How I Learned To Day Trade

How I Learned To Day Trade

, hey, what's going on guys, it's Ricky with Tech, but solutions right now it is 622, am meaning that the market opens in about eight minutes. I'M about to go live with the learning plan. Crawford you pad today's Friday. Just so you guys could see right now. I have no open position so altogether. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this training session and let's go ahead and have some fun and make some money hey. What'S going on guys, it's Ricky with one client profit hope. Yet all happen ago starts the morning all right. What'S going on team, so we just finished trading, live with the learn plan. Proc

If you definitely was not the best trading session, there's a lot of change of direction to have to cut losses twice and pretty much put myself in a two percent hole which is a two thousand dollar hole due to the amount that I'm treating with. But right now I'm up about $ 800 on GWT, so it's beginning to recover. So it's looking better. It looks like we're Altima we beginning to make higher highs on /c El. He trained his guns for love, but he's cutting the crispy and he keeps waking. I know heaven is you, sent us down, take a build flavor down, so the sinners play as Saints you'd be so proud of what we made. I hope you got some beds. You said the only refuge now , every child, . So this this get it my face still needs a gun who's in just as fast from the backseat, so ask him from, and I just , so Harry sent us down for the stander , , Hey: what's going on guys, it's Ricky, so I really hope that you enjoyed that fitting session. I'M absolutely done trading for the day. So, as you saw, I closed the day a little bit over $ 2,000 profit, which is roughly about two percent. My daily goal is 1.5 percent, and in no way do I ever hit my daily goal every single day. I think that we can both agree, that a goal is something to work towards, not something that you necessarily have to hit every single day and I am treating with $ 100,000. So that estimates about 2 % - and you know that's more than enough for me - but a very common question - that I've been getting especially for beginners right - is you know? How is it that I got my start and how is it that I learned how to date right now? One of the first things that I want you guys to know is that I am a true believer in the idea that you can learn everything online

Not just trading in the stock market, but literally everything how to start your own business had a dropship Amazon FBA how to trade, Forex crypto all that stuff. Everything is readily available. My my biggest disconnect when I first got started. I first got started and made this whole video bellick. My story was at 14 and that's pretty much just when I got introduced to the market, so I searched up. I quick ways on how to make money. I was very intrigued by you know wanting to buy a Nissan GTR, because I watched The Fast and the Furious movies and after I fell in love with that car, I wanted to see what markets were out there that were pretty lucrative right. I got my start when I was 14 and I became aware - and I began to learn a little bit about the market. But in no way was i trading every single day and I was still in high school and altogether. I really began to take treating seriously when it began to make more sense around eighteen to nineteen years old, and that's at that point where I began to really fully dive in

It became a little bit more consistent with my best practices, and in no way was, I still making a ton of money. Even when I was like 20 or 21. I was still having like $ 100 days and stuff like that, and that was still a huge milestone and accomplishment for me as I was a full-time student and a full-time worker, I'm a true believer also and having a stable job for all those they're asking. How is it that I started invested in real estate? I literally bought my first house at age, 20 and beanie to have it to your work history in a sales based job that paid me pretty.

Well, if you guys worked for Verizon, t-mobile or Sprint, you guys know that those sales based jobs can pay anywhere from around 45 to even over $ 100,000 a year, depending on how good it is. You are when it comes down to sales. So how is it that I got my start? I learned everything, absolutely everything not from any book, not from any course, but literally everything. I learned, absolutely everything through YouTube and through Google forums and and just searches. My and and this is why I'm making this video is, I wanted to show you guys that yeah, you know I was actually down two thousand dollars if he has play attention very closely, and one of my first couple of trades that it began to show is Within the live trading session, I was down two thousand dollars and then, as I begin to recover, I begin to kind of compose myself and then it's just that recovery process.

I made back that $ 2,000 and then, on top of that, I made an additional $ 2,000 to close a day $ 2,000 net profit on the day, and you know how is it that I learned how to identify and how to read patterns? How is it that I learned these different indicators and what to focus on and what makes sense at the end of the day, you can learn everything online and that's exactly what I did, but in my experience and again this is just me sharing my opinion. It took me such a long period of time to learn everything. It is that I know now because think about it. If you have no understanding of what you need to learn, you don't even know if you're missing a piece in the puzzle because you're unaware of what's out there what to be aware of and what to focus on and because of that.

