HOW TO BECOME POPULAR IN COLLEGE! || Awkward School Situations by Challenge Accepted

HOW TO BECOME POPULAR IN COLLEGE! || Awkward School Situations by Challenge Accepted

, hey, hey, hey, hey! Stop! Oh i'm not thirsty! Thank you! You'Re! So kind! It'S just for tick! Tock! No fans leah! Why don't you do something? What i'm a loser, they're, so cool? Let'S make you popular, then she's, not perfect, but perfect. For me. Let'S go so show me your most trendy clothes. No, my mom bought this. For me, these are my favorites. No, no! No! Oh! Try! This leah! Look at me! , whoa! Take them off! I can't take them off. Take them off! Is that you girl, that was your grandpa? Try, those sorry grandpa! Oh, let's make a face challenge grinning, face with normal eyes. Grinning face with clenched teeth, slightly smiling face winking, face disappointed, face thinking, face nauseated, face angry face crying face clown, face posted now;

Let'S change your hair, talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same totally unique completely! Not ever leave that one now try makeup: ! Oh no! No! No! We need to wipe it up. that can be left. , , see that guy is looking at me again. Go talk to him, go but don't wink hi. Can i sit yeah . So do you have any hobbies? Yes, i play basketball. Oh i love balls. I mean big balls. I made basketball do that flirting.

What will i do girl you need? Do you know what i mean? Oh, i have an easy dance for you, . I had to change my hair as well. No, no grandpa, i'm so hungry. Let'S make a healthy, smoothie Yeah yeah! Now you have to learn how to flirt. Sir. Do i have to, of course, wink once wink twice? Oh, that boy is cute i'll, wait one more time! I'M scared. We definitely need to change your style, . Yes, this is perfect. You need to look like a lady detention.

You want to be tick-tock famous, you better know how to dance. I can't dance. Why not? I have to left feet. You can dance. Try this one. Okay, try this fine! Let'S try! Another move, , Let'S not post this one! You can do it. I can't they're too high. You can do it. , faster , but you can't just read all day. I don't read all day. Sometimes i listen to music. What kind of music i like more classical stuff, like mozart, ? Oh, no! No, No, Let'S try Tennis , oh , okay, try again , oh my god leah! That was a good one. I am so proud of you. Let'S do this nice prank! Are you girls looking at ? It was a good prank, so cool. Can we be friends? Yes, let's be friends. Let me think about that yeah sure hi hi there yeah better than me, . No one is allowed to be smarter than me equals energy. I need more chocolates and sweets,

So one piece of orange how many calories are left? Let'S see you can't even count you're over 50 galleries, i'm gon na be fat like uncle rick, , okay class, who wants to solve this uh-huh, someone else, nora, nora? Yes, the question nora: You look great today, mr smith. Oh really young Lady. With this attitude, you get expelled me expelled from school, sir. Yes, ruth , don't forget about your test tomorrow, especially you nora, a i test, do something about it: . Now i'm ready, oh dear, you need to have at least 100k followers Sorry , again wow. Your smile is blinding, but i have a plan. , . I have to do something about it. School is over, but i can prepare for tomorrow Now i have time to do what i want now. I have time to see my friends, ,

Only if you help me okay deal . This is my room. That is awesome, so this is too much . Oh, that was tiring. I should go home okay, but before you go, i prepared so many series for you. My t-shirt. Don'T worry i'll bring you mine. I hope no one sees me. Oh, my god. This is laura. Okay, kids. The test starts now and i'll go grab a call Bob you're with leia. Now hi you have to be really careful. Who did this sorry coach, you're? Out of the team until you get an a the final test, Is tomorrow: Oh, it's, not fair, ! I need your help. You'Ll help me pass my test. Only if you help me get one hundred thousand followers, it's impossible. Okay, then see it's very. The test , hey man, What'S up, did you try this new exercise doing good? Oh good! Good luck, rob oops, ! Oh good job! Rob! Yes! Oh rob!

We need to study after school. Chemistry is easy. What you learn, let's make a hair mask. I learned how to make a hair mask when i was wow. This is so cool. I like it good. I don't luck this. Let me try something. Is this okay, wow, nice hairstyle much better? Now it's my turn to help you two plus two equals four wow cool party: rob. Are you paying attention ? Let me write it down.

