How To Get A Job During A Pandemic | Job Search Strategies 2021

How To Get A Job During A Pandemic | Job Search Strategies 2021

in this video i'm going to be guiding you through job searching in a current pandemic, to help you land the dream job that you want. Maybe not your dream job, but maybe just a job. I'M alex junior from chinese careers and i've been recruiting. Now, for about seven years, supporting organizations identifying and attracting talent and also helping people move up in their careers and secure, sometimes their first ever job from graduates right through to senior leaders. There will be more videos to follow this. One

So please do subscribe and if you are currently job searching i'd, love to hear how that's going so drop me a note in the comments below and i'll read it through. I want to hear everything you know the good, the bad and the ugly right now we're living in some weird times. It'S very unique. We'Ve never been. You know in a pandemic before certainly not in my lifetime, and nothing is normal. It'S all very strange and that's the same when it comes to the workplace, so i'm going to try and help you maximize your efforts to getting that role that you want.

I'M going to come up with some tips in the video that may be able to help You, but i also want to set the scene. We all know that coronavirus has really kind of changed the way we work. It'S changed the way we socialize. It'S changed everything that we do in 2021. During this time of uncertainty, companies are holding off from recruitment. It'S not their number one priority right now: they're not looking to grow they're, looking to sustain they're, looking to ensure that they can function but not grow. The company

So how do we apply for jobs when there's less roles out there and there's probably more people on the market? The truth is that companies just won't hire non-critical roles and they're going to hold back from hiring. There is going to be a way of people applying for roles, and we've got to put ourselves in front. You know, even when companies are holding the door a little bit. Rest assured, though, people are getting jobs.

Last year, in 2020, i helped over 80 people start roles, whether it's their first role in the organization or their moving career, moving on up or moving sideways. You know these people aren't lucky. They'Ve been spent a lot of time, refining cvs, refining their interview skills to be able to land that job when it comes available. So what can we take from this? We need to manage our own expectations and know that it's going to be bloody, difficult to find a new role. It'S not going to happen straight away, so, let's stick with it. Let'S not lose confidence about the process and, let's realize everyone is in the same boat. We understand that boris has come and asked tv and said: look, this is going to end by tune touch wood,

So what can we do to stand out as an individual in organizations? So, firstly, linkedin is such a powerful tool such a powerful social network. We need to really update our linkedin profiles and really refine what we've been doing in our roles. Adding our skill sets there's also a button there, that you can click and it will flag that you're available for opportunities to hiring managers and to recruiters use this time to really refine your linkedin profile and connect with those hiring managers connect with those companies and follow Them on linkedin, so when it comes to an interview, you can tell them exactly what they've been doing because you've seen it firsthand or you've engaged with these hiring managers and dropped them. A little a note, something simple just to say: hi alex i'm really interested in working at your organization. I understand there's not many roles at the moment, but when there is i'd like to be considered for x or y roll tip number two: let's, let's really use this time to refine our cv.

Let'S make it an engaging impactful cv so when it lands on the horror, manager's desk or the recruiter's desk, they're going to look at it and go wow. This is the right person for the job. There'Ll be another video to discuss more. How we can do this, but essentially, let's look at the job advert that we're applying for and take everything from what they're saying in a job advert. You know we need x, y and z. Let'S make sure xyz is in our cv, for example, if it said something like. Oh, you need to have worked the budgets uh, ranging at five million pounds. Well, let's get that in our cv in a future, video i'll show you how to really refine your cv. Get everything in there without blowing your trumpet too much, because it can be very difficult to talk about yourself, but we'll address that in another video tip three interview, preparation, we've got loads of time to prepare for interviews right now, and we know that they're gon na Be asking competency-based questions roughly five to six would be a fair interview, and we can really use this time to understand what what kind of questions are coming up, but also how we're going to answer them.

That'S going to best show off our experience and take them through solid examples of where we've done excellent and also use that time to say. Well, you know at the end of your answer you might say well, this is what i might go back and change now. I'Ve reflected on it perfect time, for you be able to do this in a future video again, i will take you through. You know some example interview questions and how we might be able to answer them and show off our skill set and different techniques. We can use i'm hoping that will help. You find your next role.

So what What can we take away from this? The truth is hiring managers and recruitment. Consultants are always on the lookout for strong talent in the market that never stops so connect with them On linkedin speak to them have a conversation with them. You know, even if there's no role there yet but you're genuinely interested in the organization make sure you research, your organization and you have your cv, really polished up because they may ask for it and if you don't have it to send them immediately, they may lose Interest keep that momentum going and third into your preparation, something that you definitely can be doing right now. You know these interviews are going to be over zoom or blue jeans or google hangout. We should be really preparing yourself. How do we look on camera and we'll go into kind of video interviews in a later video as well? Most importantly, keep active and be positive, don't stop um, you know applying for roles and don't don't be disheartened if you're not getting there or it's not happening as fast as you hoped it would you're not on your own, but many of us are in the same Boat right now, if you have any questions or comments, please put them in in the comment section below