how i made $3k in a week! | how to make money during quarantine *fast*

how i made $3k in a week! | how to make money during quarantine *fast*

hi guys welcome back to another video, so chances are, if you clicked on this video, it is because you are trying to find some new ways to make some money for yourself during this quarantine. Either you are out of work or you just want to build your savings account. I don't know we all have different reasons as to why we want to make some additional money. I felt like this would be especially helpful just because of the times that we're in right now posted about it. On Instagram I posted a poll, and I was like look I feel like. Maybe I can help you guys with some details, but I did not learn all of this on my own. This is gon na be kind of like a jam-packed video and I'm gon na really try to keep it to 20 minutes to try to basically just load

You guys with as much information as I can, while also being true and authentic, to myself and being very, very just transparent about what is going on first things. First, it is so important that I say I would not be able to share this information if it were not. For my incredible brother, you guys have heard me talk about him if you're new here, you haven't heard me talk about him before welcome subscribe, like the video. If you're excited he's my older brother and he's about 11 years older than me, you guys have never seen him and I don't know if he'll ever. Let me show you guys, he always says no, but I feel like maybe when he's 60 or something he might be like okay, I think I'm ready for them to see me, but my brother is a very incredible intelligent, wonderful person he's just not the average guy And I feel incredibly lucky as his little sister to basically learn so much from him. He has taught me so much and he is such a huge reason that my ASMR channel has even taken off in the way that it did

He is the reason that I had a consistent streaming schedule he's the reason that I did that challenge where I was uploading every single day he's constantly pushing me to try and be better - and you know, find my true work potential, because truthfully, a girl can be A little bit lazy everything that I'm sharing with you guys today like it's like. I knew it was there right like I knew Poshmark was there. I knew these things were there, but I would not have done it and I would have probably just been lazy or some of this stuff. I would have never thought of if it weren't for him. I think there's like two side hustles. I can't tell you guys about just because it's a confidentiality thing, but I will tell you guys as much information as I can to help you guys out. Really don't

Thank me thank him. The second thing I want to say is just coming from such a transparent and honest place. I have been heavily impacted financially by this quarantine and the reason I say that is because I haven't really gotten any brand deals. As you guys know, there was something that happened with another company that I was with. Those two things were a huge part of my main source of income. While I am still making money, I can still pay my mortgage

I can still pay my bills. I'Ve had to tighten down a lot and I've really had to budget, and now I look back, I might even do a video where I react to how I spend in a week because it has changed so much in the last few months and I don't want To seem grateful for you know like being in a financial crisis, but I really am because I feel like I'm gon na, come out of this and I'm gon na be okay. But I I feel like it was just such a rude awakening, because, even though I was saving money like in that video, I was like yeah

I save like twenty five percent of what I earn yeah all that money that I saved you want to know where it went yeah towards my kitchen, my kitchen, that cost me thirty five grands. We can't predict these things like I, I'm ill. My savings. By doing the kitchen thing, and so now it's like I'm really live in a frugal lifestyle and it's been kind of amazing, like kind of stressful but kind of amazing. So I come to you - and I share these things with you as somebody who is not in as bad of a place as others, but it's still very much so able to offer some really good advice that I think will help you guys, maybe not make the Amount that I did but be able to make some money to help pay some of your bills fill up your gas tank pay for some groceries. Okay, I'm sorry! I blabbered for so long now, let's finally get into it. So the number that you see in the title is the amount that I have currently made or will be making from all of my current side hustles, including the two that I can't tell you guys about.

I can tell you that those two make up a sum of about fourteen hundred dollars out of this side, hustle that I'm doing so. Yes, that is a thousand dollars that I can't tell you guys about, but I'm kind of gon na tell you within the list. This is how I made thirty three hundred dollars in a week. I wrote down in my notes all the different things that you guys could do because some of them, I had a feeling I would forget - and this is not everything that I'm doing these are just different side, hustle ideas, first and foremost, that I feel almost everyone Should be doing or applying for is a virtual slash, social media manager gig. They are literally all over the internet, the patient's to start at around $ 12 an hour, but can go all the way up to $ 60 an hour depending on your experience level. So if you have, you know a marketing degree, you're very likely gon na be able to get that higher pay rate.

However, if you're going in with no experience, it's probably gon na be more like 12 to 16 dollars an hour part-time, some are full-time, Oh my gosh, it's so lucrative, and you can have so much success in this. It'S something to put on your resume and who knows if you love it, you can actually start your own social media management business. It could easily be earning at least an additional $ 800 a month. It is a competitive field right now, because so many people are at home, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't put yourself out there: work on a good resume work on a good cover letter, Read and study some SEO websites and try to learn about Google Adsense And all those things - and next thing you know you could be on your way to success second way to make more money, uber, postmates door, wag, etc. I put mobile budtender delivery because I saw that on Craigslist. There are so many apps that are still working. I will say I don't think a lot of them are accepting applicants now because they were flooded with so many people in the beginning.