Sorry rob we have to move on. What is this? Those are my clothes. This is garbage , oh no , seriously, they're comfortable, . Well, let's improvise oh . You need to learn how to be a model. First smile without your eyes raise your eyebrows. Now stop smiling. This is your model face, bow try to play with your top . I need to break from modeling . I need your help. Oh yes, , , okay, kids, your test results. Here you go nora, i'm smart and pretty now , only one plus, let's go celebrate it. Welcome to my room: hey yo girl, jack , okay, okay, i think we need someone

Professional, don't worry Giorgio will help you out. Give me some help. Oh my god. This is amazing. Thank you, norah. So now it's time for you to pick a date for the school dance. So, what's your type, i don't know with a big nose and short hair with huge muscles, just like mine, the most popular in school , , , hey ruth, you look so hot! Oh thanks to you norah. I know, let's make a tick tock, but i don't know how to dance.

It'S easy come on one two: three right, not bad, but where's, max, hey girls, i'm okay, , um, . What concentrate , so you feel calm study. Then hey keep your back straight! Oh sorry, sorry! For what ! You should learn how to walk: , , . I need to go to the bathroom , , , see you at the party yeah. Oh. Finally, i can read yeah. Where are you the party started 30 minutes ago coming? Oh, you woke up. I fixed your jeans thanks

I have nothing to wear siri. Tell me how to do supermoto to be a supermodel. You need a floral shirt, bright, colored, leggings, short skirt, long socks. Add a comfy sweater add some accessories wearing your skills wearing everyday hats and sunglasses confidence, , . What are you doing? You'Re, Never going to be popular like that. Oh that's, nice time to learn how to flirt watch. , hey there . Now it's your turn: oh okay, ! What'S your problem: , baby baby, please , whatever wow ! You did really great tonight. Oh we have a test tomorrow. We should go home. Ten more minutes, I can't go with anymore, It'S really hard. I don't even like her take the money, but you promised nora. I'M wait ruth ruth. Where is she oh attention? Everyone? I lost my friend ruth i'm a liar. This is fake and, and i wear silicone patches - and this is how it looks without makeup - ruth on are my best friend, please forgive me . I have to compare back something to you: grade i cheated on my desk.

. I eat dog food with ice cream, . You know i always wanted to say that i, like you um, do you want to dance sure, , hi, nora congrats, with your progress me. Thank you so much , hey man, hey pete! How are you doing , ? Okay, today's the day, ? Where are you? Yes, i'm coming , ugh, now and we're ready to start wait. You forgot the most popular gold in school, leia, hmm . Let the pageants begin huh! You can do it! Okay, oh no tina is the winner . Let'S take a selfie. You are still amazing, you're, so beautiful, but i didn't win, but you want everyone's heart: . Oh ! Yes, am i late? Look ! It'S monday! Hey girls, hey hey leah, hey, mr principal! You know what this will be a good day. You go girl, he will be mine, leah, go to your seat,

Sorry, oh, that's Just juice come on rob! Do you have headphones yeah, thanks, be proud. We can hear you oops , hey you, hey girl. How was your day couldn't be better girl. You know what monda's a heart but hey, which were you going i'll, Be positive? Yes, yes, , . This is hello, hello, hello, everyone. I have a very important announcement to make. We have a trip to paris now who collects the tests? , , julia , , at least. No one saw that , no more yogurt

Oh no! This is a garbage. This is my phone yeah yeah, oh, not again, ! I have to ask him out: hi rob wan na go out tonight, yeah sure i'll. Call you back what nothing high five ! Oh god, she's cute! I need to fix my makeup: , , , um, , . Here you go: hey watch out, , hey ,

What is this doing here You come with me. Maybe i should ride him. Hi rob , hmm ! Oh sorry, is this taken chemistry was hard . It was embarrassing hi there. This is our new student hi. I'M mia nice to meet you , okay, Leia! Can you please show me around sorry. I can't i have a photo shoot she's a bit shy! Welcome to our school ! Oh you're, not going to paris, next ! Don'T worry, i think, rob likes.

Shall you wax my legs or shall i shave them girl? You should walks um. You have something over there: , , . Would you like to go out with me tonight? Yes see you later dad? Yes, let's do this. Is it closed, anyway? Oh there, he is guess who grandma? Oh sorry? Oh there, you are nice dress. These are for you. Thank you, . Sorry! It'S on the house!