How to Build A Website

How to Build A Website

Hi to everyone and welcome, if you're, looking to build a professional and beautiful website for your business or for your blog or or literally, for any purpose that you need today. I want to show you the core, knowledges and the basics of how to edit and how to create the sites in this fantastic, very powerful and convenient platform. It'S pretty famous and a lot of people using it to to build the websites, because it's very easy to use it's very user friendly and it's convenient and really really powerful. So today i want to show you how to create a website, and you will figure out that it's very easy, it's very fast and if you have your business, where you're just starting your business, you definitely need to use this platform, because it's very and very powerful And easy so before i started to show you all the things i wanted to show um, i want to say that our team left the link in the description below this video, so you can easily get that link and you can easily get the platform uh with A big discount for our subscribers so be our guest join and let's have some fun.

So, let's jump, i just showed you the main page of this week's platform and let's jump to dashboard. Okay, when you're gon na be on the platform, you'll need to press the create a new site uh. The platform itself will ask you: what, for what is the purpose of your web pages? Business online store photography, music events, fitness restaurant designer blog and beauty and wellness portfolio and other. Actually it it matters because uh it can save you tons of time and efforts to build if you uh using the template.

So you can let wix adi create a website for you with answering a few questions and automatically get a website designed for your purposes or you can choose a template because there's tons of them, i will choose a template just to show you how it's easy and How it is not fast, for example, i wanted to build yoga studio. Let'S just you see that there's a pretty fun template, but let's just scroll a little bit. Let'S see what's happening here, but i like i like that one i like that one. It'S pretty cool! Now you can view this or you can add, it is straight away. It'S downloading i'll! Try to make this video short to save your time and to show you just the core knowledges of how to build things, how to move things, how to edit things and you'll figure out how you can make it by your own very fast and easy. Okay.

Here you go, you have the you have a web page and it's pretty it it's actually it's pretty done. We just need to change some things and i will - and i will show you how to do that. Let'S find out what's happening here: site preview, get feedback, publish and so on this menu settings, it's very important when you go in life with your website, it's like connected domain, get a mailbox upgrade and so on get fun on google favicon business info social share, like All of this, you need to check before you go live, but today i want to show you how to edit things right here, because it's very interesting and fun menu and pages

You see that there's tons of pages that laying under the home page and this site menu, we will add it that you can just make it like that. I want actually to build the simple web page, not the difficult one, because all the things here on the wix platform is pretty similar. So when you find out how how to manage things on the one page, you can build other pages and so on and so on. So just let's jump to edit, you have the strips it's like a blocks that you that you can use. There'S a header there's a footer, and there there are blocks that contain some. Some things like buttons, icon, button and and so on. Also very important thing is mobile version, because uh tons of traffic nowadays flows from um mobile devices and gadgets and and uh tablets and uh

So on and - and you definitely need to check everything before you will start - go going - live yeah with your website, So actually uh, it's pretty similar to other web page builders, but it's a little bit it's a little bit different here. You have the styles thing. I i will switch it off all right, there's a header and actually, when you're pressing like left button on it, you can change header design, you have a settings, you have design itself and you can get help straight from here. You see that there's a color or no color, you can like choose any color that you want any shape. Any everything is pretty pretty cool right here. Okay, we're gon na leave the header alone;

Just looking for settings header scroll setting, freezeness scroll with site disappearness, I want it to disappear. For example, okay, here also on the menus and pages home, You can go to settings right here and you can change the layout the standard side with a header and a footer or no hadron footer. Actually, the If you have a lot of content to to type in, of course, you'll need this home about teachers, contact classes, plans and blogs, but you can make it in only one layout. So, let's jump to strip background. This is strips. There'S like sections uh. It'S calls strips right here and then you can. You can make everything that you want. You can scroll the fact you can add a scroll effect, layouts stretch and and help also, so you see that there's a background already here and you can change the things opacity color behind scaling and position like you can play around with all this. With all these things, image text tell google and so on, and so on about us, the wix pro gallery and so on that this interesting thing um with all this, with all these blocks with all this elements - and you actually can edit them easily and and absolutely Easy, for example, if we're changing this background, it changes instantly and that's pretty fun and pretty easy here.

You can change the size of this strip, You have an anchor and so on. Okay, here you have zoom out and reorder. If you press on it, you can move things, move the strips like that, for example, or or like that and so on, and so on. Just wanted to show you we exit in the mode. You see that there's a collar. This is the header. I showed you What'S happening with the header there's a street background, but the main thing is how to add some stuff here With this plus button. You can add tons of tools right here strip the contact, welcome service team, testimonials and classic. So you can just you, can just drag and drop all the things easily and instantly. For example, i want the strip under the header, and then i want to add some text. For example heading one: it's very cool that you can just move things as you want, because a lot of um a lot of website builders not allows you to do that.

