HOW TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL! || Awkward School Situations by Amigos Forever

HOW TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL! || Awkward School Situations by Amigos Forever

Gosh, the boys must be laughing at me again: wow, it's one of the funniest videos i've ever seen. I wish i was as popular as those girls on tick-tock. Hey sounds like someone came in. No, that was nothing enough. I can't take this anymore. I have to change my style of made popular right now. , , ava, isn't here yet it's weird. She was supposed to get here. First, oh, hey, girls, hi, there hi art yum. Oh nobody wears shirts like this. What a great idea to let my little sister draw anything wherever she wanted: ava. Did you get tattoos? Oh wow, you look amazing. Oh my god. Yes, i decided to change my style a bit a bit.

Ava, Are you still just using those wired headphones yeah? So what don't worry there's nothing wrong with that? Oh, i just didn't know that those kinds of headphones still existed: . No, i'm not popular. Where did ava go? I don't know but she's acting really strange Today, and nobody will notice. Oh wow looks like ava is popular now . Does she really think that she's taking good photos wow, i'm so beautiful? Well, i have to help her immediately anya come with me, . Do you want me to help you take some cool photos. My photos are cool, really show me. , , sophie

How are things going? Okay? How about you artion art Yum? What do you want? Ah, nothing anya! You have to look like a popular girl in order to have good photos. How can i get popular in just one day? I'M gon na help you with that seriously and what are we going to start with? I think with the hairstyle and we put those in my braids? Yes, but first let your hair down and now we are gon na make fashion braids with rings. That'S all. Am i popular already don't rush, take off your glasses and we'll tie your scarf on your head? : hey! Am i popular already now you just need to take off this shirt now.

Oh now, you look very good and now the photos - , wow anya. You look gorgeous thanks thanks who's that anya hi guys sophie. What is that in your locker they're, my idols sophie? So you want to be as popular and cute as anya and me, of course i do. Do you think the problem is my locker, of course it's your locker. There were only a few scientists in books and my locker has only true superstars and real idols yeah, because you're popular you can be popular too come on. Let your hair down! I honestly don't like your ideas. Well, as you like it's like. Look there hey sava. When did that happen, I never realized that sophie had such cute hair ava

I can't believe that really worked. Oh, i told you good morning, girls good morning, monica let's continue after class good morning, good morning, uh tim. Don'T you know that it is forbidden to bring food to class? Okay, . It is a perfect opportunity to be rebellious Sophie get out a sandwich, but eating in class is prohibited. You talk like a nerd, get out the sandwich right now: . What is going on with you today sophie get out of class gosh ava. You will thank me later wow. I didn't think that nerds could be rebellious too. Here come sit down with me. Well friends, while the boys are not here, watch and learn how to do the exercises the right way. Ah. Well, it's easy not like that. Like this sophie, don't just watch. Do the exercises. Oh man, you girls really are athletes girls. What should i do with you? Uh . I got it popular girls do not lift heavy things in any situation. No! No! No! No, No! No! No! Never! In my life, i don't want to ask them either so you're, just not gon na be popular

Oh no zaba, You lift dumbbells perfectly. Will you teach me it's easy sophie? Do you want me to give you a hand? Of course i do. The girls are learning very fast. Why on earth? Would you put so many rings on your hair, like that? The popular girls, Of course hey? Why are you guys laughing help me out here? Look at the mess we've made: ava girls

I know what we have to do now. Ava, maybe you should just stop giving advice. Girls, that's gon na help, us all the popular girls throw parties, That'S true! Well then, i formally invite all of you to a party at my house. Whatever i don't wan na go, don't you see ava, i told you all right guys anya wanted to say that the party's at my house. Well, if it's your house, then of course i'll go ava. You are great when i'm down you pick me up. Well, first, we fixed the eyelashes , a little blush and a little bit of this lip gloss and your eyes are good.

What'S that, i think we did everything right yeah. We followed your example. Wash your face right now, i'm gon na do everything myself. I wish my eyes didn't have to see you come in anya, anya. Do you really want to go wearing that change? Your clothes immediately sophie, where are you ? Are you planning a trip to the bahamas? I ran up a check on my dewey yo yo yo anya. Are you going to the beach? I'M not well choose your clothes sophie. Where are you ? - i think i'm already starting to like this party here - are our gifts. , wow, girls, you've changed so much sophie. You look amazing here is my friend uh, hey what the heck was that i think i get it look at him. Wow wow, alex you've changed so much since our last meeting ava. I had no idea you had such beautiful friends. Oh, my god, i didn't know you had such beautiful friends. I don't think either of us are gon na be slow dancing with any of the girls today gosh we have to go and do something urgently.

hold on a second. What these are just children's tattoos. What do you want them for here? I'Ll show you wow. I think you were right. These things look amazing and the best part is they look real , and i also have a big motorcycle at my house. I know i know hey. Where are you going wow? Oh, my gosh wow wow wow, our team. This suits you. Let'S take a selfie guys, girls. What are you doing? I have another motorcycle at my house: . Yesterday'S party was so so fun who's, calling so early, hi, anya, ava ava get up right now. What happened dan? What about dan dan daniel is going to school today, and so you know he prefers natural girls, and now i have the image of a popular girl.

