How to gain a MASSIVE FOLLOWING for Onlyfans [using REDDIT]

How to gain a MASSIVE FOLLOWING for Onlyfans [using REDDIT]

Hey guys, gabriel, here from the only one media and today i'm going to show you how you can use reddit to gain a massive following leverage that to increase your only fan's earnings. Basically, i make this video because oftentimes when i consult or i talk with um, only fans creators, they are always concerned or they don't understand how reddit works and um. They are wondering why they can't post anything or they just get hate or yeah. They don't understand it, so i just took the time to explain to you how you can use reddit, probably first of all, let's look at subreddits and users. So if you have reddit and if you just log into reddit, you won't see anything until you get into subreddit. Subreddits um are like facebook groups, so someone makes them. Someone creates a subreddit with us with a certain topic and all the people that are interested in the topic can or want. Um will join the subreddit. So basically, there is a subreddit for nearly everything like really you can have subreddits for for fashion. You can have subreddits for water, for supplements for fitness, for only fans for art, for fighting sports for for everything.

Basically, so when you joined or when you join a subreddit um, you will see like you can see that it's subreddit um, because it has a little r and then a slash and then the topic and users are often marked, like usually marked with. U and then slash so you for user and oftentimes. It happens that the rules of the subreddit are like you need to mark the person you show a photo of so basically maybe you join fitness page and you you want to upload a photo of you in the gym and then the photo got restricted because the The rules of the subreddit uh say that you need to um tag the the person in the photo, so you may think like. Why should i mock? Why should i tag myself? It'S my photo. It'S me uh, but that's they don't care about it like just tag yourself. Just make you slash and then your username, so the photo will get uploaded. Um

It'S just the rules and i'm gon na go go to that a little bit later so um. Those are really important. Um yeah. The next thing is karma. Um comma is the most valuable currency on reddit um. You can also get coins, but for our purpose they are not that useful. So we want to focus on karma because karma allows you to post into groups and allow you to get allows you to get reach and basically um. That'S everything we want right.

There are different kinds of karma and you have your overall karma and then you have like, for example, comment: comma, so um you get karma or you lose comma. By up and down vaults and up and down votes um you can compare them to likes and dislikes. So if someone likes your post or your comment, because you can get up and downwards for your comments and your posts, if someone likes it and gives it an upvote, you will get karma and if you post something that people dislike they will dislike it. Give you a down vote and then you lose karma and that's the way.

That'S a way that reddit can see Who is trustworthy, who uses the platform, probably and punish people that just want to advertise on it and trust me reddit users, they take it really seriously. They are religious about reddit and it's not like any other social media where you like. On instagram, for example, you make a hate comment or you start a discussion, discussion and actually nothing help happens on reddit, it's like, if you don't understand the culture and how the culture works in the specific subreddit, for example, and you you post something or you um, You don't follow the rules, then the other users will punish you till the end um. Sometimes you get blocked in subreddits or even in multiple subreddits at once, and you will get a lot of downvotes and that will cause you to lose karma and that's not fun. Basically and um, what you also need to understand is that reddit don't use algorithms like facebook instagram. They have algorithms to to um. To look that everybody is playing with the rules facebook set up and on reddit. You will automatically know when you up like they will always tell you and it's always transparent. So the positive thing about reddit is you won't get any kind of shadow ban and just lose your reach. Um

That happens a lot of time with, with influencers or with creators on instagram. They start posting about all the fans and um all of a sudden. They they don't have their reach anymore, because uh instagram makes a shadow band and now you're like restricted right on reddit. That can't happen, because if you do something wrong they're going to tell you, you get down votes and you can learn from that.

It'S transparent right, So that's a pretty pretty nice thing because it's honest feedback and yeah, as i just told you, the most important important currency on reddit is karma and especially in the focus in the beginning, you need to focus 100 percent of gaining karma, so um You may take The time gaining karma without trying to gain revenue from from from from reddit, because, as i just mentioned, reddit users are pretty nosy, sometimes yeah like they. They can smell if you try to advertise them so also the most most or the big subreddits are strictly against any kind of advertising so um they just do that because they don't want random users to get in and destroy the harmony and the flow of the Subreddit right um so really take your time gaining karma without trying to gain revenue of followers for your only fans. This can take you a few days, sometimes even a few weeks, but it's absolutely worth it um, because i just saw craters gaining five thousand or even ten thousand followers on reddit and through that gained a few hundred subscriptions on all the fans in just one or Two months only by being hardcore committed on reddit, so it's really worth it and after you got enough karma, and i personally would would aim for at least 1 000 comma points.

You may feel familiar with the platform and you got accepted by some separate subreddit. So, basically after you reach that level, you basically good to go so now it's time for you to start posting in subreddits and you need - and you should follow all the routes that rules that every subreddit has for itself um. So just go on the subreddit and scroll down and look at the right side and just look for the rules, and sometimes sometimes they say you can promote or they say you don't don't you're not allowed to promote um, no hate. No, this. No. That and just don't do it and if they say hey, you need to comment x, y z, comments before you can post then do it just do it. It'S the rules, and sometimes you have subreddit communities already community subreddits uh, which hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of users in there active members. So if you just stay consistent and play off play play after their rules, you will get an insane audience with. Literally, no effort effort right um, you can just post something in a group of 1 million users for free

You don't need to pay anyone and it only costs you a few weeks of being consistent and playing after the rules, and then you will get an audience, That'S huge and you can gain with one or two posts. You can gain a few hundreds of followers and then also subscriptions for your only fans, and also the great part about this - is that every part of your body is basically a fetish. It'S really easy to find these communities because they are often named after the fetish. For example, there is a subreddit called butts and bare feet.

So if you are into the foot fetish just go in there right or there is a subreddit called filthy blondes. So if you are a blonde girl go for it yeah, they are pretty obvious, and on top of that, these communities - really sometimes they have one hundred thousand three hundred thousand one million um users in them and it's there is no other social media wiki where you Can get that big of an audience that easy, so what you want to do to gain a massive following now is just posting content that other users of that specific subreddit want to see. If you click on the total top line of each subreddit, you can choose top, and this month you can choose whatever time frame you want, but for example, this month and you will see the top voted content of this month and you should post similar pictures and Videos because, obviously you will get a lot of upvotes this way and also your post will be seen by a lot of people.

On top of that, i suggest you to look at profiles of posts which got a lot of upvotes and if they have any symmetry similarity with you, that means, if you have brown eyes, and you see a girl with brown eyes or you have blonde hair, and You see a girl with blonde hair or even a guy, with blonde hair, just click on her or his profile and then just look in which subreddits he or she is posting. That means - maybe you see like the the top content, the top post of this month with, i don't know, ten thousand upvotes um and you see oh hey, oh hey. She got a similar body shape to me. Uh. She got a similar body shape as me. Click on her profile - maybe you see? Oh damn. She had like fifty thousand one hundred thousand two hundred thousand comma points and just click through her profile and look in which subreddits she is posting.

Then you can join these subreddits and start posting your content There, too um yeah and as long as you just post, relevant content to that subreddit or to all the subreddits you're joining you will gain a massive following. You will gain massive karma and with more karma, you can join even better subreddits and that's really an upwards cycle right. Um yeah, that's, basically a quick guide which is pretty much nearly everything you need to know. But if you want even more, we also have a complete karma building cheat sheet with some secret tricks to gain massive karma, and i also listed subreddits that are perfect for only fans. Creators