HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Nerd VS Popular in 24 Hours Funny School Life Hacks by Spy Ninjas

HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Nerd VS Popular in 24 Hours Funny School Life Hacks by Spy Ninjas

Regina locked herself in her room because daniel rejected her, let's just get in here, three two god: this is disgusting. It stinks in here right behind her regina wait come on what is wrong with you, oh chicken. Oh my gosh rojito! What what why you broke a tooth? Oh just food, in your teeth, oh nasty whoa! You got like something right here: chocolate. What what's wrong? Oh honey, just your hair! Have you showered. When was the last time you showered straight up? Let yourself go! You are looking so dirty and nerdy, that's not my fault. Okay, daniel has a new girlfriend and i'm reading all these comments. People in the comments don't like me anymore: either you stink and daniel doesn't like me.

We, like you, you yeah, but you you do stink, though really you smell, like mcdonald's, dumpster daniel likes dumpsters. Oh, i should stay this way. Oh no. We waited to do something about this. Regina has gone off the deep end. What can we do? We got to change her from nerdy to popular and we got ta get food makeup and all that nasty stuff off of your face: okay, eww, oh you're, rough you're, rubbing it in worse, i can just eat it.

One percent prettier, Okay, we got ta, get that unibrow fix. Oh yeah, the unibrow right there don't zoom. I heard this does wonders . It does wonders for ruining your hair. It worked what about those lips now, my song, i heard this does wonders. I won't be able to talk it's not coming off. Oh boy, oh no, you're, making it worse! You'Re smudging at me! I'M hearing! Okay! You got ta dab. Oh there you go. There'S the beautiful, regina, she's shining. Through oh wait. We got ta, get her hair taken care of here. Melvin knows about long hair. Oh you know it and i don't so all you do. Is you take the comb and you go like this? What happened? Oh no! Oh my gosh, i'm stuck chad. You know nothing about long hair. You got ta start at the end and work your way to the scalp. You just got ta. Okay, let me try it guys. My head hurts. I think you got honey mustard in your hair. Oh, it feels like you have pancake syrup in your hair. I take care of this. I'M the hair expert around here, regina just, do these hair flip and that'll fix it: okay, okay, that's so good, okay, you're, definitely going from nerdy and dirty to confident and popular, but uh

What about the outfit here? Look it's just peanut butter! Okay, we're ready for your outfit reveal regina come on out. What is this? Don'T i look great i not even from there what's wrong with you. Wait, a second doesn't ally, wear a canadian hoodie yeah and it's an alley blonde yeah, You see what's happening. I i still can't even bear to face her. I feel really great guys. I think this is my new look. No, i don't think so. You'Re trying to be someone else right now and we want the real regina, the spy ninja genus. No, i don't want to be the old me that old me got rejected and it's nerdy get a hold of yourself come on. I don't want to be cool like uh, oh, like a k-pop stars, they're cool, they are cool. I know how to cheer her up. Chad, oh yeah, come on regina. You can do better than that. At least you got the look right. Yeah

What it's uh k pop stands for: freddy krueger krueger pop right. No, you got it all wrong. K-Pop korean pop chad, It'S good enough! This looks more k-pop right now, okay, so what do you guys think? Is it working? She looks great. You know she's still sloughing around, she doesn't seem to feel great. We got ta do something to get her to feel great. I know what makes me feel great. We should do some k-pop dancing you guys down. I'M down elevator regina. I got a great idea to cheer you up: Oh baby powder sauerkraut. It smells really good. Have you guys smelled this before? Actually, it smells like daniel i'll. Take that you don't want to be smelling this right now, regina. You need something to cheer you up with the baby powder. Let'S forget about this. Just throw all that away. We'Re gon na learn a routine

I think danny likes k-pop dance, he loves it yeah, he loves it, yeah yeah a lot. This is a really fun dance by momo land. It'S called boom boom and it's like really great because we can celebrate with this dance because the chef has been arrested. No more stalker challenges, no one's watching us they're, sending us strange packages, yeah, no one, no one's sending us just got ta. Do this with me? Okay, one of the moves. You really only got ta

Do this move and then just move uh? Oh wow, boom boom. That'S it! We just got ta put it together. There'S only three steps: you need to know , hello, yeah. I feel great. Do you mean i feel amazing? You'Re right, when we dance and do fun activities My mind doesn't think of daniel yeah. You just got ta, get physical, get your bodies moving and then just forget about all that sadness. Oh someone's gone, danny's! Facetiming me, oh no, hey hit him up! Show him how much fun we're having okay, damn hey guys! Oh daniel, where are you daniel, just walked me home. I might stay here for a bit, so uh just keep having fun without us. Thank you guys. You guys look comfortable together, you're already at her house. Hurry back here, daniel we're having so much fun, Yeah we're doing a k-pop dance, yeah, i'm having a fun time. It'S so much fun! Damn you guys are having so much fun.

I'M kind of jealous well yeah, make it home before 10 daniel. Don'T worry guys i'll get him home before it's time. Bye, we'll see you guys soon, bye, okay, bye-bye, don't be late. Okay, just yes! Well guys! I had a really great time. I feel great yeah, I feel great too. I'M gon na go over there now. So just don't bother me, okay, what what she's being such a loser right now come on? Let'S just it's time for an intervention, we can't have her be mopping around, like , this, oh, what are you doing regina what's going on here? What are you watching daniel edits? Take that melvin yeah? Why so? You could just be so sad and mopey. It'S not healthy for you love it. I love fan edits, but the radial stuff is too much give it to me.

