GRWM for OnlyFans! + How to Promote on TikTok

GRWM for OnlyFans! + How to Promote on TikTok

Hello, hello, my name is sapphire. Welcome to my youtube channel um. I make videos about fans how to start only fans tips for only fans, advice for only fans also have many interests, such as makeup. I'M not like a makeup artist. I just wear makeup. I wanted to film a get ready with me video i apologize. It'S been a while, since i posted a video, can you give my video a thumbs up because i'm trying to grow my channel but yeah? I just wanted to like sit down and do a get ready with me, video i'm going to talk about only fans uh how to promote on tick. Tock. Yeah leave me a comment. Be friends i'ma link my social medias in the description box so that we can just like be friends wholeheartedly. Thank you so much for watching my video. I definitely had a few like technical difficulties. I do everything on my iphone with a ring light. Yeah

This is going to be like a ghetto fabulous, get ready with me for only fans video, so i'm filming on my phone. I have my little amazon ring light here and then my mirrors here and i'm like standing up and doing this and i'm like - is this how it's done? I honestly don't know um, i'm doing my eyebrows. Oh my gosh! This is crazy. How do people talk and get ready at the same time trying my bed? It'S 20 21, it's january, it's the beginning of a new year, and i'm feeling good about it december was not a good month for only fans. For me, i made about 1500, which was significantly less than i made in november.

That'S still pretty good. That'S still Fifteen hundred dollars that i made outside of my actual job, trying to think of only fans as like extra income december was hard because i honestly was just feeling kind of low. I think a lot of people were feeling that way. Just like depressed, you know like they ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine, when you're, not really fine, but you just can't get into it in november, i was going hard on only fans. I was posting multiple times a day like three times a day and i was doing games like i would do spin the wheel highest tipper replying to everyone and putting my content out there like right away as my page grows. I find it more difficult to like stay on top of that have to be motivated to do it. I'M sorry guys.

I just noticed the lighting was like super weird in the last clip so update on only fan. I haven't been promoting that much because i've honestly just been so depressed lately i tend to isolate myself when i get depressed. There is one thing that i've been doing that has been keeping my account growing continuously without even trying that is tick-tock. You know i never do this. I never rub the fenty matchstick like all over my eyes and use it as an eyeshadow base. Like i'm doing my makeup differently, because i'm sitting down and talking to you distracted, so i'm just like kind of doing whatever this. I think this is gon na work, so i joined tick tock about a month ago. I was utterly shocked by the way that my account progressed.

My account started to grow after, like a week of consistently making tick tocks, and i'm gon na tell you something Freaky of why i decided like i was gon na, actually invest my time in doing tick. Tocks. First of all, i'm in like some only fans groups on facebook, where girls give each other advice and stuff a lot of the girls in the groups were talking about Having tick tock accounts and using them to promote only fans. My makeup palettes are so hurt anyways. So i decided to try tik tok, because a lot of girls said they were like getting a lot of subs from it. What i started doing was copying girls that i saw promoting their only fans that had a lot of followers, pretty much copy, the content that they were doing and make kind of the same type of tick.

Tocks use the same, sounds or just completely copy it and, like you, don't want to pull on copy someone's content. You don't want to just rip them off, but that's kind of like a thing on tick, tock, like a trend and then a bunch of people will like do the same trend. That'S kind of how tick-tock works so you're, not necessarily ripping someone off you're hopping on the same trend, and i think that's how my account started to grow because it's been like just over a month now and i'm at 25 000 followers.

I would like find like a song that people were using just use the sound and then like kind of make up my own dance. It was pretty much just me going like being like sexy or whatever . It hurts and doing something that, like i thought that i looked good in and that i was like proud to put out, i found that using sounds that were funny really like. That was a good good combo of content to help my account grow. Here'S how you promote the only fans part. Well, here's how i've been doing it.

