HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Nerd VS Popular Student by 123 GO! Live

HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Nerd VS Popular Student by 123 GO! Live

My lick is almost complete. Who am i kidding? I look like my grandma. I just need some more options: open, closet, app. I should start with a cute blouse. I love a good floral moment. Definitely need a cute skirt to match and for the hair. Let'S go with this one and that's how you go from dork to dynamite. almost forgot about these. It'S all in the little details: right. This party's really bumping what up peeps! That'S cool! We'Ll talk later! Hey! Sorry! I can't believe this. What a loser? It wasn't my fault and my drinks gone, but maybe all i need is the ice. I got it yikes, let's get rid of that stain with some ice. Let'S spread these around a bit: , , very nice now grab your favorite fabric dye and sprinkle it over the ice. Like this, it's like putting salt on your pasta next color, please, now that all the cubes are covered. Let that ice melt. yup all the way down. This may take a while, but it's totally worth it when it looks like this watch out girls here i come hi cool shirt,

I'Ve never seen anything like that before yep come dance with us. I thought you'd, never ask , look at them. What are they laughing at anyway? Sure looks like fun, though i spend all my time studying for tests. That'S it! That'S how i get me. Some friends This is gon na, be great . This ought to get their attention. You want the answers to next periods. Test, see ya, . You really have the answers. This is awesome. Fine thanks man, hand them over i'll need a smooch. First, a kiss: I can't believe this okay here you go, I'M ready! Where are your lips? ? Oh yeah! Here you go, that's not a real kiss! Oh! I should have been more specific

It'S the morning already, I fell asleep reading again: , hmm and, at the best part what happens next, I can get ready. While i read right, i wasted too much time sleeping on to chapter four people. Hmm pancakes feel good with this. Then what thanks? Mom wait. I can't go to school like this . Now we're talking hmm but popular girls mornings. Look a tad different. That was the best dream ever can't forget my morning selfie, my followers would kill me. Otherwise. I really glow in the am huh. 24. 000 likes already yoga in the morning, Always centers me deep breath in the ultimate calorie-free breakfast of champions can't go to class without gorgeous free-flowing hair looking good, but this is where the real magic happens. I'D better pack these What to wear what to wear? Oh yeah! This will turn some heads seriously. Don'T people have anything better to do? I'M no loser. In fact, i'm kind of a genius solve these all myself. Thank you very much. I take serious butt today who needs friends when you've got brains, you hungry, lily. Homemade sushi beautiful chocolates for a beautiful lady

How many you think are in here, hey little guy, let's see, think there's any room in here for one more gift get in there, A little extra sparkle never hurts. I love myself. This princess really speaks her mind your cake. Thank you. Yes, it has extra chocolate. first bite's, always the best yep. That'S what heaven tastes like it's brian from history class. So handsome hey, oh, didn't, see you there brian want to join me. ! I guess that's! Okay! Let me just grab my cake, oh god. This is so embarrassing What i wouldn't give for an invisibility cloak. That'S it I'M ordering in from now on. That'S hilarious. You won't believe who just walked in here. Well, hello. There beautiful place huh um. What was i seeing hey? I got ta go wow thanks. I should introduce myself she's making another call. I'Ve got ta, get her attention: , These look, pretty fresh! No woman can resist flowers, it's show time, oh yeah, and for the opening line. um beauty for a beauty, you're too kind, , all right fingers time to get to work so glad school is over.

I so am not doing that Homework'S, Just not for me. time flies when you're having fun candy coming on in. Oh, let's try that again, oh whoops landed on my math book nope, still not opening it Whoa. Oh they're, steadying got me hungry whoopsies. These braces make things so difficult. I simply can't have crumbs on the bed. I need some serious power here. Keep going gotcha, whoa too much suction come on. Let go go, let go whoa. This thing sure is powerful. The perfect pout got ta, look hot for all. My tick Tock followers just watch those likes roll in, don't forget to comment and share or leave a fun emoji

How long have i been working? No, i must stay awake. You can totally finish this just resting my eyes for a second okay. Maybe i just need a little sugar. It'S working already here we go , oh slowing down snap out of it. You'Ve got a test to study for man, that's cold, That is very necessary. Okay, oh i'm! Getting so very sleepy. This studying is just so boring. Who am i kidding? How do you think i stay so pretty whatever good morning, locker buddy our lockers may be next to each other, but boy

Are they different? Oh, so, sweet Hey! What hey you mess with her You mess with me. Come on claire. They just don't get you. That'S all sit. We'Ve got ta, do something with this hair, but i can't see what you're doing whoa you should show more skin. We'Ve got a lot of work to do. Fashion, show . I am so ready for this. Well, what do you think of this? It'S super chic nah too short, okay! Next, oh, i can barely see you like the heels um. I don't know it's a little uh mature, oh yeah, you're right. How do you walk in these things? I can't believe it classy huh. Actually, maybe it's too much. I just don't feel like myself now we're talking. It'S definitely you all right, which is just fine with me check me out world. I can't believe i'm walking in with melanie