I know wag is not, and I know that think instacart, at least in my area, is no longer accepting those things. I was considering starting a series on YouTube where I basically tried driving for post mates for a week, or I was an Amazon grocery picker for a week, and this is how much I earn. I love those like. I tried doing something for a week.

Videos - and I can like vlog the experience and tell you guys what it's like. So if you guys would want to see something like that comment down below, please if I could start that ASAP - and I do know that wag wouldn't be an option right now. An instant cart would've, but I know like ubereats and doordash and post, makes all those apps totally an option. They'Re offering a lot of incentives for people right now, because they have a lot of people at home, meaning a lot of people are ordering food more, and that means that they need more drivers. So it's an opportunity to make some additional cash, speaking of which my post mates is about to be here in a few minutes cuz I just ordered food. Those are really really great option. Oh and I mentioned the mobile but tender because at least, if you're, in Colorado or California or in Oregon, there's a lot of weed delivery services out here now. Now that all of the storefronts have to close down - and I saw so many ads for people who are actually offering really competitive, pay or being a weed delivery driver, so it's an option.

3, This is where I made about a thousand dollars of revenue and please keep in mind. This is going to be different for everyone, and you were gon na, sell things at different prices and they're gon na sell, quicker or slower than me, but selling old clothes shoes accessories on Poshmark, Macari Macari. I think that's how you say it or depop. I used to sell everything on depop, but I felt, like things took a lot longer to sell, because I guess deep up is just not as strong of a platform as Poshmark is, but I decided to go to Poshmark before even promoting it.

On my Instagram, I already got like 300 followers after my first maybe five listings, then I posted on Instagram and I have a feeling that, like between both my Instagram following and Poshmark, I was able to sell as much as I did right now. I have 70 listings up and I believe I sold 60 of my listings in like three days everything sold so so so fast. You know it's up to you to decide the pricings on those things, but it is really important. At least they say to mark your items down by 50 percent, some of the stuff. You might not remember how much you spent on it, so you just have to like take your best judgement or maybe just go to their website and get an idea of what maybe their dresses cost or the shoes cost pay attention to the wear and tear that It might have but yeah I was able to make $ 1000 I've already taken out some of the money, but here's a screenshot of the funds that I currently have waiting in the Poshmark account and then I just haven't withdrawn it yet and then the money that I'M still waiting on because basically Poshmark will not pay you out until the customer receives their order and approves it if the customer doesn't approve the order within three days and on the fourth day, Poshmark will automatically approve the order and you will get your payment sent To you kind of annoying cuz, you kinda have to wait awhile, but I think it makes sense and is really favoring.

The customer, which is how it should be shipping, is super easy Just like some little Poshmark tips and hacks. I recommend just doing the Poshmark shipping, which is $ 7 very expensive. You can offer discounts and things like that, as you start having customers order in, but it will take away from your profits only within the US or if you're in candidates only within Canada and Poshmark will take 20 % of you. Sould. Keep that in mind as well, but it's all laid out really easily for you on top of that they have a partnership with USPS, the United States Postal Service and you are able to get the priority mailboxes any size for free, not the Express ones. I almost made that mistake. Only Priority Mail totally free just get some packing tape. You can get some shipping labels. I got some at Walmart about like three packs for six bucks or something or you can just use regular printer paper print out. The label cut around it and tape it on to the package I actually didn't have small packages. I didn't even know that that was the thing when I first started, so I bought a bunch of poly bags because my brother told me to from Amazon

I think I bought like a pack of 75 for $ 16 $ 18. They were a bit more expensive because I got like a really pretty pink color. I mean if you wanted to just get like a plain white one. I think it's like twelve or thirteen dollars for 75 of them so easy and it's actually so fun to list your items. I just would take pictures on my little white carpet and I would figure out a price. I was blasting music, the entire time, and then this sale comes in and then people create bundles and you're like negotiating with them. I really enjoyed it and I'm actually so bummed that I didn't do this sooner, because I had a tendency to just take all of my stuff to crossroads and just hope for the best to get on. Poshmark sell your stuff. Fourth thing that I want to talk about is selling electronics and home goods or really, like anything, that's kind of what I stuck to furniture or decor. My postmates, it's gon na, be here in three minutes. I'M so excited I'm hyped. I need to finish this video. So I can eat okay. So, as I was saying home goods, furniture, electronics, things of that nature on let go or opera or the Facebook marketplace, everyone has their preference

Some people will actually cross post on all three that overwhelms me. I just go on. Let go wow, you can genuinely make some money on there. There are definitely people that are going to try to lowball. You definitely stand your ground. So, to give you guys an idea, more expensive, handheld digital cameras, one that showed a lot of wear and tear, and one had like a little slight issue with the screen.

