How to Become Popular in Jail! / How to Sneak Pop IT in Jail!

How to Become Popular in Jail! / How to Sneak Pop IT in Jail!

pardoned criminals will stop at nothing to rob you blind, . This is like a nightmare in real life. What melissa's most precious item is gone? Someone broke into her house while she was sleeping and stole her favorite puppet. It'S the crime of the century. Who knows what this criminal will do? Next, we have to stop him good thing. Melissa'S mom runs a prison. This girl needs to calm down subscribe to the channel right now. Meanwhile, mom will catch that thief. What is this mom discovered? Another crime: let's hear what you have to say for yourself: the criminal even faked, an f to make the mom and daughter fight, ,

Okay, did you lie to me? Mom arrests, the two suspects, but there's not enough evidence. So far We have to search this. One looks us he's, got ta, be the thief: hi, here's the poppet, but it's not melissa's . This guy is a repeat offender. He'S committed grand puppet larceny before we caught you , but none of these belong to melissa, where's, her puppet. Oh, these idiots get tattoos of their crimes you're in trouble now , but where's melissa's, poppet mom will get a confession. No matter what it takes, even if the suspects are refusing to cooperate i'll, get your fingerprints

Somehow you won't be able to resist your beloved puppets. They can't stop themselves they're about to break for sure there we go be careful. Accepting toys from cops Next time, stop olivia always gets what she wants. Thank you it's too late for these two. Stop it now, we need to get your profile photo for the prison social network. You look weirdly happy who knew thieves loved taking pics, or does he like his inmate number? Oh, i see he has a puppet behind his board.

What olivia has never seen anything like this before , i'm confiscating that , the other robber, wants to get a tan under the bright lights. He won't see the sun for the next 10 years. He keeps blinking don't make faces or you'll be stuck with a bad photo in your file. . What'S on your face makeup, , it looks good. I guess i can't see in these glasses, they're weird, oh they're, simple, dimples. The lucky guys got a five-star luxury sell and a gift from the previous residents: . What'S better than gold, a gold poppet and spinner . Now dylan's life is full of bright. New colors, like a bruise. That hit was so hard that it's like the world is a puppet and he's just a finger. He won't need this anymore and olivia can surprise her daughter later, while dylan entertains his cellmate joey is jealous of dylan for his summer, ventilated sucks, they even transform into a poppet heat. A piece of foam paper take a ruler with round openings and a ball cut a piece of foam paper glue on bumps putting them through the holes, attach the poppet to a sock.

Now you have cool socks like dylan, you get a foot massage wherever you go, everyone's happy, . Another great thing about this prison is the chef's special on thursdays. Joey loves it, but dylan wants more salt. He has an idea. He'Ll share his food with a hungry bird and she'll. Lay him an egg simple dimple cut a simple dimple base out of foam paper heat up a small piece of foam paper with a flat iron use, a ruler and a ball to make a bubble. glue the pieces together make sure the base is on both sides paint the edges cover it with top coat nail polish bake it in a uv nail lamp done, simple: dimple with bacon, isn't super healthy, but it's yummy joey wants to try it

Who said don't play with your phone dylan is making an emergency call to the guards olivia rushes to the rescue now he's wearing stylish bracelets. He loves it. Joey is so jealous. He offers to trade the bracelets for a poppet, okay, but olivia will try to find a compromise, . What about puppet handcuffs, , take a square poppet pierce it and attach it to a second poppet. Do that on three sides: connect them with a chain, take light clay, roll a ball to make a weight, paint it to match the poppet attach pops to it. Put the ball on the chain pop. It handcuffs done. dylan is so happy and so is joey. Now they can play together. Joey just noticed dylan's pop at heart. Dylan'S heart has enough room for joey too they're having fun together. Olivia is surprised to see how well they're getting along. They seem so close. Best friends forever puppet brings people together, just like prison, , It'S so easy to trick her. The prison has an amazing gem. Olivia sets a great example here, thanks to a healthy lifestyle, olivia is in great shape.

She can do anything, She sets her mind to , okay, but she has to say no to a lot of things: all to get puppet abs, but she doesn't need to work out for that. Take a piece of thick felt so puppets to the felt apply hot glue to the edge then attach velcro done. Olivia is proud of herself. She has great students. olivia is always alert when she's on the job melissa is telling her. She found a clue: olivia will arrest a criminal bare-handed . She starts fighting the armed robber, , the puppet saved her life. Thank you. Dylan you're, free to keep joey entertained.