How to Create A Modern Website

How to Create A Modern Website

Hi guys and welcome, if you need to build a website or landing page for any purpose that you want for your business, online, blog or so on or personal cv, for example, and you looking for the platform that can be very powerful, fast and easy. We found a great solution, and today we want to share it with you in this video. I want to show you the step-by-step tutorial of how to build web page on the wix platform, because this is very and very powerful platform where you can build your site like under 30 minutes, really i'll. Try to make this video short and before i'll start, to show you all the things that you need to know to build your own web page on wix platform. Now i want to say that our team left the link in the description panel of this video and, if you'll decide to get to this platform, you can get it with a big big discount from our team to our subscribers so check the link in the description Panel and not to waste your time with just jumping to the dashboard of this great and cool and fantastic platform, you need to press the create new site when you're gon na be on the platform and the platform itself will ask you: what is your site for Business online store photography, music, advanced fitness, designer blog beauty and wellness, and so on, and so on.

You can let a week's adi create a website for you answering couple simple questions about your business. It will take just literally minutes or you can create your website with an editor. Then that's what i want to show you. You can choose a template from tons of damn already pre-made for you and for your business for any of your purposes uh and in this video i want to show you how it easy to manage things in wix platform. Let'S choose just any template that are available and i want to

I want to make this video short, powerful and with a big amount of information for you with the core knowledges that you will be able to use to build your own web page. So, okay, there's a couple strips it's pretty simple page. If you press this button, scroll something's happening Okay, it's some kind of official movie site. I want to show you the core knowledges and you will use them to build your own uh web page site.

Save preview get feedback, publish, site history and so on settings very important, uh point in the list and in the process of building, because you need to check all these things. Connect domain get a mailbox, get found on google favicon business info social share and check all this before you'll go live and, let's jump to editor, let's jump to all the features that i want to show you pages here. You can find the your page layout. You can add page, you can uh make all this buttons to menu where's the menu

It'S not visible. It'S out there. You can make all this stuff with an add page or you can delete a page, for example, cast crew delete with all this uh when you're pressing this three dots. You get into settings home, page story, watch now and contact settings, for example, because this is very important, also page info, clear, layouts standard or no pattern footer. This is a standard way with a hatter and footer, or you can choose no hatter and footer if you're using, for example, the big big video for the whole page, and when somebody will jump into your page, he will see the big video and you don't want This strips no, this lines to be on the top and in the bottom you can use no hatter and twitter, but i prefer to use the standard if you, if you build another landing page, but the whole website, with a different pages that laying under the home Page, you definitely need to use the standard way and that's how your visitors will navigate your your web page permissions. You can build an open site for everyone, work, password holders or members only, for example, if you have exclusive content, um like in this case, you want to show the movie, but you want to sell the movie or you're just making the preview of the movie yeah Before the theaters and before the cinema and you just sending to someone to your members, you sending the ids and passwords and then they can, they can watch this movie.

For example, uh seo definitely very important thing because you probably want your site be visible to search engine machines and to be on the top of search results. So you need to check this social share. What does it mean? You can upload an image of how your web page will be displayed in the facebook or other social social platforms, no because like if you want to share it somewhere, you definitely need to check the your visibility. All righty background, add theme manager, add apps. Let'S start from theme manager, because it's also very interesting thing now you see that there are pre-made templates for all for all the colors hams, and i, like i like this one, it looks cinematic, and here you go everything changed so background here, the background of whole Page is this girl and i will not change it uh just to show you can change it to color image or video, but we're gon na add some stripes, the the sections and strips right away, and i want to show you that this is very interesting and Uh and easy, for example, on this page, we want to add some strip with the contacts

For example, contact me contact us or the welcome page or the strip or the services trip, or the team for oh okay, there's a movie and, for example, there's a team behind that movie. Okay, let's add some strip just to show you classic one with the testimonials, for example, and here was interesting to change the layout of all this. You need to zoom out and reorder when you're zooming out. You see that this girl is a page background.

