How To Become SUPER Popular! (7 EASY tips)

How To Become SUPER Popular! (7 EASY tips)

Hey everybody, I'm marina and today I'm going to teach you how to become popular for the new school year. One of the most important things you need to know how to do to become popular is makeup. So today I'm going to teach you how to do that, but first we need to start off with hair hair completes the whole package, but we're gon na. Do it first. Okay! So today we're going to use my most favorite hairspray. I'Ve straightened it in the front and I know school, you have to get him early, so I just did the front and I was in a rush. I didn't exactly get to do the back as good as the front, but you want the front of you to look the best, so the back of you doesn't really matter and we just want to make sure our hair looks perfect for the rest of the day.

So I'm just gon na kind of hold it here and just start spraying, I'm gon na spray, it all over your head. Now, when you finish spraying, you want to make sure your hair feels as hard of the wrong. As you can see, you can see the hairspray crystals still forming in my hair. Let'S just do it just a little slower we're done with hair makeup. First, we want to start off before we do anything with concealer. Now concealer is one of the most important properties of makeup. I mean, God forbid. You go out in public with a zit. You never want to show you have zits. So I have my concealer

It'S gon na wind it up and I feel a pimple coming out of my cheek, so I'm just gon na kind of put that on there and just want to put it. It will be coming right here, so I just want to put it all around. Just in case I have a breakout now, no one will ever suspect that I have a pimple coming next. You want to do some foundation. I like to choose a color one shade darker than my skin, because it makes me look Tanner than I actually amp that much on and start putting it over my face it'll blend in a little bit, but it's a really matter so now I'm just gliding it On my face um, it will take a while to rub in, but then again you don't really need to rub it in that much because you want to make people think that you're as tan as possible, because tan is better believe me now, I'm not really sure Why this smells like peanut butter, but I think it's supposed to so I'm gon na kind of rub it in okay.

Now that my foundation is all put on I'm going to take some powder, you can either use this pad or you can just use your hands. I personally like using my hands better, so I'm just gon na get as much possible as I can on my hands and just wipe it all in just rub it in everywhere. I feel like using your hands, gets the maximum powder that you fully can we're going to move on to my personal favorite part we're gon na start off with some eyeliner. As you can see, my eyeliner is very small. I have been using every little last ounce of its. This eyeliner is called brushed pewter

Now I'm gon na start with the bottom, and just kind of you know trace the bottom. It doesn't have to be exactly on the bottom. Eyelid do this eye too, and what I like to do I like to call this look. The Egyptian and I like to bring it out here, like that. It really highlights the color of your eyes, and you want to make sure your eyeliner is as dark as possible, because you want your eyes to just pop out pop what you're going to do to make a darker going to go on to liquid

It is definitely black. Look I like to go underneath the pencil eyeliner, because it kind of highlights it and traces it and also make sure to trace your Egyptian we're gon na go out and over like that and out. I don't really that and then don't forget the top. Oh um, I got a little smudge on my nose, but that's okay! You just just leave it there. It doesn't matter. People want to know that you are wearing makeup because, if you're not wearing any makeup, you're, not pretty, I'm sorry just leave those smudges and you

It shows that you're wearing makeup and you're instantly pretty eye shadow. I have this Ulta brand I'll, just load it on my brush. Whatever you call this and just go up here now, we're gon na want it to go as high as possible. Even if that means going up above your eyebrows Just a little just look, not don't go too much above your eyebrows. No, no! Never do that! Yeah just a little bit and that's okay and I like to call this the peacock cuz, the feathers. It kind of reminds me of feathers like that and just look at this side and look at this side. Just if I go like this and I go like this, the side is not even half as pretty. We cannot forget our mascara chunky is the word. I want you to focus on when you're doing your mascara, so you just kind of glob it it just kind of glob. It just bring your eyelet eyelid up as high as you can, so you can get the maximum to your brush.

Okay, we can't forget the lips, so what I like to do first, is I like to apply my chapstick, so my lips don't get chaps because who wants to kiss chapped lips? No one, all right. How are just gon na this is flavored sweet dreams. I love dreaming and I love sweetness and then, when you taste it it's taste amazing what this does is it hydrates your lips, but it also keeps the lipstick to stay on your lips all day. So you want to apply that before you apply. The real lip gloss want to do that until your lips are as white as possible, they should almost match the color of your teeth.

You you shouldn't be able to tell that much there. Now you can leave it like this. If you're going for the winter frosty look, but since we're going for the badge of school look, we definitely want to apply some lip gloss. So you want to choose a warm color for this time of the season. In August, I'M going to choose this kind of maroonish pink like that and just grab it all on and it's okay. If you miss your lips a little bit, I mean you want to make your lips look as big as possible.

It'S big it's rubbing in, but never get it on your teeth. That'S really unattractive! No guy will ask you out and want to kiss you if there's a lipstick out, something I totally completely forgot about was the eyebrows one of the most important parts of becoming pretty and popular. You can make them just thin lines. I know some girls are insecure about their eyebrows. I like to call this look the try brow and it's inspired by my favorite actor ever start off at the the base. Your eyebrow and you're, just gon na kind of go up just make the little point and then go down again with the coloring in it looks I love it.

Okay, is the darker, the better just trust me and you can bring it out a little like a like a second -- Egyptian. As you can see, my makeup is now all completed. Another thing you have to do to become popular. Is you have to dress right? You have to embrace your beauty by your clothes. Now this look is called animal print, the cheetah print look, animal print is really in nowadays. Also, what's now in is just wearing your shirt just way down. You can take this. You can show a little bra strap. You know it doesn't really matter: it's okay, every girl worth bras.

You just need to embrace it. Another thing you need to do to become popular, it's become skinny If you're already skinny, then it's perfect. All you need to do is my one step. I'M going to show you if you're not skinny, will you also need to do this stuff? I'M going to show you now what I like to do is I have this meal called Redis? What it is is I take three lettuce leaves and then I add a couple grains of rice and I eat it for lunch dinner and breakfast, as you can see, there's my Redis I like to take it sometimes with the little green of rice and the lettuce And it add more flavor now, if you ever have chalk with cravings like most girls, do ignore them, you can never eat chocolate in your life or you'll become fat.

Okay, so stick to the Redis. Yes, popular is hard work. You need to be compensated, need to make sure to practice, practice, practice practice and practice thumb more I'll. Teach you a few easy cheerleading moves, you clap your hands. You go like this. This is called high. V. Another good thing to do is know how to do the splits. Now I like to do this, but I can't exactly go all the way down, but it doesn't really matter because no one really can do it anyway, so you just need to embrace yourself and pretend that you can do it. You need to be freaking perfect to make it on the cheerleading squad, so make sure you always practice. Another thing you need to do to become popular is make sure you have a billion friends also make sure that your schedule is always booked.

So, even when people want to hang out with you, your schedules booked because you're just so popular I'm gon na call Olivia and ask if she wants to hang out to make sure my schedule is booked she's so busy. She can't even come to her phone right away: hey girl! Hey! Do you want to hang out today, yeah that sounds great, always keep your schedule booked by girl toodles. The Olivia really is popular. Her schedules always booked too. You also need to make sure to take a bunch of pictures of yourself through a mirror and make a bunch of really pretty faces and pretty hand signals like this you'll be the Popular's girl in the school. Now, if you follow all of my steps, you're guaranteed to rule the school in the new school year, you'll be almost as popular as me, which is really hard to achieve.