How I Would Become a Web Developer in 6 Months | Legit Step By Step Tutorial

How I Would Become a Web Developer in 6 Months | Legit Step By Step Tutorial

All right guys, what is up YouTube? I don't know, let you know really quick that there's some new developer branded apparel at developer brand calm. We have some sick hoodies, like the one I'm wearing with some nice polos and even some nice shirts. If you want them, but anyway, go ahead and check that out into the kitchen below, if not, I hope you guys enjoy the video alright guys. What is up YouTube! Welcome back to another video

If you follow me, if you know me, man, usually my videos start with insane drone footage and beginning, and I have crazy, be real throughout the entire video to keep your attention. But today's video is kind of a tutorial and this tutorial will be about how if I had to start over again, if I had no experienced developer, let's say I never became a developer four years ago. Let'S say that I decided to stay at my dead-end job as an executive assistant, paying old team bucks an hour who have horrible health insurance, and then I was never willing to take a risk of myself because I never believed in myself. I could do it. Let'S just see how happy let's say that I'm still at that job and today is a day that I need to change my life. And so I need to be a developer in six months and when I say I need to be a developer in six months.

I don't mean I need to be an insane gali developer or for Bayesian coding skills, but I just need to get that junior position within six months, which is possible, but that all depends on how hard you're willing to work right. How hard I'm willing to work. So what would I do? Well, anyway, let's get into this man actually before you might share that there's so many aspiring developers who don't even try when they think about wait.

I could be developer, Wait. They pay well wait. Software janeers web developers are the rock stars of the world today. What what is this and then we go to Craigslist and look at the job ad and they see that the requirements for a developer is insane. They Co seem to develop a mid-level developer. You need to learn HTML CSS, JavaScript sass, less jquery of UJS react. Yes, angular, no chess and I ask you well you know I'm determined all. You need to learn to a need to learn how to work with databases.

What the heck is, what press? What is all this? What is JIRA, what the heck is that what is bit bug if people see that and immediately turn off thinking that, in order to be a developer, to get that first job, you need to know everything that is not true whatsoever. That could not be further from the truth when it comes to being a junior developer. Getting your first junior position now, I'm not saying Google or Microsoft Amazon, that's a totally different level. Okay, so what companies are looking for when it comes to a junior developer is not someone who has all the skills? That'S not true man. What they look for is number one. Do you fit the culture or will you ruin it? Secondly, do you have potential or do you not third is, do you have passion or do you not if you have all three your chances of getting that first job will increase a lot.

So in this video I'm going to explain how exactly can you prove to them? Did you have that passion that you have that potential a lot of times, people think that you're born a potential? No, I don't agree with that at all. I think the way you show potential is through your hard work. Do that mentality that you have don't think that you automatically can't do it, thinking that you need to have all these skills? That'S not true, not true at all, okay, so multiple one. What would I do I'm talking to myself right now? I don't have much money, so I can't afford much so what I would do month. Number one is

I would register the T triage com. First of all, that's the place I became develop in three months. That'S why I always represent them because they changed my life, not sponsored by them whatsoever. Like people say man I'll go to register for the $ 25.00 per month from membership, If you can't do the tech degree, if not it's fine, I would go through the basic front-end developer course, but the thing is even when it comes to the front developer Course I won't even do the whole thing, because I only have six months right.

I need to find a way to fast-track this, so what I would do is that with month number one I will not focus in JavaScript. I will not focus on any back development now without focusing what's the most popular language. The only thing I would do is learn HTML and CSS do tutorials, and then you don't want to triage you couldyou demi Udacity. You could do Google if you could do YouTube videos if you can't afford any of it, we're just totally fine and it works. So I would learn HTML CSS, the first one literally through tutorials, and don't worry about. If you don't know enough, let's say you learn some things and you forget about what you learned. That'S totally fine, that's totally normal dudes. Don'T worry about it. Just keep moving your goal is just to learn how HTML and CSS works. Your goal is just to see. That is why it's emails.

What it is That is why CSS is what is is as well, So remember, I'm like studying like crazy dude his first month. Oh, I can refer to him off number two. Some people are probably wondering Kristin how many hours a day. Would you study to understand? Html CSS well number one. You will never understand it well until you have on a job experience or you work with clients. As a freelance developer, people will ask me how many hours a day. Would you study or Chris how many hours a day do I have to study to do it, and sometimes, when I hear that question it's like, do you really want to be a developer like? Why do you ask that question? You want to be a developer in a year or in 6 months. Do you think that's going to be easy developers get paid well for a reason developers

I call rockstars of the industry or the second'try for a reason, because it's hard, it's not easy. Not just anyone can do it because it takes hard work, especially as a self-taught developer. It takes perseverance mindset and so for some people to think that you only need to study an hour a day to learn code to get that job within six months a year. I'M sorry you're wrong. I'M not saying you need to study code every single day, but I'll tell you this. If this was me, that is what I would do. I would study every day I put away gaming put away TV. Why? Because when I get the job then I could enjoy those things put away.