So this is what a party looks like: What'S up guys, hey, it's our favorite song, wow everyone's on fire tonight cheers we're gon na party All night long. Everyone put your hands up. Look at me. I can't believe i'm a part of this. Hey welcome to popular life, pretty sweet, huh claire you doing okay in here never been better. I thought you'd appreciate a little hydration here. You go you're, so nice best friend, selfie time say cheese. Oh, how cute are these? We can work on that . Add some extra lines there? Yes, that's hilarious, Oh hi, everyone! Oh my gosh, it's kate! What are the chances? It'S like? We conjured the stink yeah it does stink in here, . She doesn't get it kate. Have you seen this before here? This is, for you, don't be afraid to use it a lot.

Oh uh thanks, I guess , kate spray it under your arms, come on. Let'S get to class , , hey! What'S that on the mirror: , kate, stinky. What ? Do i smell bad? I don't smell anything better erase this. Okay, let's try my sleeve it's not coming off. There has to be something: maybe water will help stupid school things. They never work. It'S no use! Ah now everyone will see this. Take this stinky kate, on the mirror. I can't stand to even look at you, Hey wait, it's coming off. Was it the deodorant? Let'S try this again. It is the deodorant. The marker is coming right off. . I can't even see a single smudge excellent crisis averted, but you know what maybe it's time for my own artwork just gon na take out my marker, i'll, just put my name back up here, done much better artwork.

In my opinion, , Okay, got my clothes on i'll. Just put my shoes right here. I love this workout hoodie, oh hi, jennifer, hi, kate or whatever wait. What are those no way? She has the same shoes as me. I was the only one who had these ones too. There'S got ta, be something i can do. Oh yeah that'll work just got ta sneak up. I got the shoes now i need to hide them up. They go take that copycat kate, , hey. Where are my shoes? They were just here jennifer. What did you do with my shoes? She'S always so mean to me now. What will i do? I can't go to gym barefoot. , hey those balloons. Have given me a great idea, come with me balloon: okay, what else you're not better than me, jen time to fix my shoe problem i'll just set this on the ground and step on it.

Now that all the air is squeezed out, i can tuck this part away good now, for the other one and done looks like i'm wearing flats. Okay, now i'm ready for gym . What is kate wearing ? Oh my gosh! What is on her feet? I mean they're balloons. This is the funniest thing. I'Ve seen all day laugh all you want.

I don't care i'm here for fitness, not fashion. Oh, this party looks excellent. Okay, here's my chance deep breath, hey how's it going listen to any good podcast. Lately, ! Look at that over there. Isn'T it cool what where'd you go. Oh, she ditched me that that's okay, We can try again hey good punch, huh uh. Excuse me: I have somewhere. I need to be hi great party right. Oh sorry, i'm getting a call and i have to take this. Ah, i bet it wasn't. Even a real call, I don't even know what i'm doing wrong ouch. Where is everyone going they're all going to see him that doesn't even make sense? What'S he got that i don't? Oh, i see his hair okay, his wardrobe uh tattoos too. How can i compete with that, but look at how popular he is huh? What'S this a rock magazine, hey tambourine tattoos, no way, oh wow. These are incredible time to give them a shot. , all right, i'm ready for my tattoos, just roll. My sleeve up and position the tattoo now to get it nice and wet seems to be sticking well. Let'S peel it up and see if it worked whoa it did work and it looks so real. Okay time to rock this party.

With my new look, that's right. I'Ve got the hair, the wardrobe and the tattoos. Now, oh the tattoos there. They all are hey everyone. Okay, i mean hey. What'S up , look at him out of my way. I call dibs , hey what happened. Your tattoos are so cool, . Well, whatever at least i've got the popcorn hey, let's take a selfie smile hi. Oh her hair is a total mess. I feel bad. I bet people will laugh at her. Oh, that would be so hard to deal with stop. You know what i'm gon na help You out. This is a hair intervention, we'll start by taking out this hair binder. Okay, but now my hair's messy, that's because i'm still working, you need some color. First, we'll need some markers i'll cut the end right off and take out the ink it's a little inky straw, which means i can blow through it. I'M just gon na put it in my mouth and voila.

