HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE + STAY MOTIVATED! *easy productivity tips*

HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE + STAY MOTIVATED! *easy productivity tips*

Hey everybody and welcome to it today we're going to be talking about how to be productive and stay motivated. I know this is especially needed right now, because everybody is about to go back to school or already is back in school and just with like quarantines and coveted in general, i know everybody's getting so tired and burnt out. So i wanted to put out a video to help you all with some tips, so these are all the things that i do personally, that help me stay productive or be motivated, but first things. First, remember that everybody measures productivity differently, so my standards might be different than your standard, because i might not have as many things on my plate as you do, or vice versa also remember to take breaks when you need and don't overwork yourself, because you don't want To burn out quickly and remember that self-care is also productive, taking care of your mind and your body is always productive, because you need those things to be able to function productively. Anyways in the long run, alright grab out a notebook because it's time to take some notes.

So my tip number one is that anytime you're working light a candle and if you can't light a candle like, let's say, you're living in a dorm and you're not allowed to have candles an alternative is like a candle warmer. I personally have gotten deep, deep, deep into candle. Loving it, for some reason, just motivates me and makes me know that i'm sitting down to get some work done or just be productive in general. The next thing kind of going off of that is to tidy up your space, so i find it really difficult to like work and get stuff done when my room is a mess, because then i have something on my mind. That'S like oh, my gosh. I still need to clean my room and, like i'm thinking about that, the whole time, while i'm trying to work so cleaning your room or at least making your workspace clean and like getting all the clutter off of your desk, maybe decorating it with some cute stuff.

Um just to like tidy it up, so you're not worrying about it, the whole time, and so again it sets you in the mood to be productive, because that's one thing that you did, that was productive, that you can cross off your list. My next tip, that is a huge one, is definitely to make a to-do list. I'Ve been doing this for almost a year now like consistently making to-do lists. I think i started in like february of last year, so definitely just making a to-do list every morning. Another thing, that's also helpful, is to make it the night before the day that you're talking about, so that when you wake up, you know exactly what you're going to do and you don't have to plan it out, but another fun thing is doing it in the Morning, right away, once you have your coffee and you can make it all cute, making it cute and having like a dedicated book just for to do this is always really fun. There'S also like notepads out there. I just think it's really helpful to write it all down, because you can't keep it all up in your head, because you'll lose track of things or forget things, and a helpful tip of mine is to always do like the smaller things.

First, let you just get those all crossed off and it makes you feel accomplished. The next thing that always helps me be productive or, like at least motivates me to get up and do something is to always think back to like why i'm doing this. So for me, most of my work and things that i have to do have to do with college or youtube. So i go back and i think about like

Oh, i need to get these things done so that in the future i don't need to stress financially about things and i can like provide for family or i can go on vacations later on in life and just enjoy life. So for me, i'm like okay. I need to get up and make this video so that future me can enjoy her life stress-free. So then, i always just think about future me like i've, envisioned her in my head as like a strong businesswoman, getting a lot of stuff done, and that usually motivates me because i'm like okay, i need to get stepping stones done right now, that'll be able to Get to that in the future. The next thing that always helps me is to put on an outfit that i feel confident in and like do my makeup or something so i like to like put on a cute sweater, or at least like get out of my pajamas, so that i feel motivated To take on the day, because one i'm feeling great that i'm in a cute outfit look good feel good, but two

It also motivates me to like not crawl back in bed, because i have makeup on so i don't want to like take a nap with my makeup on and i don't want to get in bed with jeans on so that always motivates me to like stay awake And get stuff done. Another thing to help you be productive. Is this app called flora? So basically you like make to-do lists and stuff and track your progress. That makes sense. Now i have to wait. I can't get off this for five minutes, or else it's going to kill my tree. So now it says, put down your phone and start making progress now, so the purpose of that app is basically to just keep you off of your phone, because i know i have a problem where i'll do like five minutes of work and i'm like

Oh, that was exhausting. Now i need to get on tick tock for 10 minutes, then that 10 minutes ends up being like 30 minutes, and i just wasted all that time, so that app is nice because it keeps you off your phone like if you get on it, you kill the Tree that you're trying to grow, so you guys can actually scan this and add me as a friend, so we can hold each other accountable. I think it'd be so fun. So add me, my next tip is to wake up a little early and have a happy start to your day. So i know i always feel my best whenever i wake up early like 8 or 9 a.m, and just get a lot of stuff done before

