HOW TO BECOME POPULAR? || Nerd vs Popular Students at School by 123 Go! GENIUS

HOW TO BECOME POPULAR? || Nerd vs Popular Students at School by 123 Go! GENIUS

Ah, the old nerd versus the popular girl trope, it's the oldest rivalry in the book, but it wasn't always this way before the days of boyfriends and acne cream. These girls were two peas in a pod. Who cares about school hierarchies anyway? Where did it all go wrong anyway? Why does she have to be so perfect all the time, a little jealousy turned into something bigger, hey way to be greedy hannah olivia give me there was no turning back now. Why do i like this chick anyway? Would it kill her to put on some makeup? Maybe we're too different, which do you think is better the popular girl or the nerd

Let'S put this age-old rivalry to the test, buckle up, kids, it's yearbook photo day and what are we doing today? Maybe some layers bangs. Perhaps let's get down to business. Look at all this volume. I know exactly what to do here: Hair brush, please let the detangling process begin. These ends are atrocious. Keep them coming! I'M gon na need every tool in my box i'll show these curls who's, boss, couple more snips here and some hairspray. Well. What do you think, It'S a that's for sure, hope My classmates will like it come on, get straight that lady ruined my beautiful hair

I can't go to picture day like this. I don't think this is working hannah salon. Experience is a bit different. All done comes out perfect Every time The day is finally here and the model has entered the building , i'm ready. Let me just hop up here: i'm ready for my close-up. That'S a little too close, olivia , okay, thanks , okay got my clothes on i'll. Just put my shoes right here. I love this workout hoodie, oh hi, jennifer, hi, kate or whatever wait. What are those no way? She has the same shoes as me. I was the only one who had these ones too. There'S got ta, be something i can do. Oh yeah that'll work just got ta sneak up. I got the shoes now i need to hide them up. They go take that copycat kate. Where are my shoes? They were just here. Jennifer

What did you do with my shoes? She'S always so mean to me now? What will i do? I can't go to gym barefoot. Hey those balloons have given me a great idea, come with me balloon, okay, what else you're not better than me, jen time to fix my shoe problem, i'll just set this on the ground and step on it. Now that all the air is squeezed out, i can tuck this part away good now, for the other one and done looks like i'm wearing flats. Okay, now i'm ready for gym . What is kate wearing ? Oh my gosh. What is underneath, i mean they're balloons. This is the funniest thing. I'Ve seen all day laugh all you want. I don't care, i'm here for fitness, not fashion , . Add some extra lines there. Yes, that's hilarious! Oh hi, everyone! Oh my gosh! It'S kate: what are the chances? It'S like? We conjured the stink yeah. It does stink in here . She doesn't get it kate. Have you seen this before here? This is, for you don't be afraid to use it a lot.

Oh uh Thanks, i guess , kate spray it under your arms, come on. Let'S get to class , , hey! What'S that on the mirror: , kate, stinky! What do i smell bad? I don't smell anything better erase this . Okay, let's try my sleeve it's not coming off. There has to be something: maybe water will help ah stupid school since they never work. It'S no use. Now. Everyone will see this. Take this stinky kate, on the mirror. I can't stand even look at you, hey! Wait! It'S coming off!

Was it the deodorant? Let'S try this again, It is the deodorant. The marker is coming right off: . I can't even see a single smudge excellent crisis Averted. You know what maybe it's time for my own artwork just gon na take out my marker, i'll, just put my name back up here done much better artwork. In my opinion, that part last night was so epic That better not be candy. Don'T you, kids ever read now hand over the goods. Just thought. I'D teach you a lesson. Hi, mr jones excited for today's lecture. No food right just school supplies, What a good little student you are. All this disciplining makes me hungry, who's, ready for some shakespeare, . I, like my science with chocolate, , hey guys what i thought you'd like some! Ah, thanks chloe how'd, you do this just thought outside the box.

Well, the crayon box, , stick in your favorite chocolates. Once that's done, snag a paper cut out of crayons and slide them over the chocolate looks convincing right, don't forget to close it, , putting my brain to good use. This is my third one. Today chloe pay attention here: okay, back to business, i've never been to a real party before okay, you got this yo. What are you doing here? I'M here for the party. Now you can take out the trash, though bye-bye? Oh, that was so mean he got trash all in my hair. Now, look at it wait. I know my hair's been the same for years time for a colorful change. cut up some crepe paper.

Any color you like is fine once that's done, put them aside and fill a big bowl with water dump in the paper pieces. Submerge them, so they get soaked, see the water. Turning pink! That'S! What'S going to dye your hair, dip in the tips of your hair and let them soak for a few minutes make sure they get nice and wet. My tips are totally pink. This is the coolest thing ever now for an outfit to match.