He'S moved on and you should too there's more daniels on youtube. No there's not you're so hopeless with gina, regina ! Oh, it fell in the toilet. What nothing! What am i gon na do with that? I'M not scared enough. I am not getting good. Maybe you should leave it there and maybe i'll flush it. So you can get over your feelings of daniel use your hand and get it okay right. It was your fault you're, addicted to the memories. Oh you're, just an enabler.

It'S an expensive phone you're gon na enable regina to obsess over randy, not obsessed. Why don't you make some melvin edits? Yo i love fan edits, come on melvin. You can do it. Oh you missed. Oh yeah, you got it. You got it you trying to get the toilet paper off, who left toilet paper in here, i'm trying to make sure it's saturated into the sink and cleanse away all the bad memories. Where are you going regina? What are you doing? Oh not back to this place. Oh, my gosh, it's so messy and smelly. Oh my gosh, there's so much food all over. Oh, my gosh, oh well, you're eating those yeah, regina, you're, clean and beautiful. We can't get you back through that the space again! Oh my gosh guys huddle. It'S fine! There'S a ton of daniel stuff in that room.

If there's all the things around her remind her of daniel she's, never gon na get over him Yeah she's gon na be sad. We got ta get rid of all of daniel's things Yeah, let's burn it, It'S enough Being nerdy time to be prepped, . His shoes are on the table. Yeah. That'S disgusting. Bye, bye, david once told me that i was the slippers. What what's she talking about melvin? He always comes back to the same pair of slippers and that's true love right. There you're the slippers, sis bro, you, you are your own flipper. You don't need daniel slippers time to flop those out of here it's for your own good. This is going. He gave this to me. I just thought you wanted a picture of your trusted. Most colleague. It looks really good in there i mean you should have cute pictures, but you know maybe just put all the spine ninjas

This is when we got donuts and boba together and we didn't invite you guys. I don't remember that. What was that you didn't invite us granule productions uh well, this is when we made a film together, yeah and it's on my channel and now it's in the trash. This is when he asked me out to prom. Will you be the chick and to my nugget at prom? Well, it's over! Now! Isn'T it! What about this fan art from athena? She drew me and daniel with hearts. Isn'T it so cute all right? We can't throw this away because it's from our fan athena, but i'm gon na hold on to it yeah we got ta return that to daniel we got ta toss it. It smells like him, ew stop it. We can't throw away merch guys no get your own at you're gross, i'm not gross regina you're. Doing all of these things for daniel. What have you done for yourself? Lately melvin help her out. I'M just gon na stay in this room until the day daniel breaks up with alex about daniel we're not doing all these things for daniel we're doing all these things. For you,

So you can get over him and become a better person and learn from this experience, But now you're making it difficult for the three people who still care about you to do anything about it. You get there yeah, geez, you're, right, chad, you get in here. Oh, i get it, I get it, i'm not popular enough. You are so popular. You have 10 million subscribers melvin you get in here. Ah z, just got 10 million. Yes, thank you.

She'S, like the most popular person Ever it's not even about being popular, It'S about feeling cool inside your heart, Instead of offending our sense of smell. Why don't we try something with our sense of hearing yeah regina the best way to release your emotions is through song and music. We'Re gon na be singing emo songs and, just if you didn't know, emo is short for emotional i'll show you how to release all those emotions from within your heart: five: six: seven: eight , damn ! Why am i so so lonely? I don't have too many subscribers to my name. Yeah and the body ever loves me for me and they always go for them.

Where am i in this social scheme, The only thing that ever loves me back is the aliens in the sky. I hope they come and attack and break my heart break. My heart. Everybody take me to your mother's ship and i'll grab my tears out on the don't break my , , . I do want to just move on from daniel. I don't want to keep feeling like this. You scream out songs to release the emotions buried deep inside your heart. Oh yeah, chad. What is your advice? What should i do? Well, i know how great of a singer you are. I think you need to go. me yeah wow, you got it regina. Now you are a true musician. Well, we weren't lying about showing you emo songs. We went through a bunch of different emotions. Oh you said emo. I thought you said eeyore, that's why i was like the the donkey or the donkey, but you do look like you're having a great i'm

Having a great time see, we don't need daniel to have a musical extravaganza, yeah you're right. I don't need daniel at all. In fact, yeah i could be the front man of the band. Regina could be the backup singer, i'll, be the backup singer. V can play the didgeridoo lead didgeridoo, all right blueless. Are you all ready? That'S our name. Yeah cause, There'S No daniel blue left. Let me start it off. Join in everybody. You broke my a heart pieces, but that's okay, because what ends the day is my best friends. We got chad and then we got melvin on the drums. , . We were all having so much fun. That'S all that matters. This has just taught me that i am capable of moving on. I might still be a little bit sad, but well that's okay! To be sad. Sometimes you can't be happy 100 of the time that would just be unhuman. Everyone gets a little bit sad once in a while, I'M ready to let it go all right, let it go. This is the last step. This is closure. You guys good job, regina, giving daniel stuff back we're just all best friends.