I sold the one with a lot of wear and tear for 150 bucks. I think I originally bought it for like a thousand dollars several years ago, and then I sold the one that was basically in perfect condition besides the screen for 325 and that was actually lower than I wanted. The guy actually offered me 200. I spent $ 1,100 on this camera. He sees in a person he's like here's. The thing what's up like talk to me, scream like it doesn't close all the way. Like I mean I mean there's like that much space, but I hear you like what are you thinking? I don't know 200, you know what you could do. He could get a screwdriver. I just never did it cuz. I was too lazy and literally push it cuz. It'S just that the screw is bent and if he just went like this and it's a perfect camera that cost me over a thousand dollars and he offered me 200 you've got me hooked up. I could do 325 and he's like okay yeah 325 and I'm like. Okay, yeah I'm my money, so I could go home now actually have all of the cash

So I can show you guys that this is legit and kind of like flex a little bit except this is money. That'S gon na pay, My rent, my mortgage, like this, is all going towards like bills and savings and stuff, but I sold those two cameras. An old night table our night table coffee table that I replaced with a new one for the exact same price. I sold my old credenza, which was some CD 2, so I was able to get a nice pretty 400 dollars from that And what else did I sell some old headphones for 30 bucks, some Bose headphones that I wasn't using for 85 bucks.

So many things that you could sell, I promise that in your house right now, you either have like an old keyboard, an old little digital camera, a dresser, that's like not really being used anymore. That'S why I sold the credenza cuz one. I hate it the way it look and to like, I didn't even want to be using it for what I was using it for my point is whether it's a tripod, a mouse headphones, an old, you know ring light or a lamp like sell it. If you're not using it, just sell it and get rid of it, everyone wants to buy everything right now. Cuz, we are bored in our houses, so don't be the buyer, be the seller and make that coin. Let me show you: the cash hole does kind of crazy. Honestly, I think this is gon na be the thumbnail. What this is such a good bumpy hole? Oh, this is all from selling on let go. This is twelve hundred and forty dollars granted.

I don't really have anything else I could sell well, I've got like Nintendo switch games that I could sell that I haven't touched in a while. That'S a wad of cash, that's $ 1,200 of money that was always sitting in my house. I was just too lazy to do anything about it, there's just so much stuff. We don't even think about that. We'Re like no one's gon na want to buy that people want to buy it. Let them buy it, give the people what they want. Last thing that I'm going to mention is, if you are talented in the art department, if you are a drawer, if you're a painter, a sketch or whatever, you should start selling your art commissions to people, I actually had one girl reach out to me. Hannah

I think, and she basically tweeted and it was so smart of her because it can be hard to put yourself out there, but she said you know, look I'm out of a job. I'M not gon na be able to pay my bills this month and she tagged. I think me and Nikki, maybe someone else and was like I really love water painting, animal portraits of your pets. So if you want like AI, I can Commission them for $ 35 or 40 bucks, and I will ship it to you just have to pay for their shipping as well, and she actually did such a good job. Here'S a picture of Duke and Prince that she did so talented, so good, so sweet there are people out there who are gon na want to buy your work. Don'T undervalue yourself don't charge too much, but don't charge too little and make sure that your customers are fully satisfied. Another place where you can actually sell your work if you find you're having a hard time doing it,

Personally, I know a lot of artists will upload their work to society6, which is actually a place where I go and buy a lot of work in general. You could take whatever picture you upload and it can be printed onto a pillow, a mug, a blanket of wall. Tabs tapestry, like you, can make anything out of any art that you have and submit on society6 they're, really great and everything is like pretty reasonably priced and another place where you can upload your work or at least try and get different gigs is via up work Or fibre, however, that's a completely different conversation, because there's so much more, you can do on those websites. Besides uploading your work, basically any specialty you have, you have like a very high chance of being hired on Fiverr upwork is like kind of all over the place. I feel, like I've already been talking for so long and I've shared five tips with you guys and I actually still have another five to six. I guess what I'll say is if you guys really enjoyed this video and if you feel like you learned a lot from it.

Do me a favor through this video a thumbs up comment down below is you are going to take any of these into practice, and let me know if you want to see a part two because, like I said, there are still probably another five to ten that I could honestly think of, but five to six that I absolutely have written down. I just don't want this video to get too long, because I think this is all useful information and I want to help as much as I can so again, if you guys enjoyed this, throw two thumbs up comment down below