How To Become Successful

How To Become Successful

. Now there are two qualities that can increase your chances of success. Two very important qualities, number one patience, number: two persistence: let's talk about patience for a moment. Patience is what learning to handle the passing of time. Now, once you've had an appetite for success and you start going for it now, you've got to learn to handle the passing of time. Here'S why it takes time. It takes time to build a corporate work of art. It takes time to build a symphony orchestra with flawless music and harmony that sends you on flights of ecstasy to be remembered long after the orchestra has shut down and the lights have gone out.

It takes time to put harmony together. It takes time to build a life. It takes time to build an enterprise. It takes time to get through school. It takes time to develop and grow so give your enterprise time give your business time. If you're in management give your people time, if you're a parent, give your kids time, don't be too short, too quick give them time now, not forever, but time it takes time. Here'S the ultimate challenge. You'Ve got to have patience with yourself. It takes time to make changes in habit and discipline. It takes time to correct old errors in judgment and to finally give up old, blame and pick up new responsibility. I'M telling you it took me some time. I used to blame the government, blame taxes and blame the company and blame the marketplace. It took me a long time to give that up. That was a pretty comfortable list to explain. My empty bank account pennies in my pocket. Nothing in the bank not doing well embarrassed by my situation. It took time to give that up and only blame myself that took a while, so have patience with yourself number one and number two, while you're dealing with the passing of time.

Number two is to keep doing it, be persistent, be tenacious, keep doing it until as long as you are patient and persistent it's hard to elude success. As long as you maintain patience and persistence, tenacity, there's only one person, just one person that will draw the line between success and failure. One person and that person is you so be patient, be persistent. You need both patience and persistence together and here's. Why lack of patience is probably the worst enemy of ambition, while your ambition keeps growing, keeps moving, keeps looking for new ways to succeed, impatience tends to grow frustrated, impatience, won't allow for persistence, impatience wants to give up impatience, cause discouragement failure, but your ambition won't. Let you give up so easily, not if you're persistent what others may call failure ambition calls a learning opportunity a chance to make adjustments along the charted course to success.

Ambition knows something else too. Ambition knows that the longer the achievement is in coming the more valued it is. So let me give you a few aspects of patience. Some examples that might help illustrate just how valuable it is. There are six aspects of patience and here's number one knowing when an opportunity is right and when more preparation is needed, let's say: you're opening up a restaurant specializing in fresh seafood, you're all excited to get going, get the money coming in, instead of it all going Out you're all excited so because you're all excited you want to open early, your impatience gets the best of you, and so you do open before your scheduled grand opening customers start coming in they're all excited about this new great restaurant and everybody wants some fresh seafood.

They'Re all ordering fresh seafood from the menu, but now you panty you haven't, got any you're, not ready. The fresh seafood shipment won't come in for a week. Impatience has just killed the restaurant. Now, let's say: you've got a great new product. That'S scheduled to come out on the market in the next several months, everything's going according to plan, so you start planning your ads start planning, big public relations. Events you're so sure that it's going to happen that you set a date. The engineers told you that the product's not ready but you're sure it will be. You start planning everything, invite lots of people, influential people, buyers of your product, you're, so excited that you went ahead without the product actually being done.

Come the week of the grand unveiling The engineers come to you and say it still doesn't work your impatience just lost you, credibility in the marketplace. That'S number one be patient in knowing the difference between when the opportunity is right and when more work needs to be done. . Here'S number two remain alert, even if opportunity doesn't come right away. Make sure that your patience allows you to keep your eyes open and ready for opportunity. Keep looking be patient number three keep preparing for opportunities, even if there's a delay, even if things aren't going just the way, you think they should keep your disappointments at bay and keep getting ready for opportunities be prepared, always be prepared. Don'T let impatience allow you to give up number four impatience. Take the little setbacks in stride. Take the little successes in stride. Don'T let small disappointments discourage you, don't let the little successes delude you avoid the emotional rollercoaster that will always always disrupt your plan.

number five. If you're waiting on the decisions of others be patient, you cannot control the decision-making abilities of others. You cannot control their timing if your project was to come up before the board in one meeting and time ran out and they moved your project to the top of the agenda for the next meeting. Be patient don't be frustrated about what you have no control over and number six take a vacation from your ambition if you've been working day after day week after week, month after month, without a break, take a vacation from your ambition. The patient person secure in their ambition knows that the drive and ambition will still be there even after some time off. As a matter of fact, with some time off, the ambition will have a stronger pull than ever. When you come back to it, persistence is patience in action. Persistence is creative, always looking for new opportunities.

Persistence is courageous, it doesn't give in to fear Persistence is hopeful, it doesn't let discouragement through the door. Persistence is positive, It keeps you on track with your plans and your goals, and the last thing that persistence is is cheerful, not gloomy. Cheerful persistence knows that gloom and depression and disappointments waste energy cheerfulness creates it. Patience and persistence are both required for success. Success is something you attract by the person you become. Success is not something you pursue. What you pursue usually eludes. You, like a butterfly something you go after that you can't catch. Success is something you attract like a magnet by the person you become to attract attractive people.

You must be attractive to attract powerful people. You must be powerful to attract committed people. You must be committed instead of going to work on them. You go to work on yourself. You work harder on yourself than you work on the job and, if you become you can attract the whole key is to make yourself valuable. The key is to make yourself attractive. The key is to make yourself skillful competent, willing, powerful, unique, sophisticated, cultured, being able to manage in control healthy. The whole key really to the future is personal development, because the greatest gift you can give to someone else is your personal development self-development. Self-Investment

If i become 10 times wiser, 10 times stronger 10 times brighter ten times, more competent, think of what that will do for my success. If i grow think of what that will do for my future, self-development earns success, self-investment earns respect and the only way to make a better and better and better investment in your future is to become better and stronger and wiser and more competent and the more attractive You become the more attractive you are and the more attractive you are, the more you attract success, self-development self-investment attracts success, that's powerful! Now, here's what would be pitiful if your income grew and you didn't grow because here's what usually happens if your income takes some jumps.

It'S best that you grow quickly up to where your income is. Why? Because otherwise, your income will soon come back to where you are, i'm telling you success doesn't want to hang around an incompetent person. That'S the problem with winning the lottery, the lack of self-development to be able to master it and keep it, and now the fortune is bigger than the person rather than the person being bigger than the fortune. If you're a parent use that as a challenge to grow. Personally, use the challenge of parenting to grow, see what you can become. One ancient writer said this here are some reassuring words. God'S arm is not short, aren't those reassuring words. God'S arm is not short, you can't think of anything more pitiful than a god with a short arm, poor god, his arm's too short. He can't reach all the way can't reach out to all of us. This writer said no be reassured. God'S arm is not short. He can reach all the way and he can reach everybody shouldn't that be said of every father of every mother. They can reach all of their children. They can reach all the way.

They don't lack stories and illustrations, They don't lack wisdom and power, and the only way you can become that kind of parent. The only way you can keep up that process is by personal development by becoming better than you are stronger than you are wiser than you are becoming becoming growing so that your investment grows as your children grow. You grow your power grows. Your influence grows,