All of that - and I would study as much as I can honestly and a minimum three hours a day. That'S what I would do to get that job in six months, because there's some people who will only want to study thirty minutes a day and even don't know thirty minutes, they're not really focused they're, just thinking of other things. I don't tell you this. If you continue doing that, you're not going to become a developer man now, Chris, let's just say, I only have an hour a day at work, two or three jobs.

I have to take care of my kids and only have an hour a day. If you have no time like, I don't even watch TV or play games, then you know what, if you study just one hour a day, knowing that situation, what that mindset? When you do study, you honestly will probably learn more than someone who's learning three hours a day. Why? Because when you know you only have an hour a day, you're actually going to soak in more knowledge in someone or three hours, because that person with three additional hours in you or two additional hours in you will actually take that time for granted. So how long would I study as much as I can, that is my answer month, number two: after lying HTML and CSS, I would learn JavaScript, vanilla, JavaScript again do a tutorial because I'm still new to the programming world. I don't know everything. I don't know how any of it works, so my goal would be to learn as much JavaScript as possible, and you know what this is crazy because I usually tell people to focus on HTML and CSS. Well, for the first three months.

But the thing is now that when you're learning, JavaScript you're learning JavaScript with HTML with CSS and you're, actually learning how to do CSS and do things with HTML using JavaScript, which is what a lot of us do today, manipulating Dom. Now, once I finish, learning John you're not gon na be finished. Meaning, like you know, everything you're, not gon na know everything. I'M telling you this and that's fine, don't set up high standards for yourself. You will not remember everything that is not possible within the first two months. I don't remember everything and I've been doing this for four years month. Number three. This is what I would do. I would put the tutorials away everything and I would learn how to build. Three, the for landing pages and month number three using HTML, CSS JavaScript. That'S all! I would do literally using Google all right, no more tutorials Chris, I'm doing what you say. What I'm gon na do now is I'm going to build a landing page.

Wait how the heck? What do I do? I put the body element. What I put the header element, wait. What does all this go? You know what you could do, then, is that you can google it Google how to make a basic landing page. Just do that? Google, how to make the body element and where to put the tables and what to put the h1 element in etc. Why is it so important? This is so important, because I'm gon na tell you this. There is no tutorial that you learn in the world that will really help you in your job, like when. I actually got my first to fill up a job. When I got my second developer job, nothing did I did in my tutorials could be compared to a real life on a job experience. So what you're doing now and what number three and is that you're learning how to be a real developer, you're learning how to Google? That is what a real developer does that when you don't know to do you, google, it and you build it. It'S been

What'S really put it here is that you have the mindset that, even if you don't understand what you're doing you won't give them, because you're gon na want to give up, because it's gon na be hard as hell. I promise you and I guarantee you that you're going to want to quit because it's normal, because it's not easy, you're learning a brand new actual language, so I would build for landing pages. Yes in months number three, this is crazy, but why is it so important? Imagine this month number six you're interviewing for a job.

An interviewer is asking you or me the interviewee, so you've been studying code for six months, which is um not that long like. Why should we choose you? How do you study code, Oh yeah, dude, thanks for after that? I want to you, I comm, to learn code. I want to udemy - and I put all these courses and all these instructors taught me how to build a to-do list and many different variations and the interview where we'll be like. Ah, so you're just depending on people to teach you code, you didn't try to do anything on your own. Well, you know what it was nice meeting. You good luck to pair that to this here's, your answer to that question yeah. So this is how we learned code. I mean the first two months like I was using tutorials because I'm so new to this world of code, but I really wanted to challenge myself. I really wanted to think of a developer and I heard that when you get lost developer, one of the main things that every developer does is that they go to Google comets Stack Overflow,

So I wanted to learn how to build basic pages on my own Without a tutorial, and yes, I forgot it what I learned and yes, I forgot a lot of what I actually learned, but I learned to Google things like I learned how to search things up In an Internet like I don't even know what a navbar was, I would has called up the menu before now. I know when, if I don't know how to build an app boy, I type in that bar and it's so cool, because I was actually to learn a lot more using Google and Stack Overflow compared to when I didn't tutorials.

So I guess you could say I learned to become more independent as developer, I learned how to just learn using documentation. Who would you rather hire person? Number one person number two easily push the number two right. That is why I'm saying built, at least for landing pages, use the HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Now, please note these pages do not have to look nice. That is why you have UI UX designers who designed the pages. Then you slice up the whatever picture they give. You and you create that image of code. That'S all you have to learn to do so. Don'T worry about making things look nice. What people will look for is a functionality and the kind of things you try to build.

