How to Become POPULAR | JUST DANCE in REAL LIFE – by La La Life Games

How to Become POPULAR | JUST DANCE in REAL LIFE – by La La Life Games

Dance competition on saturday, i'm in me the real fan of just dance, yeah, sure skye. The best dancer of ever yeah in an imaginary competition. Max skye's boyfriend is really cute. Do you need any medical help um? I will never win. Why so serious huh? Are you real yeah? I can help. Who are you i'll, be the one who will teach you how to dance wakey wakey time for training, uh-huh well well. Well, come on emma is . When are we going to dance wait a minute? Try this ! You just need to train more say it all. Just tell me if i'm making any progress, let's have a look: , . Well, let's say you've got a unique style.

, yeah. I think i'm fine, hey! What'S up, this is sky. She wins the dance competition every year, ! You know what she has, that you don't talents, no confidence: , , hey um, , , hey uh, emma i'm not talking to you, but why ? Oh my god. He said: i'm cool, look, ! So now are you talking to me: can we go back to training again, but no push-ups this time? Okay, let's start repeating after me: okay, let's try something simple: . Now this we need to get this right.

So, just let go and don't hold back ! Oh well! She definitely has her own unique style. Yes, her . What are you doing? Um, i'm just trying for me me. No, no you're ready one, two, three, four: five! Six, seven! Eight! Oh! Oh, Are you crazy? Let'S battle, ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it . Okay, on emma, come on come on. You can do it Come on. Okay, try, this , emma, It'S fine! You won yeah zoe you're such a loser. - That was easy. Oh yeah, the competition is tonight. I can wait and you're gon na go like this . Oh my god, you need to see this , that's so cool! We have to do it. , yeah. Okay, i'm ready yeah, Let'S dance, ugh. This is not even a dance, but at least it works. wait: where did we stop uh? Oh yeah, you're, close , you've got ta. Show me to prepare. You got to get ready. Do your makeup fix your hair? Learn new dance moves, hey girl! You must be there.

You'Re gon na have some fun. This show will be great. You'Re gon na have some fun you're cool, okay, guys. Let'S try this new 99 steps makeup routine, Only 99 steps - if i can do it, you can do it too. Hey, hey! Are you? Okay, Are you Okay? Oh, are you? Okay? Are you okay? We need a plan b. Oh, i know who can help even better than skype, . So what does max like he likes cool girls who know how to dance. We have to go well. Look who's here: you're gon na wear this and you're gon na wear, . This skye you're up next ugh, see on stage

Don'T you worry, , uh, , oh roses, , imagine you're in the game, just dance, , , the only one, i'm thinking, ! Thank you. Thank you. Oh thank you thank , , i should try again this year. Yeah sure come join us. So a challenge for you guys find your favorite line of life, make a tick tock and put a link in the comments.