How to Become Popular Gamer

How to Become Popular Gamer

, when you're so into the game. The world goes dark around you come on this time. Our team will win. We just need a few crystals left. Oh no! I missed one. I shouldn't give up. Taylor literally can't keep his eyes off his smartphone while trying to set a new record. What is he doing here? That'S so rude! Oh, i can pick up his crystals chris

I should write it down. This guy is fast. I have to step up it's not over. Yet jess is so serious. Let'S see taylor is such a geek. Not everyone can be good in studies all survive what's happening. Something went wrong. The game is getting hotter. Let'S get out of here for the sake of victory, a real gamer can go through fire, Hey boy get out hi guys. Today i play a horror game so if you're sensitive get away from the screen. Ah, the sounds are scary. It seems like taylor didn't expect the game to be so frightening. Why did i choose a horror game? I hope you liked it bye. Did nobody watch my stream? Let'S see? What'S trending now wow she's, stylish hello, my puppies today i'll show you my gamer room. This is my split style, keyboard and mouse. Now, let's start playing a popular blogger, always follows trends. I don't get it, but i can't recreate this look. An unpopular gamer is also trying to keep up with trends done.

Hi everybody. I changed my style a bit check out my new mouse. Do you like it thanks for the donations, so who else is a popular streamer, hi, kitties maya? Thank you for joining my stream. Let'S play something kawaii i got it. You have to act cute. I can do that. These heroes are adorable nah, not aggregato. What stop doing streams a top player released a video if you're hot. I can help you cool down, hi, guys the power of ice

How do you like that now? Let'S go win, not bad. I think i can do that too. Firstly, let's make a costume, I think it turned out cool ice ninja taylor is here, hey ninja. Give me my pants back. I have to go to work. Sorry dad here you go Stop playing these stupid games game over a rich gamer has the coolest gaming gadgets, so he doesn't have to wait for his favorite game to load. He can play right away. A poor gamer cannot afford expensive gadgets, but his patience is truly golden. Fine i'll wait. A bit more gamescon is one of the biggest events in the gaming world, so people prepare for it in advance. Nice outfit come in thanks, wow sonia knife is here too. I will destroy you, Maybe my heart yeah stop. This is a cosplay party. You can't come in. I didn't know. This party has a dress code.

Please leave, i can't believe i wasn't allowed inside. I can have a snack at least i have an idea. What would you like to order? A burger, please great choice here you go, Enjoy your meal. I hope that will be enough. Looks tasty hold it. Please you're not going to eat this taylor had some other plans for this burger wow. He has steel biceps come in. I knew it would work what a man famous characters. Cosplayers have a lot of fans sonia sang mine, too sure mission accomplished wow what a star team i have to join them guys, let's take a selfie together all right. This guy's weird, maybe he's cosplaying jacks, look at his arms. I don't know, but i thought of grilled chicken when i looked at him, is someone hungry wait a sec

I have something here, help yourself: It'S a burger cutlet. Thank you, man you're the best. How do you like that? I think i broke my knuckles mom. We almost got caught, hide, they think they're, smart! No, the path is blocked. I have to be more careful. Ah, my neck we've been playing for so long. Are you all right? Let'S take a break, i need a massage. That would be great. Let'S do a hot tub stream, great idea, hi, guys hello, get yourself comfortable cause today we're streaming from the pool. That'S enough thanks a peace of mind. Is your secret power make sure your body is relaxed? Let yourself go. We need to take breaks more often, i'm ready to play see you at the finish line. Come on we're almost at the finish line. Sometimes games are so addictive. You can't rest even for a minute what a powerful attack i didn't have time to dodge oops.

I need to stretch my fingers i'll call a friend hope he picks up the phone hello bro come here. I need you, hey man. What'S up long time, no see! That'S true. You remember our handshake rat steel. Fist, taylor super fast ray. No one can stop us. Get out of our way, it seems like these two gamers have a really strong friendship. Keyboard mouse display you're my best teammate, i'm warmed up. Let'S go sure i need to win this round. You came so far already i almost won but my hands. Let me down this time. You will make it thanks. Bro no problem, can you imagine your favorite game became a reality. Let'S go watch out girls. Why do i have an extra weapon? We need one more player. Me me pick me. Please who's that nerd all right. We don't have a choice, come here wow this thing has a very nice scope. I won't let you down. Are you ready to lose dream on? Let'S get it, we need to freshen up. Wait. Give us a minute to fix our makeup.

Girls will make us wait Even in the game they're already pretty. My fierce look can be deadly. How long do we wait? They'Re done, let's go, let's show em, i'm ready. We will slay them with our beauty. Are you guys ready? Oh not in the face? My makeup Are you enjoying it Girls we did so well. So that's how you want to play, get ready for a real fight. I also know some moves. Let'S crush them. hold it please. We need a shield hurry up. They look scary. Yes, you should be scared. Oh no, Let me help haha. They chickened out they're strong. Let'S not tease the girls anymore, we're the real stars of this game. esports players need training too. I have to beat the enemies with one finger. This is how you become the strongest player. Training is exhausting; let's see how far it can go. Practice is the main key i won't give up. I think i overdid it a bit, but i became stronger for sure nobody's here.

There are so many numbers on the screen. Yes, i won i'll, Try it on this computer. I can handle it. Yes, it's the last game. A must win again. The coffee was great. Who are you hey boy get out of here? This is a sales office, not an internet cafe. How did he even get in here? ? There are winners and losers in every game. Good luck, man! I don't need it. The skills are more important. Try to beat me, then the keyboard literally burns under gamer's fingers as they play. It looks like this. Guy is very passionate about his work Too i'll have to focus no, i just blinked. Yes, i won. I won't lose in this round.