain in the ass and a waste of time. You can really post any other ones that don't have verification. You know what i mean it's kind of like a hit and miss for the first week, it's hard to understand, but it took me about a week of a learning curve to figure out how to use it. When a guy from reddit subscribes, i would say on average he spends at least 30 40 plus, like it can be a lot more than that within the first day or so that he subscribed. And then, once you get the hang of posting photos, you can actually post little video clips and stuff you it's annoying because reddit, like a lot of times, you can't click on the video icon in subreddits.

You have to click on the link icon. Then you have to upload your video somewhere else, like, i think, there's like giffy cat or something like that. I don't know If you look it up, there's a lot of them um. What'S the other one, i can't remember the other one inger anger anchor imgur. I don't know how to say that you upload your videos to a different website and then you click on the link button in reddit like when you go to make a new post and then you put the the direct link to the video clip. That'S on the other website, so it's kind of confusing and it's kind of like. Why is it so roundabout? It'S such an annoying waste of time, but if you have a really good video that you want to post, then it might be worth like figuring out how to post videos onto reddit, don't post all your content on reddit

Obviously, it's supposed to just be a teaser or a preview for the better stuff that you can find on your only fans, it's so weird, because you just have success in finding guys in random. You know sex random, sexy subreddits, so, like i found one guy out of um fishnets, i think was one of them. I found another guy in where did the other one, the other one? I think i found a few just off the only fans promo like subreddits, so those are the top four ways that i promote my only fans. I really can't think of. If i use any other things, i would say: don't use facebook because your government name is linked up to facebook, so that just is really risky because they're literally just strangers on the internet, don't use facebook to advertise.

Your only fans, i've seen a lot of groups, or at least two one of them. That'S like only fans promotions on facebook and the other one is like quarantine strip club. Don'T don't even bother with that, like the big spenders are not gon na be on facebook. I just doubt it highly and it's not worth putting your actual real name out there. Another way to advertise is if you are a cam model on another website um, for example, my free cams cam, soda caming is a really great way to get only fan subscribers. So if you're on, like cam soda my free camps, anything like that um just say like in towards the end or the middle, like, of course it depends on the terms of service and stuff, but i've never had a problem with it personally i'll just like. Oh hang on. I'M writing a message on my to my only fan subscribers, real, quick or i'll say like oh i'm getting offline now, but you can find me anytime, i'm my only fans, i'm always online to answer questions or to hang out or whatever, because a lot of guys Who spend money on camping - or, i wouldn't say a lot but like some guys who spend money on camping, will also they'll, be an easy conversion to your only fans and they are used to tipping like if they're, a good

You know tipper they're gon na tip You on only fans too, so i've gotten a few subscribers that way as well also make a free page to advertise. Your paid page. I'Ve mentioned this in other videos, but it's very very helpful. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it was really helpful for everyone who's, just starting out on only fans. Leave me a comment down below