Like 11 or noon because then i'm like wow my morning was so productive. That means i'm gon na have a great rest of my day. But then again you also don't have to wake up super early to be productive. Just say that i know for me personally. Always makes me feel great and energized, and just having like a happy start to your morning, is definitely helpful like right when you wake up thinking about what you're grateful for going and doing something that makes you happy like making your first cup of coffee in the Morning and drinking it out of a cute mug or going on pinterest and being inspired to stuff like that, so you can have like a happy first start to your day.

Another productivity tip is just to drink a lot of water. I have my glass right there, especially like ice cold water. It'S always nice because it like refreshes you and just always like kicks you into that like little. Oh, i need to get something done. I don't know if that makes sense, but and then obviously drinking water is helpful for your body, so like there's water bottles that have like time stamps on them so like make sure you're drinking enough water every day. So you could always have one of those on your desk. Another tip is to time block your day so like i'm, going to wake up at 8 a.m and then from 8 am to 9, am going to get ready and make my coffee and then from 9 a.m to 10 a.m. I'M going to do my history homework then, from 10 to 11, i'm gon na take a break at 11 to 12. I'M gon na eat lunch then 12 to one i'm gon na. Do my english paper like something like that? The way that i've been loving to do this lately is, with my day, designer planner. I just got this from target um

They sell a lot of these. This brand can't believe i'm just now figuring out this brand, but basically this planner has like your top three priorities for the day and then it has the time blocking sections and then like the evening time. So that's just an example. You could pick any of these up from target and i will try to link this exact one that i have below. Another thing is to take breaks whenever you need them like, if you feel so tired and you're overworking yourself, and you have a little time that you could take a break. Um just take a pause whenever you realize that you're really just not enjoying it right now. Um and go do something like take a walk, or at least just step outside and get some fresh air

That'S what i like to do a lot or go hang out with your animal, like i always like to go upstairs and pet. My dogs, for a little while and then another thing to keep yourself motivated, is to make a mood board and set it as either your iphone wallpaper, your laptop wallpaper, your ipad, wallpaper or all of them. That'S what i like to do so. Basically, a mood board would be a collage type of thing that has like your future goals or like things that you want in your life or like happy quotes that help you stay motivated. So here is mine. I made it in my last video. You could go see how i made this one, but a good way to start is go to the website canva and you can just put something together:

So i just like to copy and paste pictures from pinterest onto canva, really cute, also just having a clean desktop, Also is motivating if you're interested in like seeing how to customize your laptop, especially macbooks, you can watch like. Oh, i have maybe three macbook customization videos. Um and those all have different tips on how you can like make your online working on your laptop, more enjoyable and here's my little vision board on my iphone. So that reminds me every time i get on my phone to also work towards my dreams, rather than just sitting on tick tock.

Another thing kind of going off for that is to follow like motivating and inspiring people on instagram tick tock like your basic social medias, So that whenever you are getting on your phone to take a break or like just procrastinate, you'll see that person's instagram story. And then be motivated to get something done, You'Re more than welcome to follow me. I'M always posting whatever i'm doing um, especially like my to-do list or literally just me getting work done, and i know that motivates people because they're, like oh wow, julia's filming three videos. Today, i need to step up my game And get something done. My instagram is this, but i'm sure, if you just look up motivation or hashtag productivity, you'll find multiple people, and i think with that, is also just go on youtube and look up productive day. In my life, videos

I know i make these all the time and people always talk about how those motivate them to get up and do something. So if you're ever bored, you can look up productive day in my life, you can find any of mine. I have a good friend, lauren doane, who does those and hers are always great. Now everybody does those. So i'm sure if you just look that up, you can find so many people doing amazing things and that'll motivate you to get out of bed and do something. Okay, don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button on this video, so more people can see it and learn how to be productive as well so yeah. Thank you. So much for watching i'll see you in my next video on saturday at 12 p.m. Eastern time. Also, really quick before you go, i just want to tell you guys that i have these little goal: notebook planners