Calm down, don't worry, come to my house we'll make something up with these clothes. I will be the brightest and most popular girl. I just need to put on some good makeup, never meant to love, no one but baby. I saw you, let's see your , a clear handkerchief to complete my image, . Now we tie it on the head and make a bow , . Now i can go to school anya. Did you come to get ready here to eat Come here, i'm here to get ready? Well, what do you think if we put you into your brains, dan put a jacket on here no way? In that case, i won't look popular at all.

So what should i do with you? Love me feed me and make me popular , and this that's too bright. Perhaps oh, that is exactly what we need. It seems we're missing something. Of course. Some simple makeup will look just good on you: . Let'S make your eyelashes a little longer and the hairstyle. A short bun is in fashion now, it'll, look good on you. Let'S see, does it suit me? Let me see anya, i like it a lot now. You can go to school to surprise your dad and then our tioma and i walked inside, and the girls were so amazed that none of them even had anything to say to us like they ran out of words man from what it sounds like. That was a pretty cool party, huh yeah. It was pretty awesome in my opinion, uh. So is this your new style from now on or what yeah totally i look cool for once like a popular kid man,

Now that i think about it, i guess i don't really look that good next to you, huh hey! Do you want me to help you wait? What, but do you even have any extra clothes for me? Well, not really, but i've got an idea. Follow me buddy. I'M beautiful right, i think our team is going to be surprised when he sees me ava. Do you think dan is going to like my appearance? I think your appearance is quite interesting. You didn't answer my question. Well, i think daniel likes sophie - hey, that's not true. He doesn't like her anymore, maybe you're right, i'm confident our sophie likes art yum so complicated. So then, what's your idea? Well, first right now your shirt isn't very up to date. I say that your shirt should be turned into a more modern designer suit. What the and what's the painting stuff for you'll, see just sit tight, . You have pretty good taste. Have you designed before? Well, i guess the main thing is i just watched tick-tock. Well then, do i look like some kind of popular tiktok guy now? Well, not yet there's still a little bit more to do.

Oh, here's sophie hello, girls, hello, sophie uh. It seems you weren't, expecting us yeah. I thought it was art yum. Did you hear that i told you okay yeah, it's good that she's dressed like she's, going to a disco and why? Because dan isn't going to like that anya, Why are you dressed so plainly today? It'S because dan is coming today and he likes simple girls. Ah Well now i understand by the way, sophie you don't like him anymore. Of course not you know, The one i like is art, yum, sophie gosh, that's super. This scarf right here will turn you from old school to brand new, modern, you hmm, i'm already starting to like this popularity thing. Yeah bro, you look great yeah, but i still wish that i had tattoos.

Like you, oh yeah, i guess that i forgot to bring tattoos from home. Ah well, okay, then i guess hey wait. I still have a permanent black marker, . Now i'm gon na be a hundred percent cooler by the way sophie. What did you dye? Your hair, with their artificial hair strands - oh that's cool! Do you think our tail is going to like it of course you'll like it, because you are beautiful? What about me you're beautiful too i'll, say it one more time, girls! You look so great today! Oh thanks, i adore you. Let'S take a selfie beauties, . Well now we can finally go to class and meet the girls. Oh heck yeah.

Let'S go : Where are the boys yeah classes starting soon? Here they are: Oh girls. Hey there hey there girls. He is so handsome. Thank me later pal . I didn't expect that from our guys, especially dan. What'S the matter anya, it seems. I fell in love again guys. Have you seen artyom? I don't think that he's gon na come today he's busy at a sport. Oh no, so who did i even get ready for don't worry sophie tomorrow, You'Ll amaze, him with your beauty. It was all in vain. Anya, What are you waiting for talk to dan dan? You look so good with your new style, thanks anya. What about me uh? What about you? Do you like how i look um? Why do you always look away ? I knew it.

Oh man she's just so beautiful anya anya. What do you want just forget about dan yeah? Of course, i'm not going to give up so easily and what are you gon na? Do not me. We take your bag and follow. They are so strange sophie. Can you help me out with my homework? I have no time oh come on. Salva doesn't want to help me and i don't want to get an f in this class. I don't want to help him well come here i'll help you huh quite the love. They got there and what have you come up with this time? Have you seen how sophie looks and how i look, but you yourself wanted to dress this way, and now i don't want to help me. What are you waiting for? This girl is a horrible character. What are we going to start with, perhaps with this ugly skirt? We just have to do this and dan. Do you hear me dan? What huh this isn't school? It'S a soap opera or something wait a minute!

Do you want to cut my hair now? Scissors are not for your hair, but for your skirt, i like the idea wow. I love it so much. Well, that's it! And now what and now we're gon na put my best lip gloss on you. Let'S tie your blouse to your waist ava. What is that? I didn't expect to see that, but sophie said that she liked art yum. Thank you sophie. What was that you said you didn't like dan anymore

He asked me for help and i helped him yeah. That'S what we thought good morning good morning, miss monica good morning Monica what about well it'll. Be mr arson's problem, mr arsene. Yes, it is the reason i came. The principal made a change in classes gosh. We don't have time to change clothes, it's not a problem. Let'S go like this geez. Where are the kids? That'S it I'M talking to the director, oh god! No! These guys are already in my dreams. Mr arson is everything okay, mr arson, get up. Are you hurt? Should we call the ambulance, Kids get out of my dream? Don'T look at me. Are we gon na tell them It'S not a dream, mr arsen, you fell. So what are you doing here? What do you mean we're having class, and why are you dressed like this ? We just uh haven't changed our clothes, yet zava