The whole page background - and here you can reorder those things like you - can move it up or move it or move it down. Yeah just exiting the mode, that's very useful tool to understand what is actually layout of your web page and you can build it to to build any landing page for web page. You need the welcome page with a big slogan. For example, you need the description of your business or service or what you're building for you need the contact information and that's pretty it actually, if you have tons of content and tons of information to show to your potential customers, definitely you need to you need to Use the navigation bar you need to use the all those stuff with uh, with the menu and so on, and so on.

Okay, now i want to show i showed you how to add strips how to add things, but let's add button, for example, because this is one of the most important things that that you can add to your to your page. Why? Because when somebody will visit your site, definitely you're interested to to make that human being to act with your web page uh like watch now, for example, and when somebody will press when you're pressing the uh right click, you can delete it. When somebody will press this button, what's gon na happen, that's the main thing of any landing page or web page. You see this linked, you can change text, you can change layouts, you can change design animation, and this is this small chain.

Button is most important thing in your future when web page or landing page you see this. It goes to page right now like watch now and um. Your visitor will be redirected to some to some page, but i prefer to use the email or phone number, because the main purpose of any landing, page or website that you use it for business is to get the contact information of your potential customers. Your visitor. Now, if you're building a landing page uh, you just changing some value to the contact number yeah, and in that case, when somebody fills up the form with the email or writing down email straight to your email box, no you're getting the contact information and then you Can work with that information? You can send your updates, you can send your promos and so on and so on, and that's why this very important thing or you can add, you can add a button or you can add a form uh like where people will fill out their names and and So, on name and email address how to add things like elements, button gallery decorative boxes and like there's tons of things already pre-made, and you can spend literally centuries to discover all that you all that you need

The main thing of this platform is that you can resize things and move them around, just as you want, just as you wish, because a lot of platforms not allows you to do that, and you have no such customizable features to to move things around and they're. Just spotted to to some spot that platform decided, i don't like that. I like to my web pages, to be customized totally. Okay, just everything you can make with the left and right button of your mouse. You see that there are vector art text, buttons and and nothing else, actually it's all about the pictures, images, uh text and interactive elements like buttons, like videos and so on, and you can build it as you want, literally as you want, so how to manage the Text you just double click on it and you see that there's heading one heading two heading three heading four: this is uh actually important thing to search engines.

Uh, you need to use the heading one, You can change the font size. You can change the font itself from tons of already pre-made uh common sense, for example, any just just any literally okay - and you can move things around to to make this this all things be in the spot that you want and that's pretty fantastic. That'S really very powerful feature of this platform. I showed you, i showed you things. I showed you how to manage all the all the stuff right here. I showed you how to add things here and that's actually power of your imagination that will create your own site and nobody, except you - can describe your business better than you now an interesting thing here. Uh and very it can

It can be really handy when you're adding the text just big title, huge title: it's a paragraph. Okay, let's add a paragraph here and this small button get text ideas. That'S pretty interesting, movie, studio, fun, club movie; okay, you type it out. It'S welcome about cast and crew news and reviews uh about, for example, create text and the platform, creating texts for you, if you don't want even to type and to figure out what to type in the platform, will give you the text, and you can use this Text instantly with one click - that's fantastic and that's very, very cool. How to delete this. I showed you, okay or just undo, undo, paragraph delete and so on, and that's pretty amazing guys and you can build your web page literally in minutes literally in seconds. You can change everything here with just couple clicks literally with couple clicks and that's pretty fantastic. I believe, because there are tons of options to customize your web page as you want, just as you want play with all that, like you need to play with all that with all these features to build your own web page or landing page

But that's not difficult, That'S pretty simple and easy, and that's the power of this week's platform. I showed you main things of how you can manage manage all this yep. Probably it's gon na be like that and you see the shape is changed. This is pretty simple and easy and everything you can ever any setting you can make with all this gear button uh in any element the design so on crop filters, animation, link, animations. Of course you can make it like that and and it's gon na be cool uh, and this is pretty simple. You just need to try and you'll figure out how to make that happen. I showed you the core knowledges, that you need to use to build your own web page, so try - and i want to remind you that our team left the link in the description panel of this video. If you want to get access to wix platform, definitely you need to use that link because you will get a bonus and discount from our team for our friends and subscribers, so beer, guest user link hope you enjoyed this video hope.