Wow, this videos actually become a logger than I realized, but oh well, to upload it anyway. Now you finish all three months, you learn HTML CSS JavaScript, more number, three you built for landing pages at a minimum using HTML CSS JavaScript. Now, as you go to your for from one one thing that I would do now, is this start applying to jobs? You already have for landing pages. I mean I do right. So why would someone not look at me and they don't need to know I've only been studying for three? What'S no one, he didn't know that if he asked me how long you've been studying code. Obviously, like I'll say, I've been studying color of about nine months, because what you're doing in three months, if you follow exactly what I said, you're going to be able to learn more compared to someone who's been doing tutorials and depending on to toriel's for too much For two years, why? Because a person depending on tutorials, never learn how to think for themselves when it comes to learning code, so I would start applying and some people might think like Chris, like

Why would I apply? That makes no sense. I only have three months of experience of just learning I'll, tell you this. Those jobs that are available online right now will be gone in a month, if not a couple of weeks. So let's say you apply and those jobs are not there anymore. What do you have to lose? You have nothing to lose. Let'S say that you actually applied to the job, the king, you don't have a chance and they actually get back to you. Guess what you have an interview and guess what there's a good chance You'Re, probably not going to get hired, but what do you have now? You have experience as an interviewee. You gain so much experience from interviewing and jobs. Now I'm gon na tell you this you're going to get rejected a lot, but that is normal. You have nothing to lose start applying. That'S the good mindset I had, and literally after learning code for three months what I did was start applying and on my second interview right

Oh sorry, on my first interview I got hired on the spot because I decided to apply. Imagine if I didn't imagine if I kept thinking, I can't get a job. There'S no point. Let'S say I start thinking negatively. Instead of being positive thinking that there's a chance, I would have never been now where I'm at today seriously. I would even have this YouTube channel so start applying start applying on your fourth month. Don'T think too much just do it now. What I would do on one from number four is now after learning what I did those first three months on a fourth month, I would start learning or react to yes now I'll go tutorial I'll, probably go to entry house again, and I would use that tutorial To learn react to yes for that whole month and just learned

How react yes works? That'S it and then build things using tutorial. Then what I would do is on the fifth month again put away all those tutorials build something in react. Yes, using Google using documentation, learn how to use documentation that is cold dude. That is complete gold. If you're able to learn that early in the game, then what I would do is I would build two or three applications using me. Actually, yes, if it's one, that's totally fine, but the goal will be two or three, so you can show it to an employer using all of these projects as a portfolio and then they can track how you improved within the last couple months or year.

Then, on the fifth month again by the time you got here, we're still applying the jobs, there's a key of no one except you - you don't know crap yet on the fifth month, but I would learn to do - is actually upload my code to github on the Fourth month, I want you to focus on just react. Yes, on the fifth month now, you need to learn how to use github for committing your projects to make pull requests because committing and doing pull, requests and etc are things that developers do on a daily basis. If not multiple times and the same day, I mean I do that upload things to get hub or if you want to use bitbucket or using whatever source, to just show your code to the world.

Imagine you are able to do all these things within your fifth month, knock in alignment. That'S impressive because when you do interview what better way to show your passion when you're able to learn all these things in five months, if you do this and you interview for a job, I imagine what an employer will believe, but you can learn when they hire You, like dang, he learnt all this on his own, how to work of a documentation, how to push and pull things from github from to and from github. That'S impressive

Why wouldn't they hire you? Does that make sense? And of course now, when you're doing this, you learn to terminal because use a terminal to commit and push things now we make it to the sex month. Last but not least, if I still don't get a job by that, which would be crazy to me, dude insane, oh my gosh, what I would do in the last month is learn how to work with databases - and I mean like just the basics:

Man know what a database is, how to manipulate data in there just the basic of the basics, maybe you'll even learn a very little PHP, because I'll tell you this as a front-end developer, even though your front-end Avella, which is what a lot of new aspiring developers, Go for for any developer rather than impact and developer. What we all do is that we do work for database and so learning those basics is huge. This is what I would do in six months now. If you want to hear all this in much more detail, I mean listen to my podcast because I explained it much better hunter. I'M gon na tell you that, but this is what I would do to get my first developer job in six months, and I know some people or a lot of people will be thinking.

This is crazy, but yo. If you put a situation when you have to - and you put in the hard work for just six months - dudes, even if it just say here, yo your life will change yo. Four years ago I was make you $ 32,000 a year, and then they cut my Hours brought down a 20k a year and my health insurance was horrible, which I need. Then, when I finally got my first developer job. I went from 28 K year to 45 K year, like that, what I was able to do and how I was able to live with so much less stress was so worth it, and this was only three months and then in two years I almost doubled my Salary does that make sense? Now I'm telling you this, I make a lot more, a lot more

If you were to ask me I'll tell you this, I am earning north of 100k a year over hundred carrier. Now this is including, of course, my side also as a feel as a contract developer, where I work of particular clients see okay, but I make much more now why? Because for the first three months, and not including the next six months, while owning more code, while at the job, like I put in the hard work yo I put in a lot of hours. But because I was willing to sacrifice and put away gaming and putting away all these different things and go all out and really securing my future, I'm where I am now and if I didn't do that. If I wasn't willing to work that hard I'd still be living paycheck to paycheck, yo I'll, probably be living in a car right now.