All the color is coming out. Okay, now that i have the color, i need the cream i'll just add a little dollop and start mixing it into the color. Okay, we're ready for the next step. I'Ve got a plastic glove so time to dig in , i'm going to layer this on the strand of your hair, now to wrap it with aluminum foil, good, it's purple time. Are you sure this is really a good idea? Yes, you'll see when it's all done foil for this one too. Now we've just got ta: wait: , okay time to check your hair, just unwrap the foil and voila . Oh, i think i'm too scared to look , wait is that my hair, it's green and purple wow, it's so cute. I love it. I think you need one more thing to really sell the look we'll just take off these glasses

You can see without them right. You know what take the cardigan off too , we'll just put it right over there, where it belongs. Yep, definitely keep that button. Undone, i do feel pretty well pretty come on. Let'S get to class all right time to give your new look a try. Whoa. Do you see purple and green like i do? Oh, my gosh? No one's laughing. Thank you! So much , hey olivia! Can you help me with something not now i'm busy but olivia? I really need your help. I said i'm busy later, but look. I need help with him. Oh okay, now we're talking i'm ready to record all your wisdom of the boys. Okay, the first step in flirting is to give him a little wink once you've got his attention, give him a smile, then you'll move into a hair flip and finally, your finishing move will be a lip bite.

Wow, okay, i think i've got it. Oh i'm so excited to get a boyfriend night turns today. Okay, there he is now's my chance to try out my moves step. One give him a wink. Whoa uh, hey there, okay, that's enough winking! What what's up you right? Smile here I go. Oh uh, you, Okay, he's paying attention step three time for the hair flip. I think it's like this is everything okay. This is weird right is. Is anyone else seeing this and now, for my finishing move the lip bite? I must look like a hollywood star following these steps. Wow, Okay, i've got to get to class, wait he's walking away. I'M never gon na have a boyfriend everyone's having fun on vacation except me, . Even if i was it's not like, anyone would even notice

Ah, i spilled my coffee everywhere. My life is just the worst now i've got to wash my favorite pajamas where's, the detergent. Hey this detergent is giving me a great idea. Okay got a video of a plain wing. Now i've just got ta line up the bottle in my phone Did the picture work yeah? They did time to really sell. The fake vacation can't forget about some cool beach shots. Oh better. Ditch the glasses, beach shot done time for hitting the slopes, got ta, make sure i'm dressed appropriately. , the ski goggles, will really sell the illusion, . I think i just made the perfect fake vacation. Oh, my gosh, it worked, it totally worked. I have so many more followers and likes now. I'M a genius. I should have done a fake vacation forever ago. I win. I win the internet, all right looks like i'm up. I guess i'll see what she's got. You know what i think i could use some banana help.

Oh, my one of these things has to throw her off her game: . I'M not sure i've ever seen anything quite like this shoot, i'm other things to throw . She thinks she's, so cool, good job, good job, . The first step for this dance is the arms don't forget to hit the banana out of the way. Next up is the footwork twist and then lift each foot separately: after that turn to the side in shimmy, , , the judges award claire three likes. Okay, here's my chance to win it all. Hmm. I think i have an idea to show melanie up. That'S right. Everyone likes some air guitar, ! Oh, this is great wait. What is that above me? It'S my turn to shine time to add some hips to this dance. , wait! No! That was my trick.

I'M back claire can't get rid of me that easily check out my footwork , no nope get out of here claire. That'S right! It'S my challenge to win wow they're both going all out go away! Melanie noah wants you here wrong. I was the first one to dance in this challenge and i'm definitely gon na be the last . Oh, i just don't know about any of this while showing off air guitar. Don'T forget your feet. Rolling Your arms is always fun, especially when you add toe touches, alternate leg, kicks and knee bends, then try them in different directions: and, of course, don't forget to finish strong

You don't have to alternate, You can do arms and legs at the same time. Spins can add a lot of dynamic movement too. Footwork will always wow, especially if you pick up the pace, legs and arms in opposite directions, looks powerful, two thumbs up and one thumbs down fine. I changed mine to thumbs up what the what happened to my desk come on. This doesn't even belong to me. It'S school property, yeah they're just so mean. Oh, no, my backpack and all my stuff this day is not getting any better. Madison i'd better! Try to clean this off ! This is gon na take forever yeah broom, please! I got ta start sweeping there's! So much to sweep up it's not really fair that i have to do chores at school.

Hey, i think, i'm getting an idea. Sweeping is kind of like a dance move. Jake check this out. Look at this dance move that i came up with yeah, that's pretty cool! I guess wait a second. This could work too. Madison. Look at this move: , yeah, jake, that's great time to put it on tick-tock check out our new dance moves. Don'T forget the shoulders and hips . Now it's your turn. Wait i'd better check one more thing before the test. Okay, now i'm ready madison, hey madison, come here jake i have a test. People like our tick tock seriously. Look at all these likes whoa no way jake. We did it. People, like our dance emma may be on a diet, but a girl can dream right. Hunger is a powerful thing: . Even in your subconscious, we've got a sleepwalker on our hands and a hungry one.