They just uh, maybe a little bit easier But and you see all the center lines - yeah cool, that's centered, let's edit the text just double click on it. Okay, for example like that, and you can, with this text editor you can like make everything you want, get it make it bigger, make it smaller make it like this, for example, and change the fonts like any, that you want all right. Let'S leave it like that. Let'S change the strip background scholar it pretty suitable, but the tax is not visible right now. The tax color will be the darker, for example, like that all right, uh, that's pretty simple and easy, and here you have the the next strip. You have the gallery and you can edit this strip

You can delete the strip, for example, at all and there's a page background itself. You can set here the scroll effect with the parallax, for example, and you see what's happening like it's a background for whole for whole, the for whole page and it's laying out there and it's crawling and it's pretty pretty interesting. Let'S delete just this strip and you see it looks pretty better the text the same thing with the text. I want it to be, for example, yo, yoga and there's a group element on group group elements and you can play with all this horizontal menu and all these things you have on menus and pages. We changed the background of the whole uh hold this picture and, for example, we have this strip. We can make it a little bit smaller right here: okay, accent mode. Let'S jump to gallery manage media, it's already pre-made, like you can upload this uh

This images, you can delete them with this uh trash can button or you can upload and add in media the new one image, video or text images, of course, and we can delete all this. For example, what we don't like here, you go, you have all the things: okay, let's just preview this thing, and here you have the photos all that we uploaded teachers, the same thing with uh back to editor. You have all this uh gallery. You have all the fonts, you have all the things. I don't like this white background, for example, and i want to change it to color, and we know that there was such, which color. It was, for example, like that and okay, you see that the font is the background, is changed and the same things with all those with all those texts: things, images, settings, design, crop filters, animation, link and so on, indesign, the form round it and so on, and So on you can choose all these things right here, the same thing with the text, i'm a paragraph contact us and this trip

I don't like this trip, actually there's a submit to uh email list to newsletter. This trip is not should be here, and you see it's it's pretty. It'S pretty cool and awesome. Okay, we changed some stuff here and it looks a little bit better. I don't like this background here and you change it with the same uh, with the same things that i showed you already, it's pretty simple and easy added all the things. For example, i want to add the text right here and it will be like wherever i want. I want to add a button, for example, and you can make it like any shape that you want with this design buttons. You can customize design opacity borders, none corners. 10 pixels 25 pixels yeah, and you see that the change shape and so on and the button when you're pressing the link. This is a very important thing that you need to add before you go in live, because when somebody will press the press this button, it should work. For example, i wanted to be the email, because you got in the emails from your visitors and they will become your potential customers, so they need to contact with you and you need to add like call to actions to all your to all your site, and you Just what's the email address you type in down your own email address and people who will press this button will send you an email, this taxing icon, you changing the text and that's pretty cool and that that looks great already you see, there's a page get it Class now, for example - i don't like it to be here - i want it to be in the center

I want to change the font tahama, for example, and the alignment Okay, you see, it's it's pretty, it's pretty cool, you can delete things or you can add strips here, uh the blocks that that means the blocks and that's pretty cool. That'S pretty uh. That is pretty enough, and you can add things here and you can use the them manager. There'S tons of things that you can use to build your own web page. All you need just literally everything that you need to build.

Uh all the stuff right here, like social, for example. If you have the youtube channel, you can add it right here and it's right here. You can set your channel uh. You uploading here the link for your channel and it will be available and somebody will click on it to to go out to your youtube and there's a tons of things that you can apply this uh to this site. You can change the shapes. You can change. The things i showed you, the things with the text uh i showed you how to delete the strips that you don't need uh or you can build it from scratch actually or you can build it from the template.

Of course, i like to build the web pages that has no such big background, like members sign up booking pages blog page and member pages, and so on. I like to build the web pages that are just laying on one screen and one menu and that's it because it's a little bit easier first of all. But if you have a tons of content that you can show - and you want to show to your potential customers to your visitors, no, you can build how you, how you think it's correct, yeah, okay, guys it just showed you

The core knowledge is the core um actions that you can apply to your web page depends on what is your business and that's pretty simple and pretty easy, and you can get totally customized page. Definitely it is going to be great and nobody except you can describe your business better. I like to build the pages um that lays on one layout and one screen, and of course you need to insert to your web page call to actions like sign up now. Get in touch and so on, and the purpose of any landing page or web page is to get a new clients to get a contacts from new clients to work with them. A little bit later, like with email marketing provider.

And you build in your email list and you're growing your email list, and so your business grows uh with your email list and that's pretty that's pretty it and the wix platform is absolutely powerful to build everything that you want. No because there are tons of pre-made things here like tons of them and you just can add it uh and edit all the things and that's it. You go in life with your website, you become visible to search engines and you get a new clients. This is pretty pretty simple. I hope this all makes sense. I showed you, the core knowledges that you should know for build your own web page depends on what is your business or what is the purpose of your web page uh, and i hope this was useful, and i want to remind you that link is in the Description panel of this video via that link, you can get the access for vixx platform with a big discount from our team, especially for our subscribers, so join uh.