A few of my tick tock got deleted, and that was because i literally put only fans in the text: Tick tock can detect right away if you actually type the word only fans. So, if you're going to actually like refer to only fans in text type like a zero and an f or like type like only like slash, like don't type the word, you know what i'm saying like disguise it um. I had a link tree in my bio for my only fans so that it wasn't like a direct. Only fans link

You had to click on the link tree from the link tree. It had my link to my only fans, but it also had other links, like my youtube link and my instagram and my amazon wishlist or whatever. But if there was a bunch of stuff going around about social media platforms, tightening up the rules on the community guidelines to fans or like adult content creators accounts deleted. Basically they just really don't want us on their platform. Promoting and fair enough, like tick tock, probably has the youngest people on their platform or whatever. You know what i'm trying to say. So you you really have to be sneaky. So i deleted the link tree from my bio and i replaced it with text and an instagram link. The text says like check the link in my instagram bio, with a winky face. I still have been getting like consistent subs and i haven't really been promoting just because i have honestly just haven't, had the motivation - and i think that's okay, like i think it's okay, to take breaks like have months where you go hard and have months where you Don'T um clearly it's going to affect your income, like the more you put into it. The more you're gon na get out right.

That was hard for me. It was hard you know allowing myself the time to take more time to myself and i felt like i was letting my subs down, because i do now that i've been on only fans for like three months. I have a loyal following of people that keep up with me so anytime that i'm not active on there. I feel, like i'm, just letting these people down, but i feel like a lot of it's in my head because usually i'll go back and i'll be. Like sorry, i had to take some time for myself and they're like it's: okay, girl, like you're, a goddess like we love you, it's fun, it's cool, just be honest with yourself and be honest with your following, because you have to be really sneaky on tick, tock And i wouldn't make tick tocks that are like just solely promoting your only fans like, even if you are being sneaky about it and you're, putting like little keywords like where people know what you're talking about but you're, not like downright saying it like

I would just go the route where you're like following the trends. You know what i'm saying like. I would promote yourself and your personality because, like at the end of the day, a lot of people aren't only fans to find a real person. Like you know, part of it is like the connection that you get with someone like my fans like me, because i talk to them, i think, and they they get to like see bits of my personality and like know that i'm not just like they could go On the hub and watch videos for free, but that's ultimately not what anyone is there for, i don't think um i mean you do get the odd people like asking you for free content. All i say is no, you have to pay and then they can either pay or they can go away. Be yourself follow the trends have fun with it. Tick tock has saved me because it's the it's one of the things that i actually enjoy, like making tick. Tocks, to me at least, is fun. I'M scared to do the eyeliner part on camera, i'm doing the other eye off camera.

I filmed like the parts of me putting this makeup on, but i realized that my camera was out of focus the entire time. The footage was just not salvageable, i'm surprised by where i've gone with this i did fake freckles super extra. I know but they're fun on the internet, especially tick tock, it's kind of getting dark out which totally freaking sucks. This is a wig. I don't want to glue it down, because i ran out of the glue that i have yo. My leg is red and itchy right now. This wig is like not good quality, so it's like a closure, and then i have a cap underneath i'll like glue it down. It was pre-plucked, but it has so so much shedding that, like so much of the hair has just completely fallen out.

I'M hiding the fact that half of the front of it is bald. I need a new wig, but, like i've been saving my money, you know like being a content creator. Part of it is looking the part you have to put effort into your appearance, because it's all visual people come to. Look at you next time that i do buy a wig. I want to invest in something better quality, so if anyone has any recommendations, affordable but like good quality, please let me know i really want to try doing like split dye. I don't think i could do it myself, though i would love to find like a super nice human hair wig that is pre-split dyed, half just like black, probably and half blonde or white, most of the pre-split dyed

Wigs that you can find on the internet are synthetic or heat resistant, synthetic which i don't really like, because i wear wigs every day, so i can't really wear a synthetic wig every day. You know what i'm saying: it's not it's, just not going to last can't straighten it can't really style it, but i'm going to finish doing my hair and then i'm going to take make some only fans, content and some tik tok super excited. This is kind of the finished. Look didn't glue the wig down, because i'm just not on that vibe today, i'm not going anywhere like i put this outfit on by the way this shirt is so weird, like i don't know where the hole is supposed to go. That'S what she said you're supposed to like tie the shirt together, but it ends up with this like awkward hole, and i don't get it that's what she said: i'm not going anywhere.