HOW TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL! || Awkward Life Situations by 123 Go! Live

HOW TO BECOME POPULAR AT SCHOOL! || Awkward Life Situations by 123 Go! Live

I'Ll see you after math class, annie hi, hi annie. Is it okay? If i sit here, oh no, my glasses, i can't see without them. Where are they? They have to be here: , somewhere , my glasses. I heard them crunch. Oh no! The lenses are shattered. What am i gon na do now? My poor glasses? Oh my god. What are you crying about? Oh yeah, i see that does kind of stink. Well, sometimes bad things happen yeah, but i feel like bad things always happen to me. Hey. I think i might be coming up with an idea: kate, i'm gon na fix your problem. First things:

First, we're gon na need some plastic cutlery and, of course, a hair dryer sets to hot use the hair dryer to heat the plastic knife. Now that the knife is heated, it's bendable look, i can just bend it right like this and it won't break and once the knife cools down it will hold that shape. Next, we're gon na need a glue gun. Don'T forget to do this a second time too. Now, we'll just glue the tips together. Just like this, when the glue dries there'll be one piece: look, we made a pair of glasses out of plastic knives.

Actually, these look pretty cute. If i say so myself here, you go kate, they're, not prescription, but what can it hurt to try? Oh wow, i don't know how, but i feel better with these on. You know what they look too cute for you. Listen up kate time to get up, So we can get to work first, things first, that outfit has to go better pink is definitely your color wow honey. This is amazing. I feel like a different person time to do this. I'Ve always wanted to do this dance with the popular girls. Wow kate. You know the moves and the timing. That'S because i've been practicing at home in front of my mirror and finishing pose. Oh he did it annie. Oh sorry, i got a little carried away. Weirdo! Well, at least i got these cool glasses, . This party is gon na, be so great, annie, you're. Looking fine, oh, you definitely know how to dress for a party

Even your shoes are stylish. Oh wait, though you can't just go in this party has a height check. We don't want to let in any little kids come on we'll just check to see if we're tall enough, oh yeah, you're, definitely tall enough go on in the party's waiting for you, hey john i'll talk to you later. You scared me half to death wow. You can really sneak up on someone novelty, socks and sneakers. Hey john, get a look at her all right come here, so i can check your height you're, not even close. Sorry you'll have to find somewhere else to party . Can you please make an exception for me? Oh now, you've done it.

If i said you can't come in, then you can't come in now get out of here. Well, fine, Then i'll just leave. Maybe i didn't want to go to that stupid party anyway. I'M sure it's just full of more mean people. Just like him, hey wait! I i think i have an idea. Yes, this will totally work just gon na take off my shoes right here then i'll carefully roll down my sock next i'll, take it off my foot, but i got ta, keep rolling it up. There we go now. My sock is nice and compact, Now i'll just put it in the heel of my shoe and then i'll just slip my feet back into my shoes. The socks in my shoes will make me taller hello, i'd like to go into the party. Please you again, I told you to leave check me again. Please, oh fine! It'S not gon na make a difference, though look see you're the same height as wait, you're taller. How is that even possible? I don't see any tricks or anything

Well, rules are rules, You can go inside party here i come. How does she grow so quickly? Ah, don't worry about it. . I love these chips, they're so salty and good. It'S just straight lettuce leaves yes, popcorn just got ta shove that in my mouth, too, gon na wash it down with this sweet sugary soda. But i love soda now for some pizza, the best food in the world uh, you want some of my pizza. No thank you. I'M trying to watch my weight. I eat junk food all the time and it doesn't affect me at all. Candy chips like so many chips. Pizza, of course, have you ever eaten it in bed. It'S even better so good, i'm not even kidding, see kate. You know you want to join me. Just one bite.

Well, maybe just a nibble one, tiny little bite can't hurt right. Oh it's so good wait, something's happening my face. I knew i shouldn't have eaten that pizza. I ruined my diet. I don't even understand how that's possible. Oh yeah, those are the jeans. I want right. There None of these look that great Now that's what i'm talking about everything's on sale, Yup looks like these ones Will work just fine, better, try them on just to be sure better grab a pair of these. This one and one of these too jake - Are you done yet. I need the changing room check.

These jeans out the length is perfect and they fit like a glove. It'S like they were made for me, that's great jake. I need to try these on wow she's in a mood what's her problem. These jeans are still great, though my turn to try on some jeans ugh look at the length on these ones. I'D have to roll the cuffs up. If i want them to fit, i don't have to do that. Oh i'll, try on another pair! Oh, why is this pair too small? I can't even get them up all the way. It doesn't make sense. No way i can get this pair buttoned. Why does this have to be so hard every time this pair is the worst one. Yet i could literally fit two of me inside this pair no way these are supposed to be the same size as the others. I could put my whole body in here. These jeans could be a tent. I hate shopping for jeans. Okay, i have one more pair to try on. I think we might have a winner. They seem to fit okay, so far: , okay, don't freak out just suck in come on wait a second. Oh you've got to be kidding me around

The earth in one two, three ouch, what just hit me in the head: - is school even school without its resident popular girl. What'S up? Excuse me: kevin denim. Jackets went out of style yesterday want my old one, wow thanks whatever, but whatever you do. You never look directly into the popular girl's eyes. Sorry, your majesty, i mean sophia, i mean ma'am, oh peasants, they're so funny. Aren'T they ? Okay, anyone have the answer to this one, even when the entire class is stumped. There'S always one person in the class that is dying to give the answer. What don't look at me, quick, pick sophia before her poor arm, falls right off anyone, but sofia who's answered the last five questions. Oh geez just pick her already, no matter what the class know-it-all will stop at nothing to show off how much they know on a topic. Okay, sofia go ahead me. Yes, i know this one , it's sure hard to concentrate on class when you've got a pretty girl.

On your mind, we're looking at you vicky, but when you find yourself right in the middle of a budding romance concentration on your work becomes nearly impossible pass this over to vicki. Will you i got some mail for you, vic? Oh, it says i have beautiful eyes. I'Ll cherish this piece of paper forever. This kiss is for you, honey bear ugh gross nothing's, worse than being caught in the middle of a nauseating. Mush vest okay, i'll pay, 20 bucks to anyone who will switch seats with me. I'M gon na need a pail, another day, another pop quiz gee. I don't know any of this stuff, but i bet some of my classmates do. Yep vicki here is displaying textbook cheating behavior, who else would bring binoculars to history class yikes? That was a close one. Perhaps a phone camera is a little less conspicuous. Oh, no, the flash is on yep amy definitely saw a flash of light or you can go the bold route and approach her desk, like an alligator peeking above water, vicky whoops dropped.

My pen see that was awful, close . Some students show up in class but they're anything but prepared to work. Oh shoot! I totally forgot a pin, hey vicky, have a pen you can spare here you go now. All i need is something to write on sophia rip me off. A piece of paper will ya and before you know it, amy will have a desk full of stuff, even though she didn't bring a darn thing herself. And why bother when you know everyone will give you something of theirs anyway, whoa, you sure acquired a lot of stuff there, amy staying awake isn't easy, but for some students it's practically impossible. Wake up girl. It'S your turn to write on the board. Oh man, why does geography always put me to sleep? Okay, don't worry, i'm totally awake now, or am i almost dust off there? If only i had a pillow to lay on oh yeah, that's the stuff uh sofia girl. I don't want you drooling on my sweatshirt