It made trading that much more difficult. I made probably a lot more mistakes than I needed to, and the learning curve just took a lot longer and the overall time for me to be a little bit more consistent, just overall took a lot longer. So do you need to be a part of a course to learn to trade? Absolutely! No! If anyone tells you that you need a course and no way do I think that you need, of course, I think the whole purpose of a course. I think that we can all agree on this is that if you already see value and the person that you are watching online and they offer some form of like info based service as no another course, then it would make sense that if they structure their course Effectively all it does, is it provides you this. You know really nice delivery in a you know, hopefully A to Z format where it takes you from being a complete beginner. Teaches you, the very basics, all the way to the very mechanics

At least that is how I designed our learn. Client proper course am I saying that you need it. No all I'm saying is that I have taken everything that I've learned and that I have found to be important and of use and I've implemented it and structured. It through my learn plan, profit lesson. My right, that's all and I began to offer a couple different things that was a little bit different, that no one else offers and yeah

You know we have a course, and you have a lifetime access to that yeah you're, going to have questions as you go through the course. So that's why we have the learn plan. Profit private group chat, but on top of that you know as a day trader, you are challenged every single day and there's no one else out there that for 300 dollars right or 297, whatever the courses that you know for a lifetime access that you get to Watch every single day and that actually makes a profit in the stock market. At the end of the day, I am challenged every single day and put to the test right. I show myself buying and selling to show myself trading and I show the mistakes that I make, but I also show because I'm still consistent right, the Green Day's that I have and what led to my success.

The thought process of justifying a by the thought process of justifying to sell the thought process of you know cutting losses. Just imagine like, as you're learning about a new market and you're, going through the course material to be able to ask your questions in real time and actually watch a true professional right trade live in the stock market. That'S exactly what I offer with the learning time. Profiting am I saying that that's the best for you? Well, if you don't find my YouTube videos helpful, then in no way are you going to find the blimpliner profit course helpful.

But if you find my youtube videos helpful but you're struggling to find the different missing pieces of the puzzle, then limpin profit can potentially be a solution for you. At the end of the day, it really comes down to your hard work. I think that the stock market has a lot to do with problem solving and that's because I think that the market is always changing. So today it was a very red day for the yeah. I still made 2 %. I still made $ 2,000 profit, and so many of our traders are still able to make a profit. It'S because we understand and we don't need to be told what to do right. We understand when the market is selling off what features and what et apps and ATMs to pay attention to. We understand when something overbought and oversold make sure that we don't get in too early and then end up having the stop-loss out.

So again, it's it's, This mentality that we have of trade less and profit more, to be extremely selective and to be empowered to be opinionated and only focus on what makes sense to you that, at the end of the day, the goal is to become self-sufficient. To not be told What to do so. I have found my niche when it comes down to trading ETFs and, as you guys have seen with my recaps, I tend to do pretty well with them at the end of the day. I don't expect you to do the same, but I will teach you the very basics and fundamentals in a structured format and make sure that I do my part in filling all the different missing pieces of the puzzle, especially if time is of the essence to you. So that's pretty much what I wanted to share with you yesterday's you know, so many people have been asking like. How is it that I learned? Did I read a bunch of books you know? Did I was I part of a course and stuff like that, like no, at the end of the day, you can absolutely learn everything on YouTube.

You just need to know what you're searching for, and you need to know kind of what to be aware of, and that's pretty much impossible when you do not understand the market that you're getting into so at the end of the day. It just means that you're going to make more mistakes, you're going to be more of a problem solver, you have to be more determined and you know overcome those obstacles, and it just means that the time period of the overall learning curve is just gon na. Take a little bit longer and unfortunately, if that learning curve is a little bit too long, then that's where there's a huge drop-off right, where people just tend to give up because they're not disciplined enough or they don't see enough valid because they continue to fail.

So much so again, the whole point of courses in my eyes is just really to provide everything that is at that person. You know has learned in that market in a structured format, to make it that much more effective and efficient right to learn from at the end of the day. Do you need it? No, but can it make it easier, of course, and if you already see value and someone that you're watching online, then maybe it might not be the worst idea to learn a little bit more about what their core has to offer and to see.

If it's a good fit for you at the end of the day, please do not do anything that you're not comfortable doing. You should always have a full understanding of what it is that you're getting yourself into. If you guys ever have any questions about the longtime profit course and to see if it did get fit for you, I'm gon na offer you one of two things, so the first link down below will pretty much be our welcome page. It explains with three videos exactly what's included in our course. We give you a sneak peek of what it's like to watch me. Trade live every single day. There'S there's no glorified. You know anything, it's it's. We show you a raw live trading session. We explain to what the course offers and what's included, and we talk about the disc or chat

That'S all yeah lifetime access, it's a one-time fee and that's what we offer for learn plan profit after going through that welcome page. If you still have questions the second link below will be so you can actually message me on Instagram. So all you have to do. Is click that link if you have Instagram just click that link and send me a direct message If you have any questions about the learn time, profit course to see if it's a good fit for you, so I really do appreciate ya this time. Friday'S are not usually very successful days for me, but I'm really happy that I was able to end it green and and the overall week on the green end.